Beirut blast pushes economy to edge as many remain missing

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A government-led investigation is under way in Lebanon to probe the cause of the massive explosion that ripped through the capital, Beirut.
The government announced on Wednesday that those responsible for guarding and storage at Beirut’s port – the epicentre of the blast – would be placed under house arrest “as soon as possible,” after the disaster left at least 137 dead and 5,000 wounded.
Damage from the explosion, which officials have linked to some 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored at the port, may be worth up to $15bn, Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Socrates_The_Great says:

    Nothing will change before they revolt. But they seem too weak to start a revolution. They are all hopes and talk but no action in the end. Exactly how they ended where they are it seems.

    • Avatar Waleed says:

      Socrates_The_Great A civil war on the brink. That might be a painful solution.

  2. Avatar Michael Wiberg says:

    Everyone there needs to deal with thier responsibilities for irresponsible people in control of them , shame on the mess!

  3. Avatar Howard maryon-davis says:

    Beirut was called the “Paris of the Middle East” in the years after the end of WWII. Unfortunately, the politicians have not allowed that beautiful city to survive. And nowvthis disaster, no doubt a result of the government turning a blind eye to those who would import such a huge quantity of highly explosive “fertiliser”. The people of Beirut know who is to blame…..

    • Avatar S Hussein says:

      No one can fix a problem like Lebanon.
      There is no money in Lebanon. It’s all gone.
      Just forget about Lebanon.

    • Avatar Maria Smith says:

      The Paris of the middle east is actually a very insulting phrase and I never get why they’re so proud of that label.

      Why is achievement automatically aligned to Western cities? They are not an automatic standard for beauty or success.

  4. Avatar Crusty O`lcoot says:

    Political leadership at its worst. The people don’t deserve this chaos and pain.

  5. Avatar Ron Tamarack says:

    Relax. President Trump is sending military aid to Saudi Arabia. Everyone will be fine.

  6. Avatar james mullins says:

    Is Lebanon still being sanctioned by AMERICA? Give me a thumbs up if you are.

    • Avatar A says:

      Yeah,its is,thats why our currency keep falling down in comparison to dollar.

  7. Avatar Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

    1:25 outstanding

  8. Avatar Ron Tamarack says:

    Love is the answer. Money is greed. Greed is an illusion.

  9. Avatar Ron Tamarack says:

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been notified.

  10. Avatar Jerry Ventura says:

    Hezbollah didn’t do well in science classes

    • Avatar A says:

      charley katz is that the best informations that you could come with,cursing.

    • Avatar charley katz says:

      Always a pleasure to curse Baba Hasan.

    • Avatar A says:

      charley katz yeah i know,thanks for supporting and agreeing with my last comment

    • Avatar charley katz says:

      Arab jarab

    • Avatar A says:

      charley katz lol youre funny when you show your dumbness.

  11. Avatar M B says:

    Meanwhile Iran still pours in $40m p.a. to help silly little men threaten Israel.

  12. Avatar S Hussein says:

    No one can fix a problem like Lebanon.
    There is no money in Lebanon. It’s all gone.
    Just forget about Lebanon.

  13. Avatar AFB says:

    In lebanon food is not there what the f*** were they doing with ammonium nitrate???

  14. Avatar Curry_Monster says:

    I’m English – The UK government and military need to mobilize to help our innocent friends right now

  15. Avatar Michael McFeely says:

    Development aid to Lebanon should first require the removal of Hezbollah. As long as the government permits a terrorist organization to operate, this government can not be trusted with aid dollars.

  16. Avatar BEAUTIFUL YOU says:

    Dear God please help and have mercy on these people and their country in Jesus name. Amen💕

  17. Avatar S.S A says:

    So painful to watch all these people in misery.The grandma looked very courageous and all lebanese have that courage.

