Fresh push for peace as Nagorno-Karabakh truce fails

Russia’s foreign minister says Turkey will not be involved in peace talks over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
The foreign ministers of Armenia and Russia have been meeting in Moscow.
Azerbaijan had proposed that Turkey be present in the talks.
Armenia and Azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a humanitarian ceasefire, which has left cassualties on both sides.
It comes as Armenian officials say 45 more of their servicemen were killed on Monday

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from Goris in Armenia.

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147 thoughts on “Fresh push for peace as Nagorno-Karabakh truce fails

  1. Fidan Sadigova Reply

    Ganja, the 2nd biggest city of Azerbaijan, was bombarded by Armenia – horrific crime was perpetrated against the civilians. This is another manifestation of fascism policy pursued by Armenia’s leadership. Children were killed while sleeping at night. How human can do this?!

    • Aren Khojayan Reply

      @Fidan Sadigova Call Nagorno-Kharabakh and answer my question,that I asked

    • Nikolas Michailidis Reply

      @Fidan Sadigova we both think we are right, the truth is that Russia took the land from Armenia and gave it to Azerbaijan in order to create a grey zone, because they wanted to sell weapons on both sides, always these two countries will fight about this land, and Russians will get rich, something like permanent customers of Russia, do you understand now?

    • Fidan Sadigova Reply

      @Nikolas Michailidis I understand anytime. I repeat again my answer to your question because you claim Azerbaijan started this war. This war started when Armenians invaded Nagorno-Karabakh and its surrounding 7 cities in the 90s.
      There was no problem between these two states before 1990. I repeat again: Azerbaijan did not start this war!

    • Collins Sirac Reply

      @Nikolas Michailidis it is already dead argument ,we have proved that we had country in 1918 which has Karabakh and also Zangezur part of Armenia. What Stalin did?! Stalin wanted to give this land to you ,but we argue with this and then remained in us , he didn’t get from you then gifted us it is our land we are around here for thousand years Why you are spreading fake things ?! You don’t have knowledge of history ,and your next claim probably would be we are 6000-5000-4000 years old nation, you are brainwashed, bla bla bla they are already dead arguments I am already tired to explain you

    • Fidan Sadigova Reply

      ​@Collins Sirac Can you name Armenian poets and writers before the 17th century?
      Is there an Armenian king (ruler) in world history who participated in historical battles?
      If you are Armenians since ancient times and your state is called Armenia, why do you call yourself Ayastan?
      Armenians say we have a 9000-year history of statehood.
      If a king changes every 30 years, he becomes 3 kings with 100, 30 kings with 1000, 270 kings with 9000. Where are these kings?

      Why are Armenian names Turkish, Arabic, Egyptian, or Jewish?
      Why do the Armenian people, who consider themselves a genius, have no prosperous state?
      Why Russia protects the borders of Armenian heroes?

  2. Fayaz Ahmed Reply

    Armenian people have immigrated to Azarbiajan’s land of Nogorno karabakh since.They have every right to live there but they cannot claim, because they are armenian so Nocorno karabakh is part of Armenia.The cast,colour and creed does not breaks a country like Azarbiajan at present.Armenia is seperate country and Azarbiajan is seperate country.Attacking one country and forcibly occupying it’s land by another country forcing the native people to flee from the occupied land, does not mean,the land is of agressive country In 1992 -94 Azarbiajan was millitarily weak having little ammunition.
    If Armenia insists that Nogorno karabakh is of Armenia because armenian immigrated people are living there, then in my view it is better that armenian immigrated people should flee from Nagorno karabakh (as Azarbiajani people did in 1992-94) to their nominated country Airmenia in order to save their lives from horrors of war and leave occupied land of Nagorno karabakh to Azarbiajan so that conflict is solved once for all.

  3. Vüsal Əliyev Reply

    Karabakh is Azerbaijan !

