Chile COVID-19 lockdown: Poor Santiago residents demand food, aid

2020 5/22
Chile COVID-19 lockdown: Poor Santiago residents demand food, aid

Demonstrators in Chile calling for help from the government have clashed with police in one of Santiago’s poorest neighbourhoods.
President Sebastian Pinera had already promised help was on the way, but hundreds defied a city-wide lockdown to contain the coronavirus to demand food and other vital supplies.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Santiago.

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コメント一覧 (61件)

  • Jamie B says:

    Good thing chili has a US approved government 😞😞😞

    • Kilnmaster says:

      Libtards always turning a blind eye when faced with truths. China is evil and a huge human rights violator. Funny about the truth isn’t it?

  • ikan bilis says:

    Hohoho.. Meow

  • Eagle X says:

    Don’t forget who never wants you to know where and how the virus was originated: China.
    Don’t forget who covered the outbreak and let the virus spreading around the world: China.
    Don’t forget who bought out medical supplies and used them as diplomatic weapon: China.
    Don’t forget from whom your country should ask a war compensation: China.

    • KR IN Hijos De Puta says:

      Some People are trying to change the narrative

    • elitechrstn says:

      Yeah yeah keep deflecting, the US and the “Chicago Boys” are responsible for Chile’s economic woes. Can’t count on idiots to be informed though.

    • A Veritas says:

      Not China, not the Chicago boys — the global cabal trying to install their world dictatorship on all countries.

  • Kilnmaster says:

    good ole socialism….hard at work stealing.. btw why not have China pay?

    • nik faizal says:

      Chile is the heart of neoliberal capitalism in South America since 1973 coup d’etat by a right-wing, CIA-supported general.
      This is capitalism during a pandemic crisis.
      Nice try, bootlicker

    • P F says:

      That’s similar to asking why the US is not held responsible for its war crimes around the world. China is not a country that can be pushed around. Anyone who thinks that China can be forced to do one thing or another is living in the past

  • marctorres654 says:

    Can’t apply the law, when stomach is empty

  • ZuR tv says:

    Its all happening due to democratic system..totally that system has been failed

    • A Veritas says:

      No – it´s due to the global cabal that controls all countries and wants all people (those that will be left) on their knees as obedient slaves

  • Humza Jamal says:

    Must be Kashmiri. Nobody does stone pelting except Kashmiri when demanding freedom.

    • Ayush Acharya says:

      Don’t you have anything to think about? Linking things that are totally irrelevant to each other
      (I’m from Chile 🇨🇱, believe me 🤣)

    • Shlomo Jewdog Rabbi Barksteinbergovitz says:

      nobody cares about kashmiri only indians and pakistanis

    • musicguy20 says:

      Nah Palestine 🇵🇸 does it well too 👍🏽

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    Go to the USA they love tacos and buritos

  • gery port says:

    *Real-time praise for Chilians fighting local tyrant police.*

  • Armingnatto says:

    There is no pandemic, it is a lie to establish a world dictatorship. We cannot accept this oppression. We must protest.

    • Daniel W says:

      Picanho Leão you watch too many movies

    • Armingnatto says:

      @Daniel W Don’t talk nonsense. You do not know me.

    • 20 20 says:

      @Armingnatto yes bro this is fake pandemic to established to new world order people should wake up and protest for their living wright

  • Washington Barria says:

    yo no hice nada!!

  • C. Lincoln says:

    *Never Forget, China could have stopped all of this if they had been honest.*

    • Karmen Kaga Googoo says:

      Republican bot. Even if a flesh and blood person, you are a republican bot. As an american citizen, I want to talk about how how my president is lying and how those lies and obfuscations are hurting US citizens, now, today.

    • A Veritas says:

      China did not start this. The global cabal made it happen.

  • Nitin Official says:

    The government must provide food at least.

    • A. Monsalve says:

      They do but it’s not enough for the people

    • Nitin Official says:

      @A. Monsalve I understand because the same situation here in India.

    • Wil Smith says:

      @A. Monsalve Cure is worse than virus

  • Baby drumphf says:

    Boy these poor Chileans seem quite angry. The Gov’t better do something or else they will be toppled!

  • Alanisa Bulawan says:

    My God

  • Tincho D says:

    Una mierda chile . Hace años que esta así. Tapan todo

  • Sernam EG says:

    Pacos culiaoooos

    • Alexis mancuso says:

      India ordinaria

  • ceferina ramona says:

    Entre el virus y el hambre chile demostro que es un pais de cuarta..

