Beirut faces rising poverty after blast

2020 8/19
Beirut faces rising poverty after blast

As Lebanon’s political elite negotiate a new prime minister and cabinet, more Lebanese are falling into poverty.
For many the explosion of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate at the port was the last straw.
Many are relying on handouts from charities for the first time in their lives.

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from Beirut.

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  • Aka Hasan Hasan Aka says:

    Israel Musad Attack Libanon

    • Skrooge Lantay says:

      @Unconventional Records You’re a lying dimwit. Still no proof because you got none. Trump is on Israel’s side

    • Unconventional Records says:

      Jameel Ja yes it does make me very knowlagble I fought in a war had friends from all around the country and fought against many others. When I say Israel I don’t mean the nation I mean the opposing political party in Lebanon who supports Israel but is not in contact with them directly. They are called the future party, these people are close to as strong as Hezbollah and they want to be stronger so they do this explosion to make people protests against the hezb that way they gain more influence. In slang when Lebanese say Israel they mean the future party lol.

    • Unconventional Records says:

      Jameel Ja future party in Lebanon also banned dollars from intending the country banned foreign investors since 2019 and are responsible for the dollar crisis and the fire and explosion. When all these things happen in a row it’s no more an accident, someone is behind it all. When crisis happens people blame the victor which in our case is hezbollah. When people hate in hezbollah that just makes future and other party’s even stronger simple as that. 5 people want a pizza one just wants more than the other to the gets the cutting knife and slowly stabs the other.

    • Unconventional Records says:

      Skrooge Lantay what does trump have to with this? Ow rote my analysis below please reply ina formal manner so I can have a conversation with you

    • Jameel Ja says:

      @Unconventional Records see, now you’re finally responding in a logical and concise way.
      As far as I’ve known about Lebanon it’s always embroiled in war or conflict. And I think a big part of it is the secretion structure of the government. It needs to be secular. The constitution needs to change.

  • ikm64 says:

    It’s now a failed state…
    I will make but one observation…and it’s true for so much in life…
    It’s not possible to save anything…get out if you can…while you can…

    • whatsapp status guru says:

      It’s next Venezuela.

    • muzosh says:

      If all the good leave there will be only weak.

    • ikm64 says:

      @muzosh True…but that’s life…
      The ‘good’ can’t always be expected to ‘fix’ the stupidity of others…
      In this place, even the ‘good’ can’t make a difference…
      But they will wherever they call their new ‘home’
      Some things are just not worth saving…’ sectarian states ‘ just one…
      Yes, a lesson in the learning…you give up the ‘middle ground’ at your peril.

    • Seed of Jacob says:

      America should take you advice full throttle

    • ikm64 says:

      @Seed of Jacob But where can they go?…
      The ‘good’ come up with ‘good’ ideas and those ideas need venture capital…
      Venture capital lives in one place…America
      America is the place the ‘good’ go to…
      That’s why you have a Facebook Paypal Strip Google and the like…
      Europe for example has? _______ ______ ______
      China ROBBED and copied all its examples…

  • Herbert Rojas says:

    Oh my God.

  • Linda Steckel says:

    Where is all the International aid?
    People of Lebanon Israel has offered aid. Don’t be proud!!

    • swave158 says:

      @Linda Steckel That where you going find, you are not an island. You are all interconnected. You see.

    • Linda Steckel says:

      No but you will

    • Scratchy Ballzack says:

      @Linda Steckel The Israelis ate the true occupiers of the land. We here in the USA support you and hope for your continued success. Israel has managed to do many incredible things in a short amount of time.

    • Linda Steckel says:

      @Scratchy Ballzack Thank you for your support.
      Israel and America are true friends and allies.
      May we all see better times.