  4. Himanshu Rawat Reply

    Full support to armenia from India 🇮🇳 ❤ 🙌

  5. I Love The Way U lie Reply

    this is the problem when russia tries to mediate, this fighting is more than a week now and they can’t do anything much.

    • Arman Chilingaryan Reply

      That fight is only one page of the story called Armenian genocide but yeah Russia whatever. “Blind and deaf” people commenting

    • XV VI MMXVIII Reply

      Both sides try to get a better position before the peace talks and turkey want a seat in this talks, so they are pushing AZ towards war.

  6. Elshadcan Reply

    There will be a real ceasefire once Armenian Army pulls out their forces from Internationally recognised Azerbaijani territories per 4 UN’s Resolutions which Armenia has been ignoring for 27 years! 500,000 Azerbaijani infernally displaced people want to go back to their home, villages, towns which is under Armenian occupation since 1994.

  7. Xi Jinping Reply

    Armenians need to build re-education centers for those Turks, they can learn from me.

    • namik121 Reply

      I agree with you on this point, but there is a problem. (How do you educate Turks and Azerbaijanis and that he is unable to treat them as human beings?) Everyone who claims Islam and terrorism is not a human being and cannot be educated as you saw in the video

    • Ufuk Mert Tufan Reply

      Hello dog eater 🖐

    • namik121 Reply

      hi dead doog eater hehehe

  8. Royal Jabrayilzade Reply

    Long live Azerbaijan . Karabakh is Azerbaijan.

  9. Md Shakil Ahmed Reply

    Erdogan is the main culprit behind this recent bloodshed.

    • mhenomen Reply

      brother you are mistaken. please do knowledge on this armenians are attacking turkish people. please understand!!

  10. M Knine Reply

    The international community is overlooking armenia’s occupation and subsequent break of the ceasefire treaties. Armenia is taking advantage of america who clearly and Russia who want this conflict to continue specially russia because they want to distract turkey from syrian and libian fronts. America is in support of armenia and against turkey, too much bullshit. The international community only intervenes against Muslim nation’s. Crazy.

    • Salvatore Rispoli Reply

      @M Knine the soviet union doesnt exist anymore.

    • M Knine Reply

      @Shooting Star Soviet Union agreed to a division under which Zangezur would fall under the control of Armenia, while Karabakh and Nakhchivan would be under the control of Azerbaijan. … As a result, the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast was established within the Azerbaijan SSR on 7 July 1923. thus occupation by armenia of this region is unlawful and wrong

    • M Knine Reply

      @Salvatore Rispoli but the internationally recognised borders which was agreed upon remain even after the USSR. Agreements are legally binding.

    • Salvatore Rispoli Reply

      @M Knine my mistake you are right

    • M Knine Reply

      @Salvatore Rispoli hey no probz bro! I get this wrong too. I researched a little bit it seems armenia is on the wrong side of this conflict and the once upon a time azerbaijan majority city of nagorno karabakh has been annexed by armenian forces creating a refugee situation where azerbaijanis natives to the nagorno karabakh had to flee. 1 million or so refugees probably more. They were supposed to negotiate a peace treaty for 10 years azerbaijan have been peaceful although armenia seized the disputed territory and surround areas. Thus this conflict is inevitable without withdrawal of the occupying force. The armenians also did not implement the current seize fire instead they launched an assault on civilian areas violationing several international laws and breaking peace treaty.

  11. Tk A Reply

    Armenia is an doing terrorist act …

  12. Elli Mamedova Reply

    🇨🇦🇺🇲🇪🇺OSCE, UN and other international organizations!

    The occupying and terrorist military units of the Armenian aggressor state attacked the cities of Ganja, Mingachevir, Khizi, Absheron, Beylagan, Naftalan and others of the Republic of Azerbaijan. regions are fired by long-range missiles. This is a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions. You ignore this and oppose the liberation of the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan by fighting against the occupying Armenia. The people of Azerbaijan demand that you be fair! We bring to your attention that the Azerbaijani military does not target civilian Armenian citizens, civilian Armenian facilities. We are liberating only the occupied territories. The responsibility of the Armenian servicemen who died in this case lies with the incompetent, aggressive Armenian government and its supporters. We openly state that if the Armenian military does not want to die, they must leave the Azerbaijani lands immediately!

