Why is the US targeting the International Criminal Court? | Start Here

The Trump administration has imposed sanctions on the International Criminal Court. But why now? Start Here looks into the case.

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103 thoughts on “Why is the US targeting the International Criminal Court? | Start Here

  1. hank fontaine Reply

    Deuteronomy 5, Ezekiel 8 KJV

  2. Samuil Petrov Reply

    Love this channel, such a great view and most importantly it seems honest!!!!

  3. TONI SMACK Reply

    And why not target it!

  4. VOR Reply

    Great insight, very informative, thank you and keep it up please! 👏

  5. nelson 100 Reply

    GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.. This is why USA is targeting the ICC.. the guilt is written all over its history.

  6. Daniel Swarovski Reply

    The US’s hypocrisy and self righteousness is utterly despicable…just where do they get their moral superiority complex ??!!

    • Nojo Reply

      As an American I totally agree with you. We need to mind our own business and take care of our own problems. I’m ashamed to be an American right now because Trump is mentality unwell. Peace be with you. 🙋‍♀️

  7. W M Reply

    Just another toothless dog keeping bureaucrats in a job.

  8. Aquarius 07 Reply

    ICC can’t do anything to bring USA to justice , but nobody lives 100 years and they will die and go to the hereafter justice .

  9. dor azati Reply

    Some points that you forgot to mention that are importent if you dont want to be called biased:
    1) palestine is NOT a state, its the first time in history that the ICC accepts a non state. why? are the palestinians special (more then kurds or any other people)? thats double standard.
    2) the ICC can be used as a weapon between 2 nations at war, not a weapon of justice but a weapon just to win a war. a rogue nation can start a war with another (victim) nation, ask the ICC to investigate the soldiers of the other (victim) nation for so called “war crimes”. the result is that for every operation the (victim) nation must waste alot of time in investigations, and as you see you cant go to a (defensive) war like this.

    about USA i am sure they committed war crimes in afganistan and iraq.

  10. Faheem Miah Reply

    US are criminals anyway. They started this problem. They’re selling weapons to saudi arabia to destroy whatever is left of yemen. They invading iraq. GO BACK! Leave them alone you f**king bullies

  11. G G Reply

    God will provide!

  12. khadar Ali Reply

    I dont think they can touch the untouchables

  13. khadar Ali Reply

    UN, World Bank, ICC, & InterPol are for the weak ones

  14. fairplayall Reply

    They do not want to be investigated for Iraq

  15. Auric Freres Reply

    US foreign policy is THE ANTICHRIST, the pure evil, torture, occupation, enslaving countries and people.

  16. hoots man Reply

    I wonder why……America

  17. hoots man Reply

    Is Israel looking for the opinion people had in the 1930 about them ….

  18. Aqbal Hussain Reply

    Only afghanistan what about Iraq Pakistan and other countries

  19. Tyler The Kreator Reply

    War crimes were commited by Democrats and you know you cowards. Theyre chargeing trump for what obama did because obama was working with iran to cuase terrorism in the middle east

  20. Ashish Reply

    I say go ahead and if they find anyone just arrest them if they ever leave us cause that’s the only thing u can do.

  21. Radioactive Detective Reply

    Will you please do an episode on Venezuelan crisis

  22. Michael Godbee Reply

    Don’t thank alot of people care bout dead taliban

  23. Sleepy Charlie Reply

    The lady makes it sound like the U.S. just wanted to crash a birthday party and murder people but completely left out the part where the village got raided because members of the Taliban were hiding out there. You know, the same Taliban that supported a terrorist that arranged for airplanes to blow up random, innocent people. This very much attempts to portray U.S. in a bad light while leaving out facts they find inconvenient. I’m not an advocate of torture but the prisoners that got captured were horrible people. So let’s stop pretending there’s no reason for these raids and interrogations. This clip provides zero evidence that anyone but enemy combatants were killed. Just features some lady that says the U.S. showed up during a birthday party but fails to mention the fact the they were there to take out enemy combatants.

  24. Ed L Reply

    America can only judge but cannot be judged

  25. Muhemmedah Muhemmed Reply

    Plz try american taliban deal

  26. brigeen1 Reply

    We good. This is interesting and fair information. Thank you!

  27. odey مسلم Reply

    This icc only tailored for the poor. And they’re soo good going after African leaders.

  28. Tiger Zero Reply


  29. Uzy Christensen Reply

    Thank you for being fair and balanced in your reporting!! ❤️🙏

  30. Boyd Gilbreath Reply

    Good old “lie, cheat ,and steal” Pompeo.

  31. Tiger Zero Reply

    The world need a V, V for Vendetta.

  32. HITMAN Reply

    Let’s talk about investors of Al Jazeera. U Will be shocked.

