UK economy: Bank warns of biggest decline in century

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The latest Bank of England forecast says the British economy is facing its biggest annual decline for 100 years.
And bankers warn it could take more than a year to get back to pre-lockdown levels, provided there is not a second surge of coronavirus infections.
Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London, UK.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    don’t worry england has the super deal with he usa and englands royals are good friend of epstein americans.
    money will flow like never before for the uk.

  2. Avatar ajmetz82 says:

    I think we’re cautious about a second wave, but we are also eager to immediately go back to normal asap, so I think the recovery could be faster than anyone anticipates. The question of course is when does normality occur again? And I agree it probably won’t be until 2021, although we can hope for otherwise, and I realise there may be knock on affects that will take time to recover from, especially where businesses have gone under.

    • Avatar Syed Ahmed says:

      The world should have never had extended shutdown for months. Masks and sanitizing hands are enough precautions. Hospitals didn’t have enough ventilators, that was a problem which was overcome by increased production.

    • Avatar ajmetz82 says:

      @Syed Ahmed Hindsight is a great thing isn’t it? We know this now, =). Although I would add social distancing as a precaution too! It’s also possible the virus might evolve to be less deadly (fingers crossed), because a virus that kills its host, is obviously not going to reproduce as much as a virus that keeps its host alive, so there will be a process of natural selection…but I still believe COVID19 will be a problem until the end of the year, even if Masks and Social Distancing help provide some mitigation.

    • Avatar Syed Ahmed says:

      @ajmetz82 Those who pushed lockdown didn’t care about long term damage. Lockdown can be successful such as in New Zealand but in other places infections will reappear. It cannot go on forever like this, we must be prepared to live with acceptable risk while taking precautions, and work normally. However, the world pushed two extremes, either long term lockdown or nothing to worry about which was Trump and Bolsanaro position until recently.

    • Avatar ajmetz82 says:

      ​@Syed Ahmed We prioritised health, before the economy, which is sound logic. You can’t work if you’re gonna die from COVID19, or die from a knee to your neck. Make sure you’re not being killed, then make sure you’re healthy, then you can go out and make some money, =). Ending lockdowns is easier now we see lower death rates. I hope it stays that way, and the deaths don’t rise again. E-commerce and videogames basically had their Christmas in march though….amazing revenues recorded, =).

  3. Avatar ajmetz82 says:

    Just realised this report is about the Bank of England forecast.

    • Avatar Freddie Thompson says:

      UK banksters are just fine. Stealing the Venezuela’s gold was for the start. Which country will be next they will steal from???

    • Avatar ajmetz82 says:

      @Freddie Thompson I mean it’s about a forecast released predicting what will happen, rather than about the opinions of some of the vox popped, and consumer confidence, although data on the latter may have factored into forecasts. With regards the gold – that’s a political issue.

  4. Avatar SohaiL Rehman says:

    *I Think More Hard Time r Comming Really V Hard Situation*

    • Avatar bringsik100 says:

      should we go “soft” on this? like “softening” our daily expense and or monthly budget maybe?

    • Avatar SohaiL Rehman says:

      @bringsik100 Living this time is v hard for normal person I m Trying my best to cut my all extra expensive

  5. Avatar Priya Brock says:

    Oh yeah 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    • Avatar ams 15292 says:

      you are sexC

    • Avatar Boruto Uzumaki says:

      @ams 15292 Lol, Simp

  6. Avatar Arshan Khan says:

    remember the the 18th century “London poor” … history is repeating again

    • Avatar dapper patto says:

      where were your relatives in the 18th century?

    • Avatar Arshan Khan says:

      @dapper patto i dont know dude i wasn’t born…then….ask your mom she should know

    • Avatar F. Urrinston says:

      I remember when UK joined the EU they were called “sick brother” because of their economic and social mess. Of course they’ve kept making unfavorable countries poorer plus wars for their benefit

  7. Avatar Cosmin Contra says:

    I thought the biggest decline was the first Great Depression

    • Avatar dapper patto says:

      gonna be worse that that…big boys aint getting their own way so they shutting shop…rats…should have their heads removed

    • Avatar Cosmin Contra says:

      @dapper patto I hope the government remove all restrictions soon

  8. Avatar I Know Bob But Who The Hell Is Vegana? says:

    they have venezuela’s gold

  9. Avatar Prophet Muhamed says:

    I thought Brexit was supposed to make everybody better in UK?

