Libya’s UN-recognised government retakes key airbase

2020 5/21
Libya's UN-recognised government retakes key airbase

Libya’s UN-recognised government says it has retaken control of the Al Watiya airbase.
It was being used as renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar’s headquarters in western Libya.
Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley has more.

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コメント一覧 (226件)

  • Baby drumphf says:

    Good maybe with the UN sorting this out in Libya they will come to their senses finally over there!

  • Koolkid says:

    I wonder why most of Africa is always in Conflict and poverty whilst Europe enjoys peace and prosperity. I wonder why the likes of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussain are no longer here.

    Are the people to blame? or is someone controlling the strings…

    • Ahmed Adel 3 says:

      Because europe is conrolling, It is in their interest to spread the conflict and the division between the other countries

    • Jaseem Muha says:

      France continued to funding hafthar

  • Online Online says:

    no good ful no love hete 👹👹👹

  • Dev Dixit says:

    Good job militia and their turkish partner.

    • Damine 47 says:

      Militia hahahah say that to UAE planes and sudani fighters that fight for haftar

    • Azizziya Roots says:

      Damine 47 that’s an lie and you know it

  • abdulrauf haidari says:

    Long life Ordogan and Libya


      Raul Lozada butthurt american

    • A O says:

      Erdogan have kurdish blood on his hands.
      He is self declared sulten…

    • HasanZ says:

      @A O not kurds, he killed only terrorist PKK and it’s part. We are living together in Turkey as Turks and Kurds. And Erdogan is elected President of Turkey.

    • Boqoreh says:

      @A O PKK leadership are all crypto Kurds, and actually Armenians.

    • Hamid Hussein says:

      @A O
      We need to separate between Kurds and PKK just as we separate between ISIS and Arabs… Just as we separate between Somali and Alshabaab…
      You are either ignorant or deliberately deceiver

  • Danial Rauf says:

    InshAllah UN recognized government with help of turkey won Allah O AKBAR 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    • Zender Bender says:


    • kaya cenk says:

      Turkish UAV’s

    • Danial Rauf says:

      @Zender Bender InshAllah Ameen sum Ameen 🇵🇰🇹🇷❤️

    • Danial Rauf says:

      @kaya cenk Long live PAKISTAN TURKEY Brotherhood Ameen sum Ameen Allah O AKBAR 🇹🇷🇵🇰🇹🇷🇵🇰🇹🇷🇵🇰

  • MH Codes says:

    GNA forces should launch offensive to the east and take total control of the maritime routes.

    • Yung Prodigy says:

      In your dreams puppet of UN Haftar will destory you he still controls 85% of the country

    • the Türk 2750 says:

      He controls the Desert😂😂

    • Burak Sağlam says:

      @Yung Prodigy LNA contorls the desert.

    • Moise says:

      the Türk 2750 he control 100% of Lybia oil

  • Abdullah Al Noor says:

    Allahu Akbar.

  • coco says:

    Shame on europe and usa who support terrorist!!!!

    • Şahin Asgerov says:

      +Russian wagners, Chadian, Sudanese mercenaries paid by emiratis, and Egypt transferring

  • Esa Shaik says:

    Lol!Russia,Israel, US,France cannot defend their dictator friends in the Middle East from Turkish drones.😂😂once Haftar is dead Sisi in Egypt is next.👍

    • ツRoyalPillows says:

      Esa Shaik ironically you should ask your self why turkey has relations with Israel when they are praying for your leader to be killed

    • Esa Shaik says:

      @ツRoyalPillows Turkey had relations with Israel before Erdogan came to power But after Erdogan came to power that relationship has deteriated and it will continue to deteriorate.

    • ツRoyalPillows says:

      Esa Shaik If it really did then turkey would stop all of its trade and close down their embassy and take back their recognition of Israel as a country and wouldn’t you think that if your leader really hates them wouldn’t he stop meeting with Israeli leaders?

