Russia-Ukraine war: Ceasefire attempt to evacuate civilians fails

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Ukraine has said civilian evacuations were halted in two cities in the country’s southeast because of continuing attacks, an account dismissed by Russia which had announced a temporary ceasefire to allow more than 200,000 people to escape the fighting.
Russia earlier on Saturday said its forces stopped firing near Mariupol and Volnovakha to allow safe passage to civilians, but Ukraine officials accused Russian troops of breaking the partial truce.

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from near Zaporizhzhia in eastern Ukraine.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Vik Z says:

    Putin hoping by terrorizing Ukrainian civilians he’ll demoralize their military. But the reverse is happening and it’s infuriating Russia’s little dictator.

  2. Avatar The Anonymous says:

    Russia agreed to stop war for 6-8 hrs on India’s request so they can evacuate their citizens from Ukraine but they disagreed to Gen Bajwa’s request to stop the war for 5 min so Pak Army could go there to collect all the brass shells which are worth Rs 30 bn in Pindi scrap market.

  3. Avatar Lonely vlog says:

    Now EUROPE they fell what middle east fell at hands of AMERICAN and NATO member..

  4. Avatar rick stevens says:

    do people not understand that deception is all part of Putin’s plan? hello? wake up.

  5. Avatar SUKKES says:

    Look the saddest thing is, you see an Al jazeer reporter who looks like he hasn’t left a 5 star resort and is conducting his first interview with a beanie on because it’s to cold to go outside….. then you see the state of the art BMW with a missing wheel….. ahahah fake news guys cmon


    more than 300 Indian students in SUMY , Ukrain . without water , food .
    Who can save them?

  7. Avatar samantha schwartz says:

    Enough with your channel’s “both sides” bullshit. If you’re being shot at, tell me you won’t shoot back…. They were being bombarded with missiles just as soon as the civilians started heading out of their homes to leave during the agreed upon window. Russia is inhumane. Don’t even compare Ukraine. Not remotely close.

  8. Avatar Mahmood tabrizi says:

    Russia should finish this no matter what.

    • Avatar Calisto says:

      Yep… Get their armies in Russia and finish off Putin.

    • Avatar Sandy Kingdom says:

      Россия должна перестать сущестовать

  9. Avatar Alvin Learning says:

    The only rules in war is kill or be killed. Do not separate far from your squad. Doing so could cause you, to be bait for your squad. Brave? Put a bullet in your brain to prevent that.

  10. Avatar Zero The Hero says:

    Poor White people having to live like its Gaza City.

  11. Avatar MMA SHORTS says:

    Ukraine army shot people not to leave city’s…use people as weapon against russian

  12. Avatar Imran khan says:

    This is curse of God on European, from children and women of Iraq syria and Afghanistan and never stops till europe destroys

  13. Avatar GIVE AWAY says:

    Ukrainian forces prevented their people from leaving at borders to use them as human shields, shameful

    • Avatar Brendan O Connor says:

      More lies from a Putin lover.

  14. Avatar a b says:

    Western Octopus Media 🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙:
    Double sanctions on Russia 👎 👎,,,, ⛔ ,,,, 👎 👎 and Israeli freedom over the killing of Palestinians 👍👏 ,,,,,, 👍🤫 👍🤫

  15. Avatar Hassan Ijaz says:

    UK ,USA and NATO left Ukraine alone 😥

    • Avatar Sandy Kingdom says:

      Мы украинцы, сами сможем отстоять свою независимость и показать Путину, чья эта земля. Нам не нужно НАТО, США и Велкибритания. Мы сами

  16. Avatar Pub Comrad says:

    I pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦!
    The world must make sure Xi Jinping🇨🇳 *won’t get away* for financing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

  17. Avatar AL says:

    Killing children. Putin must pay🇺🇦

  18. Avatar Nitho LX says:

    Zelensky is the one who provoked this war…being a lapdog of the west, trying to join NATO aiming nuclear missiles to Russia, COME ON ….so Zelensky think he is a hero??? WAKE UP little puppet, you are not more than a paper toilet that will be trashed once is done with you.