    • Yashoor G says:

      @Linda Steckel You are so proud of your sadistic jokes, hasbara, you are really gloating

  • Ayush Gupta says:

    A hard path lies ahead for lebanon,it has to rebuild it’s economy,it’s government and the infrastructure let’s hope they can do that without falling into anarchy
    I hope they can make a comeback

    • swave158 says:

      @Suleiman Look Jordan for most part because their King is very smart on how he handles their politics. As for GCC it power and influence is going change, once the open war break out with Iran. Saudi Arabia and his King is going feel a lot pain. They are already destroying the Kingdom.

    • Ayush Gupta says:

      @I am khan and I dont have a gun you probably are the few who made a full sentence didn’t start bashing me up and say my country will end ….don’t generalize people,we got 1 billion indians they are a wide variety but I can assure you most are humane in real life

    • Maria Smith says:


      Lebanese refugees are not the same as Syrian refugees.

      Lebanon is 40% Christian and the remaining Muslim population shows varying levels of observance and conservatism.

      There have been waves of Lebanese migration before and plenty of them have assimilated totally into western society.

      You could see them more like Greek or Maltese refugees than Syrian, Iraqi or afghan.

    • knowallnew says:

      @Ayush Gupta 👍👍

  • Palm says:

    Can anyone explain how the explosion caused the middle class to be wiped out? I can’t see the connection

    • Unconventional Records says:

      Mi Movil isreal want instability in Lebanon an unstable country is a weaker one its less of a threat + i as a Lebanese local I want you to understand one thing. I don’t care if my neighbor dies the next day, and he doesn’t care about me. We don’t care about our country people we care about the members of our political party’s only. We have 5 major ones. Some want lebanon to drown, some want stability. My party wants a divided lebanon divided so each party can control parts equally to others vise versa. That way conflict finishes and each parts gains stability.

    • Palm says:

      @Unconventional Records People of Lebanon needs to unite together. Otherwise this will be a recurring issue and the country cannot progress.

    • Unconventional Records says:

      Palm it’s not the first time the country got destroyed it’s the 7th time in fact and it will stay like this.

    • Palm says:

      @Unconventional Records sad times. I’ll be sending the positive energy to the Lebanese people regardless.

    • Maria Smith says:

      Unconventional Records

      Hello, could you please comment on the abhorrent treatment of migrant workers and why you people think it’s acceptable to treat people in this way when you have been protesting AGAINST inhuman treatment by your government for almost a year now???

      I mean I would really like to know, some of the stories coming from these women are incredible

  • Que_Rico says:

    The elites in these countries are beyond corrupt. They funnel money out, invest in western nations, rinse and repeat. You can’t have a country like that.

    • Kerry Bailey says:

      Exactly. It’s so unfortunate.

    • Ruthieal says:

      I thank God every day that our Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) was elected because of the money laundering by former Pakistani politicians!

    • Fynn Mc says:

      red gaming bruh im not talking about an attack im talking about an accident. Trumps administration loves to strip regulations, a lack of regulations are the reason the Beirut blast happened in the first place. The fact submarines still swim around there carrying megaton level ballistic missiles for “practice drills” and “routine missions” is a bit alarming whenever the thought pops up in my head…

    • Gabrielle olorunda says:

      Like Britain !

    • Gags Double J says:

      Excuse me Sir/Madam
      Are you saved?
      If you died tonight are you going to heaven?
      Jesus loves you.

  • Dylan Photography says:

    Our prayers with them… god bless them all…

    • howzit3000 says:

      Pray all that you want. But if there is no over haul in the system no change for the better.

  • dheeraj mulchandani says:

    It’s so painful to see something like this and it’s more painful to be there in the situation and feel it day by day.
    God bless you.

  • Fatih sultan Mehmet says:

    Israel is behind this attack

    • Linda Steckel says:

      That was a theoretical paper that was hijacked by antisemites and distorted. There is no Yinon Plan.

    • Jerry Ventura says:

      You wish I know it’s awful embarrassing knowing hezbollah blew up their own stash

    • Halia says:

      Linda Steckel “hijacked” sureeee

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Yup Felicia

    • Halia says:

      Linda Steckel whatever Felicia

  • Cheng chang Chu says:

    Remove hizbolla terrorist

  • ألف ومية says:

    I wish my country would fall into civil war already.