    • ツRoyalPillows says:

      Esa Shaik Lets be honest alright..Turkey has relations with Israel because they want to improve relations with the west it shows with turkey NATO alliance and how turkey wants to join the EU I don’t hate Turkish people I actually love them and visited Turkey 2-3 times it is a beautiful country but I don’t like how people are praying that my leader dies and loses control especially when he built up my country and provided Healthcare and education for me and my family

    • Esa Shaik says:

      @ツRoyalPillows Erdogan never meet any Israeli leaders 😂😂You can try your divide and conquer strategy somewhere else.

  • nothing but says:

    This is democracy arab version

    • Damine 47 says:

      Countries like france UK russia UAE made it lookthat way ….but tunisia for exemple it has no oil therefor no countries war peaceful revolution

    • nothing but says:

      @Damine 47 hahaha Tunisia have over million juess in djerba its brothel Tunisia not. Muslim country they worship money no men left there anymore Libyan are just ignorant they had kafaafi was great they wan democracy they can have it now

  • S Hussein says:

    Take the war to the uae and turn their cities into rubble and ruin them.

    • afnaan khan says:

      Why? What about those innocent people living there?

    • AAA BBB says:

      only their puppet leaders.

  • Sindabad says:

    Ma sha Allah. Finally finish to terrorists hafter in Libya. Hafter fighter killing innocent civilians in Libya.

  • Hyatoa says:

    Allahu Akbar. These people didn’t kill Ghadaffi to get another dictator. Keep fighting you righteous freedom fighters ❤️🇹🇷 🇱🇾

    • Lifts Of England says:

      Hyatoa I know what we want is a good government we don’t want to fight a civil war just to get another dictator

    • Aurangzeb says:

      Gaddafi was the best

    • Hyatoa says:

      Aurangzeb the time for secularism is over. The Muslim Spirit is beginning to be lifted. And this is something that the entire world is afraid of,

    • Aurangzeb says:

      @Hyatoa Gaddafi Libya was the best Libya and its economy was booming

    • Hyatoa says:

      Aurangzeb never said it wasn’t. But people just didn’t like the leader. So they overthrew him. The opinion of Anyone who lives outside of Libya is irrelevant. But the opinion of the people in Libya is relevant. And the people obviously didn’t want Gadaffi because he is like the rest of those Secular Dictators

  • Rubel Hasan Aka says:

    LNA GNA Stop Killing Muslim Brother and Sister

    • Ranger tmc says:

      @Vegeta Dbiop Support GNA.

    • Ali Leis says:

      @Ranger tmc hahaah proof israel ordered that? So is isis al qaida better

    • Rubel Hasan Aka says:

      @Ranger tmc R8 Brother

    • Rubel Hasan Aka says:

      @Ali Leis All Muslim Brother 2 brother

    • Rubel Hasan Aka says:

      @Ali Leis isis Israel

  • Atanu Dasgupta says:

    Turks will lose the war

    • sancho hbtl says:

      the Türk 2750 born and raised in trablus haylandlus, watch your mouth Turk


      The Turks will win. Put that in your head, you idiot.

    • Ali Leis says:

      @KJASJDFKAS KKAS ajahah win where?

    • sancho hbtl says:

      KJASJDFKAS KKAS maybe on Erdogans grave they will 😂

    • Ali Leis says:

      @sancho hbtl ahahah yes

  • Cemal Cemal says:

    Hamdullah mansallah

    • Zender Bender says:

      Alhamdulillah, go Turkey!

    • Cemal Cemal says:

      Hamdullah help libya Turkey

  • ÖZGÜR ARAS says:

    Turkish Effect

    • John Mich78 says:

      they fought troops of hafter army with thousands of Mercenaries and French Air Force
      And all they have a dusty weapons
      You should read about it

    • Ali Leis says:

      ALLAH 🐷

    • kemal kemal says:

      @Ali Leis allah is great

  • Ahmed Alkaya says:

    Hafatar is bad he hates gaddafi i hope Haftar lose

    • Ali Leis says:


    • krimo ait amraoui says:

      I hope Berbers of libya will win

  • Benson Manners says:

    War games which benefit weapon makers.

  • Kron Hertz says:

    Haftar your head is next!
    And so is Putin and his band of Wagner mercenaries!
    The Libyans are going to mount their heads on the wall.