  19. Avatar Linart Yousif says:

    Very sad seeing this. I hope mr zelenskyy is watching this and come to his sense and resign to end this madness

  20. Avatar CHEFZ & CO. says:

    My heart only goes out to the African students who faced racism by these same people 👀when attempting to cross the border

  21. Avatar Lindada says:


  22. Avatar FlowerFairy says:

    An absolute disgrace. 😰

  23. Avatar Stuffdady says:


  24. Avatar Bryan’s Heating says:

    It’s over for Ukraine. Russia has cut off access to aide and have destroyed most of their air defenses. The one sided news narratives are sad!

  25. Avatar peace without bias says:

    Russia has nothing to achieve by breaking ceased 🔥 but Ukrainian nationalist

  26. Avatar ciptro handrianto says:

    I think zalensky should step down to save their citizens. He has no qualification to be a good leader

  27. Avatar Salieg Abrahams says:

    The terrorist did the same in Syria – they bombed the safe corridors when civilians tried to flee from the conflict zones. The Ukrainian military is not letting the civilians leave. Civilians are the only leverage the Ukrainian army has – more emotional videos trying to equate the blame to both sides. The more I see Al Jazeera reporting the more it is carrying the narrative of the west as its main theme even though everyone saw how the students were treated at the borders. Wishing Ukrainians on both sides of the conflict the best.

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      Get your facts straight! Russian forces resumed shelling Volnovakha after the agreement of localized cease-fires. Fighting was also taking place along a route meant to serve as a humanitarian corridor to evacuate some 200,000 people from the nearby port city of Mariupol. The International Committee of the Red Cross said safe passage operations from the cities would not begin Saturday, and the organization would continue dialog with the parties. There was no immediate comment from Russia.
      (Bloomberg article March 5: “Putin Warns Ukraine as Safe-Passage Plans Descend Into Chaos”

    • Avatar Joe Mosely says:

      Your Eyes Dont Lie, your words do.

  28. Avatar sumit Singh Rajput says:

    It’s virtually gloomy situation of Ukraine i wish the people of Ukraine would face this tough time.

  29. Avatar nava jyoti chetia says:

    Is this reporter the same one accused of monkeying the Africans and Middle East arabs due to his inherent racist mind that broke through the false faccade

  30. Avatar blue sky says:

    the ukraine nationalist used civilians as shield. they never let civilians to get out from ukraine, its their bad tactics. actually we have predicted it.

  31. Avatar julian lowe says:

    selective bs from aj as per usual

  32. Avatar Faiaz Ali says:

    This is the same racist reportèr who used racist remarks about colored people. We thought that aljazeera was an independent news outlet, but we are wrong . They are also a mouthpiece of the so called western nations

  33. Avatar Computer says:

    Just let 1000bombs rain over this city kill every single azov bat. Member

  34. Avatar Dabbler Deluxe says:

    I hope europe learned from the refugee crisis from syria etc, when the vital infrastructures are destroyed like water,electricity that sustain societies you are going to have millions pushed out and considering the population size of Ukraine europe could face 10-15 million displaced peoples all needing basic food,shelter, medical and basic hygiene as well as the psychological trauma,the disruption of school for children etc.
    They really need a huge response even now just in case or its going to be chaos

  35. Avatar Hans Weissmann XVI says:

    What do you mean “temporary cease fire failed”? It’s “temporary”, right? Better get your watches sorted out……

  36. Avatar Neonmoch says:

    Why your children fight in donbass? And not defend your important cities.

  37. Avatar dā ūd says:

    May the Almighty protect the civilians

  38. Avatar Аб дулла says:

    “The dream of every family is to be able to live together happily in a quiet and peaceful home where parents will have the opportunity of bringing up the children in the best possible way, or guiding and helping them in choosing careers and of giving them the love and care which will develop in them a feeling of security and self-confidence.”

    By. # 🌍Nelson Mandela

    From a letter to Zindzi and Zeni Mandela,

    written on 🌍Robben Island,

    🌍1 June 1970.

    Thank you.
    And may God’s peace be upon you, TED .

    We love you.


  39. Avatar Аб дулла says:

    “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the World 🌏🌍🌎”.

    Indeed, what sculptor is to a block of marble so is education to a human soul.