  13. Aysel İbadova Reply

    Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿 and Armenia must renounce its terrorist policy❗

  14. javale samson Reply

    bias media how about the casualty at the other side….

    • Frizler 12 Reply

      How about Armenia started it and won’t leave Azerbaijan’s territory and is acting like terrorists bombing cities 60 km away. You’re an idiot

  15. Aysel İbadova Reply

    As a result of the tragedy in Ganja, 3 children lost both parents.DON’T BE SİLENT❗

    • StonedReaperGaming Reply

      Awww so sad, what about the numerous children of Artsakh without homes, limbs and their parents aswell?

      The attacks from Azerbaijan were retaliated, civilians lost their lives through the irresponsibility of the Azeri government. Blame your dictator… not Armenians.

    • Aysel İbadova Reply

      Killers, look what you’ve done! We have the facts, but you’re talking about what you see in your sleep. Get out of our lands, vandals

    • StonedReaperGaming Reply

      @Aysel İbadova your lands? Your country is made up with a made up history. You’re a joke

    • Aysel İbadova Reply

      @StonedReaperGaming When the first Manna state, ie the first Azerbaijani state, was created in the 9th-6th centuries BC, the name of your fake state was not in the dog’s book, you idiot

  16. Helga Sharp Reply

    Armenia occupied not only Nagorno-Karabakh but also 7 adjacent regions of Azerbaijan. About 9% of the population of

    ALL Azerbaijan was displaced by the original conflict during 30 years. They and their families lived there for 50-100-200 or who knows how many years under different rulers. And this is their home too. If everyone in the world starts to recover borders of 600-1000-2500 years ago as Armenia does now, the world will drown in blood!!!

  17. Shine M Reply

    Al Jazeera is more Intrested in the war and its really a sorry state of affairs condemenable to say the least

  18. gezzus crust Reply

    America stands with Armenia

    • mhenomen Reply

      america is terrorist

    • Karnik Badvaganyan Reply

      Thanks friend.Armenian cause is just.Those are Armenian lands taken by force in the past.

  19. HpS brO collection Reply

    Ma prediction, Armenia will win in the end

    • Panyako Mufasa Reply

      Well see

    • Kaan Demiri Reply


  20. NeutralDice Reply

    This happened after DAYS of Azeri attack on Armenian civilians and settlements. Azeris also destroyed an old Christina church.

    • O Hh Reply

      I support Kashmir freedom war

    • Peace Officer Reply

      This is fake news f*****g b***h 🖕🏻

  21. Nation Lover Reply

    Alarm cannot stop the war unless it’s remove the azahar

  22. Alina Sarkisyan Reply

    according to the law of the USSR, Karabakh had the right to decide for itself whether it remained part of Azerbaijan or separated… If it was illegal, it wouldn’t have happened. The problems started when Azerbaijan did not agree to these legal actions… aggressors and criminals! In principle, as now they are trying to solve the issue by terrorists… better read why the US and the UK do not recommend visiting your country now because of the presence of terrorists in Azerbaijan.
    по закону СССР Карабах имел право сам решать остается ли он в составе Азербайджана или отделяется… Если бы это было незаконно этого бы не произошло. Проблемы начались когда Азербайджан не согласился с этими законными действиями… агрессоры и преступники! В принципе как и сейчас пытаются решать вопрос террористами… лучше прочитай почему США и великобритания не рекомендует сейчас посещать вашу страну из за присутсвия террористов в Ащербайджане.

