Cyprus ends citizenship through investment scheme

Cyprus has abolished a lucrative programme granting citizenship in turn for investments after an Al Jazeera expose.
The parliamentary speaker who is seen in the undercover video says he will abstain from duties until an investigation is completed.
Aljazeera exposed senior politicians who took part in a scheme to help a criminal buy a Cypriot passport.

Al Jazeera’s David Harrison reports from Nicosia, Cyprus.

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81 thoughts on “Cyprus ends citizenship through investment scheme

  1. Parslow Pongbert Reply

    Political bribery, and then obviously blackmail, explains Putin’s hold over them, as if it wasn’t obvious before.

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  2. Olive Reply

    Cyprus is Hittite first people of Cyprus

  3. Fawad Arun Reply

    Shame on Cyprus government a lot of criminals flying from oversee and buying Cyprus citizenship which is shame

    • Constantinos Ioannides Reply

      Fawad Arun: The sell the whole island of Cyprus to europe and all nations because they don’t like Turkey and Erdogan without even think twice what will happen to us, the Cypriots..
      We cypriots have no future here..

    • Abraham Tsfaye Reply

      Rampant corruption in Cyprus.
      No wonder the Turkish community in the North turned their back on them.

    • cq33xx Reply

      You are hypocrites, what difference does it make a criminal that crossed the borders at night with a criminal that buyed a passport?
      addmit it
      The late it’s useful, the former it’s a burden yet for the late you are ashamed and for the former you are compassionate. The late it’s an embarrassment, the former it’s a tragedy…


    • Constantinos Ioannides Reply

      @cq33xx We all are hypocrites that is true..

    • Tyrian2000 Reply

      @Abraham Tsfaye yeap. our nation is corrupted up to the highest level. i feel shame for being a cypriot.

  4. I'm Rich Fxck 12 Reply

    Al Jazeera is doing it’s thing😂😂Why are high level people n Cyprus meeting with lowly people who want citizenship. Don’t they have people for that😂

  5. Mario Michaelides Reply

    Good work it need to be done with more countries aswell in Europe.

  6. Diaz Virdani Reply

    *North Cyprus🇹🇷 🤲*

    • Giorgos Georgiou Reply

      Shut up north Cyprus is a fake State and if your a Turkish Cypriot and you say that your a traitor or you maybe are another puppet of Erdoğan I am a Greek Cypriot Christian and I demand your respect if your a Turkish Cypriot when you loose your homes and jobs from Turkey illegal immigrants the Turkish Cypriots will not exist you idiot these what you want?

    • Giorgos Georgiou Reply

      @Mr K I already answer

  7. BigGreekGeek Reply

    Congratulation Al Jazeera and thank you.

  8. COSTA DIOMI Reply

    Thanks aljazeera

  9. Gregor Tidholm Reply

    Well done!

    • F Zaza Reply

      Well done for what? What grabbing the MIT provided baton?

  10. top me 10 Reply

    Τώρα να δω που θα πουλήσετε όλο αυτό το τσιμέντο που σηκωσατε

  11. Landon Thomas Reply

    I don’t think people really grasp the work that Al Jazeera just did here. This is incredible work.

    • F Zaza Reply

      Not Al Aljeera its MIT.

  12. Charmaine Agathocleous Reply

    It’s time the government helps the Cypriots that paid into the System for years and are now suffering due to banks that was giving free money without making sure they have enough security for the clients to be able to pay back their loans. Al Jazeera should investigate the big banks in Cyprus and expose them!

  13. Christodoulos Polycarpou Reply

    Cypriots are very happy to see the video of Al Jazeera. Syllouris Demetres and many officials at all levels where taking advantage of their position not only for the investment program The legislation system judges lawyers police and government officials are working together in an deep state corruption.

    • Christodoulos Polycarpou Reply

      @Abraham Tsfaye You have no idea how big corruption in the occupied north is it involved even worse examples of human rights violations.

    • Abraham Tsfaye Reply

      @Christodoulos Polycarpou Any wonder why the Turkish community in the north don’t want anything to do with you. I know Cyprus and Greece is short of money but selling passports for money?! A new low.

