UK manufacturing industry ‘on brink of historic collapse’

2020 6/14
UK manufacturing industry 'on brink of historic collapse'

In the United Kingdom, union leaders have told Al Jazeera that manufacturing is on the brink of its biggest collapse in generations because of government inaction.
Every week, thousands of jobs are being lost in sectors like aerospace and car manufacturing.
Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports.

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  • Dojocho says:

    It was the rise of German industrialization and its taking over from England that led England to WW2

    • A R says:

      @Jack Robert – No. We can stop it. We can rebel. We will. We must take power out of the hands of the rich warmongers.

      The troops can mutiny, they have many times in the past. The mutinies in the French and German armies, following the Bolshevik Revolution ended WWI. The “Bring the Boys Home” mutiny in the US army prevented the US from occupying China. The mutiny in the US army in Vietnam eventually forced the US government to withdraw in defeat.
      It is not inevitable.

    • Dojocho says:

      @A R There were multiple factors involved in the start of the second world war. But the reality today is slave wages, no benefits and no worker rights is just the best way to produce goods. With the arrival of automation and robotics the replacing of even those slaves is anticipated. Uber was designed to be driver less. But the technology of those vehicles is still flawed thus it is why so many big money people invested in it. The whole bicycle lanes being built everywhere is not for fun for people to ride bikes…they want to have driver less delivery vehicles in those lanes.

    • Heinz Guderian says:

      If no one buys a car… Panzer is in demand during World War 2…. World War 3 will make the economy good again

    • Jack Robert says:

      @Heinz Guderian You go, I’ll support you

    • Dojocho says:

      @Heinz Guderian No one in the elite circles wants to answer the 64K question…. with automation and robotics and the cost of living tied to inflation and stagnation of wages…what is the end game? we are back to medieval ages of the king and his servants. which is what the elites wanted all along. Though today its called Communism

  • john gillon says:

    Trump was right, the cure is worse than the disease. i think it’s a scam. any one hear of any famous folks actually die. they say prince charles was in quaranteen, did the queen die. she is pretty old.

  • St. Cloud says:

    Eurocentric bourgeois decadence is embarrassing.

  • A B says:

    Made in Britain lol low quality and poor design and reliability. Ask any car owners you can’t beat Japanese cars. British cars are rubbish always will be. I’ve had 3 London taxis all problems from new.

    • PerkyPesky Pirate says:

      Aston Martin is owned by Indians

    • American Infidel says:

      Japanese autos were good quality until they started producing them in the States. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Toyota deliberately chose Kentucky for its US production sight because all Kentuckians are hooked on Meth amphetamine. And they can easily pass a drug screen. And their production numbers are out of sight. Toyota quality sucks now, but a meth addict can work twice as fast as a sober worker.

    • Felix says:

      @PerkyPesky Pirate aston martin is not owned by indians land rover jaguar is

    • Teguh Nugroho says:

      Lol Mini Own by BMW, Bentley by Volkswagen, and Rolls Royce by BMW

  • J South says:

    British still holding on Fisher, oh and Nigel Farage is now on about immigrants anything to avoid holding meetings with fishermen

  • shaj ali says:

    Haha hardy on the British news ………… SILENCE …….

  • cyenkwang says:

    Join tesla

  • Hero Of Bukit Padang says:

    British cars sucks anyways….

    • Champ Life says:

      Rolls Royce and Bentley are awesome cars

  • Ya Mahdi says:

    Collapse is an inevitable destination for capitalism, the longer it takes the more painful it will be

    • Vincent Conti says:

      There is a great German word that describes you. Schadenfreude?

    • roguemale TheOne&Only says:

      Capitalism is routinely bailed out by socialism.

    • Jack Robert says:

      @roguemale TheOne&Only capitalism is bad cos of greed and central banking.

    • Ya Mahdi says:

      @roguemale TheOne&Only they are all doomed to FAIL.

  • COOL GAMER says:

    China to buy it, period!!

