Top Health Experts Call For U.S. To Shut Down To Slow Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/27
Top Health Experts Call For U.S. To Shut Down To Slow Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News

As the nation’s daily death toll tops 1,000 for four days in a row, more than 500 health experts are urging the Trump administration to enact a nationwide closure. While schools grapple with reopening plans, a Tennessee district that had been first to reopen is reporting a positive case.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Top Health Experts Call For U.S. To Shut Down To Slow Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News



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  • fire works says:

    As a non American, with the huge amount of people more than 4.000.000 already infected and so many American people lives already lost, I think the surging of coronavirus virus already past the point of no return.
    And the American people still don’t seem to care too much about it.
    Still fighting against each other Wearing a mask or not ??

  • Carl A says:

    The blame is on Tricky D. who is a sociopath with a short between his ears. Ignorant arrogance mixed with greed and a large dose of spreading fear to the citizens of this country.

  • Solomon Daniel says:

    I don’t owe anyone anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Jane Elizabeth says:

    2 weeks of complete lockdown would have done the job 5 months ago, but now it’s too late…they are not going to do lockdown again smh but don’t realize economy is not going to get better until this virus is gone!

  • T Brown Records says:

    Oh wow

  • Dregoth says:

    Time to lock up the typhoid Karens.

  • TheArt Of says:

    When America decides to vote for a real president you will get a real well thought out solution to this problem. At this point voting for trump is suicidal.

  • Mar Blox says:

    Shut down all schools PERMANENTLY.!!!
    We can’t afford them and we don’t need them.!!!
    Sell the buildings and busses. WE DON’T NEED THEM. Kids can learn On-Line if they really want to learn.

  • TheArt Of says:

    “You’re not pro American if you’re not wearing a mask”. trump and most of his supporters have shunned the idea of masks. Supporting trump is Un-American. #soundbitesforJoe

  • maggs mum says:

    All.other.countries who have shut down whem covid land on their.shores are now have reopened safely because the infection rate has gone down.Its laughable that America remains at its peak rate of infection,and counting.Without drastic measure.its not going to stop.And the.only answer is You,the.people.

    • wendy mower says:

      Arrogance is being punished. America # 1 Covid 19 cases. How ironic.

  • The Bastard Gift says:

    “We have become our own horror movie.” W.J.

  • abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    No parent should blame the president in case their children got CCp virus while in school because it was their decision to take their children to school while knowing the danger. Period. 👺🤔😁

  • Tony Smith says:

    Shut down does not work you foolish people let’s do the same things over & over again epecting a different outcome! Crazy Democrats/Wiley Coyote

    • Tanya Brown says:

      It does work. It has helped many other countries eg Australia only has had just over 150 deaths from COVID all up. The problem with America was that they didnt lockdown all the states long enough and they didnt effectively start doing the testing and contract tracing, they’ve been half arsed about the whole thing. I hate to say that but they seem not capable of dealing with it.

    • Tony Smith says:

      @Tanya Brown USA it has not helped only hurt 36 children have died from Covid & 511 from flu every year, do we shut down over flu nationwide?

  • mwm5942 says:

    “top health experts”. what they mean by is people like the editor for men’s health magazine LMAO

  • shekel stein says:

    We need to lock up fauci & the rest of those quacks.

  • shekel stein says:

    covid is not much worse then the flu… this hysteria needs to end…. people that wish to remain safe from covid can stay home the rest of use need to get on with life.

    • patacake 49 says:

      shekel stein…someone needs to take you to ICU to see those struggling for their last breaths before they are wheeled off to the morgue.Ignorant people like you spread it.

    • shekel stein says:

      patacake 49 yea it nasty cant argue with you on that . still does not justify this insane shut down & destruction of our way of life

  • The joker says:

    Fear mongering scamdemic news

    • patacake 49 says:

      You cannot die from fear-mongering,but you can die from ignorance.Play safe !!

  • shekel stein says:

  • ruth depew says:

    If we the people, we the majority have to wait until January 20, 2021 for a total shutdown. It will be summer before the lock down ends.

  • Kitty Ellen says:

    I’m sorry I’m done with fauci. He is a mask liar. Behind our backs he wasn’t wearing one at a gathering had it around his neck real close to people also

  • Roger Wilco says:

    globalist hacks you mean….trying to destroy America.

    • wendy mower says:

      America is ruining America. All societies eventually decline…

  • imp thedimp says:

    Trump has blood on his hands. VOTE BLUE

  • Polo Life says:

    They won’t do it. If they do then that would mean more money to the American people.

  • j b says:

    This is a complete scam, they just want to bring down the world economy! By locking everything down!

