First Iranian oil tanker reaches Venezuelan waters

2020 5/29
First Iranian oil tanker reaches Venezuelan waters

Venezuela’s navy and air force have escorted the first of five Iranian oil tankers into its waters, carrying more than a million barrels of fuel.
The second docked not long ago.
The United States, which has imposed sanctions on both countries, says it is monitoring the convoy.
But Venezuela and Iran have warned Washington not to interfere with the delivery.
Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports.

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コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Patrick Bartley says:

    US gonna sanction the carribean waters for carrying that tanker😂😂😂😂😂

  • John La Monte says:

    Trump and the rape publicans need to start a war…beware to both Iran and especially Venezuela

  • referendum says:

    Meanwhile USA navy transport narcotics

  • reza naseri says:

    Us use capacity to make problem in hole world. They didn’t helped even on their allies.

  • Sam Alcaraz says:

    I’m from Mexico. Any sovereign nation has the ability to do as they wish as long as they don’t mess with inocent people. Fu$& the US tariffs. They don’t own the world. I’m happy to see the Iran Nation help the Venezuela people because that’s who they are helping. Dumb US doesn’t see that the ones who benefit this is the people.

  • حسن سیف الدینی says:

    Venezuelians must resist opposite to USA

  • Octane Never Give Up says:


  • Aussie girl says:


  • vale says:

    That’s one way to ensure delivery.

  • M B says:

    It is sad how low Venezuela and once great Persia has become. These North Korean style show of 1980’s era forces, to try to big themselves up, looks pathetic.

  • Most Hated says:

    Making a fool out of Trump 😂👌

  • 87pnwesting says:

    Many people blaming US. They blame America for everything because its easy scapegoat for non-thinking individuals.

  • kevin S says:

    USA by sanctioning countries that are fighting against coronavirus proved its disgusting manner and iran proved once more that they can be trusted when you are in need of help, Iran is acting like a true superpower by supporting oppressed nations. I Honestly think USA arrogance isn’t easy to tolerate by any decent measures. Thank you Iran for your courage to stand up against evil and corrupt western policies.

  • Shai Mohammed says:

    AMERICA needs nothing from Venezuela. It’s the corrupt system that’s in place.Maduro is a blasted
    Dictator, stealing elections,
    mismanaging the country
    affairs not repairing the oil fields and want to hold on to power like his predecessor
    Chafez another dictator who died in office. Venezuela was a very good stable country with lots of food lots of good people. I have been there in the 80 tees and 90 tees.Millions of citizens have fled the country due to Maduro incompetence and severe hard ship.What can you expect from a bus driver
    turn PRESIDENT.? NOT MUCH AT ALL . (Communism don’t

  • IndieSpaceAstronaut says:

    “Years of mismanagement and lack of invest have had a devastating effect into what once was biggest oil exports in the world.” I completely agree with Al Jazeera. I hope we can someday see Valenzuela free from this Tyrant fool who continues to burden his people causing them to suffer. Venezuela was once the pearl of South America; now it is in ruins. Someday your time will be up Maduro.

  • Sayada Kownain says:

    IRAN has proved that what it says it does. Nobody is afraid of America

  • Crazyhands Hands says:

    How can you put a bus driver in charge of a country elected by Chavez and expect not to have problems.

  • Clark Kent says:

    The evil US has zero rights to stop other countries of trading with each other. Time for the world to unite against the most evil group on earth. NATO needs to be stopped from destroying small nations.

  • Curious People says:

    solar panel & Ev will rule

  • Emrah Martines says:

    Viva IRAN Thanks IRAN ❤🙏

  • Jamalresume Nasir says:

    Great job by Iran

  • najib Yahya Iman says:

    Who cares if USA agrees or disagrees these are two sovereign countries whether you like it or not

  • Steve S says:

    Venezuela is like iran, they are controlled by facist idiots and dictators.

  • X ShockWaveAMG says:

    Just search every fishing boat going to Yemen, and sanction more companies who do business with iran. They aren’t governments they should be easier targets. And start shooting the drug shipments out of the sky after they leave Venezuela airspace.

  • X ShockWaveAMG says:

    Eventually the sanctions will leave them in the stone age. The more they react, the more they reinforce the effectiveness of sanctions. besides the sanctions are for the regime the Iranian people could change there circumstances over night by kicking the regime out.

  • Risen Warrior says:

    america is a terrorist..period

  • Ernest Bellini says:

    Long live the new world leader: China along with the Russians, Iranians and Venezuelans!

  • ontheedge33371 says:

    Good for them !