  18. Avatar anc Ayre says:

    The economy is shot there ! This is a cover up to funnel money to Lebbonon ! In stead of using emergency money from the EU BANK

  19. Avatar anc Ayre says:

    Holy heck if that was an intentional bombing ! Not good

  20. Avatar Jonte Ded says:

    Love seeing the people work together right away. Stay strong Lebanon!💪🏾 Love from Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  21. Avatar Alya Kids Station says:

    the Lebanese president must take responsibility for this, he should have known that this would happen

  22. Avatar AtomSmasher78 says:

    With the power of that explosion they will never find most of those missing people because the force was just too great. Rip to all that lost their lives.

  23. Avatar PAKKA LOCAL says:

    Are you guys know that new deadly virus found in China. It’s name SFTS VIRUS. main thing is that it is more dangerous from coronavirus. China hiding the truth about it. This virus cause is tic external parasites. So be careful.

  24. Avatar Chris love says:

    2020 worst year ever. Hope we can survive ..🙏🙏🙏

  25. Avatar Liam John says:

    After this disaster, there will be another attack from the Coronavirus due to the massive number of people gather to clean the mess. Lebanon is constantly living in sorrows, fears and sufferings. Oh, God…!!!

    • Avatar BIGTUNES2010 says:

      🐑 “Coronavirus” is a first world problem only media controlled people are fearful about it trust me Lebanon people been fighting and protesting straight through the Corona they don’t give af about that

  26. Avatar VSP 9 says:

    Raw , mossad , cia , islam enemies surely involve in it 😠😠😠
    Whole Europe are happy only Muslim facing these attacks why ?

    • Avatar ballsak√π says:

      Cause you suck with hate that’s why

  27. Avatar Difen Crosby says:

    Please don’t bring them to Canada

  28. Avatar Anand Kulkarni says:

    Allah angry on Islamic world because of their double face nature that’s why no one Islamic country is in state of peace in this world karma is playing it’s role

  29. Avatar shape shifter says:

    Isnt Hezbollah a terrorist organization

  30. Avatar Xavier Fuller says:

    Wow! Only in 2020 a mini nuke can be tested and then the authorites blame it on fertilizers and fireworks. Interesting times, I wonder what is around the corner.

  31. Avatar Mohammad Hossain says:

    World bank should help Labanon right now and every nation who has economic power should help. Thanks.
    Md Hossain

  32. Avatar PTHero says:

    Either Lebanese will start a revolution against the government or foreign nations will occupy Lebanon in the guise of “humanitarian aid”.

  33. Avatar Touch My Joystick Player 2 says:

    Ask China to rebuild your country, they’ll do it…for a fee

  34. Avatar BIGTUNES2010 says:

    The Banking Cartel did this because the population woke up and was reveling against their slavery system but of course main stream media owned by the very same cartel would promote is an accident

  35. Avatar Jie Su says:

    BBC already started, Russian fault

  36. Avatar Cesar Saenz says:

    YouTube deleted my post praising the attitude of the Lebanese people in the middle of this tragedy and compared it to the mobs in USA complaining and destroying this great country. 😨

  37. Avatar Never Mind says:

    Ironically, every town in Lebanon still has a war-house full of bomb materials

  38. Avatar Landon Thomas says:

    Lebanon needs progressive politcal action. The rich political establishment have been spending money like crazy on useless projects at the expense of government services and infrastructure. This is absolutely shameful.

  39. Avatar Mohammad Yusuf says:

    Israil attacked on Lebanon

  40. Avatar Ronaldo Ebron Gojar says:

    The govt
    Corrupt official are enjoying their life while lebanist are suffering

  41. Avatar DCLXVI says:

    stay strong and stay safe 🤘

  42. Avatar soL•33•∆ says:

    We all know who is trully responsible for this terrorist attack… ISRAEL .. just look at the negatives of the video, shows clearly a projectile come in and on impact cause the huge explosion….