    • #NoN -Na Reply

      @GG B 👞 👞👞👞👞👞👞👞👞👞

    • Tgen ocide Reply

      so true…Turkey is behind this and supporting.. They are starting everywhere to threaten countries and trying to create another Ottoman Empire

    • DOLELIFE ENT Reply

      Halala qurs

    • Ismayil Isayev Reply

      Can you show the date and other details of that USSR law that you refer without falsifying any fact? Do you have any proof of terrorists’ in Azerbaijan? Keep spreading your dirty lies across the globe – it won’t help you undercover Armenian war crime and fascistic deeds against Azerbaijan.

    • Rashadul Islam Reply

      Thanks for educating us, please do us a favor and give us some references to back your facts. beside, I can see your moral standards when see a country with the eyes of UK and US, when they’re the champ of terrorising other countries.

  23. Tarana Sultan Reply

    Co-charing also did not change because Armenia wanted so called illegal Karabakh Republic to be on the negotiation table. Also, for your information there are 7 more regions that Azerbaijan liberating and not of the Armenian or ethnic groups was living there. Those lands are equipped with long-term military fortifications. 27 year negotiation process Armenia was preparing for a war. It is nothing to do with ethnic Armenians living there. Karabakh historically and culturally belong to Azerbaijan and Armenians were settled there in 1915s from Iran.

  24. Rubabe Ibadova Reply

    Qarabaq is Azerbaijan!

  25. Delwar Hossain Reply

    Armenia is illegally occupying the land of Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding Azerbaijan. As a result, 30,000 people have been killed and one million Azeri people have been displaced. Azerbaijan is fighting to regain its occupied territories. Armenia, on the other hand, is fighting to maintain its illegal occupation.

  26. Mando Man Reply

    One sided propeganda fake news💩

  27. O Hh Reply

    I support Kashmir freedom war. We want justice. Death to enemy of Kashmir

  28. Rashad M. Sadigov Reply

    Just FYI, the war is taking place on the sovereighn territories of Azerbaijan and there are 4 UN resolutions demanding immediate withdrawal of armenian troops and stop occupation

  29. b maj Reply

    Turkey with Islamic gang’s/isis declared jihad against armenians, in 1900 they killed over 2 millions armenians. It’s time for crusade. So christians wake up crusade is the answer. Aljajzera is a part of Islamic jihad, so watch them

  30. Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ Reply

    Historical facts do not lie truth is always true! Come on, bother searching , please. Azerbaijan is absolutely right. Unfortunately, Armenian people have settled in Karabakh illegally and Turkish lands have been exploited extensively for 28years. 😒 The best thing Armenian soldiers will do as of today; they should put down their weapons urgently and leave the Turkish lands, Karabakh…

    • Idolized Elbow Reply

      @Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ I thought we found a common ground but it looks like you want to stay ignorant. Good luck the Armenian people in Karabakh will never obey and never give up

    • Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ Reply

      @Idolized Elbow If you think that you have occupied Karabakh, then you must accept that we are too. I am not ignorant. My wish is that the blood of the people who were ruthlessly killed in the Khojaly tragedy of January 20 and the March 31 genocide should not remain on the ground. A ceasefire was declared and a rocket was fired at Ganja the next day, three families were killed and the children were left without parents. Neither we nor God will forgive this atrocity. are we rocketing your cities? no because we are not savages. we are only fighting for our land. let our lands be returned. if not, we will receive it ourselves, with God’s help. I will not argue with you anymore. because it is meaningless.

    • Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ Reply

      @Idolized Elbow You say you will never give up, but Fuzuli, Gabriel is already ours. and Armenians have already left there))

    • Idolized Elbow Reply

      @Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ I won‘t argue with you too. As far as I understand we have different truths and I hope one day everything will come out so everyone really knows what‘s happened

    • Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ Reply

      @Idolized Elbow I also want the truth to emerge. soon…

  31. Victor Z Reply

    Why do muslim countries and communist china loves’ war???

  32. Pedro Motta Reply

    Serbians … Armenians … Cypriots … Syrians … Egyptian … Lebanons … God help our Catholic Orthodox brethren

  33. Vicki Kirakosian Reply

    Al Jazeerulesra does not report that Azeris are breaking the

  34. Mister Privacy Reply

    The guy reported fighting is going on in hadrut. Or however u spell it. It’s the first real news since the war began.