    • SlavicDubs says:


    • ألف ومية says:

      @SlavicDubs there’s nothing left. the state is non-existent, it’s anarchy with some organized state institutions that are only in place to serve politicians and their followers. either civil war (death or immigration) or slow death. we already despise each other so the best solution is the first

    • Maria Smith says:

      ألف ومية

      Before you go to war would you mind releasing those poor migrants you have been abusing back to their countries please??

    • Indranil Dutta says:

      @ألف ومية don’t think like that hope for the best we,Indians are always with u lebanese

  • marctorres654 says:

    But corrupt officials getting richer

  • DejaVu says:

    Germany is deeply involved there!

    How could it happen while the German Navy was
    guarding the waters there through a mandate from the Bundestag. Furthermore,
    this mandate protects Israel in order to prevent arms deliveries.

    The Lebanese Navy has also been trained, has
    received salary stations and several pieces of equipment, so the Germans were
    unable to intercept this ship? Then the training of the German Navy was

    Now someone from the government has to explain to
    us how this ship was able to slip through under the supervision of the German


    Blue helmet soldiers of the UNIFILUnited Nations
    Interim Force in Lebanon Mission have been campaigning for peace between
    Lebanon and Israel since 1978. The mission is thus one of the oldest
    peacekeeping operations of the United Nations (UN United Nations). It is based
    on resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978) of the United Nations Security

    The first task was to monitor the planned
    ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli security forces from Lebanon. After the
    Second Lebanon War in 2006, the mandate was supplemented. Since then,
    UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in Lebanon has been supporting the Lebanese
    government in securing the sea borders and preventing weapons smuggling across
    the sea. The UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in Lebanon was the first fleet
    association under the leadership of the United Nations – German ships and boats
    have been operating in this association from the start. The ships prevent the
    smuggling of weapons by sea into Lebanon and thus contribute to stability and
    security in the region. The Lebanese Navy has received valuable equipment from
    Germany, including guard boats and coastal radar stations. German marines have
    also been involved in training the Lebanese navy for several years.

    At the beginning of the naval mission, the focus
    was still on pure maritime surveillance. Today, the Lebanese Navy is supported
    in securing the country’s sea borders increasingly independently. Countless
    Lebanese soldiers took part in training modules and were able to significantly
    improve their skills in maritime surveillance and the tactical work of naval
    forces. Initially, the soldiers were instructed in individual aspects,
    meanwhile Lebanese boarding teams are practicing on board boats of the
    UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in the Lebanon Association and watch boats
    of the Lebanese Navy take part in exercises and operations of the maritime task

    At the naval school in Jounieh, a city north of
    Beirut, soldiers of the German training command Lebanon are planning workshops
    and modules together with their Lebanese partners – for example in navigation,
    seamanship and tactics – and use training facilities and workshops set up with
    German support. The aim is to train entire boat crews as a team so that they
    can independently control their coastal waters. Since 2011, the German Navy has
    been training Lebanese officer cadets every year at the Mürwik Naval School,
    where they prepare for leadership roles in the Lebanese Navy. The Secretary
    General of the United Nations regularly recognizes international training
    support as a sustainable contribution in his progress report.

    There are an average of five to eight warships in
    the naval unit. They currently come from Brazil, Bangladesh, Greece, Indonesia,
    Turkey and Germany. The association is led by a Brazilian admiral on board its
    flagship. Germany has an average of around 150 soldiers. The upper limit of the
    mandate of the German Bundestag is 300. The mandate of the German Bundestag is
    valid until June 30, 2020. The UNUnited Nations deploy around 10,300 soldiers
    and 800 civilian employees for the entire UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in
    Lebanon .