  43. Avatar Khuram Abbas says:

    Israel teror mosad teror

  44. Avatar Maria Smith says:

    What about all the poormigrant workers who were stuck in Beirut because their passports were STOLEN from them??? What about them???

  45. Avatar Y K says:

    It is unfortunate that many governments exist not to help their people. Not just Lebanon, but worldwide is this a major problem. Great to see that brotherly and sisterly love are still present in Beirut, locals aiding one another during times of overwhelming devastation and crises. May Beirut’s people rise above all this. May Beirut recover quickly and shine even more beautifully than before. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  46. Avatar Meme Malase says:

    Come gesas people

  47. Avatar Ed Mustafa says:

    This is inside job paid by foreign country.

  48. Avatar John Mwonjoria says:

    I think another disaster caused by poor governance.. They were told many times the ship containing potentially explosive fertilizer was lying on the dock..they failed to have it removed..hence the explosion.. Sad day for the Lebanese

  49. Avatar Kasey Gould says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking🥺

  50. Avatar Philip Robertson III says:

    Lebanon is ALWAYS in crisis 😷

  51. Avatar Prakash George says:

    Curse of GOD.

  52. Avatar Hiroko Morioka says:

    What is the cause of explosion? Fire crackers made in China?

  53. Avatar Dinesh Birendra says:

    Next time , Navy shall not capture any bombs, chemical etc

    If it passing by sea route, let them pass to other country 😐

  54. Avatar WAN ZAITOON WAN MOHAMAD says:

    ALQARI’AH Final jughment ALLAHSWT ALGHAASIAH ALDUNIA 🌬️☄️🌀🌪️🌫️⚡🌠☄️🌩️🌊🌩️🌩️🌑🗞️🔚😇🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚

    • Avatar Harry Pekker says:

      aLLAHsuckhamyadayada says so!!!

  55. Avatar Abhishek Mangudkar says:

    Poor incident 😞

  56. Avatar Zeeman Zeeman says:

    This unfortunate blast is a jackpot for the corrupt elites. The money will start pouring in and their secret bank accounts will get fatter . What a shame. They can’t even manage a small country. Now the one on the bottom will be blamed and punished. Who were the ultimate in charge? I feel terrible for Lebanese people. Peace and love from USA 🇺🇸

  57. Avatar May We Meet Again says:

    There is no money in Lebanon, the best thing would be to give the country to someone else as it hasn’t worked so far.

  58. Avatar NS says:

    The world is falling apart

  59. Avatar Ray Mak says:

    So painful to watch =,(

  60. Avatar Cor Rex says:

    Hab beweis video über Beirut SCHAUT EUCH SOFORT AN bevor es gelöscht wird

  61. Avatar Mente Universal says:

    Israel we know you guys ?

  62. Avatar Blake Cain says:

    I like how he said we are working together to find more corpses…not people… corpses what are they not telling us ?

  63. Avatar mort picklefeather says:

    Who puts a nuclear test site in the middle of downtown?

  64. Avatar Gabriel666 sparda says:

    Nicely done merica

  65. Avatar Live your life says:


  66. Avatar intheair says:

    The way that girl talks about her father missing sounds like she talks about her cat missing. Too relaxed reporter like.

  67. Avatar Felicia says:

    So much pain and grief😭😭

  68. Avatar Abdullahi Muse says:

    The explosion has levelled the society in Beirut which is engulfed in total darkness tonight. Both the rich and poor lack power and must use candles for light.

  69. Avatar rey rey says:

    Political leadership at its worst even in India

  70. Avatar Where Is Rosie says:

    Who’s responsible for the terrorism

    • Avatar Harry Pekker says:

      Honduras🇭🇳… responsible for it!!!

  71. Avatar Carlo Alilin says:


  72. Avatar mehmet fatih öztürk says:

    Not only muslim countries whole world must support lebanon financially. It is enough if the world breaks the war financing against each other

  73. Avatar Stuart D - feminism is cancer says:

    “Possible negligence” !!! Possible !!!