    • Christodoulos Polycarpou Reply

      @Abraham Tsfaye follow the news more closely and done be biased.

    • harley3 Reply

      @Abraham Tsfaye why you hate so much Greek peoples..maybe your from mongolia?

    • Μάριος Oρφέας Ν Reply

      @Abraham Tsfaye You are agent of Turkey. Turkey is ISIS

  14. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Reply

    nice good job al jazeera

  15. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Reply

    what a corrupt country and they taking money from the EU claiming they have no money now we know where the money goes and i have to add greek language is just ugly

  16. Hamid M Reply

    Al Jezeera just threw a wrench in a lot of Saudi’s ‘ Plan B’ 😂

  17. Adventure Khan Reply

    GREAT job

  18. wajahat shafi Reply

    Cyprus is 2nd class country,no need for investment

  19. GAIN LABS Reply


  20. ahmet çelik Reply

    Turkey had should take back whole island in 74.

    • Constantinos Ioannides Reply

      @Giorgos Georgiou Πέμου ρε παίζεις με την καλοσύνη μου..?

    • Giorgos Georgiou Reply

      @Constantinos Ioannides φίλε υποστηρίζεις τον Ερτογαν αυτόν εκνευρίζειμε

    • Giorgos Georgiou Reply

      @Constantinos Ioannides στο προφίλ σου ονομάζεις τον Ερτογαν the best president of the world Τζαι υποστηρίζεις τον Τούρκο φασίστα πιο πάνω που λέει ότι έπρεπε να μας πιαναν όλους αυτό τι σου λέει?

    • Constantinos Ioannides Reply

      @Giorgos Georgiou Ε νομίζω απο αύριο καλά θα κάνει να φέρει και οπλισμό στην κύπρο για κάθε ενδεχόμενο..
      Reçep Tayyip Erdogan..💪

    • Giorgos Georgiou Reply

      @Constantinos Ioannides ρε εσχεις πρόβλημα δεν είσαι Κυπραίος η μέρες του Ερτογαν είναι μετρημένες η Τούρκοι θέλουν Δημοκρατία στην Τουρκία θα έρθει η ώρα του σύντομα όπως και κάθε φασίστα στον κόσμο καμία δικτατορία δεν θα επικράτηση στον κόσμο Ζητώ Η Δημοκρατία σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο φασίστες από όπου και να προέρχεστε η Δημοκρατία θα νικήσει

  21. Xi Jinping Reply

    Now is my job

  22. Hrl K Reply

    In Christianity there is a saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.” Most of the governments are worse than the Cypriot one but ofc you have to do what you are paid for… to serve the interests of the countries that want to harm Cyprus!

    • Arian Jangali Reply

      It’s irrelevant. Don’t use excuses for wrongdoing of Cyprus because of countries are bad too. It’s good that they are willing to change, which shows that Cyprus is willing to change wrongs, unlike other nations.

    • Hrl K Reply

      @Mr K all these are paid political games to harm Cyprus. Open your eyes. They targeted Cyprus now on purpose. Cyprus is a little island that suffers and gets attacked from everything and everywhere. Having some investment plans is not a bad thing. All governments do it. I’m pretty sure other countries are way worse but ofc they had to target Cyprus, this little island to harm its economy and reputation and serve other countries interests. Obviously the ones who are responsible and corrupted should get punished but not only in Cyprus, everywhere. Having a global humiliation just to serve other countries should not be acceptable especially from Cypriots. Why didn’t Al Jazeera do this to other bigger countries and targeted only Cyprus? Wake up!

    • Hrl K Reply

      @Mr K Cypriots better not make the same mistakes they’ve done in 1974. As now they are just half island and there is no way back. They have to focus on the real enemies who are way too ready make a war to Cyprus. the corrupted people will get what they deserve. Don’t let these distractions blind you again while the fire is wildly approaching you.

    • Cypriot Patriot Reply

      @Arian Jangali Shut up birch Cyprus hasn’t done anything wrong and I watched the documentary, they legit did nothing illegal. Dodgy yes, illegal no.

  23. Pedro Motta Reply


  24. Pedro Motta Reply

    Cyprus should start to change return to Greece.

