Climate change blamed for China flood disaster

2020 7/22
Climate change blamed for China flood disaster

Torrential rains and rising river waters have swept across southern and central China.
At least 140 people are dead or missing. Nearly 24 million people are affected by the worst floods to hit China in decades.
Weather experts say global warming is partly to blame.
Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Beijing, China.

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  • joaquim fernandes says:

    Hey China….. 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁 Believe in God…..please. This is Karma…. No one will have pity on u…. Only God… God…. God.

  • I Love The Way U lie says:

    gorges dam is the most stupid CCP project ever.

  • syed mujahid says:

    Corana virus chains

  • Rebecca sipes says:

    I discovered.. *l a z y h o m e p r o .c l u b* ,when searching on the internet and I can now send my daughter for studies

  • C K says:

    Boomerang Carma!!!

  • David vs Goliath says:

    No man can control climate change… the worst heavy downpour ever

    Stay safe & well!!

  • Gerard Carey says:

    So those jumping fish really did know of a coming disaster

  • sathish s says:

    China will destroy soon .. 84000 dams are surely teach them a lesson….

  • sathish s says:

    If they block nature too much nature very soon will teach a lesson…

  • 강태영 says:

    you can do it mother earth nature !!!

    almost done it !!! cheer up you can do it!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chinese-Russian nationalist friendship says:

      Korea kimchi slave

  • sandip prasad says:

    china transfer corona virus 😷😷😫 pakistan transfer terrerriost virus 😷😷😫 two bloddy country destroyed the world.lots of people died and jobless.. please Hard action taken on china country 😭. God please destroyed all parts of china…china destroyed poor people life

  • david williams says:

    It is the reality of the modern minimum, grand solar minimum symptoms effect. Nothing to do with non existent negligible man’s warming.

  • Indera B says:


  • Eddy Volt says:

    And China big part of climate change.

  • Manik Kumar says:


  • Vimal Ajay Prabhu says:

    Mental notes: diversion of rivers feeding other countries. Over polluting the environment. Creating too many dams. Diversion of the yangtze river. Land reclamation and creation of Islands. Over miming. Crimes against humanity. Crimes against the animal Kingdom. Crimes against religion. Warring nature. One child policy. Crimes against the aged. Illegal Organ transplant businesses. And overworked labour for little pay just to get richer. The list is long and the price is big.

  • Hannibal Barca says:

    the scriptures talked about disaster in the end days so scientist had to counterweight that… all that science is a consensus among a majority group of people

  • Amos Vuite says:

    Its the wrath of God they had suffer… The way the Communist Country behave to the Christians..

  • Yucheng liu says:


  • Yves says:


  • Nagesh Cavatur says:

    good this is just the beginning

  • Nograh A Umsning says:

    Good very good

  • Follower of Pooh says:

    CCP: Nature if you don’t stop the rains, floods, earthquakes we will punish you! You will suffer the co sequences!!

  • eradicate elite says:

    China done made someone who has power over the weather mad🤔

  • Lorenzo Blum says:

    What is the carbon footprint of the military industrial complex?

  • PRCseparatedChina Taiwan says:

    Bullsh!t… what climate change?? China build a big dam to keep all the water to themselves and blocked water to flow down the mekong river leaving the southeast asia such as vietnam, laos, thailand dry and in drought. So now they have plenty of water that it flooded and broke the dam. Because they are greedy that is why. What climate change?? It’s bullsh!t…..

  • Joely Mariano says:

    You claim all the ocean.. GOD,, the great give you more disaster… Sorry for tjhe innocent human.. There.. Keep out 🇵🇭.. Territory..

  • Mukesh Kumar says:

    How did you know this news, Al Jazeera? It is very surprising! Extracting news from China and North Korea is like extracting ghee from straight fingers!!

  • Eswar Urukuti says:

    God give a punishment to China Carona country

  • Kuya J says:

    When your too excited to turned your country from agricultural to industrial without proper planning just for rapid economy growth. Keepsafe chinese people.

  • Navneet Kumar says:

    What a beautiful anchor.💌

  • Raguram Barath says:

    China deserves more.

  • John Smith says:

    They will blame god even though they dont believe in god that that floods was due to Gods will. Stupid party.

  • Vision L says:

    I’m sorry estimate damage more like $100 +billion. This looks worst than Katrina Hurricane.

