Fresh floods in central China as typhoon heads towards east coast

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Clean-up operations are under way in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, which was hit this week by the worst flooding the region has experienced in recent history.
Other cities in the region are under red alert as rescue teams search for survivors.

Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Zhengzhou, China.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar SLong QY says:

    if not in china… we need take action now.

  2. Avatar Anglosaxon Demise says:

    Don’t worry I know them, they will bounce back stronger

  3. Avatar ishfaq malik says:

    I love china, but i thin YouTube is somehow putting it away from my recommendations

    • Avatar 20GGB226 Md Sabah Uddin says:

      China is 💩

    • Avatar SASA says:

      As Chinese I will take all the hate even though I didn’t choose to be born Chinese, if that’s happy with u.

    • Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

      @SASA Hi

    • Avatar Cutting D*ck Muzlim says:

      @20GGB226 Md Sabah Uddin Pakistan is 💩

    • Avatar Cutting D*ck Muzlim says:

      @20GGB226 Md Sabah Uddin Stop begging for money from China first… 🤣 Beggars wanna be choosers. 🤣🤣

  4. Avatar Ivette Torres says:

    This county’s people & leaders MUST repent!!!

    • Avatar Felix Torres says:

      @Nikolai Seinfeld Correction: Jesus is the way and truth to the father.

    • Avatar People Liberator says:

      repent for what? climate change?

    • Avatar Felix Torres says:

      @People Liberator Yes fool… You go ahead and repent of climate change! That will save you!

    • Avatar People Liberator says:

      @Felix Torres China is biggest green energy producer, still not good enough?

    • Avatar Nickson Sicnawa says:

      @UCfDr1oKttOJm0Nzzqr5YgVw religion is freedom of choice’ don’t force us to believe in your God. we have a freedom to choose. Idiot

  5. Avatar Tungsten tUKtUK says:

    Sod all this covid bollocks my thoughts are with all the people of China affected by these floods. Stay strong 🇬🇧 🇨🇳

  6. Avatar phil richer says:

    The worst floods in a thousand years? China never talks in centuries, only millenniums.

    • Avatar Siddhartha Ray says:

      In 60 years

    • Avatar I’m crying in a corner While i count my money says:

      @Siddhartha Ray uhm we have the worse floods in a 1000 years here in europe too.. please just stop.

    • Avatar Siddhartha Ray says:

      hmmm , so no early warning system developed even in thousands years …people trapped in subway means nobody knew that flood was coming…and thank god flood once in 1000 years, what would have happened if it came frequently……probably then all fake products would have washed out

  7. Avatar meetesh lal says:

    They built a fully operational hospital in 10 days….surely they can overcome this calamity.

    • Avatar max's ps4 gaming says:

      was not operational it fell apart

    • Avatar FICTION FACTORY says:

      Building a hospital within 10 days is no difficult task especially if Government directly is involved .

  8. Avatar CRAM MARC says:

    I saw a video of a guy using one of those as a wok, now to transport people? Next we will see people live in them.

  9. Avatar People Liberator says:

    Recently Germany and China got hit by massive rainfall, but it’s still different scale if you compare rainfall per hour per day,
    Germany Cologne rainfall: 154mm(24h),
    Chinese Zhenzhou rainfall: 696mm(24h), 201mm(1h at highest)
    Chinese Zhenzhou got 4 times more rainfall than German Cologne,
    hope locals will be safe and city will recover soon,
    if countries work together against climate change then humanity can win,
    it’s is not a hoax.