    The German soldiers are in the Lebanon training
    command, on board a corvette in the naval unit, in the UNIFILUnited Nations
    Interim Force in Lebanon headquarters in Naqoura and in the support group in
    Cyprus. Since the start of the maritime operation, the Bundeswehr has provided
    ships and personnel without interruption. Lebanon received a chain of radar
    stations and a control center from Germany, which were built along the coast by
    2013 and whose operators were trained by German marines. This means that
    Lebanon has an overview of the situation of its own coastal waters at any time.
    There was also a simulator for navigation and radar training and a training
    workshop for machinists. Most recently, four electronics workshops were handed
    over, with which the Lebanese Navy can independently repair the systems on its
    ships and the radar stations.

    So how can it be that this ship with 2,750 tons ofammonium nitrate just slips through.

  • I am khan and I dont have a gun says:

    They need our prayer……..and a whole lot of cash.

    • whatsapp status guru says:

      No one will give cash to them when Venezuela collapse no one help them sad reality of today world

    • fake media no more says:

      No cash!!!!!!! That will go to support terrorism.

  • DoNkEyPuNcHeR5000 says:

    up next: America faces rising poverty after Trump

  • fake media no more says:

    Hisbolla is to blame!!!!!! Terrorists run your country Lebanese. please wake up🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Md SAYED says:

    I loved the thumbnail…..

    • Jotaro Kujo says:

      She was stupid thick

  • Mir Qazim says:

    This will be the root cause for another civil war…
    I hope I’m wrong

    • A says:

      Maria Smith
      We don’t “run” to African countries, we literally built them.

    • Maria Smith says:


      You built them but you can’t even build your own capital city without destroying it with ammonium nitrate and car bombs from Syria every day, filthy animal

    • Maria Smith says:

      Mir Qazim

      Yes I am.

    • Mir Qazim says:

      @Maria Smith then I have no right to tell you anything

    • Maria Smith says:

      Mir Qazim

      Thank you, in Africa we have been hosting 🇱🇧 who were fleeing famine and Ottoman oppression for over 100 years now yet they still use our name as mockery.

      Just look at that useI ss föôI, even with 80% devalued currency and destroyed capital city he still has the guts to mention 🇱🇷.

      Did 🇱🇷 tell them to keep explosives in their city center for 6 years??

      They are so arrogant and have such bad manners, I can’t stand them

  • ungratefulmetalpansy says:

    makes my life so easy by comparison
    my biggest problem is which brand of sparkly water i can afford this week

  • emnaul monte says:

    what are doing this rich countries from Gulf? why they dont help them?

    • Danish Ali says:

      Because Lebanon is controlled by shia group and they don’t want to help shia authorities.

    • red gaming says:

      Money only to help people u like and will following u, like a sugar daddy.
      If u can’t be a good sugar baby so they won’t help u even u cry out loud for it.
      Politics is cruel.

  • dillydong says:

    Looks like Lebanon needs some Freedom 🇺🇲🌎

    • Gery A says:

      Lebanon is a democracy.

  • Shamnad K says:

    There must be a corruption free government irrespective of religious sects.

    • Tazboy says:

      Agree… oppresion shud be stopped…no religion promote oppresion

    • red gaming says:

      I doubt bout that.. I believe in corruption free gov is a fairy tale. Every gov in this world is corrupt, different is, they do it clean or dirty.

  • Hub Bone says:

    Lebanon even the Yemeni people are still facing poverty ruin etc as other Arabian country’s all effected too with covid19. Prophets may not be blamed, but money & power all of which for more stronger weapons etc. BAME’s need & want change in the USA etc equally in all Arabia countries. LOL in regime change & for all your futures away from criminal mafia enterprises. Netanyahu still evading his criminal doings, hopefully his regime change comes soon.

  • Mohammed Ibrahim says:


    • try2justbe says:

      Which one is the first?

  • Protiti Khan says:

    The audacity of corrupt governments never ceases to amaze me, no matter which country they’re in. They want and even receive all the power and the money, but must not leave the people even a shred of dignity. I hear the bells ringing for revolution.

