Germany inflation: Families struggle with cost of living

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The Eurozone is reporting record inflation, with the rate now at its highest since records began in 1997.
In the 19 countries that use the Euro, the rate has soared to 8.6 per cent.
And that is sending the cost of living to new highs.

Al Jazeera’s @Dominic Kane reports from Berlin, Germany.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar eastern2western says:

    And they keep sending billions to ukraine.

    • Avatar Malte-Frederick Ahrenberger says:

      What are the odds that all those billions land in offshore accounts?

    • Avatar bloodndestroy says:

      @Malte-Frederick Ahrenberger A couple hundred million of those already landed in mine 🙂 It was more than I expected!

  2. Avatar HENG ong says:

    Well… The rich developed world have been wasting food n it time they learn the lesson of scarcity

    • Avatar bloodndestroy says:

      So true! So many people I know throw away meals when they’ve only eaten half of it. Those people better not complain about rising prices now.

    • Avatar Pallab Saha says:

      Germany is among the top food wasters in the world per capita. It is time children are taught to value food.

    • Avatar At Conny's says:

      @Pallab Saha Hi, you`re right, kids are spoiled brats nowadays. But not just here.

  3. Avatar fajar tiyar Abdul majid says:

    O Putin you are real life Paul atredez so come on to lead Muslim into global jihad💪🤣🤪🤪🤪

  4. Avatar Truth Cant be hidden says:

    GERMANY 🇩🇪 I’m coming 😍

  5. Avatar johny utah says:

    Too much money printing during Covid & increase in energy prices due to war in Ukraine has resulted in inflation.

    • Avatar ahsan ali says:

      When too much printing of money was done in 2020 and 2021 henceforth at that time I predicted these outcomes and it have proven to be true

  6. Avatar Indo_cad 88 says:


  7. Avatar buzifalus says:

    On the way to third world too?

  8. Avatar Tella Swizzy L-Dot says:


    • Avatar distro logic says:

      It really is not that bad. It will be tough for the industry because they will have to cut down on gas. We don’t ONLY import Gas from Russia you know. Private households are protected by law to be provided with heating gas.

    • Avatar Tella Swizzy L-Dot says:

      @distro logic Exactly Your Absolutely Right.

    • Avatar You're right, I'm wrong says:

      @distro logic Protected by law…but what happens when countries start hoarding their own fuel??

  9. Avatar Goldenrxses says:

    Its always funny how they find that WAR money tho.

    • Avatar distro logic says:

      Lol maybe you should look how the Russians are doing

  10. Avatar Delon Thomas says:

    she ain’t see nothing yet what about the other nations

  11. Avatar Fitzroy Symister says:

    The government is spending so much billions of taxpayers money on new weapons and people are hungry

  12. Avatar Bobby Chang says:

    Spending billions to make inflation.

  13. Avatar आचार्य चाणक्य says:

    There is no point for Germany to go against Russia. There is no threat from Russia, Germany should choose no side.

    • Avatar No BS says:

      @Gianni Poverty in the west means a middle class living in India, Russia and China

  14. Avatar ozeeo79 says:

    but its cost of democracy… right! cant believe people in europe still fall for that in this day n age

  15. Avatar MUDASAR BASHIR says:

    Things will go more worse because of donations for war but not for piece,,,I now not angree with me;but I’m from the region who destroyed Russia but you are many but can’t bring piece,,,simple to understand war can’t bring piece,and greediness only create problems,,,

  16. Avatar Ajith Thomas says:

    These guys are puppets of Uncle Sam
    With no say of their own
    Even when it comes to life and death matters
    Let them GTH

  17. Avatar Alexander says:

    I’m German.
    But we are sending more humanitarian aid then we are using for our own people plus we are bringing the most amount of money to EU payed the most acces Fees.. We adopted the Euro where our own currency ‘deutsche mark’ lost half its value – so you had one million on your bank and the next day you had 500.000€ and we had a hugh problem. Then we payed and payed into EU to help Greec with hugh financial crisis and any other develomping country in the east and at the end they are saying ‘we don’t even care to pay this all back into EU – wy woudl we?’ Sure 👍 plus the Hugh amount of Refugees are getting everyone money ‘social help’ so let’s keep paying until everyone is happy, rigth. Rigth…..