  10. Avatar ___________ says:

    Your dubbing professional has a very bad accent. Wasn’t able to understand. Better to use subtitles

  11. Avatar Hanadi says:

    يا ناس يا امة محمد يا اهل الكرم والجود يا اهل العطاء والسخاء
    اتقوا الله فينا انظروا إلينا بعين الرحمه والشفقه يا عباد الله يامن تعطفون علئ اليتيم ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء انني اتوسل إليكم انني دخيله علئ الله ثم. عليكم يا فاعلين الخير اننا اسره فقراء وايتام نازحين من تعز ومشردين من بلادنا ومستأجرين بيت الشهر ب14الف ريال يمني والأن صارت علينا اجار42الف يمني اجار 3اشهر وصاحب البيت من الناس الي ما ترحم ذلنا وبهذلنا واهاننا ورجع مهلنا لأخر هذالأسبوع وإذامادفعناله بيخرجنا إلئ الشارع بدوم رحمه وانااختكم في الاه يتيمه معي اخوان سغار اقسم بالله انهم قدلهم يومين محرومين من لقمت العيش والله ثم والله ثم والله انهم خرجو للشارع وشافو الجيزان ياكلو راحو وقفو عندبابهم يريدوهم يعطوهم ولوخبزه يابسه يسدوبها جوعهم واقسم بالله انهم لماشافوهم غلقو الباب ورجعو يبكو إلئ البيت لااحد ينظرإليهم بعين الرحمه واناكلماطلبت منكم مساعده تفكروني نصابه او محتاله وما توقفوا معي لاتضلموني اناواخوتي حرام عليكم تتركونا للذل والأهانه اننا اخواتكم في الله تصدقوا علينا ولو بالقليل يا امه نبي الله محمد اذا انتم تؤمنون بالله وبرسوله انني اقسم بالله العظيم علئ كتاب الله الكريم اني لاانصب ولااكذب ولااحتال واني ما جيتكم الا من ضروف وحاجه اخواني انني ألتجأت إليكم بعد الله فيا اخوت الاسلام يامن تحبون ابنائكم اني واسرتي نسالكم بالله ثم نسالكم بالله ان تتصدقوا علينا ممارزقكم الله وان الصدقه بعشر امثالها يا ناس انني استحلفكم بلله وبرسوله الكريم ان من له مقدره علئ مساعدتنا ولو بالقليل من المال ان يراسلني وتساب علئ هذا الرقم 00967714989016 وتطلب اسم البطاقه والعنوان وان ترسلنا بقدر الاستطاعه وتفك كربتنا وتخفف علينامن همنا من فرج كربة اخيه المسلم فرج الله كربة من كرب يوم القيامه وجزاكم الله خير الجزاء اخواني المسلمين كم ناشدت وكم طلبت وذليت نفسي وناديت ولكن لاحياة لمن تنادي اننا قدحنا انموت من جوعنا اننا لانملك داخل بيتنا غير الألم والولايات انقذونا ينقذكم الله من عذاب القبروالنار. ….

  12. Avatar Fabi Oroz says:

    China fakes everything, let’s see now if they can fake good weather.

    • Avatar Johnson Cao says:

      Be a human. Please.

    • Avatar Eliza Mae says:

      Hurricane katrina had hundreds dead and no one talks about that catastrophe.

    • Avatar Lindaa W says:

      Your teeth are fake

  13. Avatar Fabi Oroz says:

    No China. All the They know to do is to fake everything. All they do is copy everything

  14. Avatar Jay Boettcher says:


    • Avatar Fung J says:

      what kind of report is this? the big causalities are those trapped inside a section of 4,7 km underground tunnel believed to have hundreds of car inside the tunnel when the storm water flooded within five minutes, now the area is sealed up by the police and the actual number of death may never be known. people say that might be up to thousand.
      the reporter should go investigate, not acting as the mouth piece of china communist.

    • Avatar Nickson Sicnawa says:

      Your country will suffer to’ nature is not avoidable but war is.

    • Avatar Nickson Sicnawa says:

      @UCatR4Pbh6Gvz2EHD0o35–Q fake name fake news. Idiot

    • Avatar Hilal Sofi says:

      Here is karma And in other countries climate change.

    • Avatar Lindaa W says:

      It’s coming for you too

  15. Avatar SINJH GUDDU says:

    Yet some crazed, sponsored lunatics are constantly yelling into our ears how the CCP is now so advanced that it can turn on and off, the weather!