  • Nathaniel Sheehan says:

    You better hope you can stop the submarines…

  • Having FUN says:

    Iran: brave come behind me, coward go behind usa😂😂

  • Pooyan Matin says:

    Aljazeera is another empire propaganda tool. Uses the news and twists it so it looks like Venezuela is mismanaged. Aljazeera is based in Qatar, a country that has well managed financing ISIS to topple Syria.

  • Ewan Hussami says:

    Uncle scam and the holy “profits” will rage and cry. 😀

  • Jose Guerra says:

    Wow the country with the most oil and can’t make a drop of gas wow hey but the government says it’s all good WOW

  • junaid jaani says:

    Iran n venazvella relationship zindabaad…
    Stay blessed..
    Khamnaie Rehbare maa..
    Khamanie is our Spritual Leader..
    From ladakh

  • Abdi Kadawe says:

    Bully USA 🇺🇸 always

  • Stephen Randolph says:

    Venezuela can not even refine there own Oil ? Haaaahaaaaaa! Com on ! Communism is prison system . They lock you up in your own house ! Let you out to go eat .

  • MahdiBanners says:

    The most important question that no one is asking so far is : Why Venezuela had to get fuels, refinery spare parts, and chemical additives from a very far place like Iran? Why Venezuela just doesn’t go ahead and get all that from oil and fuel producing neighbouring countries in Latin America like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina??! Because all of them plus the rest of the world countries are scared of the US and don’t dare to do that ! on the other hand Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 is the only country in the world that is always blatantly challenges the US and acts on it by actions and is never scared of the US; Iran does and is willing to retaliate against US interests whenever the US acts against Iran; there are many incidents in the last 42 years that prove this reality. That’s why the US took Iranian warnings very seriously and did not block these ships despite of the pentagon’s threats or bluffs to do so 10 days ago.

  • marco gonzalez says:

    Let the people be free . If Venezuela elected a socialism government let them be .

  • MahdiBanners says:

    This report is very bias pro US propaganda. What Aljazeera failed to tell you that these shipments will be enough for several months and not one month! Also and more importantly, Iran sent spare parts and equipment to start the Venezuelan refineries working again. Also along with gasoline and diesel fuels, the shipments include petrochemical additives that are used in the production of fuels like gasoline and other oil products, these additives will be enough for the next 5 years. Basically once the spare parts are installed, the refineries will be able to start working within days or few weeks, that’s even before the Iranian fuel shipment
    finishes and then Venezuela will be able to produce fuel from its domestic oil for its local consumption and sell the rest to the world to enhance the local economy

  • Ali Miri says:

    US threatened Iran to seize the oil tankers but didn’t.Because knew that the real world differs from their hollywood movies!!

  • MAN WOLF says:

    Lol imagine believing delivering oil under these circumstances are anywhere near an economically viable idea

  • J. Jones says:


  • Megamind says:

    Oil makes states panic even if just one barrel
    Seeing oil just go pass by its really sad for them lol

  • Daniel Blue says:

    Shocking, Venezuela importing crude oil, of all countries, and from Iran.
    Could be a sign of an impending doom.

  • Ghost Train Haze says:

    If you wanna teach your kid how to stand up to a bully than teach them about 🇮🇷

  • Oying Apum says:

    New beginnings , iran n venezuella congrates .from india

  • Sulta ni says:

    Well done Iran and Venezuela.💪🤝 long life friendship. Every independent country can have good relationship with whomever they want.
    America is not the God of earth to lead the world, It doesn’t have this right.
    I have a message to whom which say America is right…
    please don’t judge before knowing the truths about American policy.

  • Ana Laura Vélez Rojas says:

    EEUU shouldn’t care about that. I am glad that Iran sells its gasoline to Venezuela.

  • srikanth bharatha says:

    Fall of USA
    Oil trade currency is no more USD
    Iran,venezuela, russia,qatar,kuwait,Kenya and many other countries from last 2 years are trading in their own currency and barter system.

  • Roy Derouin says:

    Irans one and only friend in the world

  • mdyusuf rehman says:

    America saala bahot kuttia mulk hai

  • S M Amir says:


  • Faruque Sadikur says:

    allah bless to iran and go ahead.

  • ubokwilie says:

    Both countries have oil, so what are they doing? They upload oil from Iran to Venezuela and upload oil from Venezuela to Iran?

  • Saleh Othman says:

    Threats don’t scare anyone anymore!! America MUST understand that fact!!