  • C/kariin Yuusuf says:

    Alahu akbar libiya and brothers turkey win win erdogan respect from somalia 🇹🇷🇸🇴🇹🇷🇸🇴🇹🇷🇸🇴🇹🇷🇸🇴🇹🇷🇸🇴🇱🇾🇹🇷🇱🇾🇸🇴🇹🇷🇱🇾🇸🇴🇹🇷🇱🇾🇱🇾

  • Aurangzeb says:

    Turkey is puppets of NATO

    • Mrt Vrk says:

      1)Nato Alliance doesn’t mean puppet.
      France,EU and USA supported Haftar and Haftar lived in USA fir 26 years.
      Who is real Puppet?
      2)The Real US puppets are Gulf Countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  • Rapilee Ilix says:

    Turkey is helping Libya while Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE are destroying Libya like Yemen, as we are Somalis we Love Turkey how they helping us without hidden agenda 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴💯❤❤🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤🇸🇴

    • Ugaas Käka Official says:

      Masha Allah

    • sancho hbtl says:

      turkey can suck my Libyan 🍆

    • Matias Velázquez says:

      _Oh sure buddy…This is nothing to do with the actual fact that the government of Tripoli it’s controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, just like the Syrian Opposition and Hamas who the Turkish government strongly supports._

    • sancho hbtl says:

      Matias Velázquez aye facts, and also that the government in Tripoli harbours the terrorist group from Benghazi who killed the us ambassador

  • True Light says:

    Syrian militia and tukish invasion will be falled inshaaaAllah

    • AHMED FRHAN says:

      Indian 🤢🤮

    • True Light says:

      National army and people of Gaddafi or sirt enough for turkish invasion, wait and see

    • AHMED FRHAN says:

      @True Light 🤢🤮 Indian please take a shower, we can smell from here.

    • Cemal Cemal says:

      @True Light what to see turkey one of the strong army in the world are you normal or you stupid

    • Ansaar Carbeed says:

      Don’t play with fire, Turkey is a very strong and unique military powerful and technologically capable… long live president Erdogan and Turkey people…from Somaliland

  • Cemal Cemal says:

    Hamdullah mansallah

  • Şahin Asgerov says:

    After hard years, finally libyans are going to get what they deserve. Support Libyan people 🇱🇾🇹🇷

    • Ali Leis says:

      @AAA BBB gna is al qaida

    • Ali Leis says:

      @mecnun1900 your isis turkey is radical

    • mecnun1900 says:

      @Raul Lozada hhh u r funny my friend when all peopple in libya support then genaral field marshal hhhh funny funny why u loose to much. Why bring hafter terorist from sudan chad siria rusian. Who is libyan suports for him. Hhhh

    • Şahin Asgerov says:

      @Ali Leis keep barking, democracy supporters will win soon. Get out and take your comments with you. Nobody wants you lna supporter

    • Hamid Hussein says:

      @Şahin Asgerov
      We will use Collective Participation for now… Democracy has failed to help Europe to have decency…

  • Bad politicians says:

    *Who order to war they not understand what is war* I want only peace in entire world

  • John Mich78 says:

    I was there in 2016 in Sirut
    The Bravest people are in Libya especially misurata city , they defeat gaddafi & isis in 2016,
    In 2019 they fought troops of hafter army with thousands of Mercenaries and French Air Force
    And all they have a dusty weapons
    You should read about it

    • Azizziya Roots says:

      sancho hbtl this story no one makes report of that. I know there are many whom think like you. But they have no voice because of people like Gumati who don’t speak for libyans but for agenda. Turkey fight together with misrata, misrata also are Turks

    • IGH the crusader says:

      You mean the useless bedouins.

    • sancho hbtl says:

      Azizziya Roots you ok we will just let Libya be under Turkish controller until history repeats itself and they sell us out

    • sancho hbtl says:

      Azizziya Roots and if your Libyan yourself your probably a whacky ikwhany 🤮🤮

    • Azizziya Roots says:

      @sancho hbtl you don’t understand my point.. I know you are right what you are saying but theire is no report about your voice. just like theire was no voice for the green resistance back in 2011. media blocked you all

  • No Name says:

    Mark my words. After Haftar, Sisi is next. The Turks have reached their speed. They will continue until the West has agreed that the Mediterranean is theirs. Erdogan made a statement a few days ago. He said we will either die or be there. This explains everything. Everything or nothing. they will do anything for it. even a war!