    • kiyoteblue says:

      *dead people don’t buy sh!t*

  • peziki says:

    Why is no one reporting that Interferon in a vapor form will stop the virus from replicating in the lungs? It’s true. See videos of Dr. John Campbell. Breaking news from Britain research.

  • Shana Wailana Logan says:

    Air travel is spreading it the fastest and the farthest. FAA, TSA, please stop nonessential air travel. It’s a pandemic, nobody should be on vacation.

  • Mieaca Finley says:

    Garbage propaganda

  • Richard Mann says:

    ” You are not pro-american if you are not wearing a mask. You are pro you… ”
    How very accurate.

  • Carol Price says:

    This is why November will be to late.Way to many people will die by November.

  • Patrick Martin says:

    The shutdown had to be done right for it to work! Trump badgered Govenors to open up their states before they had a 5% exposure rate. According to CDC guidelines! Arizona, Florida, Texas and Georga all prematurely opened up their states! Trump will never close down America again ! We the American people will be our in harms way for months until there is a vaccine. This is Trumps America!

    • patacake 49 says:

      Patrick Martin….trouble is,the vaccine will just be found and the virus will mutate and any vaccine will be useless.The only long term solution is masks and social distancing and that only works if everyone complies.

  • samurisea says:

    Trump Virus 2020—Misuse of American Government Agencies.

  • Eighty-eight percent murder is Black on black says:

    Let it rip, this slow death of our society is unbearable. We need a huge release of tension, something like a massive war.

    • wendy mower says:

      Typically, that’s how the elites jump start the economy-you’ll probably get your wish

  • Teddy Flowers says:

    I’m beginning to suspect Chinese and the bats had nothing to do with this could be the rapture the virus is taking people that we love mmmmm maybe this was made by a demon

  • The Phantom says:

    End results of listening to a racist moron making america great again 🥀

  • Frances Van Siclen says:

    IMO when the election is over, this virus will be over !

  • Frances Van Siclen says:

    Liberal left democrats are destroying America; TRUMP 2020 ! our only chance !

  • Frances Van Siclen says:

    TRUMP 2020 !!! – Give America a fighting chance !

    • hp1063 says:

      “Eventually” he will be right. Maybe in 2 years when millions are dead?

  • Manual Thomas says:

    I don’t owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • shekel stein says:

    corona is a hoax . if you to stupid to see it all bs .. That is your problem… just a nasty flu 🤧

  • Sioux056 says:

    Where are all the sick “protesters ” ?

  • E Randco says:

    Unrealistic. Not to mention it didn’t work the first time. Mobs and rallies still happened. The virus still spread.

  • scott hensley says:

    Enforce it this time.

  • Rendava says:

    We pray for you check it out

  • Robrecht saski says:

    The-return-to-normal-after-chinese covid-19 solution …..  is to jail this college dropout, mad, fake scientist billy eugenicist vaccine pusher gates in a labour camp,  chinese style

    The US senate is not even aware, they have a traitor in their midst

    Fauci who coocked up/weaponized the covid-19 virus in wuhan  china:
    undercover-politie die rellen uitlokt bij anti-corona-manifestatie
    How a bunch of anti-capitalist marxists in high positions in western free society……killed it’s economy.

    McCarthy didn’t go far enough:
    send all these marxist idiots to their utopia: lovely shithole china …that will teach them !!
    After the oktober 2014 US ban on 
    monster-germ research (under which Corona-bat-virus research (which is manipulation: to make the virus more deadly and infectious) for reasons deemed too dangerous and a too high risk for a pandemic.
    (moratorium on GOF in 2014)
    fauci illegaly outsourced/subsidized to the tune of  3.7 million dollar this
    monster-germ research (under which Corona-bat-virus research) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology ‘biosafety’ level 4 in china.(2015)

    This fauci (bud boy of mad pseudo scientist Bill Gates) having received from college drop out billy boy grants to the tune of 100 of millions of dollars is now giving advise on how to handle this virus crisis.

    What a hypocrit….telling years in advance under Obama that the next administration (i.e. the Trump administration) would be faced with a pandemic.

    ps: puppet master, eugenicist bill gates  patented Zika (weaponized mosquitoes with it), covid-19 and other virusses.
    And since Ebola and  HIV are also patented, that makes that all these virusses are  ……man-made

    ps: contact tracing business …same usual suspects  …..clintons/soros/gates etc.