  • Illyrian Gamer says:

    i don’t get how those arabs keep multiplying when they can only make up about 5% of their food and the rest import from the world

  • bijar says:

    Buy Bitcoin. No government can restrict your withdrawal or buying power, nor can they inflate away your wealth. If you have a business, you should accept Bitcoin as a payment option. It is horrifying that on top of a tragedy like the explosion in Beirut, the people have their hardship compounded by such an abusive financial system.

  • Bruce Westoby says:

    Well ,feel so sorry for the people in Behruit! Bet how are business owners here in the States going to reopen destroyed stores,mom and pop shops after the Marxist BLM (BLF) , Antifa, gang members were allowed to rampage night after night. Portland, Seattle, New York , Chicago, Baltimore and Los Angeles! Different causes, same results, with same uncaring inept politicians.Yes we are a third world country!

    • Diary of a Grim Reaper says:

      BLM are Satanists who have been using Black Magic on the people, their spells have been in almost all the recent propaganda. They are real witches, as witchcraft, BLACK MAGIC WAS USED IN BEIRUT AS WELL,watch my videos, I expose BLM, and the Satanism, the witchcraft. I speak their language.

  • Varun Sharma says:

    Lets see how the muslimbrotherhood help each other…..

    • Robert Pearce says:


    • Manoj Kumar Garanayak says:

      @Robert Pearce 🤣🤣

  • adam willems says:

    Hi Al Jazeera, could you please send me the address of the “International community” who will juge which government is “aceptable” .Have been hearing from them most of all in the press and would very much like to meet them.

    • red gaming says:

      Mostly will be the one to pro who gave the money..

    • Hans says:

      700 19th Street, DC

    • dor azati says:

      a goverment with 0 hezbollah officials in it and a goverment that is ready to make reforms so that the money goes to the people.
      of course lebanon can say “no”, but then again when you want money from someone you need to do what he says.

  • mansa shaka says:

    “It’s liberty or death. It’s freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody.” – Malcolm X

    • Diary of a Grim Reaper says:

      I Speak Their Language Mh Codes in Jewish Gematria equals: 848
      A Subliminal Mind Control in Jewish Gematria equals: 848


      You Speak Before You Learn in Jewish Gematria equals: 1760
      Computer Software in Jewish Gematria equals: 1760


    • 144,000 seconds til midnight says:

      ONLY freedom is in JESUS

    • Diary of a Grim Reaper says:

      @144,000 seconds til midnight He is already here in the flesh. No one believes. He was BORN here. He is here. He already knows who he is.

    • MH Codes says:

      @Diary of a Grim Reaper you justified my comment

    • Diary of a Grim Reaper says:

      @MH Codes WHY? BECAUSE I DO NOT SUBMIT TO LUCIFER? You call your self codes, you have no idea about codes. YOU ARE ONLY A POSER.

  • obicapa says:

    Hasan Nasrollah the head of Hezbollah cousin was the head of port of Beirut he was arrested and released one day after. 100 Hezbollah members who were on trial for kiiling of Hariri were air lifted one day after this explosion to Iran.

    • Maria Smith says:


    • obicapa says:

      @Maria Smith exactly Google it.

    • soniX Gamez says:

      Proof of the first hezbollah head of port claim?

    • obicapa says:

      @soniX Gamez it’s not a secret Google it

    • soniX Gamez says:

      @obicapa I’m lazy. Give me a link. Can’t find it.

  • P M says:

    Very sad situation.

  • KC MO says:

    90% inflation!

  • alicia nolan says:

    How are they going to be okay!

  • Zaraf.ahmad 786 says:

    Israel and Zionists deliberately destroyed beirut

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Even Hezebollah said no to this

    • Zaraf.ahmad 786 says:

      @Linda Steckel why would Hezbollah accept they were outclassed and beaten by ZIONs

    • Gery A says:

      Why the conspiracy theories? Does you hate for jews outnumber your use of logical thinking?