    By. # 🌍Nelson_Mandela


    Thank you
    UN | الأمَـــــــمُ المتّـحـــــــدَة

    ” Building Back Together for PEACE and PROSPERITY. ”

    Thank you.

  40. Avatar Ngqondo Zulu says:

    Get rid of your celebrity president

  41. Avatar Fuzz Zeballs says:

    NATO NATO NATO this could have never been if it were not for NATO expansion, Sweden’s and Finland you have been warned all ready

  42. Avatar Super tenchoo says:

    Ukranian stop stand with flag on the road to stop russia army because you show them you are afraid so the next morning you hear they have destroy and kill near city take guns fight them they will not stop until you stop them with guns and bombs

  43. Avatar Willy Wong says:

    Ukraine mafia infringed on ceasefire rules..

  44. Avatar nam cheung says:

    God is in truth and in love. The people who make peace in truth are the people of God. The people who make hatred and deceits are against God. God blesses his people. Let us see what God will do in the war of Ukraine – see what will happen to Ukraine, EU , USA and Russia.

    By my observation – NATO is getting stronger in the world and USA had troops over all the world. NATO make Russia and China to join together. The world needs balance among NATO, Russia and China to avoid further destruction. Ukraine is not innocent and there are lot of people sufferings . The Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. It seems to me that Ukraine is not blessed by God.

  45. Avatar Abbaty Abdul says:

    who is right here, who violate the deal

  46. Avatar Mickky Mehta says:

    This guy is racist should be banned it’s not free press F OFF

  47. Avatar Junior King says:

    Putin is the new Tsad.

  48. Avatar Hassan Osman says:

    N: NO
    T: TALK
    O: ONLY

  49. Avatar numerouno says:

    Many people in the West are totally unaware of what has been going in Donetsk and Luhansk, and the misery that the Ukrainian military has imposed on the people of Donetsk and Luhansk. Ukraine is not this poor little lamb that the western media is trying to portray.

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      All you have is Russian propaganda and no evidence!

    • Avatar America First says:

      The Ukraine is barbaric

    • Avatar Joe Mosely says:

      Russia invaded Ukraine.

      End of Story.

  50. Avatar Paul Williamson says:

    of course it failed its not in Ukrainian interest to get civilians out of danger they need an outrage so they can drag other nations into this bit like what Britain did during WW2

  51. Avatar R Teodoro says:

    Can we stop war by making Ukraine neutral, not pro West and not pro Russia? So NATO is not a perceived existential threat to Russia?

    • Avatar swallowedinthesea11 says:

      I don’t think that would work. A country, especially the size of Ukraine and rich in natural gas, has to pick a side.

  52. Avatar Sony Suharto says:


  53. Avatar ëcho X streamimg says:

    The longer this massacre continues the more infuriating this matter is. I’m 64 and I’m about to lock & load My AR15 and head off to Ukraine. I’m also a US citizen and grossly disappointed in Our administration in the handling of Ukraine. They had a 6 months knowledge of this attack and there sending ammunition now why wasn’t the proper ammunition sent weeks ago? If they had no intention of not supporting a no fly zone then Poland could of been prepared to hand over there migs and the US could of brought over Our Jets to Poland. The Ukraine Pilot can’t fly any of Our Jets however, the Poland Pilots can. Then the Ukraine Pilots could of protected there Own air space. This isn’t rocket science what wrong with these so called leaders. Oh yeah!!! America has a bag of bones in the Whitehouse that needs a icecream cone for lunch and a nappy afterwards.

  54. Avatar Shakarlimbu Subba says:

    USA, UK and Russia is Cancer of our earth 😒😒😒😭😭😭

  55. Avatar Elder Sun says:

    THIS IS GENOCIDE ……. Horrible . POWER TO UKRAINE 🇺🇦 . 🇺🇸👍

  56. Avatar Arsalan Aman says:

    This credit goes to America and Russia they did all ready on siriya and Palestine and many other country thier only one intention and nothing but only destroy humanity, peace proove themselves devil

  57. Avatar Regina Rivas says:

    All the East needs to come together and stop 🛑 the west powers over the east . So it will be equal playing field . No more of billions of lives lost in the east. No more blood. East be one power and west be one power. Each stay in their own affairs. East control the East and the west control the West. This will stop 🛑 NATO . East in to rise as one unit so the west can’t control the East no more

  58. Avatar Petronilo Buan says:

    The Russians have learned! A lot from the Playbook of US NATO during the Kosovo Serbian Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina War Where NATO carved and split the Yugozlavia into 4 countries!