  • Christopher Gronbeck says:

  • Katherine Cipriano says:

    Listen, there’s been a vaccine since the cabal/Illuminati funded to have the virus cooked up in a lab in Wuhan. They are just on a drip disclosure schedule to condition the masses… via exerting their control measures… lockdowns, mask and distancing. The U.N. needs to be dismantled and the Illuminati needs to be destroyed. There are no parties, elections were designed to make people think they have a voice, they don’t. All prominent world leaders are Cabal/Illuminati appointed. They receive script and instruction via their Mark2REM clones at the above ground Illuminati cloning center in B. C. Canada that Queen Elizabeth owns. People need to wake up. I’ve been covering this for 7 years via my social media accounts, I come from an Illuminati family. . . but have closed down these accounts because now is the time to focus 100% on Jesus Christ. 3 weeks ago I asked Jesus during my daily prayer session, “when are you comin’ to take us home”? And He said, “soon now”!

  • Markus Müller says:

    Did Voodoo-priests of the Dragonvirus-religion convert you already with mask, app and vaccine? Let us formulate the following common political goal: “Bosses have to be legally responsible internally towards the grass roots, especially in groups with delegated powers (police, parties, governments, media, banks, infrastructure … even military). We know the good guys, the bad and the ugly in the direct (professional) environment. To support socially committed people and to demote charlatans, we need promotional triple assessments by superiors, colleagues and subordinates.”

  • deb mckay says:

    Turker carlson… hope your listening

  • TRENT JORDAN says:

    Lol… pro-you….I’m absolutely pro-me. Governors who cost needless loss of jobs will pay. The dead don’t vote,,,the unemployed do.

    • kiyoteblue says:

      dead don’t buy sh!t either -> economy tanks & you’re *still* out of a job, except now you’ve lost some one (or several someone’s) you know and/or love to the virus. *GOOD PLAN*

  • Michael Butera says:

    If you believe only certain things need to shut down and not EVERYTHING than your a joke. As long as walmart is open!🤷‍♂️

  • Alana Weaver says:

    They want to shut down the country but nobody is mentioning that people need money to get through the shut down and be able purchase food, pay their rent/mortgage, shelter the homeless in hotels, and purchase food and pay their other bills.

  • Sky Lo says:


  • Mike Marder says:

    VOTE, and do it ASAP! Fauci’s hands are tied. Trump the classic Despot’s obvious play is trying to get you to pivot away from “your lying eyes” and science. DON’T BE FOOLED! Don’t get cocky. Make believe we’re losing by 10%. Vote as early as you can Biden/blue.

  • Mog Gryffindor says:

    Yes shut it all down. Let’s stop this virus so we can go back to normal.

  • Stop The Insanity! Trump 2020 says:

    Fear Mongers!!!!!

  • Laurie Holdt says:

    Why is school even an issue!? Don’t send your kids to school!!!

  • Emiliano De La cruz says:

    The histeria media narrative BS after BS on and on.there you go useful covid-19 .below average hopeless fu,, minded.suckers.

  • Sami Helen says:

    “Person, woman, man, camera, tv”

  • gianni says:

    wanna make covid19 disappear, then go to listen everyday,all day, until you get well

  • Dr. V says:


  • Christy Taylor says:

    You’re un-American if you can’t respect the current President and the rule of law.

    Cloth can be taken down from Capitol buildings, therefore my body my choice when it comes to removing a piece of cloth from my face, forcing me to wear one is oppressive!

    Only Fascists want us to wear a mask.

  • Somewhere Nearyou says:

    500 top experts? Who are they America wants to know what their expertise is

  • Stealth Cobra says:

    You cannot shut down a country again idots. Deal with it, people die every day but nations cannot fall because of it. You cannot tell people to starve from a shut down or risk getting sick. It is stupid and insane. Do protective measures and move on.

  • adsotbraz says:
    Another lying, scare-tactic report to keep you scared. Anybody who still believes in this c-virus pandemic has low intelligence. The media keeps lying every day to continue this c-virus medical industry and media billion dollar scam. And wearing a muzzle (mask) shows even lower intelligence and compliance. And lockdown shows accepted imprisonment (locked up in your homes).
    Nobody is infected (cases) and nobody has died from any ridiculous covid19. They had or have a cold or normal flu, if they really had anything. And they will keep lying and exaggerating every report as long as you keep believing them..

  • Amanda Colis says:

    We did it in asia ..3 months lock down now the curve have flatten

  • deer speak says:

    LIES! The Democrats are killing people! Bill Gates Fauci all of them. Wake up people before its too late!!

  • Zachary Alejandro says:

    Don’t shut down!!! I don’t want to keep suffering from anxiety and depression because of being cooped up in my bedroom since March. Bomb China! China is the country that ruined all our lives! Keep this open! Fine or jail people who DO NOT COMPLY with rules!

  • Lynette B says:

    Sc needs to shut down we never shut down from the start an this is part of the problem an its the most traveled thru an traveled too

  • Wendy Winn says:

    The right thing to do is to shut down completely for 30 days, totally, completely except hospitals… It will work.. It will be the best option.. The whole country could be born again.!!