    • Surush S. says:

      @Gery A its not conspiracy, its the truth. This blast was caused by a nuclear bomb and it was done by israel.

  • Robert Brown says:

    Lebanon was skint before the blast , it just made things worse.

    • Abraham Tsfaye says:

      Lebanon has no natural resources & no money.
      Lebanon has no future.

    • A says:

      @Abraham Tsfaye
      We have more LNG than Qatar fucktard.

    • Abraham Tsfaye says:

      @A Nothing confirmed. Nothing has been find in Lebanese EEZ. It’s just basically dreams. Lebanon has no money and no resources.

  • Kevin Wellwrought says:

    Iran must continue helping and saving Lebanon as before.

  • Josh Asprey says:

    The majority has been poverished even before the blast. They just keep their mouth shut. Now there is no filter anymore.

  • Jesus is King says:

    Save a life save a soul tell someone about the saving message of Jesus Christ today.. Look no further for the answer your soul has been searching for. Jesus Christ is the answer for this life and promises a glorious destiny in Heaven. Repent and say yes to Jesus today it will change your life forever. He will make your path straight and offers peace that surpasses understanding. Praise the Lord Hallelujah Amen!

    • ꧁Райан замановиц꧂ says:


    • Jesus is King says:

      @Kari Terhark Jesus is always the answer.

    • Jesus is King says:

      @Kari Terhark but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”

    • Jesus is King says:

      @꧁Райан замановиц꧂
      World lets work together to destroy the power of satan who wishes to destroy everyone and everything. The enemy comes to kill to to steal and to destroy. But Jesus came so we may have life and life abundantly. The devil has his way through unforgiveness, sin, letting people offend us. We must learn to take our rightful position our creator gave us so we can receive his blessings in our lives. SAY NO TO SIN IT WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FAMILY. The wages of SIN ARE DEATH. FORGIVE ALL, DON’T GET offended this is how the devil keeps us on the run. Plant your self firm and unmovable and stay strong. The whole gospel can be summed up as love your neighbor as you love yourself. Matthew 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” 13 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
      Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;
      14 Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well. Jesus is the way the truth and the life and the TRUTH Will make us free. Consult the bible for our human operating instructions given by our creator. The way that seems right to a man is destruction. Raise your children in the way they should go so their soul and health may prosper! We have all these problems because we allow satan to operate in our lives. SAY NO MORE. SAY GET BEHIND ME SATAN. I AM A CONQUEROR IN CHRIST JESUS! THE VICTORY IS MINE! You are a nasty disgusting serpent UNDERNEATH MY FEET by the authority of JESUS CHRIST. Amen Amen Amen

    • Jesus is King says:

      @Kari Terhark and prayer changes all

  • -Name - says:

    1:50 It baffles me that people want more government, when this is what you get. Why not become more self-reliant? Do you want to depend on a government to take care of you, or do it yourself?

  • Aniruddh Rabinder Nath says:

    Till 1950s lebanon was christian majority and was secular liberal happy society..than in 1960 it became Muslim majority and rest is history..

  • Hog Nutz says:

    Unless you. Hezballala out I don’t care anymore . Ypu know what you need to do ask Isreal to liberate you

    • soniX Gamez says:

      No thanks. Lebanon doesn’t want to become another Israeli colony like Palestine.

  • I C U says:

    I bet there are rich people in your own country, sitting on the money instead of helping their own people, I have seen war torn and poverty stricken people asking for help/money and get given hand over fist by christian churches all around the world, then the very next day advertising a new temple dedicated to a fake god. WTF .

  • Dr. Sagar Guru says:

    My prayers are with Lebanese brothers and sisters….hope with new government formation, a new sun rises on Lebanon…

  • fessells ahmed says:

    Look at the coincidence..bomb blast in Lebanon and then UAE recognises Israel. Huge mistake.