    We have a social minimum care witch every citizen no matter who or from where you are gets. It’s called ‘Harz 4’ it’s at the moment 494,00€ and your hole Apartment, so someone who lives for rent, will get payed from the state so they get the hole rent + 494 €. Unless you got a apartment witch is to big for your self.

    ‘the hole west’ is bad. ‘everyone wants to live here and many people are risking their lives to get here but everyone is the evil. – rigth?…
    We are losing our own country and culter no one is proud saying I’m German anymore and that’s mainly because we are walking in a wrong path.
    Yes we have to help but I don’t want to help someone who maybe is a terrorist who hates everyone.. That’s also our own problem we don’t care to integrate them we just give them money money money so they maybe shut up.. Yey that’s a good selucion – we have a hugh problem with family clan’s from every where they blow up Bank ATMs and rob Cash transporters – Jewelers and and.. Its getting more and more problematic and all this was never such a big deal here its sad to see how badly we do our own land and people.

    • Avatar Black Flag says:

      The problem with Germany is that they spent too much on the apartheid state. It’s not even a poor country like Afghanistan that needs humanitarian aid

    • Avatar hamid hamidi says:

      The problem is Germany is not really independent. It has to follow the US. No other choice.

    • Avatar blyatiful says:

      well germany not only really depend on russia oil and u guys provoke them hoping doesnt back fire, also u leader follow washington order just like most EU

    • Avatar Alexander says:

      @blyatiful we stand for Ukrain and democracy plus diplomatic selucion not autocracy way wehre you just because Ukrain is saying ‘bad Russia – we hate Russia’ you invade a country just while the people of country are more and more against you.. You know that the top 1% of Russia has more money then the 99% of Russia’s people? Isn’t this something you shoudl highlight? In 2014 so many people sad ‘no Russia with Putin’ but know you get what ur ‘Tsars’ ‘wants 👍 let’s hope it will turn out good for the Russian people.. Just like Belarus

      Just by the way democracy don’t mean only free elections. The most important part of an democratic state is the decentralized system with the 3 pillars of the rights.

  18. Avatar mit p says:

    Enjoy it Germans in the name of Ukraine.. You must suck it up stop complaining..

  19. Avatar Chrisa Thian says:

    hartanto seems like indonesian name

  20. Avatar The Green Geospatial Channel says:

    Inflation affect both sides.

  21. Avatar Sangram singh Singh says:

    This is due to uķraine war
    War is not good for humanity

  22. Avatar Pacicin Chiaricurri says:

    Ich bin Americano. aber ich liebe Germany lol

  23. Avatar Democracy is Dead says:

    Ukraine have your money

  24. Avatar The Atlantis Report says:

    Does the nine dollars a month fare applies to foreigners too or just for Germans ?

    • Avatar Milanesium says:

      There is no check in place. You can buy it via apps or ticket machines like a regular ticket.

    • Avatar Shaqa Shaqahimself says:

      It applies to foreigners as well.

    • Avatar I JM says:

      Anyone in Germany, I was there 2 weeks ago

  25. Avatar Kingsley Perera says:

    SINCERE CONDOLENCES EU ! RIP🕇 Ukrain Beware !!!!

  26. Avatar Frederick Hendry says:

    All kristians UK European USA politicians control countries all items high cost. So vote for change

  27. Avatar Virtual-R says:

    It’s everywhere not just Germany.

    • Avatar distro logic says:

      Yea whoever doesn’t see through this eastern propaganda is blind

    • Avatar Skankhunt420 says:

      NZ and Australia are much less affected since our main trading partners are China. There’s a lot less inflation here

    • Avatar Virtual-R says:

      @Skankhunt420 5.1 is still pretty high mate. NZ is 6.9

    • Avatar Skankhunt420 says:

      @Virtual-R a huge load from the CPI was due to housing price rises. They’ve dropped 10% in the last couple months and the banks are now saying the CPIs around 5%. Rent has also dropped 7% and Australia is expecting their house prices to drop as much as 15% to 20% this year

    • Avatar Skankhunt420 says:

      @Virtual-R basic stuff like meat, rice, clothing, electronics hasn’t gone up at all. Fuel has gone up heaps though

  28. Avatar EnthropyZero says:

    i would die laughing if whole europe turns to communism

  29. Avatar Mohamed Mamood says:

    The EU leader s do care for people in EU all the Leaders the tok in about war and do

  30. Avatar no character says:

    lol, the mom at the start doesn’t really look like she’s missing any meals.