  • solitary hunter says:

    Only solution is just print the money and give it to people or it will go out of control.

    • Jack Robert says:

      @Aryan Gupta British

    • Aryan Gupta says:

      @Jack Robert okay,looks like corona got a big hit on UK,20 percent of it’s economy has shrunk since the start od the pandemic and this happened when Britain left the EU ! Otherwise EU might have helped
      What do you think of Brexit and the EU ?

    • Jack Robert says:

      @Aryan Gupta Brexit is great politically but economically it depends on the deal. EU leaders can be hard pressed to stop more break up so might be a bad deal. The UK government can’t use the EU as a leg to stand on and blame. Anything bad that happens people will blame the government for it. Targets missed can be used to kick Boris out.

      I didn’t vote to leave hopefully we can see what happens. US wants the EU broken too. It’s a powerful block which can challenge the US.

    • Aryan Gupta says:

      @Jack Robert how is brexit great politically ?

    • Jack Robert says:

      @Aryan Gupta the U.K. government also blames the EU for most things for a long time. If the government has a bad deal but relations etc they can’t blame anyone

  • dumbo7429 says:

    Overpriced overated aspirational wannabe status symbol brands. People are begging for simple quality cheap transport..made in their own country.

  • Nicholas Fuller says:

    These cars cost to much money

  • Gerold Bosch says:

    Brexit not helping either…thank yo nigel farage…thank you boris… as usual the poor will suffer Nigel and Boris wont

  • Vincent Conti says:

    UK is not exactly famous for quality cars!!!

    • Kam sun Leong says:

      Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar , Range Rover, Mini Cooper, Aston Martin,MG. U sure?

    • Ken Shabby says:

      @Kam sun Leong Hahaha yeah I’m pretty ignorant about cars but even I was thinking Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin??? I knew we at least made them at one point.

  • Gurinder Singh says:

    Western capitalism model is failing in 21st century and the Chinese state regulated capitalism model is gaining momentum. Let’s hope that the Western capitalism don’t go back to old ways of spilling innocent blood wreck mayhem on the streets to regain its lost shine.

    • Jack Robert says:

      It is probably gonna happen. UK will need to invade. Hopefully you’ll help like before? Indian soldiers were good

    • Camelpiss drinker Nabi Muhammad says:

      It’s western capitalism who made china successful by shifting their manufacturing bases to china in the 80’s

  • Emkei2010 says:

    Just like the MG Motors, I’m sure the Chinese will acquire it and be saved.

  • Eric Cruz says:

    CCP invisible army is winning the war at all fronts

  • Share Knowledge says:

    Buildings and vehicles business kills both environment and human race

  • sim sam says:

    It’s not only Aston. They wanted free markets, free economics, unlimited growth, no red tape, low or no taxes, exploit and destroy nature. And when they have it:: tax-optimization or even hidden subventions, benefits to the privateers. And when the market behaves, as it does (weill, corona was unpredictable), they turn back to the government for money and support. Do the workers get supported? Only sometimes. It’s that economic model we have to overthink or better: abandon. Or is this, what we work for or pay taxes for, live with? naaay!
    I’m not a socialist or left wingiist (no, beware of that) i’m not right or in the middle, i’m just fed up of these companies and these fat cats.

  • PH VlogLine says:

    More lockdowns = More bankrupt companies. = More hunger = more suicides

    • VobisPacem says:

      this bot is broken. you’re supposed to say “lives are more important than the economy.” “lockdowns are government best response to the greatest pandemic.” and other suicidal b.s. like that…

  • Adam Sahr says:

    So, people who inherited classic car dealerships from their fathers, expected to carry on business as usual for ever and a day !!!

  • Anupam Mahato says:

    everywhere in the world is dealing with the same situation who is to blame?

  • Tolu Tani-Olu says:

    Brexit dipshits. How does it feel to take your countries back

  • Alftura says:

    Those Tories hate manufacturing for some odd reason. Idiots.

