‘Frightening’: Weekend shutdown in Delhi as COVID grips India

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Health experts are warning of a humanitarian calamity in South Asia which is fast becoming the global epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak.
The region’s most populous nation, India, has registered nearly 235,000 cases in the past day. That is yet another daily record.
Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Narse Reddy says:

    This channel always blames Hindus

  2. Avatar Jahirul Islam says:

    I feel so sad for my brother’s in India, politicians are so busy with the elections

  3. Avatar Faraz Rajput says:

    According to modi government stool and cow urine are the best medicine for Carona lol is there any joke ??this show’s that how uneducated they are Indians never deserve uneducated and extremist government .

  4. Avatar Ronen Akoijam says:

    The failed Country with a Failed Leaders and failed people.

    • Avatar History and Culture says:

      What makes you say that?

    • Avatar Ronen Akoijam says:

      @History and Culture Coz that’s the country I belong to and I know.

    • Avatar History and Culture says:

      @Ronen Akoijam just because you are a citizen of a country doesn’t mean your opinion about a country is true

    • Avatar Ronen Akoijam says:

      @History and Culture On that note ..Thank you for your advice.

  5. Avatar tmanrx7 says:

    This is how fascist govts screw things up

    • Avatar History and Culture says:

      Which govt are you referring to?

  6. Avatar Roshan R says:

    Please understand the culprit here is PCR testing. This testing magnification factor beyond 25 is useless for PCR test. Indian PCR testing is conducted at 35 magnification factor. This result to at least 50% false positive results. People wont have any symptoms but tests positive. Please relay on antigen testing or any other testings. Never think follow other nations. Do your own research.

  7. Avatar Shahbaz Tariq says:

    Worst nation,
    Worst Leaders of India 😔

  8. Avatar Manuel Arellaga says:

    Tama Yan nang matodas na lahat

  9. Avatar Sahil Pathan says:

    Gaya india pani me

  10. Avatar ketek perih says:

    Biasalah negara prindavan

  11. Avatar Ghulam Nawaz says:

    Oh lord mercy 🙏

  12. Avatar Rupak Rokka says:


  13. Avatar u3962521 says:

    Why hasn’t India shut down? Why aren’t they wearing masks. Not santisizing ? India’s troubles are self inflicted.

  14. Avatar Hogwartz Wizard says:

    All these death are happening due to new covid -19 strain double mutant strain of brazil Thats why death are happening. All state wether bjp or non bjp are crippled. Most caes are in non Bjp State and all the parties are doing political rally. Also many musllim went for ramadan meeting in public without follow covid 19 norms. I can see bias of al jasera

  15. Avatar Papa Legba says:

    Why no news on the civil war in Pakistan hahahahahaha

    • Avatar Asadullah Mazhar says:

      Why you care about pakistan apni ma deni hain?

  16. Avatar Ken Lu says:

    Even as someone not living in India, but do observe Indian festivals, I’m amazed they still gather in large crowds and celebrate. Doesn’t matter religion related or others, this is science we’re talking about. Ignore it, and pay the price.

  17. Avatar where did God come from says:

    Protect yourself by going to vote 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 exercise your right then die

  18. Avatar Bobs Your Uncle says:

    I mean, what did you think was going to happen?

  19. Avatar yagami light says:

    Hindus r in danger. This time for real. Mudiji is the bestest

  20. Avatar Dianna Nezuoka says:

    Especially people in this type of big cites are the one that doesn’t care much doesn’t even wear mask and even voting at this moment n festival

  21. Avatar Pinto Vikramaditya says:

    Every thing was under control in india except in one state maharashtra.
    Maharashtra should have taken extra measures and precautions. But maharashtra government didnt and covid 2nd wave spreading in india.

    And some fools are still blaming Modi.😁

  22. Avatar Elegance exports says:

    Qabristan shamshan sub ka yehi hal god save my all indians bros and sisters i am praying

  23. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

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  24. Avatar Pak Awan says:

    People : Enjoying Festival 🎉🎊
    Corona : Hello guys, add me too 🌚

  25. Avatar Md. Arifuzzaman says:

    Ruturn to Allah subhanawatala (your lord) and know Islam

  26. Avatar Mark Messier says:

    Obviously, India is manufacturing fake data on COVID. The COVID is 100% in the country. All Indians arriving in foreign countries are positive.

  27. Avatar Mark Messier says:

    India is going to lose 4% of it’s population in 2 years.

  28. Avatar wahyu nasution says:

    modi festival?

  29. Avatar MrKesaven says:

    Vote for Nodi ji… You will get more like this

  30. Avatar Shaheed Ahmed says:

    It is plan of Allah to reduce the population on EARTH to a living situation.

  31. Avatar Usama Haider says:

    I feel for my indian brothers
    may Allah keep us safe
    from pakistan 🇵🇰
    Thank God its in control over here

    • Avatar % A says:

      Sikh logoko Sabse Jada asafalataye kyo milti hai??