    • Avatar A.R Ahmed says:

      @Siddhartha Ray better than yours

    • Avatar Siddhartha Ray says:

      Ohh…look another Chinese bootlicker dwelling on the comment

    • Avatar ADMIRAL I.A. says:

      Siddhartha Ray oh look another Indian or American troll who doesn’t know where to shove their stupidity. Honestly, leave us alone and go get a life

    • Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

      @Siddhartha Ray Ya this is cheap comments.
      Floods are unpredictable.
      Even Germany is facing this issue.
      Even in India, we can’t manage this.
      We should show some respect when commenting about other countries who are far ahead of us.

    • Avatar Siddhartha Ray says:

      @Bruce Wayne we can’t stop but we could evacuate with early warning cyclone fani, in 2019, in orissa and cyclone Amphan in wb in 2020,…..and china is just a incapable brat and no early warning system…at least they should have stopped the subway…….thu thu thu and they claim to have manipulated weather to cause rain as per wish. .I m not against chinese people, I m against CCP and it’s arrogant posture

  16. Avatar Mahadzir Abd karim says:

    They will “wake up” very quickly..
    (and will happen again)

  17. Avatar maximillion 12 says:

    When karma hits you

    • Avatar Lindaa W says:

      When ugliness hits you

  18. Avatar Ove Lock says:

    Stop propaganda news about China. I know your tricks . shame aljaree journalist

  19. Avatar Johnson Cao says:

    Please talk like human – for those comments without humanity. U may dislike China or Chinese, BUT, at least, remember your mother told you when you are a kid, be a human.

    • Avatar Cúc Huỳnh says:

      Yes,please remember humanity. Love from Vietnam. I wish everything will be OK for everyone.

  20. Avatar Maried Manimoli says:

    Our most Trinity God product the Chinese people from natural calamity 😭😭😭✝️⛪💒✝️

    • Avatar Malone's Cones Good Ice Cream says:


  21. Avatar 小肉肉 says:

    Build a high speed boating system….

    • Avatar Man Kok Lau says:

      To corrupt x tofu

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      US credit rating can be downgraded before August 1st not after August 1st be no fiscal budget 2022

  22. Avatar Siddhartha Ray says:

    Malignant growth of industries without paying any heed to nature….v poor early warning systems..a ordinary third world country, the difference is nobody criticizes the govt. so the administration has developed some kind of complacency…nobody will ask for xi pings body will draw cartoons on CCP… made money by selling fake and cheap goods to other countries….all stolen technology….failed in the area where could not steal….

  23. Avatar Nick Albright says:

    The cities flood each year and people die each year. Corruption at its finest

  24. Avatar Amit Singh says:

    The first nations are getting their justice, now it’s the Tibetans turn.

  25. Avatar Luis S says:

    Payback for Covid

    • Avatar Lindaa W says:

      No one deserves this, fool.

    • Avatar Luis S says:

      @Lindaa W Communist

  26. Avatar biscuiTs says:

    Poor to citizens but u suck ccp government

  27. Avatar Uncle Roger says:

    Attack China now

  28. Avatar A a says:


  29. Avatar Dinesh Yadav says:

    Superpower china… 😁😁😁😁

    • Avatar Jai behind says:

      Every superpower has those problems. Like the US 🙂

  30. Avatar Abdul Star says:

    Internal Affair
    No need to help 😂

  31. Avatar Ankit Chowdhury says:

    Super power create huge building still can’t control flood😂

    • Avatar Dawngliana Pachuau says:

      Cheap comments.

    • Avatar Wenxu Yao says:

      You know how heavy the rain was

    • Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

      As an Indian I am ashamed to see this comment.
      Remember, there is also a flood in India now.

    • Avatar Nikhil Gaonkar says:

      Yes lol😂

    • Avatar ananth708 says:

      None of the International media reports about india’s flood with death toll above hundred which shows lives of indian is so cheap in international community 😆.