  • S M says:


  • Buddy Piper says:

    Being unemployed is still better than being dead. Just saying.

    • Phillip says:

      How do you know? Have you ever been dead?

    • Buddy Piper says:

      @Phillip Have you ever been employed?

    • Phillip says:

      @Buddy Piper yes I have. Have you ever been smart?

    • Florin NYC says:

      Buddy Piper not necessary. Being poor is bs

    • TR4R says:

      Or is it the other way around?

  • pm2020 _ says:

    Can anyone tell me who actually owns Jaguar Land Rover now?

    • Muhammed Mashood says:

      TaTa Motors

    • Anthony Molina says:

      50 percent is owned by Chinese and the rest tata

  • Honor Holly says:

    Boris Johnson should stimulate it.

  • ?,?, says:

    Feminism destroyed Britain

    • Ahmed Elshiekh says:

      how is this related to feminism in any way ?

    • KatariaGujjar says:

      @Ahmed Elshiekh 😂😂😂😂😂 ikr

  • Ayub M says:

    China should pay!!!

  • Steven Smith says:

    When this is over, reschedule loans, restart the production lines, and get on with it. The plants are still there

  • Felix says:


    • Hailey Brown says:

      exactly. ccp is evil asf

  • noel maher says:

    What do you produce in Qatar?….

  • Schmoe Schlomo says:

    Looks like it is all going to plan then

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    na they have brexit and a super deal with the usa the uk will be ok

  • pnotic says:

    Uk has a manufacturing industry? I live in the UK and thats news to me!

    • shiv says:

      UK had the best industry for 100 years from 1870 to 1970

    • Akbar Yunadi says:

      I thought British people are smart. Well, you’re disappointment.

    • VobisPacem says:

      rolls-royce is a world’s main supplier of high-end airplane engines.

    • Ahmed Elshiekh says:

      it’s actually the first industrialised nation in the world , the UK invented the steam engine which started the industrial revolution.

    • Joel Ibbitson says:

      😀 a very unprofitable manufacturing industry*

  • Philip Ting says:


  • Dinesh Nair says:

    The car industry worldwide should bench its workers for time being. These are highly skilled people with specialised skills. I’m sure boom times will be back

  • Peter Schotanus says:

    So, there’s Brexit, Covid, bad governance, backward imperial arrogance, elitist powergrab, skyrocketing inequity, spiking national debt and still a warmongering government unwilling to seek pragmatic solutions. EU must remain firm.

    • Ken Shabby says:

      C’mon Peter aren’t most of those points also applicable to several other European nations? France doesn’t look like any kind of utopia at the moment.

    • Peter Schotanus says:

      Ken Shabby has a point but France wasn’t the issue here but the UK. The EU has its own challenges, for sure. But the UK is de facto and de iure no longer directly part of that equasion, the fishery set aside. With 80 of UK fishery products exporting to the EU the interdependency should force both stakeholders to come to agreable, pragmatic terms. Pride is blinding UK high-horse politics from accepting the fact that no man, no nation, no island is an island.

  • Carl Wakeling says:


  • Bparis freedom Ranger says:

    Do hard Brexit 😂 😂

  • Krung Angkor says:

    Great and interesting

  • Nelson Gonzalez says:

    I can understand that manufacturers are facing problems, but where was/is their strategy to bridge the gap during times of financial difficulties? Oh right, they’re paying executives, CEOs and managers big salaries, and let’s not forget about shareholders, whilst they go hand in cap to the government? Nobody wants to see industries fail, nobody wants to see people out of work but companies also have to take responsibility for their actions, or in this case, inadequate lack of action to weather turbulent circumstances. Just because you make luxury goods doesn’t mean you have the right to run a company with a champagne and strawberries mentality. This is what happened in America during the previous recession and the car companies still haven’t learned their lessons. If you were able to afford lavish salaries with minimal impunity then you should bail yourself out.

  • Noman Rashid says:

    Nice A dent in Jag and Rover means a kick in India Guts !