  • Stan Lee says:

    I will never ever visit Lebanon and Egypt again had the worst experience there don’t know why they hate Indians so much

    • Halia says:

      David Frederick erm far from the truth 😷

    • Gevorg Van Armenië says:

      @Halia it’s actually true. There is some racism against people with darker color in the region.

    • Halia says:

      Gevorg Van Armenië the statement of Lebanese “worshiping” white Europeans is quite frankly wrong and gross.

    • Halia says:

      Gevorg Van Armenië I never once stated there is no racism towards darker skinned people in Lebanon

    • Gevorg Van Armenië says:

      @Halia that’s true.

  • OttomanOsman says:

    Hezbollah terrorists on the cry that it was not theirs. Lol

  • Boqor radio says:

    The only left for him is his young wife , donors will release the money and hopefully their house will stand again. Lebanon has a fundamental problem! They divided the government into 3 distinct religious lines, such government will never be stable

  • Khalistan Pakistan Zindaabad says:

    No one has paid for the explosion yet

  • Quite Strength says:

    It was the policies after the blast, start naming theM.

  • Tmg Clips says:

    How can he drive with that windshield!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Chris Van Bekkum says:

    As long as there is the religious divide in Libanon , IT is nog likely to prosper .

  • Richard 801 says:

    Please go to the YouTube app, type in PETA, go to PLAYLISTS, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thanks

  • Jessica Robinson says:

    Gov was like eh too much work we’ll just get on our jets and dip….I see you pulled a France

  • alastair knowles says:

    they still wear a face nappie. wake up. there is NO virus. it s a hoax look at the deaths numbers it’s made up by Govts to suppress the People.

    This old fool is supporting the Govt by wearing a mask.

    don’t you get it. Covid has brought disaster recession. The West will not rescue you. BUT hiding behind a mask is crazy.

  • Golnar Frouzan says:


  • Just Another Monkey says:

    Thanks captain obvious, I was thinking they’d have an economic BOOM….

  • Pablo Benz says:

    Salam And Shalom Lebanon!!! 🇱🇧 ❤️ Fuerza Líbano!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Stay Strong!!!

  • Sam Snider says:

    This is what will happen to The US if demacratic party wins

  • TheUsername217 says:

    “It only gets worse”
    – Lebanese quote in 2020

  • Eli C says:

    Sounds like there needs to be government reform at the highest levels in order to prevent another explosion like this one.

  • bastia Mars says:

    lets stop mistreating African maids in Lebanon . racism and deal seated hatred is too much

    • Maria Smith says:

      Exactly, thank you.

  • Mr NA'R says:

    Hezbollah ruined the country

  • T F says:

    Just a heads up. In the last 2 days…news from the blast has disappeared from youtube here in Canada. You can search for it but it’s not showing up on it’s own.

  • jojo batikan says:

    Why theres No peace inside the religion of peace only those who collaborated with the christian countries . Why sucessors of mohmad was killed by them ..

  • Just ka L says:

    Look like Lebanon government even worser than Chinese government at least they reaction quick if accident occur .

  • red gaming says:

    I didn’t know Lebanese gov is pro Iranian/hezbollah from the beginning, and I think the blast is part of foreign mission to make the gov step down/fall. And now they archive it, they will spent the money for you, but u need to follow-up theirs demands as well..
    At this point, the country is already on the edge of collapse, when the billion dollar money came in, i wonder whoever in have authority on it will corrupted it at least 5-10%.

  • yesenia annette says:

    Hopefully they can rebuild and the government doesn’t resign. If that happens maybe Israel will try to take more Arab land.. idk just a thought 💭

    • fireboy1996 says:

      A stupid thought, but still a thought. Yeah, let’s hope the government doesn’t resign. I mean it has managed the economy and infrastructure etc. so marvelously! Good god what a simpleton you are yesenia. Jesus christ what a moron.

    • astro boy says:

      Are Lebanese people arab by DNA? Or is it just language.

