Exclusive: Taliban refurbishing equipment to build their own air force |. AL Jazeera Newsfeed

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The Taliban says it’s working to put together its own airf orce. Al Jazeera’s @osamabinjavaid obtained access to the hangar where a team of experts is working to refurbish destroyed military hardware left behind by foreign forces.
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  1. Avatar Cake Yummy says:

    It’s going to be like North Korea and isis getting chemical weapons

  2. Avatar SAM greeny Production says:

    America: **Tears afghan’s homework**
    Taliban: **Puts scotch tape**

  3. Avatar Eric S says:

    How hard could it have been to take some explosives or even gasoline and destroy these aircraft? What a failure by the foreigners and the Afghan forces. Their retreat was very poorly planned.

  4. Avatar Staci Spence says:

    Gee, who saw that coming??

  5. Avatar Admin Info says:

    People can say what they like .But the Taliban is undoubtedly on another level.

  6. Avatar Matthew Ng says:

    Happy to see them be able to take control of their own country again. Best of luck

  7. Avatar Watkins 7212 says:

    Joe Biden said they couldn’t do it but they did!!!!

  8. Avatar Luis Barrera says:

    They should of piled them and then shoot a missile to them.

  9. Avatar duddematsuda says:

    Don’t forget about third world country engineering highly improvise , for how long good question.

  10. Avatar patani Negaraku says:

    USA 👎👎👎

  11. Avatar Vilson Andrade says:

    From realistic point of view; technicall capability in software and key unit controls will limitate the aircraft refurbishment plan🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Avatar azman abas says:

      China, Russia and Iran will help them soon…. 😅😅

  12. Avatar Bangladesh Media 1 says:


  13. Avatar sravan kumar says:

    Al-Jazeera is a pure jihaadi channel…..I have been observing their pro Taliban coverage for some time now and I am now reporting this channel…I urge you all to do so 🙏

  14. Avatar Just a human says:

    Imagine, if we put all our efforts to rebuilding this beautiful country of ours, Afghanistan. ❤️🛠️🙏☮️🌄

  15. Avatar Coach Five says:

    I thought they were against western civilization? Oh just not military western lol cowards will answer to god

    • Avatar azman abas says:

      Well… U are wrong.

  16. Avatar Tony V says:

    US is exporting so much guns and bombs around the world ….we are a peace loving country hey. You don’t do what we say we will….

  17. Avatar Cookie Ollie says:

    left alone, they can build a peaceful nation.

  18. Avatar jz says:

    They’re itching for another beatdown.

  19. Avatar azman abas says:

    Western media: where are the women?? We demand afgan women to participate in this refurbishing military equipment activity
    also… 😅😅

  20. Avatar Citizen M says:

    American tax payers we paid for all the gadgets after 20 years they spent over trillions of dollars in a lost battle. America is a wicket country in the name of imperialism we have destroyed many nations and we wonder why we are hated. We need to fix issue domestically before we try to become world police smh

  21. Avatar lien serolf says:

    fuselage will rotate 300rpm and blades stationary after refurbish

  22. Avatar Ken Smith says:

    They need to learn to put guns and missiles on their flying carpets

  23. Avatar Muhammad Zeeshan says:


  24. Avatar mark 517 says:

    Thank you USA, thank you Mr. President of USA 👏😁👏😁👏😁👏😁💪😀💪😀💪😀💪😀

  25. Avatar Syed- USA says:

    Taliban will now be fighting Daesh and ISIS for next 20 years and buy equipment from USA❤🇺🇲

  26. Avatar Chaska Abraxas says:

    I thought these Imbeciles dont like modern times and still living like a Caveman?? 🤬

  27. Avatar just be human says:

    Islam preaches hatred against humanity. It’s the loss of humanity at the hands of Islam

  28. Avatar Antony Decosta says:

    A US drone strike can turn in to them kind of junk which even God can’t restore back… 😁

  29. Avatar AQ Gomulwal says:

    Allah controls everything. He gives success and defeat !

  30. Avatar K;ng says:

    Sign of Ghazwa e Hind

  31. Avatar Prasenjit Tripura says:

    Jihadi terrorists preparing fr attackts

  32. Avatar Antero Apina says:

    I hope boys get things flying…. 😉

  33. Avatar wolf42blade says:

    Wait till they crossed their borders.
    They’ll never see it coming…….

  34. Avatar Bernie Soriano says:

    Very good..keep it up Taliban.

  35. Avatar mochi Isn't bad says:

    Everybody gangster till a mechanical engineer by the name of tony stark gets kidnapped by the taliban.

  36. Avatar Mera MakeIt says:

    2024 taliban creating their own spaceforce.

  37. Avatar Venkat Reddy says:


  38. Avatar Azhar Aslam says:

    Very good Taliban is friendly💕 sharia law💕 justice system is good for humanity👍

  39. Avatar IMAN DOLPHIN says:

    I think Taliban handle their own country better than previous government

  40. Avatar Mohammed Qasem says:

    The taliban actuallly know that that the equipment have an expire date.

  41. Avatar Imraan Dar says:

    Allah musalmamu ko kamyaabi kare.