    • Avatar Nicky River Nene says:

      Beautiful name, yugoslavia, I remember it from schooldays

    • Avatar Joe Mosely says:

      The People on the ground carved up Yugoslavia, not US NATO.

      Russia is doing the carving here.

  59. Avatar Mary Davies says:

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  60. Avatar Jayson Gayagoy says:

    The scripted war has begun and the innocent souls of the pawns and civilians are the victim.

  61. Avatar Azymight says:

    the evacuation failed, russia cannot bomb the city (meanwhile hundreds of thousands fled the city). Why is the russian bomb us, this is murders (meanwhile, the russian civilian shoo the russian helicopters and tanks).

  62. Avatar ryan chris says:

    Qatar dog of us

  63. Avatar Tella Swizzy L-Dot says:


  64. Avatar ABBE Repair says:

    Putin won’t stop killing. It’s who he is. We’ve seen it for years. He has that smile. He bombs the helpless. Murderer. Sicko. Don’t try to explain him. He’s deranged, has been for years.

  65. Avatar H G says:

    Die zionistischen Medien der ATLANTIKBRÜCKE schüren den Konflikt ROTHSCHILDS Bänkster schüren den Krieg gegen Unschuldige Die jüdische Hochfinanz zerstört die Welt

  66. Avatar Warrior Son says:

    Why did the ceasefire fail???😟

  67. Avatar Education Bd says:

    Russian Army is real hero🇷🇺🇷🇺love Russian army❤️❤️

  68. Avatar Aonyx says:

    “We have their blood and they have ours”. Thus confirming Putins assertion that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.

  69. Avatar Joseph Piskac says:

    According to Russia the cease fire did not fail the Ukrainian People never evacuated. Were any of these ladies given aid by Ukraine to evacuate?

  70. Avatar Kimberley Pex says:


  71. Avatar Ruco 69 says:

    We all are waiting when China,other Asian and African and Arab League send their forces to save Russia .
    This all rubbish game came from USA and England.
    By the way why Americans and England send their troops and weapons to this region ?why they both means usa and uk not taking at least 20 million refugees from Ukraine.
    The point is clear they both want means usa and uk to distabilise the region because of Chinese economy and occupy on the natural resources which they both countries don’t have enough.

  72. Avatar Andi Rahman says:

    Sebelum Penyerangan, Rusia telah menghimbau ke warga sipil Ukrania untuk mengungsi…namun Pemerintah Ukraina melarang warganya untuk mengungsi…jika banyak korban warga sipil itu karena kebijakan Pemerintah Ukraina yang mengorbankan Rakyatnya

  73. Avatar rock youtuber says:

    Ukraine has done many warcrimes in Iraq,
    Ukraine suppoted Israel 🇮🇱 when Palestinians were bombed .
    The Karma returns
    Russia 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺

  74. Avatar Anthony Wlasoff says:

    Vinnytsia is under bombardment right now. Ukraine desperate for No Fly Zone. NATO, please close the air space.

  75. Avatar Sera Dar says:

    When Azerbaijan occupied Armenian Karabakh why didn’t Ukraine help Armenians? As a German, I don’t sorry for Ukrainians. We pray for Russia.

    • Avatar Undergi Then says:

      In either case innocent people are dying there is no moral excuse for Putin’s attack. Only in extreme cases can such messures be excused but you can’t tell me that this is the case here.

    • Avatar Kerstin L. says:

      @Undergi Then you are right but respoding to obvious retarded people is just giving those horrible people more room to spread hate.

    • Avatar Sera Dar says:

      @Undergi Then Whatever you sow, you reap…

    • Avatar Catty-Yoga says:

      we must pray for everyone..all of them are Russians

    • Avatar Sera Dar says:

      @Catty-Yoga No, they are not Russians.