  31. Avatar Kay Ouellette says:

    Governments are doing everything they can to absorb costs and basically subsidize corporate greed. What happens to the rest of us when the corporate bubble pops?
    Every country should impose laws that will shut down this form of exploitation.

  32. Avatar samurai jack says:

    German government is busy supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine.
    German government care only Ukraine… Slava Ukraine 🤡🤡

  33. Avatar yaseen meyer says:

    After the pandemic everything has gone up. Now the war in Ukraine is also putting pressure on inflation. But the whole point is the 1% of the world rich is getting richer. Its really getting out of hand. People can’t keep up with this rising prices.

    • Avatar Radear Purba says:

      I agree 🙏😔. And probably, in this July or Agust, interest rate will increases almost all countries in the world. And Thursday or Wednesday, Reserve Bank Australia (RBA) will increases interest rates again. I know this information from some Australia news channels 🙏

  34. Avatar Malik Tamim says:


  35. Avatar Sophie Wanlin says:

    As a “gifted” French lawyer and French professor of law, I live in a “rich” country. So, sorry but despite poverty in France, Germany or anywhere else in Western Europe, this family has no sympathy from me. And what about the Yemenite population who starves ? And the Bengladeshi ? Germany has enough money to take care of its own people, I’m not so sure about other REALLY poor countries.

    • Avatar a says:

      Bangladesis are doing fine. Srilanka and Pakistan are worse off.

    • Avatar You're right, I'm wrong says:

      Suffering is not quantifiable for some. I tell my children, “If everyone in the world threw all their problems onto a pile, you’d gladly take yours back and run home.” It’s sad people from mostly well-off countries live with such individualistic views. I live in the U.S. and I truly believe that every 18 year old should be forced to live (safely) in a developing country for 3 months before they start the rest of their lives. I have been lucky to travel the world. I have seen amazing sites and learned multiple languages, but I’ve also seen sadness, starvation, sickness, pain and other horrible, horrible things that go on all over the world (including down the street from me because I am wise enough to know that struggle is not just × thousands of miles away). Parents need to do better.

  36. Avatar Malik Tamim says:

    If “leadershits” take over the banking systems and supply chains and focus on entire local manufacturing and productions, all these issues will end forever.

  37. Avatar Merrill Mohan says:

    Send more money 💰 Ukraine 🤷‍♂️

  38. Avatar Andrew Thurman says:

    The European leaders don’t worry about inflation. They have plenty of money. They say that the citizens of European countries are really happy to pay for the cost of supporting Ukraine, a country that has banned all political parties except the far right nationalist party. I am glad that the people are happy, by winter they should be hysterically happy.

    • Avatar Jo Nye says:

      When there is an obstruction the intelligent will easily find a detour especially if they are wealthy. The self-centred and short-sighted will bemoan their current situation.

    • Avatar Jo Nye says:

      @Andrew Thurman Is that your understanding of my comment? Say no more.

  39. Avatar timboh__ says:

    Germany always seems to have better societal policies, and a better place to live that the UK, with our few, & zenophobic politicians

    • Avatar Eve Churchill says:

      not anymore, since US has taken over all EU foreign policies.

    • Avatar SparklingDude says:

      @Eve Churchill what? Tf no.

    • Avatar Fact Analyser says:

      BS, here we are squeezed like …

  40. Avatar EBH says:

    The leaders feel our pain, Bullshit.
    They’re living high off the hog on our tax dollars that pay their salaries for creating this situation, especially in the US. Let’s go Brandon!!!

  41. Avatar hamid hamidi says:

    People can’t afford rent or food. This is all over Europe not just in Germany.

    You work full time but cant afford rent and the cost of living while a small minority don’t know what to do with their money.