  32. Avatar Gabriel Morales says:

    deadly china flood

    • Avatar Gabriel Morales says:

      Covid flood deadly

  33. Avatar MD ShaMin says:

    very good
    very happy 😂

    • Avatar Lindaa W says:

      Happy that you look like a toe

  34. Avatar Muhamad Osman says:


  35. Avatar Human Bng says:

    Stay strong people. You will get through this.
    Love from India ❤️

  36. Avatar Fra san says:

    This is the caused of China’s greed to claim land and waters the SCS which is not their own, the BRI they build into extreme outside of China but neglected their own, they bully, lies, cheat and steal from other nations, the most evil nation on earth run by gangsters the CCP!

  37. Avatar Patel Group says:

    I’m happy to see this!

    • Avatar Bruce Wayne says:


    • Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

      @Wenxu Yao Sorry, he is a fool.

    • Avatar Patel Group says:

      @Bruce Wayne it’s called karma

    • Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

      @Patel Group So, there is nothing happy about it.
      Your are in way damaging the country’s name.
      So what about the floods in India.
      Is that about something India done in past or the Covid. Is it a karma?

    • Avatar Nikhil Gaonkar says:


  38. Avatar Restoration333 says:

    hello everybody💖

    • Avatar Carmel says:

      Hi dear, from Ireland 🇮🇪

  39. Avatar Felix Ace says:


  40. Avatar Oliver Sparks says:


  41. Avatar Muslim Critic says:

    down with communism!

  42. Avatar Zeta Jolyne says:

    645.5mm in a day.
    Last year’s total of Zhengzhou was 640.8mm.

    • Avatar The Tiger's_Stripes says:

      Payback for infecting the world with disease and death of Wuhan flu.

      Next comes food shortages, clean water shortages, rampant disease, corpses everywhere.

  43. Avatar selg says:

    China stay strong u will rise up better after this disaster. You’ll are fighters. God bless China. Keeping You’ll in my prayers.

    • Avatar saokeensammi sammi says:

      *They Don’t believe in GOD, will GOD Bless them!!!!!*

  44. Avatar Daniel says:

    That sucks. Hope everyone will be okay. Good luck China.

    • Avatar Mr Hankey says:

      You, sir, are a poet! 😁👍

  45. Avatar LIL COY says:

    ubos ang covid😂

  46. Avatar Qazi Ali Altaf says:

    China being cursed by Uighurs

  47. Avatar Lil Petro Looming says:

    Hes putting water in a plastic bag 🍚🍙🍥🍣🍱🍤🍜🍲🍢🍡🍳

  48. Avatar ,: says:

    Poor CCP slaves 😭😭😭

  49. Avatar David H. Chien says:

    I think you meant “Flash Flood”,

  50. Avatar Star Atlas says:

    I don’t care after seeing how this country not only feels no guilty at all for COVID but keeps laughing at other countries’ tragedies, and days before they also laughed at Germany’ flood. This is a country that’s scary and out of the world. So sorry, I really don’t care whatever disaster happening to China anymore

    • Avatar HaiDuong Le says:

      You need help; you are a sick person.

    • Avatar Star Atlas says:

      @HaiDuong Le yeah? you have the drug? Made in China with more virus? Which part of my comments was not TRUE?

  51. Avatar Yo2 Trader says:

    If Chinese government actually cared, they would be spending much more on domestic matters, such as upgrading old dams and sewage, rather than on its military. In reality, from the perspective of those in power, a few million lives are a margin of error, in a country with over a billion citizens.

  52. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    US credit rating can be downgraded before August 1st not after August 1st because no fiscal budget 2022

  53. Avatar Robert Glennon says:

    Revolt against your leaders it’s their fault.

  54. Avatar David Hays says:

    I saw a vid where drowning victims in the subway system had their retinas dug out….instead of sending medical technicians to save/assist people the ccp sent out surgeons to remove the organs and body parts of the recently deceased….this world, especially China, is in dark times and heading towards darker times…

  55. Avatar time travel says:


  56. Avatar Nikhil Gaonkar says:

    Lol. I hope China gets destroyed😂

  57. Avatar wmchan44 says:

    Natural disasters show the weakness of mankind against the super power of nature.
    We humans need to acknowledged such inevitable disasters and prepare ourselves to just survive them when they come.

    • Avatar The Tiger's_Stripes says:

      Payback for infecting the world with disease and death of Wuhan flu.