  35. A Historian Reply

    1:10 Azerbaijan has failed to come to accept the will of the people of Artsakh! Point.

  36. arkadi sevyan Reply

    I dont think the ceasefire ever happened

  37. Davíd Melkonian Reply

    It’s obvious Al Jazeera has a bias toward Azerbaijan, which has the help of jihadists. Mercenaries were hired by Erdogan 5 days before the first round of artillery.

  38. julia giorgia Reply

    Miss ussr❤️

  39. fond az Reply

    @OurKarabakh telegram kanal

  40. Vahan Gorgi Reply

    The only way to stop Azaris is by BOMBING their big cities and infrastructure, give them a lesson they never forget, or clean them from the face of the earth

  41. FREE SPIRIT Reply

    Armenia 🇦🇲 stay strong brother support from India 🇮🇳..

    • Sazid Rahman Reply

      Malaun malaun e thakbe manush hobena

  42. Arzu Mly Reply

    Has Armenia ever thought about existential threat posed to Azerbaijani civilians while perpetrating ethnic cleansing of million Azerbaijanis? What about Khojaly? What about attacking innocent civilians in Ganja, Tartar, Barda w/SCUD and Smerch missiles? Distorted reality!

  43. Khadija Iskandarova Reply

    Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. It is internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan. While Armenia is attacking civilians in Ganja, Mingachevir and other cities OF Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is ONLY trying to get its regions back. So many internally displaced people are forced to live in other cities, while Armenians are enjoying themselves in their hometown for 30 years. WHY?

    • Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ Reply

      çünki əclafdırlar.

  44. Tofiq cəfərzadə Reply

    Pray for Karabakg🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  45. Peace Officer Reply

    🇦🇿✊🏻 ეს ხალხი არ არის ომის ზონაში. ისინი იყვნენ სამოქალაქო პირები, ბავშვები. მშვიდობისმოყვარე სამყარო, სიჩუმე! ჩვენ ვეძებთ თქვენ, საერთაშორისო უფლებადამცველ ორგანიზაციებს! სომხური ტერორი უნდა შეჩერდეს!

  46. Abu Hurairah Reply

    may ALLAH give victory and complete hidaya to our brothers of Azerbaijan. Ameen.
    InshaALLAH our brothers of Azerbaijan will be victorious.

  47. Abhijit Ghosh Reply

    if they want fighting fight but plz for god sake leave the civilians of both side..

  48. Rahman Kerimov Reply

    We agreed to ceasefire again and Armenia started the war again by attacking Azerbaijani civilians. Karabakh is internationally accepted territory of Azerbaijan and we already do not have patience to see how our civilians are killed by Terrorist forces of non-recognized Nagorny Karabakh. And Minsk group does not do anything. Except Nagorny Karabakh 7-other regiona were occupied by Armenians and during the 1-st Karabakh war in 1992 Armenians made genocide in Khojaly village. We fight to stop Armenian Aggression and never let these terrorists again to do such things…🇦🇿

  49. Ольга Шустова Reply

    Qarabag is Armenian!

    • Elmir Musali Reply

      In a your dream ❗️🤣

    • Umro Ayyar Reply

      Armenians rulers are occupiers & Azerbaijan.

    • Gwen Stefani Reply

      We support Armenia 🇩🇪👈

  50. Fanil Desai Reply

    Lol 🦃

  51. Ga Sa Reply

    For Armenia ! God wills it!

  52. Ольга Шустова Reply

    Qarabag is Armenian

    • Victoria Hovhannisyan Reply

      Garabag may be, but Artsakh is Armenia,and thats all, ok🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  53. namik121 Reply

    Of course, no one wants war except the bad people. Killing civilians in bombing inside residential neighborhoods is a despicable thing, and unfortunately both sides accuse one of the other of killing civilians, but all that people know that Azerbaijan is the one who started the war and is the first responsible for it with thier turkish alies and they will regret for that

  54. Etibar Khalilov Reply

    Because it’s karma!!!