  42. Avatar kongming2005 says:

    Well this is the result to followed US government evil plan to support war and took action towards imaginary enemy into a real enemy soon. Inflation and life were better because of globalization and it started to go bad with moron like D. Trump taking over the administration and took protectionism, silly and selfish action towards others especial China, then Russia and others, no?

    • Avatar You're right, I'm wrong says:

      Lol, no. Trump is not the president anymore. Trump had everyone at bay. Look at the world now. I honestly don’t like the guy, but the world was better off then.

  43. Avatar Destination Wales with Skylar says:

    It’s not only Germany…all over the world.

  44. Avatar Muhammad Al kafari says:

    The government must print more money 💴 and have price controls

  45. Avatar Sandra Richardson says:

    @So is the rising food price means?we `re importing More? &% why is it difficult for shipping?/(haccp}]01758^°st.lucia™ESS/95 online schooling™

  46. Avatar Ente says:

    Hey I’ve seen this one

  47. Avatar Steve bowling says:

    Despite the economic downturn,I’m so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

    • Avatar Chris B. Tommy says:

      @Andrew lerk dont all are scammer, they drop a message and use different account to reply it , They are scammer

    • Avatar Chris B. Tommy says:

      @Wilma Westenberg its a scam

    • Avatar Chris B. Tommy says:

      @Rica Mendoza dont try this , its a scam

    • Avatar You're right, I'm wrong says:

      @Chris B. Tommy Report it.

    • Avatar Tamim Mesbah says:

      Old scam method do something new bro😁

  48. Avatar Dustin Tacohands says:

    Western leaders are basing the minimum on third world countries. They always say get your lucky compared to others…. Dude rent doesn’t cost over 1000 dollars In most third world countries I’d think.

  49. Avatar crystal harris says:

    Lentils 🥔🥒🥦🍛🍜

  50. Avatar Slim says:

    Schultz is destroying Germany ! Sad that Angela Merkel is out !

  51. Avatar Bartosz Brozek says:

    Still buying imported foods, hypocritical as usual these Germans

  52. Avatar Cosmin Coco says:

    wheres theyr 2800 euro salarys with product prices like everywhere , but who cares.

  53. Avatar Game Changer says:

    Instead of showing the victims you should show the perpetrators of inflation.

  54. Avatar Joe Van Aken says:

    Actually what is in the news in Germany is the lack of flight attendants. After the Corona restrictions the majority of people (not the minority of poor people living on social welfare) are eager to go on holiday again, but the airlines are overwhelmed by the willing to travel. So I guess people in Germany still have a lot of money. On the other side, in Russia they soon will have to worry about planes falling from the skies, now that Western technology will be missing, but they still have their fake Starbucks and McDonalds 🤣

  55. Avatar krautathaus says:

    Sorry, but who cares about a highclass restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg? Their customers will always afford the food. And besides the fact that germany’s inflation rate is somwhere in the middle worldwide, the foot prices won’t be not a problem, it’s the energy prices that doubled.

    • Avatar emperorionic says:

      Yes. Food is way to cheap in Germany. And energy price is due to RuSSian invasion, not even due to the neccessary change to renewables.

  56. Avatar M gronich says:

    Virtually all large US corporations have announced reductions in hiring, or even layoffs. The US is in a recession and it’ll get worse. Europe will be in much worse shape when Russia cuts off gas shipments perhaps even in july. Stagflation is not a threat, it’s here.

    • Avatar You're right, I'm wrong says:

      Yup! Everyone suffering from normality bias will be shocked when it’s here, but the signs are everywhere…unfortunately.

    • Avatar Jo Nye says:

      The impact of the post pandemic recession is felt the world over. Perhaps the fascination for some media is that the hated West is also impacted. But its the poorer countries that are impacted far worse.

  57. Avatar Berkley Akere says:

    yes SCHOLZ i need my money , pay me in gold and silver i want it untaxed

  58. Avatar Soy el coipo says:

    Yet profits are record high, this isn’t because of the war between Ukraine and Russia.
    This is about corporate greed/opportunism

  59. Avatar simon scowled says:

    Not possible to be covid related. What’s the cause of all this inflation

  60. Avatar Pipe says:

    Not even 10% ANNUAL inflation and the so called developed countries are falling apart. They should be ashamed to even complain.