  42. Avatar Sarah Jama says:


  43. Avatar Arun Narayanan says:


  44. Avatar All things Great says:

    Thank you America 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Avatar Cochise says:

    Some Pakistani ISI jihadis are there for sure 😀😀

  46. Avatar Mustafe Husen says:

    I’m upset how they didnt take there equipment but yet kinda happy how there fixing it but with the wrong people just wanna see those machines alive

  47. Avatar AkoayFilipino says:

    Just hire some Chinese to help fund the maintenance for free inexchage of studying the technology Ez ideaz 😃

  48. Avatar Santosh Rao says:

    Qatar is a terrorist country , supporting terrorism

  49. Avatar Abdul Aziz says:

    The Hindus extremist in India are shivering.

  50. Avatar Rose_of_Sharon says:

    Getting ready to attack US again with their air force…..Let’s go Brandon

  51. Avatar Jamid Gull says:

    Game changing

  52. Avatar Thyme Laka says:

    These people replicated weapons left by thr Soviets and managed defeat World powers 52 countries all combined together.
    Salvaging the leftovers wouldn’t be easy but they will do it.

    Good luck for taliban.

  53. Avatar Operator 9 says:

    i thought this was bogus but i recently came to find out that after the last war they not only got several jets going but even successfully carried out strikes with them. obviously pakistan was involved.

  54. Avatar MrBitviper says:

    a flying taliban…. yup that’s what the world needs right now/s

  55. Avatar A-HVlogs says:

    do all that work to find sand and bolts thrown into the compressors

  56. Avatar Amit das says:


  57. Avatar mike gold says:

    Hahahahahahahahah billion dollars waste 😂😂😂

  58. Avatar Sadia Azhar says:

    So far it’s the USA who’s been sanctioning the afghan carpet and rug trade and dozens of other afghan trades.fric you USA.

  59. Avatar Nouman Tahir says:

    If they can make portable AA guns using 70cc motor bikes.. expect nothing less…:D

  60. Avatar J V says:

    Great 👏🏻👍🏻

  61. Avatar Rio Roy says:

    CIA: Giving the Devil Smile…👿👹

  62. Avatar J V says:

    Don’t underestimate them!!

  63. Avatar John Mar says:

    Haaaa, high level maintenance spoke by USA…These technical problems soon will be solved and trained. I am sure China and Russia will help them out thru other supply channels.

  64. Avatar Shad says:


  65. Avatar Dayur Warfa says:

    Bush: Taliban will pay the price
    American taxpayers: actually we did 😂😂🤣🤣,

    Afghanistan: the graveyard of the empires

  66. Avatar Sanskritipremi matopremi says:

    Taliban are ready to put planes into function and win Pakistan!!!

  67. Avatar Eric Jon Po says:

    I used to play Command and Conquer Generals and this video just made me want to play it again.

  68. Avatar Enforcer says:

    Well, Tony Stark can built it in a cave with a boxes of scraps.

  69. Avatar Baka Hd says:

    I doubt that will that easy.

  70. Avatar rango rangila says:

    and those technicians and pilots who fled Afghanistan living on food stamps in Europe and USA.

  71. Avatar rango rangila says:

    or maybe these pilots and technicians are fixing those aircrafts so they can fly away. who knows 😁

  72. Avatar Satish Kumar Baramaji says:


  73. Avatar KIKO TV says:

    Uh what resources?

  74. Avatar A random Channel says:

    Lmao their airforce is larger than my country but they surrendered to taliban

  75. Avatar Jay Zee says:

    The GLA forces

  76. Avatar gamings pubg mobile says:


  77. Avatar Alex Lex says:

    American terro morden then taliban

  78. Avatar Simp Cam says:

    People of the world. Don’t let bias media control your mind. 🙏🙏🙏 taliban is not bad as the media says.

  79. Avatar black mamba resix says:

    This is a plan of the united states to stop Russia from taking more territory in the Middle East

  80. Avatar ভিলেইজ ব্লগার says:

    love talaban from bangladesh

  81. Avatar Mike Abraham says:

    Challenge USA with your new toys we will show you how we destroy all maybe you will drive over your own IEDs cowards

  82. Avatar Kvplr III says:

    USA definitely knew what they we’re doing.

  83. Avatar Sar. TPC says:

    Orks Orks Orks

  84. Avatar Rham Lay says:

    Just search it on YouTube on how to fix those things.

  85. Avatar Fawad and Family Vlogs says:

    Optimism … from Nothing to here

  86. Avatar о.ш.т. says:

    ما شاء الله، جزاك الله خيرا

  87. Avatar WARRIOR JC says:

    Instead of wasting time on learning infidel technologies, they have to read quran to find out hidden technologies that are halal

  88. Avatar Ullas S czbt says:

    Next Taliban preparing nuclear weapon

  89. Avatar DEREK RUTHERFORD says:

    I am sure with Chinese and Russian assistance they will rebuild these aircraft and their country

  90. Avatar Bryan Max says:

    Its like buying a bmw with 300k miles that has a knocking engine and won’t crank and you don’t have the money to take it to a European shop

  91. Avatar Hup Huppie says:

    Afghani,Pakistani are very good technicians,peace upon you.

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