  33. Ray Ray Reply

    I serviced in Afghanistan in 2008 (Not US). It was the wild west…..and I’ve seen countries send soldiers to jail for war crimes but….not the US. the US used the “Fog of War” to lose paper work reference actions by there guys. If the ICC interviews all members that serviced and found out what we done and know…put it this way. there is not enough jail space for all of us in the world.

    when you leave…sign this bit of paper, here is your pension and don’t talk about it.

  34. Michel Larabie Reply

    great piece

  35. I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!! Reply


  36. Mike Tran Reply

    U.S is going after it because after Trump leaves office they’ll go after him like the rest of the law courts. It’s not U.S is targeting ICC, It’s TRUMP targeting them.

  37. Abdifatah Ibrahim Reply

    Israel&united States an Europe until they never show ICC, this world will never be a peace place.until we get accountabilities done.

  38. Trodpint A Reply

    What’s the ICCs end game?

  39. roman Gonzalaz Reply

    How can this news be but anything but bullshit And the news reporter needs to have her citizenship revoked ship her to Afghanistan

  40. Ahmad Ansori Reply

    bring peace? The U.S Bring Peace?
    yaa Bringing Suffering

  41. New World Reply

    Well its a normal for US to target the organization . They speak the truth and they are the police of the world. They can catch the huawei CEo daughter calling she did fraud and business with Iranian companies and if their armies violates the war then they are good .according to US Law is not above them.

  42. Pipe Reply

    The US face justice? When have they ever?

  43. Fam Ous Reply

    Israel’s president is a cold killer

  44. peter Cillo Reply

    ICC is a corrupt✊✊✊👊👊👊

  45. G7 &MAxx.war Reply

    Ty sweety


    Those killed in Afghanistan or Iraq God see them America is punished with virus a 130.000 died so soon many other God punishments will come only God punish them for innocent souls.

  47. Johnny Schmegma Reply

    She’s got some knockers!

  48. Jabir Ansari Reply

    When US force doesn’t afraid of abusing American itself..then why US would have afraid to abuse Afghani

  49. Brett Reply

    Except in cases where international institutions are populated with appointees from regimes that do not represent their own people or which are engaged in particularly egregious violations of human rights, American “exceptionalism” should be about striving for exceptional character and contributions to itself and the world–not about making exceptions for itself when there is a justly constituted court.
    I am not commenting on the political topic of whether the ICC fits this or not, merely stating that, as a U.S. citizen, I see it is in our own interests to work toward international relations where we do not indefinitely put ourselves above the law–as long as the law is not made, carried out, or adjudicated by non-representative officials or is otherwise unfairly constituted.

  50. Holo Hoax Reply

    Because U.S government is the biggest criminal and most corrupt nothing new here

  51. leather Guy Reply

    The international criminal court is corrupt , needs to be shut down , they have no morals ,all one sided . They take bribes .

  52. Dillibabu Karthick Reply

    Country with powerful military can do war crimes… they are about all laws…

  53. 革命 Reply

    It’s time to stop these investigations…America is built and sustained by criminality! This government is a mafia outfit who kills by first getting the media to label their enemies terrorists ! Time for the world community to act …

  54. Noman Anwar Reply

    USA is older son of saitan and Israel is USA older son. USA power decreasing day by day no one believing on America any more. Even USA is not loyal to his own allies.

  55. Golias Horton Reply

    This is America

  56. Abraheem Yasin Reply

    Great effort

  57. Nasir Iqbal Reply

    So…. International laws do not apply to US & israel.

  58. F. A. BABA Reply

    USA, UK and NATO are the real criminals Israel and in kashmir India no one were prosecuted.

  59. Benee Lahana Reply

    Every one of them are corrupt…

  60. ROBIN WILTON Reply


  61. Philip Ting Reply

    Same as mafia boss threatening the judge and her families.

  62. angelo pandan Reply

    I remember when President Duterte laughed at Obama for threatening him on prosecution to ICC, While U.S is not a member.
    Hey! U.S! Log in the registration first before filing a case to ICC. 😂

  63. Samantha W Reply

    America says it believes in laws and justice but it’s actions over decades have laid bare this false claim. It is a criminal organization that thinks it can ignore international law….well it can run but can never hide. It’s day will come mark my words. Peace🙄

  64. N. I. Reply

    Did US went to Iraqi and Afghanistan wars according to member states backed UN resolution? Or they were there to gain their own political goals?

