S Korea on alert after threat from sister of North Korean leader

2020 6/17
S Korea on alert after threat from sister of North Korean leader

South Korea has held an urgent security meeting after the sister of North Korea’s leader threatened military action.
Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien explains.

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  • fordssucklol says:

    She’s a cutie 😍💕❤️

    • Juulk says:


    • Dale Zapple says:

      Plenty other hotties out there, move on.

    • fordssucklol says:

      @Juulk wats simp?

  • dont mess with me says:

    Just bomb the fuckout of North Korea…they had enough fun

  • fx Gamer says:

    Azula at it again.

  • You know I’m right says:

    People should donate to the defectors so they can increase their campaign.

  • Get Real says:

    You provoke, hope they fire some presents over 😁

  • James Payne says:

    Just need to end this quickly and FTW if they don’t like it.

  • djstona says:

    she just said something now but this has been going on for years even before kim jung un was in power it’s an empty threat or maybe from one of a position of what they think is power maybe they finished there nuclear programme but that still doesn’t help them it just pushes the world to the brink i’m sure china russia and the usa own a lot more nukes than north korea no one should threaten war and south korea shouldn’t be pandering to the north it’s a sign of desperation i mean why lash out at this now when it’s been going on for years is the situation that dire in north korea so much to the point that alot of people are actually defecting. Maybe it’s opposing ideology they both want to unite korea the south saying by 2045 may very well have been perceived as a threat to the norths national security a united korea under which regime? It’s basically the north saying no we’ll unite it now under us rather than you later … another major factor being the south through peaceful means of uniting and dirty underhanded politics and the north through blood death war and destruction…I will go on to say all great nations have been forged in blood but i would think that we was smart enough and wise enough to not waste away the lives of millions of innocents on unwarranted bloodshed especially amongst this global pandemic we all face. Every life is precious and the fact that even war was mentioned over such a trivial matter might bring into question as to how much she actually cares about her own people. No true ruler or “great leader” could bare to watch there kinsmen there friends there family there neighbours there PEOPLE suffer and die through the tragedy that is war… for the dead in war…there are no winners or losers… only the grief loss pain and suffering left behind and passed down to the ones that cared for them

  • John E says:


  • Mandu Rugas says:

    north Korea so far has won the creepiest protest with protesters wearing same clothes and doing exact same moves its like government provided them choreographers

  • reg nag says:

    …and N.korea replied with artillery

  • OnsaوArtoli :D says:

    So we are just not going to act like she just replaced her brother as leader of a dictatorial regime? Or that she might be the first brutal female dictator?

  • William T. Smith says:


  • Janusz Grunwald says:

    So just change the calls, some people sending gifts from S Korea in to N Korea, gifts, not humanitarian aid, for people to enjoy not because they hungry, all this game is in vocabulary used to describe the actions.And when sending the balloons do it with out ugly slogans on it. TH

  • BrighT L0rd says:

    Man that woman really have that vibe in her.

  • WY M says:

    If Kim is dangerous then his sister is more lethal, more direct, more ambitious and less ‘patient’ plus not to mention her dream of being the leader since she plays major roles in events and projects and wish to edge closer to ultimate power. Coup detat perhaps no but she will paint herself as a great patriot and will act more tougher than male counterparts to prove herself. 2020 what a year…..

  • UNITED MONEY says:

    sister and Chairman Kim are both animals
    And must be given heavy punishment

  • If Antifa and BLM Had a baby says:

    She is hot!

  • Dustin Tacohands says:

    The whole family is joke power hungry parasites

  • Bikash Subba says:

    Is it like the Avatar.. since definitely looks like fire bender !!

  • Aaron -_- says:

    No need to be afraid of NK !! We all know that in the end they only want to negotiate peace for food and resources for their landlocked nation !!

  • Lelen Kom says:

    Shot each other it will become vetnam some days 😂😂

  • Michael Marvisya says:

    His sister, Kim Yo-Jong is already killed Kim Jong-Un

  • Shohi Jahon says:

    North Korean president is fat and citizens are skinny

  • A KEI says:

    This is a clear words from a physco fanatic who wants to start a war… She’s sick and it’s written all over her face.

  • Ivan Ho says:

    Guess WW3 is inevitable now…

  • Stormboxer says:

    Kim is dead 😥 We thought he was the crazy one but she looks worse

    • Mundarra Drew says:

      Stormboxer LOL SHE LOOKS VERY SICK SAD 💯💯😂💃🏽💃🏽

    • coconut goesnuts says:

      who runs the world – girls 😂

  • Pat Williams says:

    Vietnam all over again, only with ccp virus attachment.

