In Argentina, coronavirus brings more economic pain

2020 5/30
In Argentina, coronavirus brings more economic pain

The coronavirus pandemic threatens to wreck the world’s most cash-strapped countries.
In Argentina, two years of recession have resulted in an unemployment rate of almost 10 percent.
And that is expected to rise significantly after some of Latin America’s strictest lockdown measures were imposed.

Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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  • Asim Ali official says:

    First ✌🏻

  • G Eak says:

    Wuhan Virus
    Thank You China

    • Imran md says:

      😂😂😂 propagandists bakring on China

    • luvUr Tigertoes says:

      @Jane ,If Russia has a different leader of a democratic nature not a commie ,China would loose it’s best friend which would make their take over less possible .
      Yes i don’t like things manufactured in China because they monopolize too much and their dispicable animal cruelty , plus the extinction of the big species getting wiped because of their medicines demanding tiger ,Rhino , elephant tusks etc they haven’t a care unless it effects them,in the comments its all about their suffering they are very selfish species.

    • raven scott says:


    • luvUr Tigertoes says:

      @Jane ,trolls ,no they are real Chinese with real accounts, I’m woke ,wake up.Even the government use propaganda to blame USA in causing it ,they are corrupt and dangerous worse than Corona .They lie lie about everything that’s their nature and regime , people go missing if they speak the truth ,they have to block their faces if their citizens speak the truth.

    • xin van says:

      you are welcome

  • Teaisfantastic 1965 says:

    Aljazeera keep it up great job, people’s needs to be careful we know that’s hard but be a pation .

  • Larkinchance says:

    Debt moratorium must start at the top!

  • Jay Boettcher says:

    So much misery all over the world, are you gonna let China get away with this?

    • Valmiro says:

      Countries like Japan and South Korea, as well as their subjects, who had less prep time for the virus, aren’t whining about China, only the incompetent, irresponsible, entitled, and undisciplined West.

    • Victor Yorro says:

      I guarantee you. They will get. Away. With this. . Money. And power is all it matter to the politician

    • Ng says:

      China handled it very well. It is the west who screwed up and is now spreading it all over the world

    • Imran md says:

      😂😂😂😂 bark on China from distance 😂😂

  • mighty warrior says:

    0:02 beautiful city.

    • Joaquin Weiss Ugarteche says:

      Buenos Aires is amazing.

    • CFTP says:


    • Enrique Villegas says:

      Gracias bro

  • 재든 says:

    𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐭 𝐜𝐫𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐚 🤷🏻‍♂

    • Ro Sr says:

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    • Albert M says:

      @Ro Sr 😂😂😂😂

    • raven scott says:

      @Ro Sr they gonna eat you soon probably.

  • Felixberto Japay says:

    Do you desire to be saved? Listen to ADRIAN ROGERS; THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB. Thank you and please continue praying to end covid 19. God bless

  • Tim martino says:

    No coment.. same in my country.. what shoud I have to say.

  • Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell says:

    ”Lockdown” is a “panic-ing procedure”. It means nothing.

  • Ritu Shukla says:

    You are one propaganda news

    • AmarNathan says:

      So what she’s saying ain’t true? Is that what you saying?

    • ALVMusic says:

      all news are propaganda to either side of the spectrum.
      you just dislike that it’s not your side right here.

  • Ryan Synyxh says:

    The number of people, not “amount” of people.

    • Luv2grind says:

      thanks for your contribution

    • Enrique Singh says:

      @Luv2grind lol

  • 44JesusIsLord44 says:


    • straight-path says:

      Almost the heavens get torn therefrom, and splits asunder the earth and collapse the mountain (in) devastation — 19:90

      That they invoke to the Most Gracious a son. — 19:91

    • piny 09 says:

      God can not help. This is Karma.
      The 5th Buddha is coming soon.

  • Edwin Hernandez says:

    Now is the best time to invade & retake the Falklands Islands!!!!! ⚔

    • Tava Patton says:


    • CFTP says:

      Tas Lokito vooo???

    • piny 09 says:


    • littlea says:

      Malvinas Argentinas papá

  • morpheos111 says:

    For the poor the lockdowns will be far worse than the virus.

    • Paul Reta says:

      The poor are being taking care for the government, with its scarce resources. Of course the economy will fall, but lives I think are more important than money.

    • morpheos111 says:

      @Paul Reta Obviously life is more important. But in many countries where the social safety nets are not there or not strong, the poor are having to decide to stay home to avoid infection or to die of hunger, since most rely on their daily sweat to sustain their own lives and that of their families.

    • KongSunWu says:

      @Paul Reta – You miss morpheos point. More people in the end will die from these shutdown measures than the virus

    • Paul Reta says:

      ​@KongSunWu I do not miss his point, I just don’t think the same way. Sadly only time and pain will tell who is right or wrong. There is a controversial subject and I don’t feel comfortable stating my point once again. People do not starve as easily as you think, I myself have been 3 weeks with no food and only water, and 5 years eating rice and pasta only. Only when you went through this can understand what I’m saying. The word most people in the world need to understand, feel and make a way of life for himself and for others is empathy. If every person in the world think of helping others is helping himself. In the world we live in today there is not solidarity and everyone thinks only for themselves. Please don’t take this personally, I do not want to argue with this subject anymore. I see the world news every day and look at all the deaths who could’ve been avoided.

  • Butterfly says:

    Why is this worse then any other year for Latin America??…. They haven’t progressed in last 100 years. ITS ALWAYS RECESSION!

    • Joaquin Weiss Ugarteche says:

      Actually Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are considered as second world countries and their capital cities are developed as any other capital city from the first world.