  61. Avatar emperorionic says:

    Food in Germany is dirt cheap. Way too cheap. Need to go up anyway and RuSSias invasion was a boost for it.

  62. Avatar QARNAIN cat babu cat says:

    No worries
    Ukraine will support and help

  63. Avatar xcxd says:

    Make sure your own oxygen mask is fitted, before trying to help others .

    — Cabin Crew

  64. Avatar dramani joiseph says:

    Sanctions backfired

  65. Avatar xx 8868oo says:

    By poking the bear to create this drama, US able to strengthen the grip on EUROPE . Ukraine just for sacrifice. US main agenda is to HARVEST Europe . So much money will flow out from Europe into US . Europe inflation rate go sky high , further lost competitive against US. Europe so dumb , after this war Europe economy will set back 10 years relative to US. For years to come Europe tax payer will need to pay huge amount of money for US weapons maintenance , which further drag Europe economy. Europe also need to pay expensive energy control by US, fundamentally lost competition at the starting point.

  66. Avatar Florida Man says:

    the world needs more money

  67. Avatar Voice for animals says:

    How sad… Not only animals and nature but humans are also suffering 😞😞😞

    • Avatar steve wood marshall says:

      better humans than animails

    • Avatar andrea love ko I says:

      Of course coz humans are making animals suffer too that is why much better

    • Avatar Voice for animals says:

      @andrea love ko I but shouldn’t we dream and work for a world where both the sufferings are absent?

  68. Avatar THX 1138 says:

    living like we forced poor nations to do for decades. suck it up.

  69. Avatar Ben Zinadine says:

    EU , UK & US are shooting their own foot for sanctioning Russia…they deserve it!😁😂

    • Avatar Eve Churchill says:

      EU basically commited economic suicide at the behest of USA.

    • Avatar Sebastian Cizmarov says:

      @Eve Churchill Washington told them to jump and the EU asked “how high?”

    • Avatar Jo Nye says:

      That is the sacrifice you make when an authoritarian regime threatens stability on your continent. They will recover as high-functioning countries and find another source of energy the way they had before.

    • Avatar At Conny's says:

      Oho, lots of new experts of economics are mushrooming like in the pandemic the experts of virology. New crisis new twaddlers….

  70. Avatar Oinam Thoujal says:

    German are make a fool by US.

  71. Avatar BROTHER OF JESUS says:

    It’s high time to rethink who you should be with/ who you stand for!!1!!!

  72. Avatar sujit Ratna Tamrakar says:

    im very much happy ………..Europe us aus must feel pain like Afghanistan Syria Africa and Asiana …………….love u Russia

  73. Avatar Kin says:


  74. Avatar Raja sekhar E says:

    Fuel costs can increase prices of essential food items. Why they are not producing more fuel to control inflation?

  75. Avatar josy josy says:

    Only getting worse, grow your own food

  76. Avatar Eve Churchill says:

    Poor German people, they have no idea what’s in store following Scholz incompetence.
    Just wait till the winter.

  77. Avatar Paris Ang says:

    Just blame oil companies and OPEC making our life difficult. They are the one who increase oil prices. Rich and greedy. Just like MMO, high-level bully newbie by selling expensive weapon instead of giving away.

  78. Avatar Monsterpala says:

    single mother – yeah my family would be also poor if I wasn t there. And the next is that the starred vegan restaurant gets more expensive. Oh guess the tech elite will have a few euros less to invest in cryptos. But the real problem this gouverment so bad, like the 9 euro trvel ticket will solve any problem. Let russia feel pain and make a real contribution to their defeat with meaningful weapon supplies instead of buying energy from the countries that’s responsible for high oil, gas and food prices.

  79. Avatar Gangla Nishar says:

    Germany will facing such a problem. There is only one reaoson of it Germany become of pupet of US.

  80. Avatar jarosław bielski says:

    From what your eyes saw
    do not rashly do the subject of the dispute;
    because what will you do next,
    when does your neighbor embarrass you?