  • Artjoms Pugacovs says:

    Don’t blame government. This is the ultimate price you all gonna who depend all their life on government.
    p.s. MGTOWoffgrid

  • Abdul Halim Mahmud says:

    Its time for China to treat humanbeing with due respect…Stop genocide to the Uighurs…As god fearing peoples we believe what you did to the uighurs will get back to you in many ways as what the creator wants it to be

  • Darlene Johnson says:

    Boo Hoo😷

  • Arun Navy says:

    China is bankrupt…… withdraw all ur money from chineze banks


    Its god punishing communist pigs. Long live Hong Kong. Long live Taiwan. Uyghurs and Tibet and Falun Gong and Christian and everyone else being brutally oppressed. Haven will destroy the Chinese Communist Party

  • swapnil kamble says:

    Can u update about the biggest hospital built by them

  • Jamila Limosnero says:

    China should stop doing plastics

  • Barry Wind says:

    Is that what Noah called it in his day? No! It is the wrath of God on the wicked.

  • Md Hassan says:

    China is not less responsible for the climate change as well.. People need to ban these heavy industrial countries by 80%

  • Albert John says:

    God punish jinping mr president sir..stop taking hongkong, stop, taking south asian sea, stop hating Christinity in china n killing a yrs a yrs. Ago till today u hates christianity , i can’t pray for u anymore.. i had pray for your country since to covid19 had u recovered but u still fight for all those, hongkong taking back so many died n hurt 2) fighting for south asean sea n interfering in indian border many a yrs ago but u never know u r gonna face flood disaster again, God has so many ways to puinish its too u have the real south china sea..God give u u had been fighting a yrs still u want more.. please ask forgiveness to God if these is the plan of God i cannot pray to God we need to wait.that ..God reduce flood..

  • paul lennon says:

    Crappy Chinese engineering

  • Kevin Garcia says:


  • Greg Lawson says:

    Chickens coming home to roost.

  • Birgitt Fastwalker says:

    We always had floods, we aways had firers and earth queks ! for 100 and 1000 of years. nothing out of the norm !

  • kale sims says:

    maybe if china keep polluting climate will change more and help china.


  • Soumittra Barman says:

    It’s not climate change it’s more of China’s own making . China has built almost 87000 dam in all of their 400 rivers .

  • 乃丨丨丨几Ҝ乇卄 says:

    thats what happens when ur economy increase so much but your environment suffers. money over mother nature

  • Hariharan Sadhu says:

    Prayers to GOD to save the mankind and forget their misbehaviors.. Hope the Govt doesnt play a political game in saving people’s life too

  • gmwizz says:

    Climate change is caused by China … This country is ruining the world

  • play baterá says:

    So isso que aconteceu com a China era pra acontecer mais😤😠

  • Stephen Murphy says:

    Chinese communist party massive pollution it’s pumps out into the surrounding environment has generated monsoons flooding like never seen before. Sadly the people suffer as the high ranking party members just watch their own people drown. They’ll never change same brutal tactics will be used to save themselves.

    • Calvin Feng says:

      China has done more to lower their environmental impact than other countries. You should start researching that first.

  • Ryan Martinka says:

    That’s a good thing

  • dskyy2001 says:

    I did not know that Climate change can be associated with poor man made water management in terms of the Three Gorges Dam.

  • June Santos says:

    That’s the result of getting the soil from your mountain and dumping them on the South China Sea to build artificial islands.

  • Shay Phillips says:

    Too late to be worried now, if u listened to amazing people like greta u wouldn’t be in this mess

  • Annaliza Pinoteo8 says:

    Read the bible Isaiah 24 Apocalypse being fulfilled Isaiah 24:18 the floodgates of heavens are open. Repent and return to Jesus he is all we need and surrender everything to God this is the sign of END TIME, let us be united with love, forgiveness and peace. Watch youtube Friar Elias vissionary 7-5-2020, 7-6-2020, 7-13-2020 message of climate change july 13

    • Calvin Feng says:

      So if you don’t believe in God, you suffer and die. Kinda the opposite of the Faith Love and Hope message

  • Oldinea Miller says:

    It has noting to do with human cause. The weather extremes we see these days, are caused by the grand solar minimum. Probably also partially they are caused by the weakening of the magnetic field and the pole shift.

  • Nonya Biznes says:

    Climate change= Gods wrath

  • Brian Kitt says:

    HAARP, Nexrad weather manipulation has been stepped
    up. Easy research. See
    *Dane Wigington update. Easy
    connect the dots into on yet
    more global Deception.

  • Barack Obama says:

    china give us covid we get u back with climate change!

  • Patricia Ingle says:

    Matthew 24: 6,7,8,9,10, 11,12,13 and 14

  • 248034607 says:

    Bad management!!

  • ruang reddick says:

    china wants China sea and land near India and water now they have it

  • Marie Summers says:

    Anyone who believes that is global warming or Mother Nature is a fool this is God taken out Satan our day is coming and it’s going to be sooner than you think and if I were you I’d start repenting now because God is coming for the baby traffickers the baby murderers traders in the Congress Hillary Clinton and her murders so if I were you I pray everyday and repent repent repent because when our day comes it’s not going to be pretty but God always wins in the end just hope you’re one of his Warriors

  • m cast says:

    This flood problem it not about the climate change… Its man made problem.. China has build a huge dam.. No dam no flood?

