South Korea launches world’s biggest container ship

2020 5/19
South Korea launches world's biggest container ship

The world’s biggest container ship has been launched in South Korea, just as global trade is suffering a sharp downturn due to the pandemic.
But having largely controlled the spread of the disease in its country, the government is now looking to repair the economic damage.
Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from the port city of Busan.

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コメント一覧 (28件)

  • ken kaneki says:


  • Prince Lenny says:

    That’s one Mammoth of a container ship….

  • Khalandar Faruq says:

    Ship to Busan SK is really doing good world noticing them.

  • Big Cake says:

    The big ship will end up like Airbus A 380 .

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    LOL funny dialect

  • Bozek Jilek says:

    Where is a saving when loading and unloading containers will take twice as long time.

    • Blake Leigh says:

      dont need to operate 2 or 3 ships. one ship can do. save fuel and human resources.

  • Hara Thea says:

    I hope this won’t end up in tragedy

  • GG says:

    That man definitely needed subtitles

    • Martin Allen says:


    • ANDROID_ PLAYZ says:

      @Martin Allen he meant the south Korean needed subtitles

  • Tim Kang Kimball Cho says:

    Pray for Trump’s death.

  • Ross Tapp says:

    Timing couldn’t be worse, maybe they can fill it with oil and use it as floating storage.

  • Martin Allen says:

    How long have the crew been stuck onboard.

  • Alessandro Gassman says:

    In South Korea, the situation has been greatly stabilized and improved. The number of confirmed patients was also greatly reduced.. Of course, Koreans are never vigilant.

  • Cloud Topic Explorer says:

    Korea is currently the world’s No. 1 shipbuilder, with China coming in second. Most of China’s orders are made locally, and orders from around the world are rare, but that alone ranks second.

  • s c says:

    Well done South Korea.

  • Poof says:

    Another black hole for the government to pour taxpayers money into

    • Bari Forever says:

      That ship isn’t owned by the government…

    • soumya batra says:

      Ship isn’t owned by government, please do some research before talking🤦🏻

  • kani37 Seo says:

    This is one long voyage.
    Wish you well for the people who has made it.

  • Enamel Larry says:

    Bad timing!!!!!!

  • Pastor Hass says:

    It’s not South Korea occupying southern part of the Korean penninsula, you God-forsaken Babylonian reporter, it is the land of South Korea. You keep twisting words here and there to force-fit your agenda, but in the end, you will be judged by fire from God.

  • Dynamic Solution says:

    They should have consulted with dr foci and Bill Gates first…they knew all about covid back in 2018

  • pkasb90 says:

    Koreans made the right move. Sea, not air, freight is the safest mode of transportation. Viruses can be contained if travel speed is reduced.

    • cnordegren says:

      Viruses die off within 4 days so sea shipping is best, safest, and cheapest.

  • Robert Brown says:

    It’ll be full of illegal immigrants and bound for Greece .

  • ontheedge33371 says:

    If they Build quality electric vehicles for north America and Europe South Korea will do great