  • monked D Nizar says:

    U wanna see United Kingdom citizens getting sicks or die? Or u can juz be patient, perhaps a several months maybe, juz need liiiiiiiiiittle more time to break this pendamic chain . Ofcuz we cannot wins against this virus without vaccine, at least can manage or control it perhaps 👌👌

  • johny broadbelt says:

    Is the mushy peas and jellied eel industry still going strong ?

  • john sing says:

    If they want to sell them on good discount …I will think to buy one. To give them some financial support.

  • phrophet muhhamad fucked little daughter says:


  • Claudio Miranda says:

    Put that in your top gear pipe and smoke it

  • Raj Ray says:

    Why should car plants exist in Britain? They can be made much cheaper in Asia and Africa. The British should just grow food and import the rest.

  • matthew o says:

    So if peace between countries causes losses in weapons manufacturing jobs, start those wars back up because….jobs! Capitalists are massive hippocrates, as well as having no other solutions other then government handouts, but only for huge corporations.

  • Real43 NL says:

    this has to do with the corona virus.
    and Brexit has made it far more worse posible.
    thank you boris, thank you farage

  • Curtis Carpenter says:

    Bail these out and send China the bill, get low interest loans through the special relationship. Manufacturing should be a government supported industry.

  • Iqra Akhtar says:

    UK looted the sub continent and established industries in Europe but they forgot what goes around comes around. Now enjoy your crisis.

    • mukarji says:

      Iqra Akhtar lol relax, this virus is not only for the UK. Look over your shoulder and wherever you’re living, has the same headache of financial crise. Pray that life becomes normal again for all.

    • Gautam says:

      See how shameless the once asylum seekers from Islamic Paradise are preaching Peace in pandemic…..

    • mukarji says:

      Gautam how is this conversation became religious? Don’t be a typical fish. We’re talking about economy not religion. Fix yourself!

    • Gautam says:

      @mukarji sure.

    • Teh Chuan says:

      That’s for burning India textiles industrial and forcing India to buy from them many moons ago,

  • Josh said says:

    They can’t come to Germany they’re no longer EU citizens. What a mistake made by uk government

    • Sun Of Shango I hate 45th I hate Dems says:


    • Hailey Brown says:

      germany was in a recession before this pandemic lol

    • Josh said says:

      I’m German and I can tell you we’re doing great many jobs available.

  • Luciano Matias says:

    Thank China for this mess in the world.

    • James John says:

      Can’t blame china. Nobody forced companies like jlr to go to china and open factories there. If anyone is to be blamed its these rich automotive companies who decided to screw the uk workers by taking the jobs over to china.

    • Luciano Matias says:

      James John I was talking about de pandemic that is destroying hour economy and hour jobs.

  • Charles Beaudry says:

    Brexit will solve it.

  • MentorLite says:

    Boy, the UK is going downhill fast.

    • les antoine says:

      Yeah , just like their teeth. 😬

    • Dragon Slayer says:

      UK will do just fine as long as the London Financial Center keeps on with money laundering from 3rd world nations…. its like the US holding the Petrodollar….. so don’t be worried about any of them….. lol….lol…..

    • s o l d says:

      It already went downhill with their immigration.

  • Franz Narf says:

    Brexit 😁

  • 28gire says:

    Is there anything that’s not in ruins there?

  • bill hanna says:

    WAR by deceit ? Now who could be behind this ?

  • Decus says:

    I’m not a fan of subsidies but given the rather extreme circumstances at the moment 3 or 4 months of subsidies to help them through might be worth while in the long run. Same goes for the Aerospace industry.

  • Touqeer Abbas says:

    Hard time goes and good time coming now..

  • JAL Maser says:


  • Chris Ng says:

    Time to ask America for help, Boris

  • See you in History. says:

    People like to know about Saudi,Qatar,uae news too.