  • Saw Hsato Say says:

    Just somehing to say here. US protestors should learn how to protest so peacefully with in the order. 🙂

  • Dale Cooper says:

    That’s their usual strategy to beg for helps. Kim family is a family of begging. They threaten SK, Japan, US, just to get some alms from them. Without foreign enemies help, they could never survive.
    Piggy boy can eat so much because of his enemies alms.

  • Samet Kömürcü says:

    north korea has started to itch recently, somebody needs to get the itch, let them sit smart.

  • Andrew Crompton says:

    The collapse of the North Korean regime will be one of the greatest things of the 21st century, just hope that it’ll actually sooner than later

  • HakuOtaku says:

    Those balloons have Food(rice), medicine, clothes, tooth brush&paste, soap, tissue etc.
    Comments on balloons are like
    Food and stuff are safe! Criticism of dictatorship, Kim’s family, and distorted history.

    김여정에 대한 기사가 많이 나오는걸 보아하니 김정은의 건강상황이 악화된거 같다

  • Bruce Miller says:

    Don’t fret…she’ll be bald headed not long from now as she was a appointed witness to the NK nuclear bomb testing program. Her brother made sure of this.

  • blue lobster says:

    blacks in your country vs north korea borders on your country. which one?

  • dinesh murmu says:

    I don’t think North Korea is going attack anyone Because if they attacked means they invites Destruction at their..Because American and doland Trump will grab this opportunity to Revive his Election Campaign for next Year and
    It’s like America will get Upper hand over china also..

  • Rijan Upadhyay says:

    Kim’s sister has preposterous smile. I am telling you guys.

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix says:

    You must not stop! You need to keep sending aid next door. If north does attack
    Then they well be destroyed

  • Sudhi says:

    Kim Jong is just a puppy compares to his sister.

  • Twiistz says:

    She is not “Kim Jong Un’s Sister”, she is vice director of the United Front Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea .

    • Dale Zapple says:

      She kneels before zod. Zod gives her treats if she’s good. She doesn’t get many treats.

  • Harsh Raj Always free says:

    lol that protest looks so fake

  • Jabafrika Kenya says:

    I know this are just propagandas from the west of people starving in north Korea….they said the same thing about Gaddafi look at Libya now

  • Abir Ahmed says:

    If fight start I will join South Korean Army, even though I am not army but I will take every opportunity to kill any dictators

  • Wm. D. Nelson says:

    Send more and now!

  • hannibal3478 says:

    President Moon is too stupid to deal with North Korea.

  • Viola Pressley says:

    There is something wrong with people who only love their power, control over others and being feared by others.

  • TJ J says:

    She looks like gollum

  • Xarifa Lee says:

    Why China support North Korea that the dictactor Kim Jong Unn is bringing hardship to North Korea people. Another YouTube from China claimed Xi Jing Ping help poor people, eradicate corrupt official and so forth. What about North Korea wicked deeds to it’s people? Isnt it an irony?? Why China is helping the corrupt leader of North Korea? China better get your act straight!..

  • gmmg93 says:

    Azula irl.

  • Viola Pressley says:

    Trying to get medicine and food to people in serious need of it should not be treated like criminal activity. It is helping people. Who is selfish? Some worry more about being feared and their power over people, being treated like a God.

  • Eduardo Maxwell says:

    Let’s have war than

  • William a says:

    Fix her problem

  • Andrew Bochicchio says:

    Pure evil

  • Rudy1959 Romero says:

    No food for soldiers rocket man.

  • amagictouch says:

    Don’t touch the balloons it’s infected with corona virus.

  • Boom Sabog says:



    WTF!…Three f***k ups in one family? Dad would be proud.

  • Anouwong G 4 says:

    If south 2nt stop n end up rocket flying over, so think carefully what the north will 2 n may start a war.

  • Dr.Green Thumb says:

    Send them mobil phones whit internet conection! Ther people must see whats in the world.

  • D-LIVE tv says:

    The world will end when these 2 KORIES UNITE.🤣🤣🤣

    • jack gaming says:

      No because south Korea is a peaceful country, you mean when North Korea takes over South Korea.

    • Rivvy says:

      @jack gaming that’s not gonna happen lmao

  • TT 2019 says:

    She is so loyal…… she might even have children for Fatso Kim

  • mike mann songs says:

    i wouldn’t mind seeing kim’s sister in an issue of playboy.