  81. Avatar TheSniperStriker says:

    Well but after those three months the ticktet goes vack to 5,20 BEFORE the rais the prices again to at least 5,50 (normal one adult person for one train ride + 5,50, back home/ bus is now 2,90 and will rise to 3,10 at least….

  82. Avatar Ali Nadem says:

    It’s happening everywhere in Asia, I see parents sacrificing a meal or two so their kids won’t go to bed hungry. Our leaders always mention that they hear our pain, but they do nothing, they send millions to Ukraine, a war which is not our cause. Q3 and Q4 will be painful for everyone globally. Our leaders have no answer to our plight. Reminds me of Nero while he watch Rome burnt , he was still playing his harp.

    • Avatar Hasan Haitham says:

      Especially in poor Middle Eastern countries (Not including any of the Gulf countries) which are being hit the worst

    • Avatar turtle g says:

      Good thing I don’t need kids 🤣

  83. Avatar mattsnotme says:

    This is what happens when evil people rise, innocent suffer

  84. Avatar Rassel says:

    I say that Germany should sell half of their country and send the money to Ukraine. There is a saying Always save yourself first then think about others. Germany will sacrifice their own people to save others. What a fool!!!!

  85. Avatar prince scorpion says:

    No gas?

  86. Avatar Knowledge is the POWER says:

    Everyone feeling this

  87. Avatar Dalila Neira says:

    Non so come! ma con tanti difensori tedeschi dell’Europa ed NATO “soft nazist” me venne naturale uno Scholz che difende il patriot Zelensky? Cane non mangia cane? Lasciata da sola la GERMANIA se riarmarebbe nuovamente, Olaf non ha paura degli incubi, triste figura la più mediocre del gruppo dei potenti mayordomía mai visti, potreste accettare l’adesione dell’Ucraina dentro i vostri confini visto que avete i dna così simili? Grazie a Putin che non avremmo un Führer eppure grazie a Zelensky che come nazista prestato allo zio Sam ha permesso la Russia di fare pulizia e non solo dentro dell’Ucraina; ringraziando sempre Putin d’accelerare la agonía della CE que avendo portato a compimento il ruolo per cui fu’ creata finalmente lascerà ogni paese a pensare da sé, ma se fosse anche possibile ritornarci la soberania ad ognuno dei paesi che non vedono l’ora; ci rialzera’ l’Europa in 20 oppure 30 anni? La vecchia Europa ha bisogno di nuova linfa, de giovani dinamici, de un Bukele, abbiamo un Orban que ci da gioia, un Erdogan que ci faccia sognare y un Putin líder único al mondo a gozare di più del 80% del rispaldo popolare, Cuanto popolare è Biden? E Macron? E Draghi? E Scholz, indefendibili e continuano lì nell circo politico come qualcuno dice recordare a Nerone suonando la lira mentre la Roma brucia e brucia…

  88. Avatar AFGUN_ DIEGO says:

    Wait till winter then we’ll see..

  89. Avatar Hasan Haitham says:

    They created the problem and now they don’t give us a solution, no one wanted any sanctions

  90. Avatar Enrique & more says:

    Winter is coming

  91. Avatar Kenny 10 says:

    I did notice one ounce of “I feel your pain from the G7” leaders in fact what I saw was a bunch of adults acting like little school girls laughing and making job – All the while the poor and the middle class are getting destroyed by High Food Prices, High Gas Prices, etc….

  92. Avatar Ismael Maningas says:

    The whole world should protest against sanctions nato eu and un conniving with us.

  93. Avatar steve wood marshall says:

    yay lets all eat trains and busses

    • Avatar 배지나 says:

      Many people use public transportation to get to work…the monthly cost could be between 100 € and 400 €…with the 9€ ticket they can spend more money in that time on food…

  94. Avatar Tokaji Leo says:

    are these people stupid or naive? you, the west decided that your democracy is the only true way of living and must defend it worldwide and pay the cost no matter how much to save it in other countries, to pay the cost of freedom. So you decided to invest unlimited amount of money for Donbass to remain Ukrainian and to hope to beat Russia, which will never happen. Therefore do not whine. There is a price for freedom you just experiencing that price. Go home and accept starvation for Ukraine

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