Qatar says talks to end GCC crisis were suspended in January

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Qatar’s foreign minister said recent efforts to end the blockade against the country have not suceeded.
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut all political, trade and transport ties with Qatar in 2017.
The foreign minster said that talks to ease tensions ended last month.
Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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  1. Avatar Peter Rawai says:


  2. Avatar Eric Smith says:

    Saudi needs to bomb Qatar also

    • Avatar irfan kallai says:


    • Avatar Fan of Youtubers says:

      mubarak olad there are tons of iranians who are US citizens

    • Avatar Fan of Youtubers says:

      mubarak olad btw i want to come to iran just for the food

      do not bomb me

    • Avatar Ali Alkuwari says:

      They wish

    • Avatar Moses Kamosh says:


  3. Avatar samuel fitzpatrick says:

    This is just brats with way too much money just trying to have their way.

  4. Avatar CYRUS THE GREAT says:

    When blockade did not effected🇶🇦 Qatar 💪

    • Avatar Rico Lanz says:

      When the iranian regime is vanquished, it will crumble like sand in the hand.

    • Avatar CYRUS THE GREAT says:

      @Rico Lanz your number is666 btw

    • Avatar CYRUS THE GREAT says:

      @Themistocles fvck your figure 🖕

    • Avatar ㄚ卂ᗪ卂乇丂匚ㄖ乃卂尺 says:

      R u nuts it did impact Qatar financially.but any way every country has been an ally to United States funny how United States could still do good business and keep it’s financial interests .

    • Avatar CYRUS THE GREAT says:

      @ㄚ卂ᗪ卂乇丂匚ㄖ乃卂尺 go learn some English language 😆🤣

  5. Avatar Az izul Hakim Tuhin says:

    Qatar 👍👍👍🇶🇦

  6. Avatar Muhammad Muhibbullah says:

    It’s really bad that brother’s r fighting, so far Qatar is coming forward to negotiate but y four brother’s r not coming forward ???

    • Avatar First Name says:

      When Qatari drink alcohol in western countries they act like Saudis.

    • Avatar Muhammad Muhibbullah says:

      @First Name may be, but I have never seen that

    • Avatar Muhammad Muhibbullah says:

      @ID MZ Dear Mr I don’t who ur but I’m from India ( Tamil Nadu) i have been thought by parent to give respect to brother’s, and I have worked in Dubai for Ten years and Qatar for Ten years both the country and both people are really nice people, so they r good people and good country, as far as I know I don’t want any brother’s to fight coz it will be a great lose for both of them not others

    • Avatar Raza Khan says:

      Brothers? They are puppets of USA, everyone including Qatar. But at least Qatar have good relation with Iran and they support Palestinians. But Saudi and UAE openly work with Zionist Israhell. They are all selfish dictators that need USA for their survival.

  7. Avatar Avijit Das says:


  8. Avatar Seleman Kishema says:

    U can’t solve this problem while enemies of said Arabia are your friends.

    • Avatar I am Miss says:

      noones enemy.. real enemys Israel

  9. Avatar Nuclear Fire says:

    Saudi of all people accused Qatar of terrorism did they forget where Osama bin Laden come from and what he did in 9/11. Then again they are America buddy.

    • Avatar First Name says:

      Both parties are terrorists, they have been terrorising the world for a very long time.

    • Avatar Nuclear Fire says:

      @First Name so why don’t America and its allies wage war and invade them?

    • Avatar Kijana Hodari says:

      Do you have proof that Osama planned the act?

    • Avatar Never Mind says:

      @Nuclear Fire america is the biggest terrorist of them all… The winner with power writes history!

  10. Avatar Dave says:

    Qatar has no friends. Supports terrorists

  11. Avatar juma kibirige says:

    Shut aljazeera because its the most watched channel all over the world CNN and BBC fighting 2nd and 3rd position they are very angry .

  12. Avatar ggrey3155 says:

    As a non-Arab looking in from the outside, the GCC blockade is so absurd and spiteful. I read that MBS proposed cutting a canal south of Qatar to literally turn it into an island. I guess this is why the Middle East (particularly the Arab world) is so screwed. When Arab nations hate other Arab nations even more than foreign imperialists that are dividing, controlling and bombing them (there is one country doing that), that’s the reason why the Arab world is being colonised. I wished Arabs would read history what happened in South Asia, and how one English-speaking Empire came to enslave and colonise the entire region.

  13. Avatar Nasrin Javeh says:

    Hay it’s PERSIAN GULF.

