Iraq devalues currency by a fifth, the most since 2003

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Iraq’s government recently devalued the local currency – the Iraqi dinar – by more than 20 percent.
It is the biggest currency devaluation against the dollar since the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein.
Prices of everyday goods and services have suddenly skyrocketed, fuelling fear and anger among many Iraqis who have spent decades struggling to survive financially.
Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford has this report from Baghdad.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar RowSun babaji says:


  2. Avatar pyramid pyramid says:

    Turkish government should help Syrian government to destroy Americans street gangster like ISIS Al qaeda . And stop obeying they’re master .

  3. Avatar Joseph Saleh says:

    This is always been the case in the middle east what’s new

    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      They’re just like Africans other people enjoy their resources while they suffer

  4. Avatar vinm300 says:

    This is an old policy.
    The Ottomans were doing this for centuries.
    Abdulaziz (1861 – 76) had 3000 eunuchs to administer his huge harem and consumed 15% of state revenue.
    The Spanish started under Philip II (who confessed he didn’t understand economics, no matter how hard he tried).
    Travellers to Spain said, “There isn’t a gold or silver coin in the country”.
    Everyone had stored them under the bed.
    Spanish currency was copper and was devalued regularly.
    Trade suffered because there was a lack of currency : folk had to return to barter.

    Postwar Italy devalued regularly : they survived, and did okay, but were never a powerhouse.

  5. Avatar longmarchguy says:

    Iraq, are you wining with the democracy US had brought to you?

    • Avatar Turk Kartal says:

      @d the best I dont have anything against Hindus, as long as they dont go against us, nobody should be discriminated only bc of their religion.

    • Avatar d the best says:

      @Turk Kartal and Erdogen converted the last pillar proving turkey to be a secular country the hagia Sophia to a mosque now whole world is biased towards you . Whats your comment on that

    • Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

      @d the best Hagia Sofia is useless Erdogan should destroy the building to avoid blood testy criminals around the world.

    • Avatar d the best says:

      @Watching the Hawks yr l are you a muslim

    • Avatar 91827334620 says:

      @Turk Kartal The west did a good thing overthrowing a dictator in Iraq’s, Its still better than the brutal dictatorship like Murderous Assad Syria.

  6. Avatar Will Henson says:

    The yanks and Europe have bled you dry

    • Avatar Serenity says:

      Nope. Blame the poor leadership and the violent actors that operated in Iraq. Not those that rightfully intervened to crush these threats.

    • Avatar X ShockWaveAMG says:

      China is there number one export country for oil. Your edumacation is amazing.

    • Avatar NO TO HYPOCRITES says:

      @X ShockWaveAMG 2001
      1 Iraqi dinar = 3 dollars
      Now 1 dollar = 1,450 dinars

    • Avatar Eureka says:

      Nope! They chose the current corrupt admins. They get what they deserve because they voted them in. Don’t blame others! Bet they long for the Saddam era?

    • Avatar Richard's World Traveler says:

      If you don’t realize the real reason you won’t fix the problem. The problem is their government.

  7. Avatar Harry a J xAll says:

    I’m Alone 😍😥

    • Avatar Cassa Blanca says:

      Harry, sorry I’m taken 😎😎

    • Avatar Nas Alli says:

      Send me your postcode but I’ll pay you in Iraqi dinar 💰

  8. Avatar Fiona Phillips says:

    A conscious smashing of an economy so that a populace suffer, This is a new frontier, US foreign policy made visible.

  9. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    Bitcoin attack Fed central bank fiat papers currency in US.

  10. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    Change Iraq currency trades in Bitcoin financial problems ends

    • Avatar Olisa Okafor says:

      Can you explain further pls?

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Olisa Okafor If Iraq Iran or Turkey trades in Bitcoin its bypass US $ currency trades.

    • Avatar HedgeOwl Invest says:

      Marek Kolenda dream on people have no water or electricity. You want that to use Bitcoin 😂

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @HedgeOwl Invest Bitcoin can be changed for cash in ATM machine.

  11. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    US spend about 3 trillions $ on Iraq 2nd war and get back 0$ in returns.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @luci75 D Starts rebuild economy from zero economic cycle going up and down not stays in one place.

    • Avatar Rita Amp says:

      What? Today All Iraqis Oil field owned or operated by US Oil Companies.
      Those Companies lobbied US Gov to invade Iraq using US Tax Payer money (of course paid by US middle class, cause those companies pay less taxes in percentage).
      The wealth goes to those big companies. That is how Democrazy and Capitalism work in US

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Rita Amp Make economic and military alliance with Turkey and Iran problems ends.Pentagon military power stay in Pacific region against China..Not in Middle East region.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Rita Amp Iraqis oil field can be nationalize similar to Venezuela oil industry.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Rita Amp Only Iraq government not US decides who own or use Iraq oil field or energy industry sectors

  12. Avatar young Peter says:

    U have democracy, currency is not needed

  13. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    Make one economic trades zone Iraq Iran Turkey financial problems ends.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Devil’s Double. Make team financial and economic experts and starts economy working again.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Devil’s Double. If like not working engine in car.Needs for be fix or replace and starts working again.