  25. cypriot guide Reply

    Thank you Al Jazeera please provide us with more videos

  26. Space Shuttle Door Gunner Reply

    Well done Al Jazeera.

  27. Nick_Cy Reply

    No, you dont have the full support from Cyprus. Just from our corrupt political system. Hope Al Jazeera does more digging and i am pretty sure they will find a lot more. Some justice at last.

  28. Leodark Sam Reply

    Amazing job Al Jazeera. This is true journalism.

    • cq33xx Reply

      In order true mighty jurnalism to take place, the target have to be naive enough and harmless enough… can not be any better target than Cyprus

  29. Arian Jangali Reply

    Good job, Cyprus. And also good Job al jazeera. This is how journalism should be. More of that.

  30. Ahmed Isse Reply

    Shame on you so-called journalists

  31. Abraham Tsfaye Reply

    Rampant corruption in Cyprus.
    No wonder the Turkish community in the North turned their back on them.

    • Andreas Efstathiou Reply

      and your country is corruption free i guess right? there is corruption everywhere my friend. in all countries and governments.

    • Abraham Tsfaye Reply

      @Andreas Efstathiou Any wonder why the Turkish community in the north don’t want anything to do with you. I know Cyprus and Greece is short of money but selling passports for money?! A new low.

    • Jake Tramor Reply

      From where you are getting your news? Turkish Cypriots in north don’t want Turkish. I have been in the north a couple of times and I was surprised to see that. This scheme of selling passports for money exist in many countries as well as USA, but somehow you are willing to ignore that

    • Jake Tramor Reply

      The issue wasnt that they are selling passports for money, that is quite legit. The issue is about selling passports to criminals.

  32. Chrisanthos Nonis Reply

    All countries have these and worse. For example Erdogan has ties with ISIS . This video is been released now to distract people from Turkeys illegal action to invade Cyprus once again and open Varosia area.

  33. X ShockWaveAMG Reply

    Good job al jazeera! You did more with this story than RT has done since it had been founded. Keep on finding the loop holes for criminals.

  34. Skarner The Crystal Vanguard Reply

    Bravo cyprus democrasy get theme in prizon.

  35. kxmode Reply

    Good job, Al Jazeera 👍

  36. akcortin2 Reply

    Tragic news. I was looking forward to becoming a Cypriot. Guess it’s Malta for me.

  37. Orlando Furioso Reply

    If the U.S. mainstream media would only do the same with our crime family, and its head. Instead, they censor the New York Post.

  38. Nkanyiso Africa Reply

    So we are back to using the other more expensive EU members because they have blown the cheaper Cyprus that was getting more action than them… Oh well sacrifice the toe to keep the foot

  39. Abdihafid Mohamed Reply

    We shall do our best😂😂😂🤣

  40. Stoney Frost Reply

    Good job AL Jazeera. If only this example could break the thick masks of mainstream media, then the world would be more peaceful.

  41. Theo Pericleous Reply

    The corruption exist at all levels of the Greek Cypriot government. Especially the police force is nothing more than organized crime.

  42. dvs4711 Reply

    Η μποχα και η δυσωσμια εφτασε απο ακρη σε ακρη του νησιου.Κοπριες!!!

  43. A U mahmud Reply

    Good job Aj team.

  44. 3ple L Reply

    I got my second passport via mr adrian… was skeptical until it got delivered to me but wasn’t still sure of the authenticity until i used it to get here in texas USA
    I think he is just the best
    You cant get him through +1 914 249 9857

  45. KT Ng Reply

    No place for corrupted leaders in this era

  46. 46matthew Reply

    BASTARDS !!!

  47. Greggory Thorpe - Real Estate Investing Reply

    This is a great video!

  48. kawsar kamran Reply

    Oh little Cute Cyprus! AJ just Smashed your nose 😀. So sorry dude 😥😥😥😥.
    Hope you will learn something from this fact.

  49. Nicos Papa Reply

    what you have to understand the whole government is corrupted including the police force this is been going on for years

  50. Μάριος Oρφέας Ν Reply

    Qatar is Turkey. Turkey is ISIS. No comment

  51. Μάριος Oρφέας Ν Reply

    Many Turkish trolls with hate comments here. Agents of turkey. Turkey is ISIS!

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