    • vj sos says:

      Bueno y como es tu pais

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      @vj sos mucho mejor que chile

    • nicole flores gonzalez says:

      Y tú qué harías si no tuvieras que comer?

    • Salvador Tapia says:

      La situación es peor en Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba. La diferencia es que allá NO se puede protestar porque la policia le dispara a los manifestantes.

  • adnan sharif says:

    Angry man is a hungry men 😐😑

  • bigbangnone says:

    The food and aid is being routed to the rich and affluent of Santiago………Those with guns, and those who control the money and politicians.

  • Almighty Siblings says:

    En estos casos estaría bueno vender los F-16 que tenemos de adorno 🤔.. Encima de no servir para nada, cada vuelo sin relevancia de esos aviones les cuesta millones de dólares al país.. Es hora de cambiar todo lo que hasta ahora pensábamos que estaba bien, solo eran cosas banales wn.. ✌️🇨🇱.. Viva Chile mierda!

  • Salvador Tapia says:

    This protest was organized by communist party

    • Joe says:

      lmao sure, everyone that is poor must be a communist

    • Salvador Tapia says:

      @Joe not because we have a brain

    • Joe says:

      @Salvador Tapia lol just realized you are a comedian


    Chileans eat dogs

    • covid _ 19 says:

      I don NoT understand could you white in chilean

    • Thoreau says:

      Peruano…… detected.


    Chileans are robbers of América po

  • Alexis mancuso says:

    Comunistas malditos

  • Aldo Rodrigo says:

    This is a complete lie, I live in Chile and this is the result of not applying the law against crime. Criminals do not respect the police or the laws. No one is starving in Chile. The criminals want to continue looting and burning the country, that is the truth!

    • Joe says:

      I live in Chile and this is totally true, dont belive this fascist. Most middle class and lower class and even many of the rich in Chile live in an illusion, it is all thanks to credit cards but chileans are swimming in debt and if you take their work source for one month they wont have the money to pay all this debt or to even buy food. In chile the rich created this system were the criminals dont go to jail, they are all free, the army and police is colluded with them and even sells them weapons, because they need the middle class to live scared, chile is one of the most unequal countries in the planet, society is rotten, workers like tradies who make the most money in developed countries in chile are looked down just because many times they have dark skin and because even their jobs are seen of less value, the rich wants a whole white and blue eyes nation, they despite avoriginal blood, it is insane. The law against crime in chile never applies, that is why politics, bussines owners, police and army are well documeted with all their crimes and scams, stealing millions from the people of chile and without paying any consecuence, that is how chileans live everyday, watching on the news this criminals walking freely and running the country even with all the proff of their crimes, but in chile who controls the army controls the nation and the army loves their easy lives and money. The truth is that there are criminals in villages but not all of them are criminals, many of these ppl are poor but honest hardworkers and they just never had a chance or a proper wage, the truth is that the real criminals are the ones that run this massive scam in the government and all the rich and stupid who support it, the truth is that Aldo is lying to you, poor small criminals are not the problem, the problem is when politics make ppl think that those small criminals are the problem of a whole country, but the truth is that the rich dont want the poor to stop being poor, they want them dead.

  • A Veritas says:

    Aldo Rodrigo — I live in Chile too. This is not about criminals – those exist in all countries. This is about people who lost their businesses or livelihoods and have no recourse to unemployment insurance or other income and now to top it off they are in legal lockdown and need permission from the authorities to leave their home (same as with another 7.7 million people right now) — which can only be 5 times per week for a couple of hours. There is no welfare in Chile-assistance is in the form of subsidies (crumbs) for the poorest of poor. A new COVID emergency “bonus” of approx. $70 US for 3 months per person is all they will get. Plus now, apparently 2.3 million poorest of the poor will receive a box of food. ONE BOX of food! All people 75 years and over have been ordered to quarantine 24/7 and are legally prohibited from leaving their home. Many pensioners receive a pittance of around $171 US/month. Cost of food here is slightly lower than north america, maybe 15%-20% less. Hunger arrived – starvation is just around the corner.

  • Nelson Figueroa says:

    Los guatones con hambre

  • Salvador Tapia says:

    In communist countries ( Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua) the situation is worst. But the people have not liberty for protest. The police kill them.

    • aj b says:

      Those countries are poor because of US sanctions and trade blockade.

  • B A says:

    I’ve always had much respect for the Chilean people and I’m glad to see them standing up for what’s right. Much love from 🇺🇸

  • Thoreau says:

    Covid scam.