    • Avatar Devil's Double. says:

      @Marek Kolenda *I appreciate your Wisdom*
      *ẞut all this mess & Chaos serves the best interests of the Schemers*
      *Conflict of Interests!!*

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Devil’s Double. Be optimist not pessimist and watch for next year be much better then this year.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Devil’s Double. Bitcoin attack on Fed central bank and fiat papers currency.

  14. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    US economy is socialists economy 50% GDP growth domestic product is government and public sectors spending.

    • Avatar Serenity says:

      US is a low tax free market economy where supply and demand dictates almost everything. A robust public sector doesn’t make it socialist…

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      @Serenity US economy was depending on military industrial sectors China on new infrastructure development.Big difference.

  15. Avatar The Atlantis Report says:

    another failed state , this is what religion does to a country it turns an old civilization into a third world failed state … go back and chant Allahu Akbar

  16. Avatar Impeached loser bunker baby tRump says:

    Maybe if they let the Kurds run the country things would improve there!

  17. Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

    They will devalue their currency again in a few years.
    I thought Lebanon was bad but this country also has no future.

  18. Avatar Watching the Hawks says:

    No use Iraq is not an exporting country.

    • Avatar MrBobDug says:

      Devaluation is not solely about exports. It’s about creating cantillionaires, do your homework on that.

  19. Avatar tyrion lannister says:

    Africans and Middle Eastern are the same, others enjoy their resources while they suffer

    • Avatar GameControl says:

      That’s what happens when you run your country on religion instead of reason.

    • Avatar stillness God says:

      @GameControl yes your right. But uh usa and isreal kinda started massive wars with them for no good reason.

    • Avatar GameControl says:

      @stillness God as far as I know Israel was the one that got attacked by entire Muslim world. Which they somehow lost twice.
      What a incompetent umma.
      And middle East has been a war ground for 1500 years now between Persians, ottomans, Arabs and Babylonians. Dominance of USA is the only thing that has kept any major war happening in between middle East countries in last 70 years.

    • Avatar SMM Productions says:

      @GameControl a handful of Arab nations doesn’t equal the Ummah its like me saying Sephardic Jews represent all Jews.

  20. Avatar Tau ceti says:

    At least this will favor exports.

    • Avatar NO TO HYPOCRITES says:

      Export what?
      Iraq used to export carpets, dates etc in the past.
      Now it’s completely stuck.

    • Avatar HedgeOwl Invest says:

      It’s great to keep slave labor cost low, pump US cheap oil.

  21. Avatar Lost Mk says:

    How is the american democracy ? 🤣🤣🤣 ,

    Evil bless america

  22. Avatar Lost Mk says:

    While USA click print button when they need dollars ,

    • Avatar Serenity says:

      USA are generally fiscally and monetarily responsible. They know what they’re doing. Are competent. Which explains them having the highest GDP in the world. They don’t manipulate their currency nor print money when it isn’t needed.

  23. Avatar Serenity says:

    Why is Iraq allowed to arbitrarily manipulate their currency to increase exports and receive an edge, often with dire side-effects for all parties? 20 years later after intervention and the Iraqi government still can’t make proper decisions.

    • Avatar Scorpion says:

      They’re making very proper decisions… You see this so called “iraqi government” belongs to iran and their groups that’s the main reason for it’s corruption and ruthless killing against the protestors that demonded to change the government since 25 of oct 2019.

  24. Avatar X ShockWaveAMG says:

    I said it months ago iran will never allow iraq to be more successful than iran. Iran is flooding the iraqi market with cheap Iranian goods driving out iraqi producers. The Iranian gov wants iraq in a weak position. Its easier to control when iraq is weak

    • Avatar X ShockWaveAMG says:

      @حسين الماجد fake news no where near a million Iraqis where killed. Only the Iranians during the iran iraq war came close to that number of iraqi killed.

    • Avatar حسين الماجد says:

      @X ShockWaveAMG nope. Iran-Iraq war casualties did reach a million, but that was counting both sides. Over 100,000 were initially killed in the first gulf war, then 500,000 due to sanctions. Within one month of the 2003 invasion, 15,000 Iraqis were killed. 4,000 of which were civilians. Now keep in mind that this was not a one month long war, it is still going on to this day, 17 years later. The PLOS Medical Survey said that there were 460,000 INDIRECT deaths from 2003-2011. None of those years were even the deadliest. The deadliest year was 2016. Classified Iraq War Logs claim 109,032 deaths from January 2004-December 2009. 66,000 of which were civilians. Now these are all a certain amount of years, none of which are during the two deadliest times for Iraq, the beginning of the war, and 2014-2016. When you add those numbers up(2003-2020) the number is well over a million.