  • Cubs Fan says:

    I’m not going through that again I’m sorry we’re not shutting down again it does nothing but cause panic

  • house house says:

    finally some people with common sense

  • house house says:

    if the numbers get generously high then we will close…… Are you stupid you have a case in the school do shut it down don’t wait till teachers and students start dying

  • eric says:


  • Dar says:

    “Your not pro-American, your pro-You” yes…we need those t-shirts

    • N A says:

      MAGA 💙🇺🇸

    • Dar says:

      N A MAGA – Murderers Are Governing America 💀 💀 💀

  • Дмитрий Бурбовский says:


  • Mr. G says:

    Peecuck News

  • Russell Miggenburg says:

    How much does it take every risk that people bring up before hand just happens then they keep moving on to the next step

  • Showtime Chris C says:

    Shut down McDonald’s!

  • justsaying says:

    Tennessee, Stupid is as Stupid does….reopening the schools….watch it Spread.

  • Aaron Sullivan says:

    Take partial measures, like you have historically. The US population will die off slower that way.

  • Jase Yiu says:

    What for? They already stop sending hospital data to CDC, the numbers stopped rising as soon as they started sending data to trump’s administration directly. The pandemic should be stabilized by the fake data soon enough. After the hospital hit 100% capacity there won’t even be new data reported by hospital.

  • H town Black says:

    There is no pandemic all lies

  • EMV says:


  • EMV says:


  • EMV says:


  • Truth Or consequences says:

    I would say two out of five people wear their mask correctly this one will be here a long time ……

  • Kim Coates says:

    The initial U.S. shutdown in March, excluded 12 STATES. What could possibly go wrong? DUH? Trump was told that would lead to catastrophe. Every country doing a COMPLETE shutdown has already flattened the curve. Get it?

  • Virginia Williams says:



    32 million people already died this year!!!! Corona killed 600,000 that’s 1 out of every 50 people who died, died from Corona!!! Shut down the world down now!!! stop this atrocracy and please whatever you do don’t worry about the other 31,500,000 non covid deaths. Those lives don’t matter.

  • Learn It says:

    I was thinking to move to the US, but now I’ll go to Canada 😅

  • Sh Wang says:

    The actual fatality rate is well below 0.3%, could be 0.1% or even lower No measures can stop this high contagious low lethal virus just like you cannot eliminate flu even with vaccines available. China already found out this they stopped massive testing and moved on. Americans need to wake up and throw out all the fake news.

  • Chelsea Jennings says:

    Easy for you to say when you don’t have a family and pets to feed! How about you go to work for a living and then see how you feel! Get off of it already. The shutdown didn’t work the first time and it won’t help this time either! It won’t happen! Americans can’t afford to go another 2-3 months without incomes! We have to learn how to coexist with this and clearly, America hasn’t done that! Whether we opened too soon or we didn’t do certain things right, the cure can’t be worse than the disease! Literally!

  • Blessings Nfavor says:

    Everybody watch Event 201 and the lecture by Dr. Robert Willner here on YouTube. We’re being played and the ones that are doing it are getting richer by the day. Wake Up. God Bless All.

  • Blessings Nfavor says:

    The Spanish Flu was far worse than this and the country didn’t shut down. Some of you are willing to give up your freedoms a bit too easily…and that’s what’s really scary.
    The tests are issuing more ‘positive’ results than negative. Can you say Fraudulent? Fauci and Gates both have been proven to be liars, eugenicists, flat-out frauds, and far worse. It is detestable what they have done to humanity in the past and even more so now. Is this America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave or is it America, land of the 21st century cowardly slaves? Another video those of you who actually care about humanity might want to watch is: Making a killing – The untold story of Psychotropic Drugging (Documentary). God Bless You All…

  • Cory Vernon says:

    This has been a circus and Trump is the ringmaster who can’t juggle.

  • Sathvik Mp Rao says:

    Shutdown the protests first

  • Danniel menton says:

    I agree shut down break time

  • Danniel menton says:

    We’re already loosing are police doctors will be next

  • taresy6789pp Pang says:

    COVID 2019 say a inhibitory efficacy of green tea ECEG epoxycallechin galkeate estrmpoly phenol can prevent viral membrame fusionnthrouhh endosytitos and endomdomsl real we if Sars 2 antigen vision due to that due to hydroxyl group on the ring can increase oh of lusome and endosome that restrict and inhibitory effect of conformal change in ph accumulsrio 8 that prevent fusion that the s spike glyco protein require my of acidified for membrame fviral fusion and conformal change for bi lipid binding on cell walls of endothelium that incerear in ph will not result in rndicystosvand bi lipid gradationof ensdo some in to cytoplasm for viral replicatio of RAn virus through transcription.