  55. Khan Reply

    Allah help our Brothers 🙏. Amen

  56. Ferdy Bento Reply

    Stopp perang saudara saudara ,,, Damai dari Allah yg memberkati kita semua, sebab kita semua anak” nya… Amin

  57. Be Dil Reply

    Armenia liar

  58. K C Reply

    why the president and politicians don’t fight and the soldiers are just dumb?

  59. fe4less Reply

    Armenia don’t want peace!

  60. science & technology Reply

    There are military bases of Muscovy on the territory of Armenia, Moscow sells weapons to both countries, Russian-made tanks (trash) destroy each other. I think that if it were not for the hand of Moscow, which kindles wars all over the world, except for NATO member states, the Armenians would not have seized part of the territory of Azerbaijan and they would not have had to be a puppet in Putin’s hands.

  61. Rashadul Islam Reply

    If you expecting invaders to respect any truce or ceasefire then you’re being delusional. when armenia withdraw their military force from azeri land only then their could be a true peace. Hope wisdom will prevail and both side would stop Booming innocent civilians

  62. Opace Lopo Reply

    Azerbaijan don’t forget that Iran is your enemy

    • Zafar Radzhab Reply


  63. keshav kumar Reply

    UN should intervene. Ask Armenia to withdraw from illegally captured part of Azerbaijan. Intimidate if necessary. While, on other hand take control of Nagorno karabakh under its observation for next twenty years. At least there will be peace. Declare nagarno karabakh belongs to the residents of this region and not to any of these two countries. Give it independent status.

  64. Süleyman Allahverdiyev Reply

    armenians target civilians

  65. Anandita s Reply

    Azerbaijan is respossible

  66. Rafik Sepanian Reply

    Turkey is fake country they stolen land from others they should be back to Mongolia where they came and ganje badkoobe golestan all belongs to iran when Russia they took them in late 18th century

  67. Ramiz Reply

    1:46 Why?
    because your nationalist leaders who can’t accept the defeat or the UN resolutions will keep sacrificing people like you for only their own interests.
    Azerbaijan is not coming to force you to leave your home, Azerbaijan eliminates illegal military groups in its own lands

  68. Не хороший тип Reply

    Жо мурсойитондия🤔

  69. N A Reply

    Armenia is a terror state

  70. Smart Baba Reply

    Turkey have seen what Russia have done with Ottomans, 🤣🤣
    So turkey don’t wants history will repeat itself again.

    • Vartan Hindoyan Reply

      Armenians have also seen what turkey has done to them, never again.

  71. Araz B. Reply

    Why Aljazeera is not talking about 1.1M Azerbaijanies forced out of Karabag in 1992 by the Armenian militias and terrorist organizations? Of course if you force 1.1 million Azerbaijanies are out then the 30 Thousands Armenians will be the majority now in Karabag!! 😂😂😂

  72. Tamizur Rahman Reply

    Azerbeizan we are praying from india

  73. Abdul Reply

    I am Pakistani, I support defenders. I support Armenia.

  74. Khadija Mammadyarova Reply

    You guys, all your countries have recognised this city, all Nagorna-Karabag and surrounded 7 districts as official territory of Azerbaijan for 3 decades now ( Including Armenia, crazy right?). How stupid to fight with the army of other country in your official land where 30 years ago armenians cleansed the Azerbaijani population (look: Khojaly Genocide). World keeps acting like doesn’t understand what is going on.

  75. Fahad Khan Reply

    Why doesn’t Armenia leave Azerbaijani land and end this conflict. What the f**k is wrong with these occupiers like Armenia, India and Israel.