    • Avatar X ShockWaveAMG says:

      @حسين الماجد haha you forgot to add this from the plos medical review and I quote The reliance on outdated census data and the long recall period required of participants are limitations of our study. The fault with the study is that it relied on crime census data from the saddam era regime. So your convinced saddam never lied about the crime rates in iraq?

    • Avatar حسين الماجد says:

      @X ShockWaveAMG I literally listed the sources in the comment

    • Avatar X ShockWaveAMG says:

      @حسين الماجد still writing calm down there cowboy I thought you had a life. You replied in less than a min. Haha

  25. Avatar Abdullah Abdullah says:

    ask to us is responsible to this crisis

    • Avatar حسين الماجد says:

      For Americans, Islam is the problem

  26. Avatar X ShockWaveAMG says:

    Ask yourself who is benefiting from a chaotic iraq with a weak leadership. Not the country that has missiles launched at them from trucks parked near houses full of families and children. The country that could only offer weapons excels in this situations iran. When iraq rebuilds who is going to pay? iran has no money. They are eyeing iraqs money, they pay there foreign fighters in dollars so there looking to iraq for dollars. After all you need dollars to pay foreigners to attack America, they need to pay for there revenge by stealing from iraqis

  27. Avatar Adam Bitcoin says:

    Should sell it in bitcoin not US Dollars

    • Avatar P G says:

      Bitcoin is not a currency, it’s a commodity. Using Bitcoin as currency would be stupid since its value fluctuates too much

    • Avatar HedgeOwl Invest says:

      P G it’s not even a commodity. It’s imaginary 😂

    • Avatar P G says:

      @HedgeOwl Invest I also agree that it’s imaginary, but it has some value because some idiots buy it, so it can be considered a commodity 🤷‍♂️

  28. Avatar a jsajd says:

    The currency is a cheat. The rich countries have unfair advantage over poor countries. The people that created it knew exactly what it is and how it will help them.

  29. Avatar الاستاذ ماهر عباس Maher Abbas says:

    They are all wrong because they chose those are theifs and Fraudsters
    They are promised for Iraqi Peolpe better life
    Hhhhhhahhhahha but i think that will happen when the moon is blue

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      Iraq is a failed state, a british colony created to secure the oil fields.

  30. Avatar Colin Smith says:

    “They’re not after me, They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in their way”-Donald Trump

    R.I.P. Brandy Vaughan……

    • Avatar حسين الماجد says:


    • Avatar MrBobDug says:

      Thier not after the Iraqis either they are after you Colin. Middle east just the testing ground.

  31. Avatar nataliie rundabow says:

    this is what happens when you take out a stable government just like in Libya both shambles of nations now

    • Avatar حسين الماجد says:

      America will do it to Iran too

    • Avatar A. A. says:

      Yes, stable, but at what price? With a numb nut destabilising an entire region, financing terrorism, and crushing any opposition. How long do you just sit and watch?

    • Avatar kerokawuekk says:

      @حسين الماجد Iran has friends, Just like Russia and China

    • Avatar حسين الماجد says:

      @kerokawuekk yeah China would likely retaliate if Biden puts his hands on Iran

  32. Avatar luci75 D says:

    Wow. USA capitalism system implemented in Iraq give its value now ! They all cry for Sadam To be back now !

    • Avatar Hamid Hussein says:

      People didn’t love Sadam but they love him more than America

    • Avatar Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      Saddam was Hitler. No one cries for him

    • Avatar Hamid Hussein says:

      @Mohammed Abdul Khader
      Was he worse than American Peace though?

    • Avatar Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      @Hamid Hussein yes, exponentially worse

  33. Avatar Corey Foehner says:


  34. Avatar tahseen ahmad says:

    Dont do this, government can do anything for power like syria …be stable , inshallah peace will come….

  35. Avatar Anime watch says:

    They should free float their currency.

  36. Avatar Hakkim shajahan says:

    Bad luck 2029

    Better uck 2021

  37. Avatar Rita Amp says:

    The Iraqis has bartered their wealth with Freedom.
    Don’t whining.

  38. Avatar Richard's World Traveler says:

    The rich are getting richer and the others are getting poorer.