    • Don says:

      Mediterranean is Turkey’s?! LMAO

    • No Name says:

      @Don ofcourse the Turks. for who is it then? the Greeks? And not only the medittereanen but also aegean! They will take also the 12 islands back.
      be a little patient. time will shows us everything.

    • Don says:

      @No Name LMAO

    • AAA BBB says:

      I think UAE may be the next target. Their puppet leader deserve to be kicked out.

    • Abbas Shaikh says:

      @AAA BBB not uae but al saud will be the next after Libya, hope so

  • harry manwel says:

    All this talk I don’t believe
    I don’t believe a channel affiliated with Qatar, the largest supporter of terrorism.

    • R & says:

      Lol,,,western are jealous

    • Bahadır Yazıcı says:

      Largest ? 😂😂😂

    • R & says:

      @Bahadır Yazıcı brother,, western are propaganda machine

  • Nkanyiso Africa says:

    The media calls one a UN backed President and the other they call a Warlord. Why are these different when both can be seen as terrorists to their own people?

    • Hamid Hussein says:

      You don’t know us

  • Gausul Azam says:

    We want Turkey and Ikwaan go to East Libya and Then Capture Egypt and give it to the right owner. Blood of Mursi can’t go unrevenged.

    • syed waleed says:

      Don’t worry the Egyptian government will fall on its own, without the Gulf Arabs money.

    • Vegeta Dbiop says:

      All jihadists will be killed.

    • Ranger tmc says:

      Egypt should be regained from Israeli Sisi.

    • md kaifi says:

      Sisi is a illegitimate child of Israel

    • Azizziya Roots says:

      who are the right owners of Egypt.. or lets say Nubia??
      are you that sure you want to give Egypt to the rightful owners?

  • Haci Ahmet Karsli says:

    All muslim! follow Turkey…

    • Ahmad Wazir says:

      Open recruitment centers in Turkey friendly countries. Turkey will have millions.

    • King Ilasaros says:

      @Haci Ahmet Karsli inshaallah

    • md kaifi says:

      Destruction of Arab very near according To hadees

    • Haci Ahmet Karsli says:

      md kaifi Arabs are our friends, but Arab leaders not our friends

    • md kaifi says:

      @Haci Ahmet Karsli Arab world will be destruction according to Hadees because it is clearly mentioned about Almalhama or written in Bible Armaggaddon a very big which will be happen between good and bad forces according to Hadees there will be 80 countries attack on Arab world each country lead to 12000 forces total forces will be 1000000 against Arab under one super power these 80 countries will be and result of to creat greater israel iraq and syria अस well as yemen these are the sign of greater israel

  • Sülo hh says:

    Dünya 5den büyükdür 💪💪💪

    • IGH the crusader says:

      Ottoman pirate

    • Sülo hh says:

      Das ist schon mal gut das du Angst hast von der Türkei . ich Weiss nicht von welchem Land du bist aber ich kannst mir vorstellen.

    • Haci Ahmet Karsli says:

      İnşallah o günleride görürüz kardeşim

    • Sülo hh says:

      @Haci Ahmet Karsli İNŞAALLAH kardeşim

  • Jaseem Muha says:

    Major defeat of pro christian army

    • AAA BBB says:

      Thanks to Turkiye

    • Mohamed allali says:

      ​@AAA BBB Thanks to Allah First Alhamdulillah

    • AAA BBB says:

      @Mohamed allali of course.

  • Ugaas Käka Official says:

    We want Khalifa haftar dead or a live. Long leave GNA Long leave TURKEY 🇹🇷

    • Ali Leis says:

      @AAA BBB what isis saraj?

    • Ali Leis says:

      @AAA BBB erdogan kafir

    • AAA BBB says:

      @Ali Leis putin is your god?