    • Joaquin Weiss Ugarteche says:

      If you go back in the years dont forget Argentina’s economy was better than whole wester europe until 60s. Mexico and Brazil are also 2 giants in economy.

    • Adriano R. says:

      @Joaquin Weiss Ugarteche nope, I have been in Argentina. This country is too poor, economic crisis and looks like they are still on the 80s.

  • Dolly Schwall says:

    WOW they are helping each other ..but in other countries fighting for toilet papers. .May Lord Jesus bless your restaurant. .

    • A H says:

      And the English call the Argentinans animals

  • البينه رهلهن says:

    We all dying here in Argentina 😭😭😭

    • Joaquin Weiss Ugarteche says:

      Aren’t you Arab?

    • البينه رهلهن says:

      Yes but im living in this poor country 😭😭😭😭

    • Federico Sirtori says:

      That’s bullshit

    • raven scott says:

      then have more children : )

    • Tania Sugimura says:

      Man, in Argentinian and the number of death is 31 so it’s quite better than the USA , so calm down and stay home

  • Joaquin Weiss Ugarteche says:

    Comparing Argentina with those countries is like comparing the USA with Somalia. Lmao

  • Tashi Sherpa says:

    Public protests against corruption and failing system all over the world has faded away or stopped completely.

    • Tom Coughlan says:

      Their plan worked so . For the moment…

    • Tashi Sherpa says:

      @Tom Coughlan who is they?

  • study says:

    Lov all yall Argentina be safe

  • CFTP says:

    Aguante 🇦🇷💪💯🏋🏼‍♀️🇦🇷 abrazo

  • myo Van says:

    Forza Argentina! Tenete duro♥️♥️🇮🇹🌈

    • Tobias Ceccardi says:

      Forza Italia!!! saluti da Argentina!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • limeykl says:

    God protect those people feeding others. God help everyone

  • Mattmaister22 joven índigo says:

    Argentine Is rich ignorante 😑🖕🤦🏼‍♂️ suck Cuba ect idiot ARG 🇦🇷🗽🤠 cowboy s in america s let’s go

  • Adriano R. says:

    You are right. I’m brazilian and Argentina todays is almost same like Venezuela. Very poor, poverty and economic crisis.

  • Adriano R. says:

    Unfortunately South America already has two countries in crisis with a lot of poverty and economic crisis. Argentina and Venezuela. They just like socialists government.

    • Bling Bling says:

      Canada is a socialist and it’s better than both U.S and Brasil. That’s not how labels works.

    • Adriano R. says:

      @Bling Bling Canada and US dont even has close socialist government.
      Brazil had socialist government with Lula and Dilma. Argentina and Venezuela still has socialist governments.

    • ALVMusic says:

      Just so you know, South America as a whole is permanently in crisis no matter what we do or who is in charge.
      In Argentina we’ve had everything from neoliberalism to left wing populism and nothing works out. Ever.
      The sole fact that you can’t get the whole country to work towards a common goal makes it impossible to have a stable plan in the long run.

    • nomore nomore says:

      No. Venezuela can’t take care its own people while Argentina can support not only its citizens but millions of inmigrants from the region.
      Sorry I ruined your propagandist comment.

  • Bling Bling says:

    Why are Argentinians so rude and arrogant on YT tho? Like Americans. Lol, I find it really annoying. Arrogance with nothing to back up are just sad. Please be nice

    • X says:

      @ALVMusic Please don’t compare it to the incompetence war on drugs like Netherlands, Mexico. Our drugs are not that big and it has decreased. I do believe because I’m seeing it. Coming also from a former drug user myself. If you’re just gonna continue to hate using only plain words to disagree without having any experience, knowledge and links. Then this conversation is done.

    • ALVMusic says:

      @X you do realize it’s no incompetence war on drugs because they are skipping it alltogether? because the culture outside south east asia isnt so harsh and it’s actually more tolerant towards personal drug use? anyway yea whatever. better that different countries have different laws.

    • X says:

      @ALVMusic south east asia is copying east Asia. ❌no to drugs. Well the Philippines to be exact.
      Right now there’s a lot more drugs in other south east asian countries.
      But it’s not as high as the west and Europe, Latin countries included ofc. Have a good one!👍

    • X says:

      @ALVMusic lastly I’d rather see criminals dying rather than innocent ppl around the world and especially the ones in the middle east.

    • ALVMusic says:

      @X nobody ever died for smoking weed. Yea cocaine and opioids is another story but you wont die for smoking pot.

  • liquidswordfish says:

    Nepal is 10 times poor then Argentina but situation is not like least we have food to eat…Argentina gdp is like 14k whereas nepal is not even 14 hundered…i don’t understand it.

    • nomore nomore says:

      How many millionss of inmigrants are living in Nepal? Do your search and find out how many foreigners live in Argentina because they have free education, free healthcare, free housing and food assistance even if they are ilegals.
      Can Nepal do that?…of course it CAN’T.
      You can’t compare the second largest economy in Southamerica with Nepal.
      Millions of people from 3rd world countries just dream to live in an “eternal Argentine crisis” .

  • A H says:


  • randy moss says:

    Lil baby Mama in the end.. Cueeeiee..

  • Eduardo Ihemis says:

    Pandemia da cabeça de políticos safados, mira países que não fazem isolamento e os que fazem, não há diferença. Agora desempregados, são milhões, vai morrer mais gente desempregada ou por pânico da pandemia. Doença vem da política!

  • Rigorous-course says:

    I am making videos about the economy to help you understand better the news.

  • nomore nomore says:

    @Adriano R. now say it without crying 🤣



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