  14. Avatar vimaldob says:

    Sanctions should be impose on Qatar.

    • Avatar I Want Peace says:

      Why because Netanyahu influences MBS and MBZ and mossad gave MBS his position this is known

  15. Avatar cool light says:

    Surely Qatar should cut ties with Iran.
    But everything else is nonsense. UAE and Saudi must come to senses and end the blockade.
    Both Iran and SISI govt in Egypt are terrorists states.

    • Avatar I Want Peace says:

      Saudi and uae have Iranian ties infact uae especially Dubai would fall without Iranian investment

    • Avatar cool light says:

      @I Want Peace not at all. Iran is welcome to disinvest.

  16. Avatar Rakib Hossain says:

    So there is no hope

  17. Avatar R R says:

    Looks like Janet Jackson even sanctioned her then husband filing for divorce in 2017

  18. Avatar Mustafa Khan says:

    Love you qatar 😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Avatar HisHighness Abdulla says:

    Qatar is strongest country. Qatar never support terrorism. Al jaseera channel is the most intelligent and working for true journal.. Allah bless Qatar

    • Avatar Jean D'Haiti says:

      The new channel is propaganda, and that’s a fact

  20. Avatar INDIAN INDIAN says:

    GCC should be united based on their sovereign state grounds. Blockade or Illegal Seige cannot help to solve any issues that arise between these GCC.

  21. Avatar Zakaria Ali says:

    All gulf states are the same!!
    Mass use of foreign labour who are severely underpaid heck

  22. Avatar C K Pari says:

    qatar is in bed with hamas & hizbullah… facts shows! So it’s time qatar clean up their act & come clean… otherwise when iran comes to take your throne noone’s gonna be there for you!

    • Avatar The Top Videos says:

      i think u forgot about pakistan..we will be there for qatar in every situation .. in Sha Allah..

  23. Avatar Mohammed Shujaat says:

    Eagerly waiting for this day, I hope this time will resolve all the issues.

    Allah kareem

  24. Avatar lyn Lynn says:

    Saudi is cruel!! Compared to all those mFs, it is Qatar who is the most independent and updated compared to those allied enemies..

  25. Avatar JARJEES DR says:

    I wish the best to all arabic countries

  26. Avatar Married To The KGB says:

    Respect to the Emir….I will be making a statement in the next coming days Regards The KGB

  27. Avatar md abdul kalam Azad News says:

    Qatar will not accept defeat from any Jewish atheistor or their friends.

  28. Avatar thuwan ameen says:

    I love Qatar

  29. Avatar darkness55eyes says:

    الشبك الشبك لا بارك الله فيكم

    • Avatar Shaikha Al says:

      darkness55eyes الله يشبك وجهك

  30. Avatar Al bustomi says:

    i like qatar

  31. Avatar theodore mwamburi says:

    It’s sad but am praying for the deadlock to be resolved soon.

  32. Avatar No Name says:

    Stop supporting islamic terrorism around the world, there would be no blockade. Qatar and Turkey are greatest sponsor of islamic terrorism, no wonder they are best friend.

  33. Avatar Antony Antoniou says:

    Until Qatar learns to treat all people in Qatar equally, the blockade should continue. Qataris can now experience what it feels like to be treated unfairly.

    • Avatar Shaikha Al says:

      I don’t think your country will treat us fairly too.

    • Avatar Antony Antoniou says:

      @Shaikha Al when you go to Europe legally, and especially in northern Europe, people tend to treat each other with a certain level of respect. You want to change jobs, fine, you want to fly in and out of the country (without having to ask your boss) fine, you want to speak freely, fine….also you cannot get fired without a reason in Europe..these things cannot be done in Qatar. As an expat, you have very little freedom and in fact, the treatment of some expats in Qatar is disgraceful, especially people from poorer countries. They have their passports taken and are made to work like slaves, sometimes they don’t even get paid…. When all of those things change for the better in Qatar, then you can talk to me. Do Qataris not realise that when these expats leave, they tend to tell the world how they were treated?? Its no secret!!

  34. Avatar Mannahchz Zandriahh says:

    Aljazeerah slaves report it

  35. Avatar Mohammed Haider says:

    Qatar very generously have kept door opened to the neighboring country to talk and end the crisis. I have been living in Qatar more than 35 years, I know Qatar is very peace loving country, very positive Qatari people.

  36. Avatar MEGIDIOT says:

    this is all because the US president is not stable

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