  39. Avatar Selur Dog says:

    Seems like they have less deaths/million (worldometers) COVID than Canada. Wow- numbers don’t lie right?
    If it’s about mask wearing, seems like lots of those in the vid aren’t wearing them, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.
    Maybe, they just have better healthcare 😉

  40. Avatar Obaid Bin Shafiq says:

    Saddam ended so ended Iraq

  41. Avatar Obaid Bin Shafiq says:

    Iraq’s Currency will be Replaced…
    Syrian currency will be Replaced…
    Egyptian currency will be Replaced…
    By What ???
    Foreign intervention…
    Said by Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

    • Avatar TACBleded20 says:

      Where did he say that?

  42. Avatar I. Cruz says:

    At the end of the day this is the result of American intervention and the installation of a corrupt puppet government.

  43. Avatar Mohsin Riaz says:

    Not corruption but due to USA.

  44. Avatar Dave Tan says:

    Ok! I’ll add an Iraqi wife to my harem. Already have a couple of Lebanese ones and a trio of Venezuelans.

  45. Avatar historical legends says:

    God bless USA 🇺🇸 ❤❤

  46. Avatar calvin wynn says:

    China Communist Party and WHO must hold accountable for all the death and destructions around the world.

  47. Avatar Ahmad Arfaq says:

    Irani backet current shia govt has destroyed Iraq

  48. Avatar Alex Gunawan says:

    Ironically, Allah is powerless dealing with money. 🤣🤣

    • Avatar Hussein Munshed says:

      What do you mean by that? you think God doesn’t see what there are doing he’s just testing them and us.

    • Avatar Alex Gunawan says:

      @Hussein Munshed testing ? show me the verse. if you could not, you just invented your own verse. 🤣

    • Avatar Hussein Munshed says:

      And I get what you’re saying you think that God deserted us to them it is what it is we can’t help it and sorry for commenting like this I’m just…

    • Avatar Alex Gunawan says:

      @Hussein Munshed
      All God need money. and he claim he is powerful. 🤣
      According to UN, 15,000 kids die everyday. 3 kids die every minute. After you finish reading my comment another 3 kids die. R u sure God exist ?

    • Avatar Hussein Munshed says:

      @Alex Gunawan dude seriously I’m not gonna argue with you about God’s existsins or not it’s your life not mine. but will see in the end who’s right and whose wrong. Alsalam alekom wa Rahmat Allah wa barakatoh.

  49. Avatar Caloy Tolentino says:

    What happen to irag is the doing of the american ,blame it all to america,which they destroy irag whole country,

  50. Avatar Hamza ForChrist says:

    Like Israel, sometimes its better not to have oil, so that a country will be force to use there brains and not depend on oil.

  51. Avatar Alisina Bayat says:

    Now Iraqi must pray for Saddam Hussein.

  52. Avatar Bones Shirly says:

    Stack physical precious metals!

  53. Avatar Ram Bo says:

    There is no more future in oil, life in Iraq will just get worse. Even the rich oil producing countries in the gulf will also suffer.

  54. Avatar Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

    Why is Christmas a public holiday in Iraq? Have you no shame, claiming to be a Muslim country?

  55. Avatar Pat Downs says:

    This, of course, is only part of the larger problem. Even the oil companies and the international agencies agree that, by the end of the century, oil will be gone as a economically recoverable resource used for fuel and power generation. It will be too valuable to use that way. Even by mid century, oil and natural gas will be fading fast as an energy source for power generation and a transportation fuel. It will be reserved for use in plastics and medicine. Countries that depend on oil and natural gas face a huge problem.

    It’s the old saying: “My grandfather rode a camel; I drive a Mercedes; my son will ride a camel” brought to life. That’s what is actually going to happen.

    It should be stated the the government of Iraq fully realizes this and is working — at least somewhat — to restore the irrigation system in central Iraq.

  56. Avatar Jesse Vizcarra says:

    Iraq will be made whole in 2021!

  57. Avatar Hussein Munshed says:

    أذية والله أذية

  58. Avatar Eric N says:

    US invasion = success

  59. Avatar Riza Lukman says:

    Iraq is a speculation for US.If by bringing democracy to Iraq can improve the economy and social status then US can say to all Arab countries that democracy bring sucess

  60. Avatar AYUB KAZI says:

    This is puppet government of Iraq working for US

  61. Avatar Neha Bhardwaj says:

    To the concerned PM..start working on the Education sector..also inflation is to controlled policies can be changed for the same

    • Avatar Neha Bhardwaj says:

      Also, i am a spam on Twitter now..will be available soon by other means..we have to save the people

    • Avatar Neha Bhardwaj says:

      I requested all the people to not come in front even the it the people way now..i hope u will realise it soon…also, start connecting with the same country, ppl in power has changed..time is critical.

  62. Avatar mansa shaka says:

    Result = Poverty

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