    • Ali Leis says:

      @AAA BBB yea he is against isis. He is not the best but of course better than isis wahhabis like Erdogan, Morsi, Qatar , Tunisian 🐖 Ganouchi …

    • AAA BBB says:

      @Ali Leis hahaaa .. so you say that putin is your god. Say no more. Are we going to pretend that UAE and Saudi’s fund fkin puppet haftar. muaagagahhaha. Turkiye beat haftar easily with only a few drones. suck it up loser

  • Turkboyz20 says:


  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    wonder what a real libyan says about stuff like that

    • Ahmad Wazir says:

      Anyone that is not backed by the west.

  • Mustafa Sen says:

    All world witnessed what happens when two muslim brother united! Now even NATO says we are ready to ssupport UN recognized government ! They realised that they cant stop Turkey and now they are trying to get share from the success ! Like or not Turkey is the greatest power of Islam world and you must all admit it !

    • Ugaas Käka Official says:

      Long leave TURKEY 🇹🇷 💪

    • ikweetnietook says:

      Does that same logic apply to UN recognized government in Syria, Bashar Assad? Oh wait he doest’t favour you guys… so suddenly he is a brutal dictator bla bla bla.

    • Mustafa Sen says:

      ​@ikweetnietook Esed and Hafter is on the same side of the scale for us ..We are fighting against terrorism here! Why dont you protest Hafter who is bombing own people in Tripoli or why dont you protest Esed is bombing own people in Syria ? Or why dont you donate some money to Turkey who hosts almost 6 million refuges mainly from Syria, Iraq,Afghanistan .. You cant correct ? Because these dont favor you … Tell me where you from and let me tell your dark history you boer!

  • eyupensar yildiz says:

    türkiye&libya I love you islam

  • Zohaib Zaheer says:

    Love turkey from Pakistan!

  • ABBAS NOOR says:

    Shame on Islamic countries who are funding these terrorist

  • Serkan Maşa says:

    İ m so happy for libya 🤗 free Libya 🇹🇷🇱🇾

    • Ali Leis says:

      Turkish regime wants oil

    • Esa Shaik says:

      @Ali Leis Why you jealous of Turkey you Saudi sponsored loser.

    • mecnun1900 says:

      @Ali Leis and what u wanna more money then say your boss salman bin dog he gives u may be hhh

  • patriot says:

    This is just beninning..Münafiq Hafter.

  • ghost division says:

    Khalifa haftar was hard fvcked than Mia Khalifa today !!

  • Ronesans says:

    The power of Turkey 💪

  • AAA BBB says:

    Turkey + Katar + GNA beats Russia + France + Greece + Egypt + UAE + Saudis + LNA. Not surprising at all.

    • AAA BBB says:

      @Moise yea right… is that why nato is imposing arms embargo on Turkiye? Do you know why Turkiye has one f the strongest drone fleet? Because NATO does not sell drones to Turkiye, and we ended up building our own. US has removed Turkiye from F35 program. We will make our own next gen fighter jet. If we are a “puppy” how come US and NATO is fighting against us. You are so dumb

    • Moise says:

      AAA BBB Nato and Usa never fight you and they use Turkish Airbase to fight Isis and other groups.

    • SC CV says:

      @Moise Turkey is backed financial by Qatar so Turkey can’t go bankrupt.
      And Turkey has big strategic plans for all of old Ottoman areas,, not for money not for oil just getting all of the areas back.
      Slowly and slowly Turkey will become a world power,, just wait and see.

    • the best peoples says:

      @Vegeta Dbiop Turkey is not like russia “Wagner” mercenaries

    • Serkanbah says:

      @Moise dont worry real owners of the land coming to claim your oil.

  • Ungrateful Ninja says:

    Why did Obama have drop bombs in Africa.

  • Vasco KKK TURBO says:

    Anka S Drohne ,TB Bayraktar Drohne Power.

  • Frenchkisssss says:

    Syria bis

  • Tony Montana says:


  • mmmutahhar1978 says:

    Stop fighting each other.

    • IGH the crusader says:

      Mind your business. Let them fight. They love killing each other.

    • John Mason says:

      @IGH the crusader not as much as europeans, just look at world war 1 and 2.

  • somali official T.V. says:

    Love libyan government and Turkey

    • IGH the crusader says:

      What about your destroyed Somalia?