  32. Avatar CHERA L says:

    Because BJP CHUTIYA Hain

  33. Avatar Subodh Mishra says:

    This is the first time that whole nation is is being held ransom by rumour mongers by giving unsubstantiated And exaggerated picture of infection which might be a little bit more serious form of flu but being presented as deadly plague . The simple modes operandi of rumour Mills are to give number of positive test results rather than the death figures as are the norms for any other diseases. For that too after ascertaining the real cause., for instance the death figures at the time of peak are no more 2000 thousands in day in a country of 139crores. If One goes through the medical data of any other infectious dieses like TB than count will be more or less same .things to be noted here is that only 0.4 percent death occurred in bellow 60 years age group and almost 99 percent recovered taking treatment at home. .in Neighbouring countries which are like any other regions of our country situation is almost normal as they are treating it like any other Iinfection and only serious cases are referred to the hospital as is the normal medical norms. The reality of corona is like this—– Deep pockets=positive. Very very deep pockets= 3 to 5days roller coaster ride on ventilator. Pocket with hole = negative. Pocket with hole torn clothes with yellow teeth= what corona.

  34. Avatar biswa narayan says:

    Internet blackout in Pakistan , military genocide Sindhu and balochi people . Army killing people on street. That what happens when you elect a jihadist .

  35. Avatar Asadullah Mazhar says:

    Hahaha Yeh tu Hogga

  36. Avatar rai x says:

    These Indian politicians are the biggest comedian in the world.

  37. Avatar mohammad equbal says:

    Sarkar nahi vote dene wale jahil hain, Jo apni aur dusron ki jaan se khel rahe hain.

  38. Avatar Edward Hochwand says:

    That’s the great democracy. India is a good example for those failure countries, such like China. Hindustan zindabad!!! 😄

  39. Avatar Dongsheng Di says:

    The Governments Donating The Most Money To COVAX (Covid19) Donations to COVAX – AMC as of February 19 , 2021 *

    United States $ 2.50B
    Germany $ 1.097B
    United Kingdom $ 735M
    European Union $ 489M
    Japan $ 200M
    Canada $ 181 M
    Saudi Arabia $ 153M
    Norway $ 141m

    COVAX AMC Advance Market Commitment is a financing instrument supporting Covid – 19 vaccine access for 92 low to middle income governments through donations.

    • Avatar Online Math Quiz says:

      china is part of india 🇮🇳

  40. Avatar VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS says:

    Curse Clement Atlee for ditching the peoples of British India after all the support they had lent to the English rule.

  41. Avatar nabeel vaheed says:

    Helo best administration central👏and States! Is God cursing us?

  42. Avatar Online Math Quiz says:

    Jai BJP

  43. Avatar k4l0nk Vlog's says:

    its kind of ironic when india is selling vaccines to other countries while their own people is literally dying on the streets from covid – 19

  44. Avatar Fetih Mehmed says:

    Good news from India 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Avatar മലയാളി says:

    1.3 billion people.. You cant imagin what is india… In all aspects…

  46. Avatar Agusfar Agus says:

    Politician is clown …no doubt and no dare to life of people

  47. Avatar chester Lee says:

    Lies and propaganda.

  48. Avatar Gaurav Singh says:

    so hii all india and modi haters… dont worry in few years middle east and quatar didn’t exists

  49. Avatar yogesh.kumbam98 98 says:

    All Modi cares is of there is FDI inflow, the polls and the Kumbh Mela, the well being of the country’s people is over him and his administration, just imagine letting almost a million people a day for 4 days attend Kumbh Mela , consequences are gonna be grave, that is a blunder and a big one indeed

  50. Avatar fakhra amin says:

    Poor People my prayers are with them…what can we accept from RSS Modi and his foolish goons….Dr Mohanman Singh was a much better option…

  51. Avatar Level1 Selamat1 says:

    This was planned 10 yrs ago by Western powers to cripple Asian countries but every country has to pay now

  52. Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

    What do you expect from a filthy unhygienic country where people openly defecate in public.
    India is a basket-case.

  53. Avatar Terri Dermenjian says:

    India has the most gold in the world why are people poor so sad bad government

  54. Avatar V Rays says:

    They dont even cover mouth lol

  55. Avatar BankaiKiller says:

    The dumfcks at Kumbh Mela have dug their own graves and many others too along with them…. absolutely ridiculous!!

  56. Avatar Ismai says:

    Modi racist government party is killing everybody and going out to vote how stupid are there when they go on bathing that dirty water so I’ve got Covid now
    What a disgraceful government

  57. Avatar your daddy says:

    indians wanted mandir and voted for it and they got it accordingly. Now why they r crying for hospital and medical facilities?

  58. Avatar Naghmana Riazuddin says:

    Sad to see ….India is being mismanaged by Modhi gov too concerned with election and festivals with no social distancing so much to Modhi’s statement that india was saviour of world ..need to look after your people,first!

  59. Avatar Deb Pal says:

    Politicians are the dangerous virus

  60. Avatar Lalremtluanga Ralte says:

    Ignorance is the main reason.