  • Trebor Bob says:

    There is no justice in this world 🌎… there are some nations who believe themselves to be gods … Venezuela has been under crushing sanctions for years but not once does reporter mention this !!! …. they have the right to import oil from whomsoever they choose …. Thank you Venezuela for not bowing to the great idols of this world…

  • E M says:

    Iran is trash and Venezuela is broke trash. Both countries treat their people like trash too

  • B C says:

    League of Corrupted Legions

  • Nitish Yadav says:

    Qatar is too coward to raise voice against US
    So they created a proxy propaganda channel

  • S S says:

    Y us want to dictate
    Msg should b fr usa
    “Leave us alone”

  • Morteza Ghomi says:

    آمریکای جهان خوار.لعنت برتو

  • Z H M says:

    They should armed themselves with Ballistic missiles with nuke heads too ready to fire at anytime, that’s how you survive from bully superpower countries.

  • Gustavo Diaz says:

    I can’t wait to see the Israelis or the Saudi bomb Iran😎

  • Karl Trombley says:

    Economic Hitman

  • Blank oish says:

    great news Alhamdulillah

  • Ifraheem Tariq says:

    USA is dirtiest nation on Earth.
    They always do bad things, USA is killer, armed exporter to terrorist, black spot on world face and never ever acceptable.

  • Sadik Ahmed says:

    Us feeling jealous for sure 😂🤣

  • Spectral lim says:

    Yes ….. freedom of navigation. Yes hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • shafiana nahid says:

    Best wishes for Iran & Venezuela.

  • Fatih sultan Mehmet says:

    Iran is great USA you are nothing

  • Rothschild killed JFK says:


  • Fidel Castro says:

    Great 👍👍👍

  • Nauman Ghani says:

    God bless you Iran. Love from Pakistan.

  • joseph Traff says:

    OK so one dictatorship and failing state gives a little gas to another dictatorship and failing state…what’s the big deal?

  • Michael Godbee says:

    Allies can help allies

  • Dilek Kaya says:

    Good job neighbour Iran.
    Long live Venezuela !

  • Juan Vargas says:

    There comes a time where people have to realize they make the country move , not the government, take control of your country and get those crooks hands out of the peoples money.

  • dylan storm trooper der says:

    iran does not have a refinery so where did it really come from :)-?if you cant steal the oil just keep others from buying it

  • Flavio Amaral says:

    Shame on AlJazeera for the bias in their analysis. US sanctions destroy the country sovereignty. It is the US government that blocks Texan and Russian companies from selling products to Venezuela, without which they cannot reefine crude oil. To import Gasoline from Iran is an expensive but desperate and necessary measure in order to supply Venezuela with some fuel for the weeks ahead.

  • Darius M51 says:


  • Md Al-Amin bhuiyan Al-Amin says:

    We appreciate iran
    Now time to boycott USA
    Every nation should brave enough like Iran
    USA, Israel, india& some European Countries are the ultimate culprit of today’s all crisis across the world

  • shiv says:

    Vendzuela is one of the large st producer of oik and gas right

  • Adolfo Enrique says:

    Viva Iran!!

  • Aref Tiari says:

    Ok where is america? And trump?

  • mo sheridan says:

    Free Venezuela now

  • science blossom says:

    I hope politicians throughout the world will soon find the vaccines for the American viruses, i.e., the wars, the sanctions and the hatred they spread.

  • Nicky R says:

    Could have the virus came from Iran after losing their Top General?

  • Limuru Road heroes says:

    US need to understand Rona is the new sheriff in town..100k dead in 3 months!!!

  • Nanda Nair says:

    great courage

  • kalbs89 says:

    Why don’t they rise up?

  • Mr terry seow says:

    Washington think that they can control the world

  • jason miller says:

    fortunately for the world trump is busy at war with twitter

  • Tomas Neshoba.holba says:

    Birds of a feather

  • donik susilo says:

    Sanctioned countries can now start a United Nation of sanctioned countries. China will be sanctioned soon so it can lead.

  • Al Jam says:

    1.5 million barrel and not litre.

  • Amateur PetrolHead says:

    How Ironic they have the worlds largest reserves. But because of corruption, no infrastructure to get it.

  • Juan Soto says:

    Although the government in VN has not managed the oil industry efficiently, this news outlet does not take in consideration the US unilateral and criminal Sanctions and prohibitions on selling any spare parts and chemicals to the oil industry in VN.

  • amir khan says:

    White European pirates need to be punished.

  • Euan Reid says:

    The parasitic Imperialist plague the planet.

  • Harry Steins says:

    A blind man is trying to help another blind man.!