  76. Arshad Naqvi Reply

    azerbahijan turky pakistan zindabad

  77. Humanities died long time ago freedom Reply

    turkey and isis and israel are the problem

  78. A No Reply

    For about 30 years international communities asking Armenian troops to leave the occupied Azerbaijani territories.
    Any peace talks attempted by Azerbaijan with Armenia, French, Russian and USA monitoring were sabotaged by Armenian authorities for last 27 years. Every attempt were hard, meticulous work for both sides and monitoring countries, everything were documented.
    Today Armenian authorities show, how much they care about the life of their citizens.
    Armenian authorities don’t have a peace in their plans…

  79. Arthur GoldSmith Reply

    From the beginning of this war Azerbaijan forces bombing Stepanakert, Sushi non stop. Even churches. They through only 101 bombs on Stepanakert only in one day. Also bombing hospitals. All the world seeing this.

  80. Arthur GoldSmith Reply

    I hope peace wil come soon for the both sides and in the world. They are all humans.

  81. Arthur GoldSmith Reply

    This are historical Armenian grounds. More then 3000 years. Last 100 years is different. Thats why they are fighting.

  82. Ruben Sahakian Reply

    Azeris never stopped shelling Stepanakert since day 1 and used illegal cluster bombs on civilian targets. This is very one sided reporting.Azeris think they can shell major city without retaliation? Its a taste if their own medicine.

  83. Ruben Sahakian Reply

    If Azerbaijan claims that Artsakh was its territory, then why did they build Armenian churches as a Muslim nation?
    Or where was Azerbaijan when a monastery was being built in Artsakh in the 4th century?Please read number of Armenian historical monuments in Karabakh.Azeris are falsifying history on state level and this started from Aliev senior.Artsakh is Armenia was Armenia and will stay Armenian!No People from Central Asia (Turks ,Azeris)has a claim on this sacred land!

    Gandzasar Monastery (4th century) և St. John the Baptist Church (1216-1238)
    Dadivank (4th century) և Katoghike (9-11th century)
    Amaras Monastery (4th century)
    St. George of Tsitsernavank (4-5th century)
    Gtchavank (4-13th century)
    Yeghishe Apostle Monastery (Jrvshtik) (5th century), Mataghis
    White Cross of Vankasar (5th century)
    Dizapayt Kataro Monastery և Surb Astvatsatsin (5th century)
    Bread Eat (7-17 centuries)
    Okht Mokhrenisi Door Monastery (7-17th century)
    St. Hakob Monastery of Kolatak (9th century)
    Jori the Holy Savior (9th century)
    St. Stepanos of Tsmakahogh (9-10th century)
    Spitak Khach Monastery, Vank village, Hadrut (10th century)
    Chartar Yeghisha Kus Desert (12th round)
    St. George of Chankatagh (12th century)
    Khotavank (12th-13th century)
    Karvachar Surb Astvatsatsin virgin desert (12-13th century)
    Holy Savior of the Stables (12-13th century)
    Msmna Shoshkavank Surb Astvatsatsin (13th century)
    Horeka Monastery (13th century)
    Kavakavank (14th century)
    Gospel of St. Gayane the Virgin in the Desert (1616)
    Holy Resurrection of Hadrut (1621)
    Pirumashen (1641)
    Holy Mother of God of the Gospel (1651)
    St. Stephen of the Cross (1654)
    Shoshi New Church (1655)
    Holy Pandaleon of Berdadzor (Paris Pigeon) (1658)
    Ghondiants desert of Moshkhmhat (1658)
    Haki St. Minas (1673)
    Church of St. Gregory of Herher (1676)
    Surb Astvatsatsin of Tsaghkavank, Tsakuri (1682)
    Yeritsmankants Monastery (1691)
    Masrik Church of Kashunik (1694)
    Desert Holy Savior (Napat) (17th century)
    Hochants St. Stepanos (17th century)
    Bovurkhan Monastery Complex (17th century)
    St. John the Baptist of Togh (1736)
    Holy Virgin of Khnatsakh (1740)
    St. Stephen of Padara (18th century)
    Holy Mother of God of Mushkapat (18th century)
    Holy Mother of God of Dashushen (1843)
    St. John the Baptist of Shushi (1847)
    The Holy Virgin of Nngi (1853)
    St. John Garabed of Martakert (1857)
    Holy Mother of God of Aygestan (1860)
    The Holy Virgin Under the Stone (1862)
    Holy Savior of Shushi (1868-1887)
    Holy Mother of God of Ashan (1896)
    Holy Carpet of Astghashen (1898)
    St. George of Mataghis (1898)

