Burkina Faso opens trial on 1987 Sankara assassination

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A trial has begun in Burkina Faso for 14 people accused of involvement in the assassination of former President Thomas Sankara.
Sankara came to power in 1983 and was shot dead four years later.
He was a revolutionary leader who had called on African countries to default on unfair international debt.
Among the suspects is former President Blaise Compaore.
Compaore was deposed in 2014 following a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27-year rule.
He lives in exile in neighbouring Ivory Coast and has refused to take part in the trial.
His supporters see it as a political witch-hunt.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Goodie Video says:

    French mercenaries should be trial as well

  2. Avatar Sir Uranos says:

    France should stop meddeling in Africa once and for all

  3. Avatar Frédérick Lehoux says:

    I don’t know the whole story, but i don’t think that Blaise was really is closet “friend”

    • Avatar Truly Zambian says:

      They describe him as that because he was the right-hand man to Thomas Sankara; he was Sankara’s deputy so pretty much his closest confidante.

    • Avatar Frédérick Lehoux says:

      @Truly Zambian I understand but with retrospect it make no sense to call him a close friend, i would have phrased it as “someone he thought was a friend”. Anyway i don’t want to look like i’m nitpicking on details.

    • Avatar Truly Zambian says:

      @Frédérick Lehoux I understand your point.

  4. Avatar MidianightX says:

    Useless leftist

  5. Avatar fada3399 says:

    France has been killing Pan-African leaders who want the fully independence of the continent. Who was the first to dropped bombs in Libya?. France was because Gadaffi was trying to liberate the minds of African leaders to stop all forms of exploitation from the west,and they got him like the.Lumumba’s, Sankara’s…..

  6. Avatar Nehsjdhdjejshejevwb Dnsnsndndmmd d says:

    If we get justice I will shave my head. I hate the west because they always hated me. I have never been so disappointed disgusted and sad about being American

  7. Avatar Moazin Raja says:

    We Are Kashmiri We Proud Kashmiri

  8. Avatar Adineatha says:

    I wonder when Azawad is gonna get it’s independence

  9. Avatar A Ducaale says:

    Thoman Sankara a hero to all Africa. RIP Sankara we will continue the march.

    • Avatar The Yellow Devil says:

      Thomas Sankara is a hero to all Africa and all the world!

  10. Avatar Hero says:

    The killer 🇫🇷

  11. Avatar George Kamba says:

    Not only French speaking countries acknowledge him But the whole of Africa misses him soo,,.

  12. Avatar TAIPIZZALORD says:

    US and France should stop meddling in Africa.

  13. Avatar Ben Bekoe says:

    Sankar was killed by France government because Sankar was so hard for France government. Because Sankar will not sit down for his people to suffer for Frenchmen and women.

  14. Avatar AtinyMoa says:

    It’s about time, no matter how long after a crime is committed justice must be served.

  15. Avatar Fight For Freedom says:

    France colonialism terror in Africa is killing Africans like cancer

  16. Avatar Fight For Freedom says:

    STOP FRANCE colonialism terror in Africa

  17. Avatar Sam says:

    African union should kick out murder France for instability of Africa.

  18. Avatar Tw says:

    France should be answerable

  19. Avatar Grim says:

    why do african allow the french to dominate them? how does the french president control more info on the death of an african then the africans themselves?? africans are a strange group of people.

  20. Avatar Annie M says:

    Africa’s Hitler

  21. Avatar Metsihet Kebede says:

    *Today Sankara ‘s spirit is all over Africa!*
    This is the richest continent in the world, where the population lives in poverty. That is a paradox!

  22. Avatar Brian Komen says:


  23. Avatar hussein shafi says:

    Sankara, was son of africa,hero and true patriotism unlike filthy corrupted selfish africa leaders we have today

  24. Avatar Hosheer says:

    What a jok justice delayed justice dinied

  25. Avatar Roberto Morales says:

    Blaise compare was just the triggerman.

  26. Avatar \\//// says:

    “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century.” — Former Prime Minister François Mitterrand, in 1957
    “… Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power.” — Former French President Jacques René Chirac, in 2008


    The French secret service (SDEC) should be on trial, they are the one who assassinated him under the direct order of the late French President Mitterrand.

  28. Avatar S Hussein says:

    Sankara fought against the evil NGO’s, Aid system and humanitarians that are allover Africa. What a shame.

  29. Avatar gpo onineteen says:

    About time!

  30. Avatar Teeny Tiny says:

    Got killed for refusing aid. France backed by the US in setting up this coup. Disturbing the peace yet again!

  31. Avatar T.i.’s and God says:


    “Oh, if it was Revelation, it would be obvious. People would be suffering and dying all over the world.”

    Ummm…Covid-19? 🦠
    Ummm…Global 🌎 Electronic⚡️Harassment phenomenon? (aka Havana Syndrome!)


    IT’S REVELATION 6:15-17!!!!

  32. Avatar Harold A. Reid says:

    Glad meeting up with they credited me 0.8btc today for my rent earning here was awesome yesterday

  33. Avatar Harold A. Reid says:

    Intellectweb they are the best

  34. Avatar Armana Saint Clair says:

    Long arm of the Law will reach through time and get you haha

  35. Avatar Luna says:

    Fire up PanAfrica…with no influence of the west and thier messangers,Arabs

  36. Avatar i m says:

    France Entry In South African Countries Must Be Banned

  37. Avatar Mel Collins says:

    After this trial we will sue France for the damage they cause to our people’s development.

  38. Avatar Be Good says:

    The entire Africa is waiting for this.
    We never forget our hero Thomas Sankara, ❤for 🇪🇹 Ethiopia

  39. Avatar Christopher Chika says:

    Sankara, an upright man will forever be remembered. As for the idiot called compaore, who allowed himself to be used by France to kill his best friend. Shameless animals looking for power at all cost.

  40. Avatar Mensah Chansias says:

    I love sankara

  41. Avatar satenaw says:

    Westernrs killed well known African icon and now helping with the investigation for there own crime they comitted years ago. Even now they are hunting African icons to slow down our progress. Look what they are doing in Ethiopia to delegetimize the current government and remove a leaders who have the same vision like Sankara. Africans watch out watch out all the sabotage going on in Africa right now and say no for new form Of western colonization.

  42. Avatar ma ma says:

    we Ethiopian love Sankara

  43. Avatar Mohamed Karama says:

    Sankara ,lives in our hearts as Africans

  44. Avatar Santhosh Sukumaran says:

    One of the greatest African

  45. Avatar mrweasel says:

    Seems like a good lad! Want to know what Role France played in the assassination, since his reforms ostensibly threatened their interests in the region, particularly that his approach would spread.

  46. Avatar Benjamin Davidovich Waals says:


    • Avatar Nsong Antoine says:

      What’s the joke?

  47. Avatar Dacen Wang says:

    Sankara is a hero to all communists.A video about him posted three months ago has won 4000k views in China.We are proud of you,my comrade!

  48. Avatar Alagie Jobarteh says:

    Sankareh muderas should face justice and the law should take it cause

  49. Avatar Ming Chen says:

    France is the evil looting and plundering African resources and imposing their sick idealogy and language. France will be poor without African stolen resources, Shame on France

  50. Avatar American Socialist says:

    “While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.”
    — Thomas Sankara

  51. Avatar LANG'AT HILLARY says:

    France government help to kill Thomas Sankara even small child knows that

  52. Avatar The Machine Guun says:

    Much love from South Sudan, he was the definition of a true African leader. We have plenty of pretenders

  53. Avatar ishmael Kweku swanzy says:

    Our love for u will never fade away. R.I.P

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