  • jack gaming says:

    Look what happened after the threat North Korea blew a building up

  • P McFadden says:

    let trump talk to his lover. kim is just jealous that Putin gets all the love.

  • Ghufran says:

    Kim Yo Jung- Azula

  • van le says:

    hết thằng a khùng đến con em khùng

  • James hiawo says:

    She kinda hot though….

  • Tippersnore says:

    Do you think she swallows?

  • 12shzarmai 55 says:

    These freaking despotic family dictatorship in North Korea needs to be destroyed, but i am worried to a certain after the Kim family dynasty regime collapses tho. Will China invade to set up a puppet government??

  • ED S says:

    I may be very odd, but I want to meet Kim Jong-Un.

  • Joel Sattler says:

    Donald Trump lost the Korean War.

  • Egg TBD says:

    We need Kim alive. His sister is turning out to be the worst NoKor dictator to date and she hasn’t even taken helm yet. Wouldn’t wanna deal with a hostile country led by someone that still experiences a red cycle on a monthly basis😂.

  • Danny Boy says:

    Covid-19, High Unemployment, Police Brutality, BLM Protesting and Looting…. Now this… I don’t want to know what is next.

  • Peabody Sherman says:

    What an evil weevil

  • Law Bender says:


  • Kalvin Barris says:

    Let this be a Stark Warning for any Country that defies the U.S War Machine….

    We will Bomb you We will Starve you We will ultimately defeat you with our Mighty War Machine.

    This is why we have over 180 Military bases in Foreign soil. Because the world knows who’s Boss

  • sky scan says:

    Dirty night time explosions 😡

  • Ricardo Quick, Jr. says:

    Here we go again, and this time is the sister. Its like the Kim family want people to suffer. This form of selfish pride is publicly oppressing.

  • Roman Productions says:

    Well here we go again……. :/

  • Joe Kerr says:

    Maggie is back !

  • Eric Opoku-Ware says:

    Devil’s incarnate they’re all with the same wickedness

  • Prince Lenny says:

    Send them food and see how fatboy Food Junk Un would be pleased with all the calories..

  • SpyderV Tornado says:

    Why can’t this end? It is good to see such kindness. Actually makes me want to send balloons of candy stuffed animals food items into the air, knowing hopefully it will reach a family in need. I love it.

  • PUBGA4 C7r says:

    South Korea licking boots of Zionist Americans

  • Dave Foreman says:

    Is Kim dead or what?

  • Tony Harty says:

    Tugggg do wan mee yu shun. Tu Shan wu su du fu. Take that!

  • Amaro says:

    Its so sad that these people north south they were one people one country but evil US UK divided separated them and made them hate kill each other.. evil US Uk been doing the same thing in Iraq Afghanistan Libya Yemen Syria Iran everywhere evil US goes destroys that country and divide their people this is the murder evil plan tactics of the US UK

  • Tuni Bali says:

    Who agrees with me: first corona then black lives matter and nuclear threat this is really ww3

  • Tuni Bali says:

    Confirmed 186 nations experienced some protest with the last three weeks

  • Pooyan Matin says:

    Where is aljazeerar’s HQ? QATAR ruled by a corrupt family supporting ISIS invasion of Syria & Libya, and when was the last report on this dictatorship by Aljazaer? Never. !!!

  • Fatima Ali says:

    Poor Mr Moon Jae-In
    Always has to shake hands with the toxic people.

  • Pooyan Matin says:

    Where is your report on Qatar’s election results? Forgot they haven’t had one in history?

  • TOMRIDDLE gaming says:

    Gusto nia cguro ma rape tang ina nia !!

  • doesnt matter says:

    .1% of the human population has a vast majority of the wealth. North Korea is no different. Human nature is the new battle field of this modern age of human intellect

  • Adams Ndenga says:

    Peace between North Korea and South Korea is more important than the rights of two defectors turned activists , they are the liabilities to peace. The South should silence them or send them back to the North with their balloons. This is not a just step but it will save many peoples lives

  • Ditso Kar says:

    World war 3 let’s go

  • happy idiot says:

    If you look at it, the younger the family is, the worse and stupid they get. What’s next, Kimmy’s child launches a nuke at America?

  • frilink says:

    Protest? From North Korea?

  • coconut goesnuts says:

    like beyonce said ” who the runs the world – girls ” 😂

  • Mixedup 19 19 says:

    North Korea vs South Korea,
    China vs India. What a year 2020!

  • Heisenberg says:

    Psycho brother and sister 😂