  • Ahmed Shahab says:

    That Range Rover in the background tho.

  • mmmutahhar1978 says:

    Tac n device

  • M Hussain says:

    Stop spreading false narrative. It’s only been ten days. How can entire city turn poor in ten days ?

    • Maria Smith says:

      Ummm by losing their entire livelihood in less than 10 seconds????

    • M Hussain says:

      @Maria Smith Entire city ?

    • Maria Smith says:

      M Hussain

      Cities are made up of people living in networks. If one part of the network goes down the other people will be affected.

      That’s not to mention all the missing and dead people who may have been breadwinners or business owners who employed people.

      Obviously the WHOLE city isn’t ruined but a substantial enough amount of damage has been sustained for us to take these claims seriously.

    • M Hussain says:

      @Maria Smith I can see what you mean and I know it must be devastating for families who lost their bread winners and I empathise with them. . However, to say that the economy of entire country is in turmoil because of this horrible devastation is just beyond my comprehension. Food shortage and all.

    • Maria Smith says:

      M Hussain

      I don’t think it should beyond comprehension in a country as small as Lebanon, especially when the population has no faith in the government and relies on local favours from people of the same religion.

      That kind of system can be easily ruined by something like this.

  • jooj eltassi says:

    They still blame the government man serious I remember 23 years ago as a kid the ppl there spoke of how corrupt the government was there and yet they manage to vote these morons in for the last 23 years.i blame the ppl more then government

    • Indranil Dutta says:

      came to power through malpractice

  • Alpha Team says:

    Rich Islamic countries should help them rather than just talk about it and expect others to bail them out!

    • Khalil Baganian says:

      Why only islamic countries though? All rich countries should help them.

  • baron226 says:

    sell your house and move to coutryside … my suggestion

  • jinny wazen says:

    and that’s what aljazera wants to achieve !

  • Mustafa Iraq says:

    Israel was behind this and we will take revenge.

    • Go for Gold says:

      Mustafa Iraq Really? And how do you know that? Do you know that it is very wrong to spread false rumours? How would you like it if someone accuses you of something you know you did not do?

    • Surush S. says:

      @Go for Gold Its not a false rumours, be certain that the explosion was a nuclear attack done by israel. But I am against revenge, middle east needs unity to get rid of tumor forever.

  • soniX Gamez says:

    why does aljewzeera keep deleting my comments? Propaganda channel.

  • Franklin Karunakaran says:

    Lebanon can be rebuilt. Everybody has to work for the welfare of the nation. Those who can go to other countries can go and earn for their family.

  • Cartier231 says:


  • barakah says:

    sayd nasrallah will rebuilt

  • Rob Happe says:

    Lebanon is a non-country. There is nothing that unites them other than frauds and schemes.

  • ooit says:

    Hezbollah is draining the country !

  • 144,000 seconds til midnight says:

    🇺🇸 NEXT

  • Ray Mak says:

    This is very sad to see =,(

  • Michael McFeely says:

    Enough blood and treasure has been wasted on Lebanon. Aid for Lebanon must be contingent on the removal of Hezbollah. Lebanon can not be trusted with my tax dollars.

  • leather Guy says:

    Let hezbollah feed them , the terrorist organisation was responsible for this .its not up to the rest of the world to help . We have our own problems

  • Joel Decoster says:

    where are all these people eating, sleeping?

  • Danny Sage says:

    Did I hear 90 percent inflation? Times like this I’m glad I don’t have kids. The world is in deep trouble.

  • D T says:

    Who ever will be in the power in Lebanon. The crooks will steal it.

  • any says:

    After the destruction, a v shape recovery comes.

  • Jeb Gossage says:

    Should they all move to Syria and start again?

  • LS rawat says:

    Lebanon consists of three countries

  • anton tirol says:

    follow them

  • machax002 says:

    you enslave Africans in Lebanon. now you cannot feed yourselves.