  61. Avatar Soothing Symphony. says:

    Handwashing with soap and water, Personal Hygiene, Vitamin D tablets, Reading Psalm 91 from Bible will protect you from Covid, This is from my own experience as an ICU Nurse, never contracted Covid until now.

  62. Avatar Digustrail says:

    As an Indian, I can understand India is still same, only 50% are civilized.
    Rich v/s Poor, Scientist v/s illiteracy and lots of chaos…. in third world countries.

  63. Avatar v kumar says:

    if Corona is so powerful how come its not affecting media folks and politicians..

  64. Avatar mubeen kallu Vlog says:

    Not good Al jajira news only ripoting muslim

  65. Avatar Ahmad Mallick says:

    Kumbh festival is responsible for this. All Sadhu and santh are responsible for this. Illiterate peoples.

  66. Avatar Tony Kan says:

    God bless India from 🇬🇧 they need a new leader and new government who will help all Indians like the rest of Asia

  67. Avatar aasif mahgoub says:

    What do expect from country where lead and rule be far right wing Hindu.

  68. Avatar Hans Weissmann says:

    Thirteen months into the pandemic, you get to see this! What’s the lesson here?!

  69. Avatar Mina K says:


  70. Avatar Goldfinga Sliverfinga says:

    COVID 19 made by the elite to kill and control us

  71. Avatar soaif hasan says:

    Are not working Astra Zenica vaccine. This vaccine is effective less.

  72. Avatar soaif hasan says:

    India’s main reasons behind Covid-19 infection is province election where PM Norindo modi participate every campaign in west Bengal. This is unacceptable as a PM of India.

  73. Avatar II Parachute Regiment says:

    “””Go Corona… Go””””… Rally, people cramped on trains, going for a swim in slums

  74. Avatar Naura Sal says:

    There are thousands kind of Corona virus. If the virus has 2% or more differences with the first original virus found in Wuhan, it is not the mutation. It is a whole new virus.

  75. Avatar abdullah zahid says:

    Enjoy lunmela

  76. Avatar TJ Marx says:

    This is simple. When countries act like this they put the entire world at risk through new variants.

    The world MUST act. We must impose organised sanctions and tarriffs at 1000% by UN resolution on all goods from any nation not meeting their virus suppression obligations.

    The choice for them then becomes simple, act to suppress the virus through isolation, or your entire economy will be forcibly collapsed.

    Big countries, small countries, net importers, net exporters, it shouldn’t matter. Either get with the program or your country should be over.

  77. Avatar Nima Abachian Ghasemi says:

    go and buy some rafaels , its fix everything

  78. Avatar Husain B says:

    But still people will vote modi because hindu khatre me hai

  79. Avatar S.k Meena says:

    Farji news

  80. Avatar Peter P says:

    India brothers come to Canada 🇨🇦 and you will get free top-notch Healthcare and free $2,000 a month with no need to work . After 6 months you can sponsor all relatives to join you.

  81. Avatar Kechongol Rikha says:

    Elect a clown
    Expect a circus

  82. Avatar Sidheeque Vp says:

    That’s not ‘some’ politician but Modi and his BJP

  83. Avatar Kung Fu Master says:

    Howdy Modi 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  84. Avatar eaStudio HD says:

    Indians are busy spreading fake news about China, not fighting Covid

  85. Avatar gopi nimmagadda says:

    Please dont spread false news about india healthcare dear aljajeera…..

  86. Avatar Jasonfung says:

    It’s an exception on religious festival as people can gather, I remember one time in bengluru, a guy told me when I asked him why no social distancing then he replied me back by saying they are doing it to appease god so nothing will happen to them as it’s for god.

  87. Avatar Mayank Anand says:

    Its currently very chaotic and devastating situation in india!

  88. Avatar Arcanum says:

    Very easy to stop by wearing N95s or equivalents. Taiwan was able to do it and the world should learn from them how to stop it. They mass manufactured N95s and distributed them to their populace. Stopped it cold.

  89. Avatar Arcanum says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if the virus is spread by a false sense of protection by wearing non-engineered, tested or approved respiratory protection like cloth face coverings?

  90. Avatar NotJoe Biden says:

    Thanks China and World Health Organization..

  91. Avatar Wani Tufail says:

    Keep voting for people like modi and you will reap disaster

  92. Avatar Umair Hussnain says:

    Don’t ever elect a hateful person !
    I feel for them 🥺

  93. Avatar Umair Hussnain says:

    India needs owaisi as their pm ….well representitive secular leader !

  94. Avatar pqr rst says:

    hey bhagwan iss duniya me itna dukh 😧😭

  95. Avatar eyemUsician? says:

    History repeats itself when people don’t learn from it 🕊️☮️

  96. Avatar ualuuanie says:

    Don’t worry once Modi gets into power he will gather all and tell them to swim in Ganga and wash away the Covid.

  97. Avatar dipali W says:

    Some how sounds like aljajeera is happy about it ….always portraying India negatively…ya its a grim situation with the worst mutants and we can only hope for the best and won’t you say anything about what’s happening in Pakistan oh you can’t i understand

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