  84. Nina Gevorgyan Reply

    Turcia pust dumayet o svoix okupirovanix zemlyax. Vsya turcia eto istoricheskie armyanskie zemli.

  85. Harun sadıqov Reply

    Allahın laneti Ermənistanın üzərinə olsun aminnm. Karabakh is Azerbajan

  86. Gwen Stefani Reply


  87. David Mikayelyan Reply

    Azeri Military is probably the worst in the world! They cant capture 150k population land with their 10 mill population and military budget of 2.2 billion dollars! Thats why they are hiring mercenaries from Syria

  88. mohammed aidara Reply

    Turkey an Russia hav to be in this talk not us or France…

  89. Ubaldus Tude Reply

    mampus Isis turki dan Azerbaijan

  90. Mikey Shere Reply

    NATO and Russia both need to wipe out every islamist military asset.

  91. head hunter Reply

    The territory should be given back to Armenia since the area inhabitants wants to be under Armenia and they’re the indigenous people.

  92. Novak Djokovic Reply

    Horrible to see why Al Jazeera’s campaign is not being questioned across the board.Instead of trying to bring peace between waring parties they are adding fuel

  93. Novak Djokovic Reply

    Blindfolded EU should chip in to dismantle Turkey

  94. Fans of Dhubri Assam Reply

    Ajarbaijaan must attack Armenians civilians now

    • Victoria Hovhannisyan Reply

      Think before talkin😂😂😂

  95. Вруйр Амбарцумян Reply

    Не надо бамбить карабах это вайна

  96. Hasan Safarov Reply

    Armenia is terörist!

  97. Ali hiji iddi Reply

    AZABACHAN THEY ARE RONG TO MAKE FIGHTE TO AMINIA ITS STUPITE WAR OF THATS WHY YOU HAVE TO TALIKING NOT WAR TO AMINIA AZABACHAN NO MATTER WHATS YOU ARE GOINTO TO LOOSE YOU FIGHT TO ORTHODOXS AMINIA WHY THE ORTHODOXS WILL NOT BE LATE YOU TO BE STRONG TO KILING ORTHODOXS AGAIN LIKE THOSE DAYS SURA TULL ROOM 👹😇👹😇👹😇👹👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇👹😇 🇦🇿 🇹🇷👹🇦🇿🇹🇷👹😇👹🇹🇷🇦🇿😇👹🇹🇷🇦🇿😇👹🇹🇷🇦🇿😇👹🇹🇷🇦🇿😇👹🇹🇷🇦🇿😇👹🇹🇷🇦🇿VS 💪🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🌎❤️💪🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🌎❤️💪🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🌎❤️💪🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🌎❤️💪🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🌎💪🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🌎❤️💪🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🌎❤️💪🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🌎❤️💪🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷❤️🌎💪🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🌎❤️❤️👹👹🇮🇱🇺🇸👹🇮🇱🇺🇸👹🇮🇱👹🇬🇧🇮🇱👹🇫🇷🇮🇱👹🇦🇺🇮🇱👹🇨🇦🇮🇱👹🇸🇦

  98. ioannis I Mansola Reply

    Τhere is no chance for peace , Turkey pushes for its own interests (Ottoman Empire ) while Russia plays “in the distance” and Putin proved stupid

  99. Manusun Pakpahan Reply


  100. abhishek unni Reply

    Turkey not allowed in talks? I wonder why?

    Al-Jazeera it’s answered in the end: Russia puts pressure on both to stop. Turkey puts pressure on Azerbaijan to continue.

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