  76. Avatar tonywuan william says:

    When normal people go out the hidden place ,please wave the WHITE FLAG (or flag agree between many sides) in order to many sides KNOW you are normal people and NOT shoot you,oh my god .God bless them SAFE .I’m from South-East Asia .

  77. Avatar Victoria Blogp says:

    The president from Ucrain does not want to fix. Lets citizens do it. Come on. You can do it. Talk with Rusia. No more deaths

  78. Avatar Pamela Homeyer says:

    I can’t believe people actually thought Putin would do a ceasefire. It should have been obvious the minute he started by saying a 3-hour ceasefire

    • Avatar Nathan Levesque says:

      He only made the ‘agreement’ to inflict more terror.

  79. Avatar karimi lucah270 says:

    This War is demonic!! Ukraine President must be blamed for this fiasco! Seems when an atomic bombs will be dropped in one of NATO member cities the war will end!

  80. Avatar white beard says:

    Mr putin don’t talk at the end. Just jump, jump into a nuclear war. Press the button and annihilate NATO and USA. You have come long way into the war, now there isn’t any looking back. The west will not give u a save passage. They have already done so much fake propoganda against u and ur mother land that at any point you talk to them they will get you. They will kill ur people, they will bomb children and rape ur women. Don’t let that happen. They have fired in their own feet. Mr. Putin when ever there comes a point of doubt just press the button. Any way they will come to get you. Don’t suicide alone at the end. Take all of these oppressors with you. A world without them would be a peaceful one after this war.

  81. Avatar ori wall says:

    putin has nothing sacred.
    Some veterans of the Second World War are still alive, and on Victory Day he is preparing new disabled people in wheelchairs, young guys without limbs and with severe injuries.
    Did they deserve it?

  82. Avatar elimart says:

    America is trying to provoke the brothers in the same house and strengthen their emptiness to be their world power … Ukraine must understand that they are losing their brothers in a coma …

  83. Avatar Ricardo says:

    @presidentputin it’s time for russia to show an humanitarian gesture. It’s clear tht sone groups are deliberatedly interrupting the safe passage ceasefires in mariupol. Please order the Russian army to standown and temporary moving back the lines around mariupol. Ket the civilian population to go east. 24 hours is enough

  84. Avatar michael tabor says:

    Russian troops may just be too undisciplined to carry it out.

  85. Avatar UkrainePOWER! says:

    Thank you all for support! God bless you all! Respect from Ukraine! If you like short type of videos, please consider subscribing on my channel! Thank you!

  86. Avatar epilobia1 Dinmail says:

    I would be very surprised if any of this was true .

  87. Avatar Barry Soetorro says:

    Russia isnt stopping them from leaving. The ukrainains bombed the routes for some reason.

  88. Avatar Mohamed Shivji says:

    Zionists = invaders and so as Russians = invaders

    Palestinians = invaded = victims so as Ukraines = invaded = victims

    One cannot say I support the Zionists (invader) but I support the Ukraines (victims)

    If u support an invader (Zionists) u support the other invader (Russians)

    If u support a victim (Palestinians ) u support another victim (Ukraines)

    It’s as clear as CRYSTAL…

  89. Avatar Azman Hamat says:

    Pray for ukraine palastin

  90. Avatar FahmiACCA says:

    I feel so bad for innocent ppl radicalised by Jewlensky to become teerorists and fight for his war. Jewlensky could end this by surrendering himself but no.. he chose to spread the word of violence to radicalised the average Joe and Jane while he hides himself to safety.

  91. Avatar Kar Nowy Nowaczyk says:

    russian army like a barbarian killing innocent people and bombing their homes. Putin is the killer !!!

  92. Avatar Lucia Trapani says:

    SLAVA UKRAINE!The world stands with you! You will be VICTORIOUS!! God Bless you all!
    🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

  93. Avatar Point on Point says:

    well done Russia teach the west some ethics.

  94. Avatar Nathan Levesque says:

    Putin is a KGB psychopath

  95. Avatar Amy Dason says:

    He’s a very dangerous man to mankind, don’t know how this is going to turn out but we all know he doesn’t like lose, That man is out of control this is madness! Putin is sick person 💯! Praying 🙏

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