  74. Avatar Demagôgo Sensacionalista says:

    Estate is useless

  75. Avatar Antonio S says:

    What is the best most secure way to donate to help?

  76. Avatar QE ornotQE says:

    If this explosion is connected back to Zionism, I think it could be World War 3… President Trump just said that the American people may not see much of him for a while…

  77. Avatar QE ornotQE says:

    The issue is that Israel is so good at Human Intelligence. Almost impossible to keep Hezbollah secrets from them. It has to be incredibly compartmentalised and divided into independent cells.

  78. Avatar michael massey says:

    They look like Jesus May the all go to heaven bless you

  79. Avatar dick heder says:

    ever since hezbolah has established itself in lebanon, it has bcom an enemy of israel. the enemies of israel are cursed

  80. Avatar dick heder says:

    hezbolah is satanic, nasralah is a demon, hiding in nooks and crevices like a cockroach

  81. Avatar Miky Oloo says:

    I hope the investigation will be quick and transparent. But due to corruption it may take 20 yrs and will never be resolved. I personally hate corrupt leaders.

    An International body should do the investigation not the local government

  82. Avatar Godwin Barley says:

    God Bless the people of Lebanon, the land of cedar trees will be restored…from Jamaica with love.

  83. Avatar Ben T says:

    look like some of them turned into dust..

  84. Avatar MB says:

    Why is it when you see images of human misery, suffering, mismanagement, corruption civil war, ….you can always see a mosque in the background. Interesting.

  85. Avatar Dresden Black says:

    I never knew these people were so lovely and intelligent guess that’s what happens when we are indoctrinated by leaders who want to convince us otherwise

  86. Avatar Fancy McPants says:

    That stuff may have been confiscated from a ship six years ago, but since then it probably became part of Hezbollah’s weapons/explosives storage and because they control everything, it was never moved, it just became an arms warehouse for an idiotic terrorist group masquerading as a legitimate government.

  87. Avatar loloy baloloy says:

    the world is with you Lebanon in hoping for a positive change.

  88. Avatar Rey Lambarte says:

    Why are they keeping great volume of explossives, for what purpose, who own it?

  89. Avatar Rashidul Hasan says:

    No no it was already in the edge of excavation. This blast just push Lebanon into it.

  90. Avatar Ben Mle Wilson says:

    My Condolence to the Lebanese people.

    What happening in Lebanon is very painful. Politicians are treating their Country like dirt. They are behaving very selfish. If you, as politicians behave corruptly, you tend to WEAKEN everyone. People become careless and refuse to actually perform with dedication and commitment.

  91. Avatar Punjabi Beast says:

    Best for Arab world to unite and wipe out Isreal. Attacks on Saudi oil and tanks by Isreal. Attack on Aramco by Isreal. Attack on Iran nuclear facilities by occupying Isreal. Nuclear attack on Lebanon by Isreal.

  92. Avatar Charles Ndung'u says:

    Lebanese govt failed it’s people!

  93. Avatar Shelbymaldita says:

    What’s going on in middle east there is always conflict, war and corruption?! The people are suffering not the corrupt and greedy politicians. Praying for Lebanon stay strong🙏

  94. Avatar Free Biafra from islamic Caliphate of 9ria says:

    Why Libanonese corrupt government is backing radical Hezebollah now face the mess~Fools

  95. Avatar Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen says:

    Corruption and neglect for years and years people of the high class don’t care for others All over the planet the rich is working together to push down the weak ,here in America police are assaulting the blacks and the poor .your not alone ,

  96. Avatar DANIEL BREITNER says:


  97. Avatar Rayapuram Rajashekar says:

    Lebanon Deserve this For Allowing so called Refugees from Palestine

  98. Avatar lcso81 says:

    Beirut danced in the street on 9/11…..i love Karma…..suck it Islam…..

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