  • Raghe Danan says:

    This is a good News from Libya lets liberate also Yemen and Somalia from the terrorist groups like UAE,Saudi Kingdom and their terrorist like Al-Shabab! Qatar is also terrorist kingdom. May Allah destroy them all.

  • Abdul Farah says:

    Go after him and take all East Libiya and kill him for good, it’s time for Turkey to bomb all of them.

  • IGH the crusader says:

    Kaddafi must be busy farthing in his grave. Him and Saddam Hussein were the most imbecile and dogmatic Bedouins have ever existed.

  • IGH the crusader says:

    Useless and incapable Bedouins have ruined that land beyond any salvage.

  • Almohisen Hayath Bathru says:

    Haftar looks like a classical blood thirsty dictator who doesn’t have any mercy in his heart a chameleon who change his color time to time, looks like a beastly mafia boss, support he receives from another dictator sisi, lavish Arab monarchs of Abu dabhi and Saudi Arabia , Russia, USA and Israel are making him to feel like he is immune from all the war crimes he is commiting…hope one day he will face the same fate like what other dictators of middle east faced…mercenaries from sudan should stop fighting on behalf of Haftar they have to understand they are fighting against their own brothers of same faith, they should understand the more they support people like Haftar more their own kids will be treated like slaves in future by people like Haftar and sisi…

  • Hey, schön dich zu sehen! says:

    Haftar is a Warlord. GNA is the best alternativ. They try to keep Europe refugee free and can make a deal.

  • A Kaumbo says:

    Haftar is loosing

  • mehmet & uyanık says:

    Fredoom Libya 🇱🇾
    Fredoom Suriye 🇸🇾
    Türkiye and müslim brothers

  • gery port says:

    *May peace reach with fastest pace in Libya.*
    *Purchasing weapon to destroy own country is intolerable.*
    *Real-time praise for the Libyan people for their Libyan spirit and fighting for peace in Libya land.*

  • The Byzantine Warrior says:

    There’s no military meaning for Al-Wattia base, it’s only a moral achievement for GNA.
    LNA took away thousands of armed vehicles, all aircrafts and Air-Defence systems from Al-Wattia base.
    GNA couldn’t recover functional weapons from Al-Wattia base.
    Also make a video about Haftar hitting targets some hours ago as well.

    • The Byzantine Warrior says:

      Ahmad Wazir I don’t talk with third world people

    • kuvikina says:

      @The Byzantine Warrior Not a good century to be born as a Greek, Turks are on the rise again!
      Go cry to your European masters.

    • The Byzantine Warrior says:

      kuvikina Is this all you could answer? Lmao typical Low IQ person.
      On what rise? You mean your downfall?
      Greece is a way more developed country than this third world starving nation you call Turkey, wake up.
      Now go cry to IMF for financial support like you did some days ago.

    • kuvikina says:

      @The Byzantine Warrior Ok kid, go back to your dreamland!

    • The Byzantine Warrior says:

      kuvikina “kid” I’m 20 years old and the only one that speaks like a kid here is you, a literal idiot that ran out of cheap excuses and can’t even answer back to what I’m saying.

  • Muhammet Bayraktar says:

    elhamdulillah ☪

  • Lamin Conteh says:

    They said that gaddafi is the problem. but still they are fighting each other

  • Spoon M says:

    Sad day for libya, Turkey will make you a puppet state.

    • Nikola Tesla says:

      İf hafter win the war, they gonna be free hahahhaha 😂

    • slymn dvtc says:

      where did hafter live in many years?and who are puppets of terrorists?

    • Ahmad Wazir says:

      We ask Turkey’s overlordship better then western puppets.

  • abdi americo` ameriko says:

    Good luck government of libyia it’s end the warlords haftar

  • AAA BBB says:

    It is funny that people say “UN backed government” after Libyan government defeats terrorist haftar. Truth is that only Turkiye and Katar was backing Libya government. France + Russia + Greece + Egypt + UAE + Saudi Arabia was backing the terrorist haftar. Where was UN all this time? Shame on UN.