  65. Boris boris Reply

    When it comes to African and middle east countries it’s not a kangaroo court but when it comes at you it becomes a kangaroo court…. you say China and Russia are taking territories but when Israel does same it’s cool… you Yemen is under a blockade by Saudi led coalition, it’s fine bc they are buying the arms from you but when Iran uses it’s own allies you say its terrorism… let’s stop these double standards and quit playing games with the lives and bloods of innocent people in these helpless countries, life is already hitting them hard and they are barely surviving… its heart wrenching.. people are dying, let nations (presidents and rulers) not let our quest for self actualization blind us to bring harm to other just in a bit to get ahead of our adversaries

  66. Stephen Price Reply

    The ICC has repeatedly ignored the criminal activities of both terrorist groups (PLO – HAMAS -HEZBOLLAH ) AND THEIR SUPPORTERS.
    Israel can be attacked and bombed by child-suicide bombers, yet they claim Israel is guilty.
    How two-faced can they be, how gullible are you presenters ???

  67. crispy Reply

    The world is lurching ever closer to a revolution where the ordinary people will begin to rise up and dislodge the powerful, the rich and the privileged. This 1% of the 1% better start paying attention, the terrorists and revolutionists will start targeting them directly instead of the innocent citizens.

  68. M Rahat Kibria Reply

    Stupid USA and Israel. Both are idiotic criminal in 21st century.

  69. #TrumpIsNotWell # Reply

    Another well presented informative segment .

  70. Shafi Jourabchi Reply

    As far as the US and the little zionist entity are concern, the word “international” is what is wrong with the World Court. It doesn’t automatically accept what a waning power or its military outpost in the Middle East has to say. The world is changing and is throwing away it’s imposed shackles.

  71. Judith Jackson Reply

    Lol….the USA has so much blood and war crimes on their hands it’s not even funny….they are trying to start on Venezuela

  72. Pretorius Sarel Reply

    The ICC is more corrupt than the CCP and WHO together…..they are all jokes,
    Instead should they focus on their own states that signed the treaty as most of them are responsible for ethnic cleansing and mass murders of those opposing their Gov and religions

    • Taiun Doo Reply

      Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  73. Daniel MGF Reply

    United States administrations have been committing war crimes for decades, no news there! The thing is that no institution or international organization has the means of coercion to punish American Presidents and Generals (the biggest criminals), representatives or soldiers, só it all remains the same!

  74. mate Reply

    Thank you ICC for the work you are doing! You bring tyrants to court, which is a rare thing nowdays.

  75. Pinky Lano Reply

    Mind opening video, thanks

  76. Suleiman Daud Reply

    This court for Africa

  77. q g Reply

    Why? Because icc is going to reveal what really happened during the so-called “war on terror.”

  78. q g Reply

    Don’t forget the role of Australia and uk during all the atrocities

  79. Ghh Bbh Reply

    They are should be investigated as they pay for violence they involved in

  80. Supra Malawi Reply

    Not US but only Mr TRUMP. A cult businessman .

  81. Forefather Of Mankind Reply

    ♥️ U… USA … 🤟👍

  82. Chek Yu Reply

    Common sense. Criminals never like Police. Never like Judges. Never like Court.
    Moreover which country commited the most crimes against other country??????

  83. Jim Henry Reply

    Most likely because the tribunal is corrupt.

  84. AQIB JAWED Reply

    US always destroy peace in the name of peace.

  85. Geoffrey Field Reply

    I think Julian Assange answered that question years ago. Cheers.

  86. Yohannes Araya Reply

    May be ICC is corrupted

  87. Robert Urbańczyk Reply

    Would you explain us why Quatar os not taking refugees in?

  88. Sajakhan Sajakhan Reply

    Any pdf of report . I want to go through

  89. Nikhat Jahan Reply

    US,UK and NATO allies have war crimes in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen etc

  90. ilirjan zhiti Reply

    Death of afganistan from usa army civilian viktim kill from usa in afganistan end irak genocid milion civilian death kill from usa army

  91. Austin Lee Reply

    ICC is for the African corrupt leaders NOT for United states of America *****

  92. Txtmmsn Chen Reply

    It’s so funny most America trolls all has Lee as their last names pretending to be asians

    • caligirl Reply

      They pretend to be Asian!

  93. Yasir hussain Reply

    For online tutions… Holy Quran physics maths add maths contact 00923312942024

  94. Gyamar Shado Reply

    Be patient global citizen we must fight for everyone already process is going on it already begun convicting everyone those who are involved.. Now time has come for revolution.. this is multipolar world not a unilateral which was 20 years ago… be patience nobody must spare may be it china or US or Russia or Israel..

  95. caligirl Reply

    I believe that everyone believes in the saying “All Empires end in Afghanistan”.

  96. Neat Dancer Reply

    Can you please do us all a favour and explain why sharing private information in social media platforms is a concern.. i understand things clearer here.

  97. drkhalil khan Reply

    What the story of ethopian renaissance dam??

  98. alex meulah Reply

    west should leave these jihadists to fight themselves … let the massacres happen , then the left will cry to intervene

  99. fairplayall Reply

    Simple… They do not want to be held responsible for Iraq prpven to be a big lie

  100. Frank Renda Reply

    war is war there is no rules everbody is fair game including women and children

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