      Next comes food shortages, clean water shortages, rampant disease, corpses everywhere.

      China mistreats ever other nation in the world…..they are getting justice.

    • Avatar wmchan44 says:

      @The Tiger’s_Stripes
      You might be right in the shortage of food, water, etc, that can befall many countries soon.
      This may not necessarily impact China who could tide over any shortages due to its strong financial position (huge foreign reserves to import requirements) and large national stockpiles in store now.
      You should not wish for China’s suffering but should hope that the other countries quickly follow China’s good example to contain this Covid 19 virus.
      China’s PPE and medical equipment and vaccines are made readily available to every country to help the world.

    • Avatar wmchan44 says:

      @The Tiger’s_Stripes
      If you are not American you should think and not fall into the USA politicians trap of stirring up trouble with China (Wuhan virus, Uyghers genocide, Uyghurs forced labour, Hong Kong democracy, etc) to benefit themselves.
      All these accusations are pure lies and fabrications to start a war with China so that the USA industrial military complex can make more money selling weapons.
      But a lot of innocent Americans (and Japanese?) will sacrifice their lives uneccesarily.

  58. Avatar Ayesha Syeda says:

    May Allah protect and forgive us and give His blessings and relief to the sufferers. Aameen

    • Avatar Alizey_ Khan says:


    • Avatar Kamal Das says:

      Allah protects only the faithful!

  59. Avatar Fellicia Lore says:

    May God pay everything what u did to the world.. 😂 fake ccp 😁😁😁

  60. Avatar Shannah B says:

    So amazing,whatever u do to others will come back to hunt you…..repent now you can see dragon cant help you to fight Nature(God).He is nature .

  61. Avatar Arsyila Queensha says:

    Rip for you china🥺

  62. Avatar Jake Bryant says:

    Do better research before building dams

  63. Avatar John Francisco says:

    china wants water china gets water KARMA FOR CHINA and china will get plenty more water to come enjoy it

  64. Avatar John Francisco says:

    boycott everything made in china

  65. Avatar John Francisco says:

    boycott the china winter games

  66. Avatar Johnny jai says:

    occur huge floods disaster in China by some people make fun and curse to China and Chinese

  67. Avatar Pranay Prasoon says:

    Divine Justice …….You die in the grave you dig for others… China wants t weaponize water by building thousands of dams on the rivers that flow into other countries….Now the same weapons are killing Chinese..Great feeling to see God’s justice.

  68. Avatar True North Strong and Free says:

    There are a thousand cars in an underground tunnel which filled with water in 5 minutes! I know most Chinese would not want to leave their vehicles PLUS inability to swim = WAY MORE THAN 6 REPORTED DEATHS! ….Kinda like the reported deaths in Wuhan or at the hands of the Indian army in Ladakh.…..(Tow truck driver at the tunnel who has his phone confiscated said there were over 6,300 bodies already removed!)

  69. Avatar Dimas De Eldendy says:

    recently floods occurred in several countries in a very close time. and all the countries affected by the flood disaster are all located north of the equator. For countries located south of the equator, they must be vigilant in the period from December 21, 2021 to March 21, 2022. But hopefully there will be no disaster and everything will be fine.

    • Avatar The Tiger's_Stripes says:

      Payback for infecting the world with disease and death of Wuhan flu.

      Next comes food shortages, clean water shortages, rampant disease, corpses everywhere.

      China mistreats ever other nation in the world.

  70. Avatar Peter Torres says:

    What NO MASK”S China YOU gave the world COVID,,, What do you know about COVID the rest of the world doesn’t know?

  71. Avatar Aleph Tav says:


  72. Avatar Ayu Anggraini says:

    Seek forgiveness and ease from God

  73. Avatar John Smith says:

    use technology tp sense rising flood water. Strange how China can build a fast train network but not a decent drainage system for the subway.

  74. Avatar mr sniff/lick & wet says:

    GODS angry for CHINA playing GOD and making n creating killer viruses to kill the children of GOD

  75. Avatar ASS TWERK says:

    Peace for China

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