    • Hamid Hussein says:

      UN recognized not backed

  • Rus Vaf says:


  • Adil Jakatoore Ahmed says:

    Long live Erdogan love from Somalia

  • Brice Taskaya says:

    Recep Tayip Erdogan

  • saleem khan says:

    Masha Allah
    Turkey has great job in Libya

  • Moise says:

    Most people think that Russia and France are in Lybia to win a war . They don’t even want LNA to control the country because they what chaotic country that’s how they steal oil easily. LNA ,Russia and France control 100 % of oil in Lybia and GNA captured areas where there’s no oil that’s nothing. If GNA attack oil fields, you will see what will happen. Look in Syria , the government and Russia control 80% of the country but 100% of oil fields are in the hand of Usa . Usa don’t care who control majority of the country as long as they have oil . It’s business. Some people don’t understand that the media play a big role in the war these days. This TVs are business and they get paid when they show propaganda on people who don’t know what’s going on. Imagine they tell you that GNA captured the base buy they don’t tell you who controls 85% of the country and 100% of oil


    everybody want to have the power. my question is when you hold the power in your hand. can you do something that beneficial for the citizen and the society to make the society a better place for the citizen to live? that my question?

  • Dahir Muhumed says:

    Saudi .Emirates and Egypt dictators want to destroy whole Muslim world with help from Christians and jewishs money and material support..we must support Turkish government in order to survive.

  • Red Apple says:


  • Imran Shahzada says:

    So sorry Saudi an UAE, your support for Atheist Leaders in the Muslim world is failing.

  • OperasyonOdası says:

    Erdogan’s drones smashed putin’s Pantsir

  • revolutionalist says:

    Woe betide your country if global powers decide to turn your country into proxy warfare

  • Themba Cindi says:

    Viva Ankara viva Righteous camp always conquer and the ungodly run away where’s no one chase them therefore Haftar run but badly justice must be done.After USA election have a look fellow global society.

  • TRschwarzesonne says:

    Everybody is gangster untill Turkish drones take off.

    • Apostolos Mavrochoridis says:

      They take of and shot down yeah hahahaha

  • Tarih ve Medeniyet says:

    Turkey Game of Drones

  • 何征 says:

    Turkey:tactical victory, strategic defeat

  • Xasan Maxamed says:

    Mansha alah diktotar xaftar xaftar no no

  • Feroz Sayyad says:

    Thanks To Turkey.. I think 😕

  • Weeron Asael Peterson says:


  • Kashif Ali says:

    Stop terrorism in libiya stop UAE inshaAllah turkey willbe successful ☝️❤️🇹🇷🇵🇰

  • Amir AlTaher says:

    ☝🏿✌🏻victory is near

  • The Rebel says:

    That scrap mig 21 and old cheap Russian ammo and the UNITED ARAB LADIES defeated by high tech turkey drones and Libyan army
    Love to libya and turkey from your somalian brother

  • CrazyProf says:

    EVERY MUSLIM SHOULD FOLLOW TURKEY TO VICTORY. Tukey, Katar, GNA, Pakistan and more should come inshallah

  • krimo ait amraoui says:

    Long life to Berber’s of Libya, we are with you from all over north africa, you are the reconized governement for us. from your brother Amazigh in Algeria

  • UvEsH PaThAn says:

    Dont mess with turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷❤

  • Recep kıran says:

    yetiştik kardeşlerimiz sonuna kadar beraberiz bayrak aşkına temizleyin ülkenizi
    نحن معًا ، أيها الإخوة والأخوات ، نحن معًا حتى نهاية العلم ، نطهر بلدك
    nahn meana , ‘ayuha al’iikhwat wal’akhwat , nahn meana hataa nihayat aleilm , nuthir baladak

  • Adolf Hitler says:

    Libya turkey brother forever

  • Mr Anonym says:

    Turkish drones smashed already more than 15 pantsirs 😂😂😂💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 uae france greece whine so hard now 😂😂

  • John Rambo says:

    Thanks to the mighty turkish army!

  • Azreal Of the 1st legion says:

    One day the wars in the Middle East and North Africa will end

  • itop38 says:

    You may title UN recognised instead of UN-recognised, this create confusion, or you deliberately did this.