Malawi presidential election: Lazarus Chakwera declared winner

2020 7/29
Malawi presidential election: Lazarus Chakwera declared winner

Malawi’s opposition leader has won the rerun of the presidential election.
Lazarus Chakwera got just under 59 percent of the vote.
That makes him the first African opposition leader to win power in a court-ordered rerun.

Al Jazeera’s Haru Matusa reports on an historic moment for African democracy.

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コメント一覧 (70件)

  • Pourush Sood says:

    All the best Malawi! Love from India ❤

  • i a says:

    Couple years later you hear people protesting want to get rid of him they will label him as crupted leader etc

    • About2Take A RedPill says:

      what’s your point? You pessimist

    • i a says:

      @About2Take A RedPill I will reply to you when the White label this man as mass murderer or crupt leader

    • About2Take A RedPill says:

      @i a we cant rule out the fact that he is a human. We are expecting some errors of coz but hopeful for the better, anticipating problems without a proper basis is a negative attitude which cant be tolerated. If you set a negative precedent in your or anyone’s life, that eventually happens. Thats how nature works, so try to be positive atleast once

  • Pan African channel Black Emancipation ipation says:

    And it went well without any international so call observa..

  • World of Wisdom says:

    Same corruption and nepotism, different administration. Sadly, that’s the African way ☹😗

    • TRTK PT says:

      You too negative. Things change. Im happy for Malawians.. Look at covid 19 the west is hit hard and failing something we never thought of. Its time for Africa

    • Bob Wanjala says:

      You must be a fool or a member of the KKK to come up with that kind of opinion. Corruption and nepotism is not in anyway an African tradition, but a disease of the pale people. Look at What Donald Trump does in the United states.

    • Luso Langa says:

      Shingi Kim Yes we keep on dreaming. It was our dream collectively that brought down the mafia corrupt government of Muntharika. So yes we have a dream in Malawi and we manifest our dreams into existence.

    • highly favored says:

      @Luso Langa Exactly

    • highly favored says:

      That “African way” you talk about has been challenged and cast down.

  • Sナツ says:

    This brilliant in Malwai real democracy congrats.

  • i eat sofas says:

    Breaking News: *The world doesn’t care!*

    • i eat sofas says:

      @Tee Thompson *The number of views says it all, pal*

    • Felix Stahl kalen says:

      @i eat sofas this shuld be more inportant than England’s Queen

    • sandra daisy says:

      20k views is not bad You cared enough to Watch n comment

    • highly favored says:

      Breaking News: you clicked, watched then commented. YOU CARE

    • i eat sofas says:

      @highly favored I took the risk to watch the most boring news, despite their insignificance.

  • Mae Borowski says:

    We have to stay vigilant to watch if he spits on the faces of the constituents

  • Simiyu wanyama says:

    Kudos Malawians for accepting change

  • cynthia maravanyika says:

    atlst they had a re run unlike us zimbabweans

    • Shingi Kim says:

      In act of ignorance you mean???

  • Samuel Waithaka says:

    From Nairobi, Kenya. Lazarus Chakwera was the elected new president of the Republic of Malawi 🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Rafiq Y Matenje says:

    Peter’s speech is useless

    • Luso Langa says:

      Rafiq Y Matenje So is he. Useless just as his speech.

  • S Hussein says:

    I hope this is a new dawn for Malawi 🇲🇼
    Malawi is a poor aid dependent country there is no dignity in that.

    • Benjamin Chimpeni says:

      You think they would allow us to stop getting aid ? Most aid has strings attached and those strings are where where a select few get benefits

    • Shingi Kim says:

      I couldn’t agree more…

    • Luke Zalimba says:

      @Benjamin Chimpeni …Absolutely spot on!

    • michael elias says:

      sit down dude, i am in Malawi right now, relax and watch from your country, stay there

  • Felix Stahl kalen says:

    I need more content about this election

  • Ntare Asadi says:

    Mutharika bye bye

  • Lionel Tayas says:

    kiss the Good changes Malawi

  • Valerie tia says:

    Hope for change in Malawi

    • Flametree Group says:


    • Amazing Grace says:

      Heis simple yucan tell

    • Amazing Grace says:

      The old man must forest onthet big house kkkk

  • Share knowledge Now says:

    All politics for selfish benefits.

  • Shingi Kim says:

    This victory is not for Chakwera, neither is it for Malawians but rather awkward marriage of convenience between Chakwera and Chilima. It’s not long before they fallout and become archenemies just like Bakili and Bingu, or should I say Bingu and Joyce otherwise Peter and Saulos also followed the same path. This is a rite of passage to Malawian politics and come 2025 Chilima and Chakwera will not be sleeping in the same bed…it’s obvious they’re not sharing the same even as of now. From MCP to DPP to PP to MCP/UTM to what comes next…it’s all but breakaways between the same people with same ideologies and same corrupt and SELFISH ways. Let’s see someone build a party from scratch without having to breakaway from the sitting president and if that person wins, then it’s indeed a grand victory for Malawi and it will set an example for other African countries as well.

    • Mathe Nkhalamba says:

      Bitter Cadet

    • sophie msemwe says:

      Congratulations viva malawi viva. May good Lord bless malawi

  • Hardc0re Crypt0 says:

    Malawian, election party on my Youtube channel.

  • iam_marwa says:

    The Young New Africa want the best. Please the West keep off Africa’s business.

  • KABWE TV says:


  • Leleh Lusade says:

    Hopefully China doesn’t corrupt him.


    This the beginning of real democratic civilization and development. So you other African countries learn from Malawi.

  • Reuben Fabian says:

    Democracy without development = 0

  • BlackYard Records says:

    Viva Malawi

  • Reuben Fabian says:

    There’s no democracy in Qatari but not poor

    • Luso Langa says:

      Reuben Fabian What is money and riches if you have no freedom? Freedom is worth so much more and immeasurable.

  • vincent chola says:

    Congratulations Malawi

  • Madalitso Morris says:

    God bless Malawi 🇲🇼,

  • Grace Kamau says:

    Congrats Malawian, that is what we are about to do in Kenya in 2022, to elect DR William Ruto

    • Glenn Okayo says:

      Ruto is in government not opposition.

  • Stewart Suweta says:

    These new leaders should get serious to business. I have been to Malawi and what I saw is not good. There is need to improve the livelihood of general Malawians

  • Antony Rajan says:

    Dear Pastor Lazarus,
    I am Pastor. From India I don’t know that I have seen you India or Singapore in the AG Conference.May the Lord give greater wisdom to rule the nation.

  • christopher mlaponi says:

    Mr President, mask and sanitizer please, we need you to live !

  • Laston Myanga says:

    Let us see the change

  • Abdullahi Mohamed Ali says:


  • Memory Ziyaya25 says:

    Congrats Mr president Chakwera& vice President Chilima .. kip doing great job as u have started already do not be like poor galatians.. all in all ask more Gods wisdom you ll never regret this responsibility &dissapoint us or yourselves.
    All de best ..

  • Okoro David says:

    This is good

  • rozina DG says:

    I believe that the God will put a president in the United States who will strengthen biblical values, ​​and help get out of the shackles of Russian slavery the my mather country, Ukraine.

  • Shiv Naryan says:

    China has bribed this country

  • Shiv Naryan says:

    China has funded the country and soon will take over

  • S N says:

    Stop saying in Africa…. Where in the world EU, US do you see this kind of democracy exhibited? Stop speaking nonsense giving the impression as if in Europe, America, Middle East or Asia this kind of democratic challenge is exercised.

  • tawanda Jerry says:

    Can you talk about how Malawians protested and were vigilant?