  • Prabhat Kumar says:

    Let’s start war it’s the most profitable business

  • shiv says:

    Job cuts everywhere

  • John Salvage says:

    It’s an engineered reboot. The whole scamdemic, and the current BLM riots/protests, are all part of what history buffs, will know as “The Communist Manifesto”…. but, the part that only elites were given access to.

  • Gautam says:

    Shift or open a new plant in Australia….

  • Chobaca says:

    And exactly this is the effect that Sweden has been trying to mitigate by not locking down the entire society.

  • reality finder says:

    Waste of money many are dying of hunger

  • doesnt matter says:

    Humans created the financial systems

  • consulting insultant says:

    British collapse is on a relapse. Recession shall be the state in the minds of people following on the final funeral procession of near and dear ones perished in penury

  • Bandichod Madabandichod says:

    Britain need to feel some pain so perhaps they will stop inflicting pain on others

  • J Blank says:

    My father was an engineer at Aston Martin for two years. He came to the house last month crying Then he said that he lost the job he loved. Now we can’t buy joggers and clothes. Nobody’s doing and ever gonna help my family out. Ever.

    • VobisPacem says:

      do you still think the lockdowns are necessary? it’s what everyone’s saying… lockdowns are suicidal though.

  • star star says:

    Go Electric or go broke. Stupids of top gear won’t save you. Tesla is only Game in Town now.

    • Altamash Sarwar says:

      It’s quite expensive though even base Model 3 considering given circumstances.

  • Chris Cocks says:

    Don’t worry. Brexit will come to the rescue …. ermmmm

  • Thanya Tai says:

    Just can’t wait to see them come near to this day. Without all the countries that they have colonised to steal and rob like before, they are hopeless now.

  • Jia Ma Ono says:

    Go to China

  • les antoine says:

    They need to reopen the dentals clinics , some brits are missing a lotta teeth 🦷

  • Bilo Rani says:

    Only humans are going through such troubles whereas animals, birds and mother nature are having the best time of their life…

    • Adam Fernandez says:

      Not sure about that Animals are suffering all over the planet because of the virus wild dogs cats pigeons etc cant find food because humans have none to give them . Zoos also are suffering struggling to feed the animals

    • Bilo Rani says:

      Adam Fernandez Could be true to the extent of Zoo but i have read news and watched videos of animals reclaiming their territories and wandering freely without fear of human threat

  • Fahyan Ehmar says:

    This is what happens when oil prices drop.

  • Thimble says:

    How can something collapse if it didn’t exist in the first place?

  • Dragon Slayer says:

    but meanwhile the Fancy Hats Manufacturers the weirdo royalty thug family wears is doing just dandy….. lol….lol…..

  • Hashibul Kowshik says:

    I can be any happier. They don’t have any countries to loot.

  • krishna sai says:

    Chyna lied… pandemic smiled…

  • Phillip says:

    Here comes China to the rescue

  • VobisPacem says:

    brexit + lockdowns = like getting choked and stabbed at the same time.

  • julia baldo says:

    Im in States and wouldn’t mined a car like that

  • Jeremy McGrath says:


  • Raju Kumaran says:

    Wow good luck suckers, now that you’re out of the EU with no preferential access, stuck with, a huge divorce bill , no jobs, a rampaging virus, “Londonistan” is fully on the road to perdition

  • Hassan Smith says:

    Aston Martin needs to ask the 1% to bail them

  • mike says:

    Thank Tesla for eating all the market share.

  • Indian Army says:

    UK 🇬🇧 go down the drain

  • jacobrocks7 says:

    Britain needs to colonize again…

  • Kari Kepala Gajah says:

    Its shopping spree time for China. Taking over lots of european companies.


    UK does not manufacture much. The only manufacturer I know of is Rolls Royce airplanes engines which is also struggling and making 1000s of people redundant.
    All car manufacturers based in uk are foreign owned Germany and Japan mostly and these guys are going soon
    The arrogant divided kingdom to rely on services sector and Banks that keep on thieving from other nations.

  • con seated says:

    BLM have a lot of jobs going at the moment.