  • pinch mesh says:

    27 out of 31 provinces affected, over half he country flooded, total population of 1.3 billion total population, and only 24 million affected by floods ? That’s 1/54th of the country’s population. Why is it I don’t trust the CCP.?? At all, even a little bit ? They are chronic liars, with no concern about lying or getting caught, and lie in the event that it might be useful later. Then they complain that the rest of the world is interfering in their business. They affect everyone else, and have no concern for their own, much less others. They say the chinese economy is fine, but are broke, have no financial responsibility, engage in massive fraud as normal practice, and complain that other nations are just jealous. Now, they have pestilence, and soon famine will follow. Did the USA cause that too.? Or, is it more corruption ?

  • Bhatt yash says:

    Mother nature reducing some population

  • Summy S says:

    Poor people hope God has mercy on them, but not gonna worry about their diet I’m sure they’ll find enough food lying around here & there, may be some exotic wildlife animals, snakes, lizards, bugs, worms, beetles, maggots anything they can lay their hands on Muppets.

    • Calvin Feng says:

      Those aren’t funny. It’s racist and insensitive

  • Kevin Hinh says:

    CCP floors china

  • Cindy JCsGirl444 says:


  • From Harsha’s View says:

    Ab to taras bhi nahi aata in chinio pe.

  • Maxwell didn't catch covid and die . says:

    Ya, it’s called grand solar minimum.

  • AMIT DAS says:

    They use to celebrate killing animals now animals will be happy.

  • Scarlett Wilson says:

    Climate change + obsession with dams = oopsies

  • parodie non richieste says:

    meanwhile CCTV and CGTN show how beautiful are flooded cities. Unfortunately is not a joke

  • ointment9 says:

    Time to hand out the sponges

  • Ginnie Bell says:

    China: build 80,000+ dams to steal water from neighbours.
    2020 China: flooded 🤣 What goes around, comes around 🤣👏

  • Pocono Joe says:

    China caused all this on their own when they trapped all the worlds fresh water there in the 3 Gorges Dam years ago! The water was trapped there and couldn’t return to the ice caps and refreeze now they are doomed! and are responsible for the earthquakes and floods and frankly the destruction of earth and its entire ecosystem!! also the virus was released there as well and sent to the usa on purpose by the ccp scumbags!

  • Miguel Arredondo says:

    Nah C, you’re getting punished for pollution and devouring everything in front of you…but praise the almighty poo right? He did absolutely nothing during this crisis

    • Calvin Feng says:

      China has done more in the environmental sector than any other country.

  • MacGameplayZ says:

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is reportedly forcing people of faith to renounce their beliefs and replace religious symbols and imagery with portraits of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping.



  • World News says:

    *Nature is trying to drown the Chinese nation*

  • Only me says:

    Because they do not know his name t wrath of God be u on them all 7 fold of their evil reproach

    • Calvin Feng says:

      So God is a selfish self-absorbed kid if God is as you say

  • Kamrudin Elias says:

    Aren’t this fake westerners made floods against China to devastate more Chinese economies…..

  • Kamrudin Elias says:


  • Jimney Sweep says:

    Is this EMPCOE ? That might explain why no mention of this on U.K. news. None what so ever

  • Sreehari Hari says:

    This is a well plan flood….bcz US and UN searching wuhan……

  • Catherine Rajkumari says:

    Sad to see all these….but I hate the govt. Of China

  • Warlito Lopez says:

    sometimes, climate is unpredectable but building dams makes things worse.

  • onii-chan's manko says:

    But this is worse than 1998 already

  • donya emew blog says:


  • donya emew blog says:

    Only God own everything in this earth, he create all, even you. .The fear of the Lord be upon you. God is good

  • John Minshell says:

    Blaming it all on Climate Change! justLike the Virus, nothing to do with Corrupt CPP

  • Shy Shy Pereda says:

    i hope no one helps you

    • Calvin Feng says:

      That’s a terrible and insensitive thing to say. What have those people even personally done to you?

  • Chubby Siamese says:

    And what did Katie Hopkins call Greta: A f***ing autistic Wench. She’s the only one standing up publicly and trying to bring about change and middle aged self entitled white women Karens think it’s acceptable to belittle people smarter than them because they want to find problems in everything.The world needs to wake up, it doesn’t matter whether climate change is something we caused or not, it matters what we do about it. People in the west are far too comfortable airing their opinions and saying that climate change is a hoax and just nature taking its course but they aren’t losing their homes, families and lives. Katie Hopkins and so many others are ignorant and make me sick to my stomach, they are deluded and self entitled and I’m SICK of them

  • Shamu Sunar says:

    Kindly bolta hai ke baghwan insaf nahi karta. Jio aur jine do, is the best formula to live in this world