    • Avatar jake567100 says:

      This is such a naive comment, the rest of the world will have the same economic hit

  10. Avatar Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Impeached Trump is Failing our Great Nation.

  11. Avatar 越桜英桃太郎 says:

    The word “the people who have forgotten history have no future” is the word of the Korean man Shen-ho who said to the Korean people to sell their history books. However, it was only male aristocrats who could read kanji.・In the previous war, it was a defeated country because it was a part of Japan and it was not a war of independence. In the madness, Mr. Lee had a strict position control structure in the order of both teams, Chinese, ordinary people, slaves, and Hakucho (unlike Japan, there is no movement of class. Was)
    ・There were no roofs or shelves in Lee’s shops (in Lee, fish was placed on the soil and sold)
    ・Mr. Lee’s creation of a water turbine ordered by the king in the 1400s was not realized in 1700s.・The low-class sludge was eating leftovers from both groups.
    ・When the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty was signed in 1965, the representative of the Japanese side said, “If they offset each other’s assets (there are far more Japanese assets left in South Korea), they will pay huge amounts of money.” What I argued with
    -Korea, which illegally occupies Takeshima, which is a territory unique to Japan, is an invader of Japan.
    ・The Tsushima domain had a concession in Korea. ・Korea is the proverbial society, and it continues to this day.
    ・Distorting the history of Japan is distorting the “soul of the Japanese people” (Korean foreign minister says “History is the spirit of the people”)
    ・I was surprised that a Korean messenger from the Edo period came to Japan and found a bridge over a large river.

  12. Avatar Que_Rico says:

    So, let me get this straight, they are trying to tell us that they didn’t plan for an emergency of tis size but instead waited to act on the new they’ve received in January? I mean i am not intelligence officer, but I’ve heard of COVID-19 in January 8th. I knew right there and then this was serious. Why didn’t western govts SHUT DOWN their airspace right there?

    • Avatar Sam Hartford says:

      Because it was an ‘Asian’ thing. ‘We whites’ do not suffer from pandemics, you see… That’s what the Republicans still think, because in the US COVID is killing proportionally more African-Americans and Hispanics. Can’t cure stupid.

    • Avatar L Woke says:

      Sam Hartford you absolute lunatic. The democrats claimed it was a nothing burger while republicans wanted to close of china. The democrats also send sick patient to elder homes. And now the democrats want to lock you inside like china? Get a grip.

  13. Avatar Ibrahim Seck says:

    Sweden did not have any lockdown and they are doing fine

    • Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

      Their substandard ‘coffee’ is a euphemism for their whole economy.
      A economy that manufactures and produce’s little of value apart from armies of ‘recruitment consultants’ and ‘research analysts’.
      UK is a laughing stock.

  14. Avatar Freddie Thompson says:

    BS! The decline is because of Brexit, and covid-19 not so much. They will blame it on the Russians anyway.

    • Avatar Brand131 says:

      Why then we see the same drop in the US?

    • Avatar Goonie Splits says:

      Nothing to do with Brexit, Moron. The world will also be affected by the China virus

    • Avatar CY Bourne says:

      UK will do great with trade deals with Trump, decoupling from the EU and China is not big of a deal

    • Avatar Freddie Thompson says:

      @CY Bourne You are kidding yourself! Unless that great trade deal is to the US advantage, you just forget about it! Or ask the Canadians how the trade deal with US is working for them.

    • Avatar Rose Lipton says:

      Probably you are right, immediately after the Brexit they showed the Gold reserves in bank treasury to tell everyone “we are doing alright”. However, with Covid 19 things were deteriorated, not even enough masks, gowns and PPE but some masks were expired as well. No on brought the Gold reserve again and people kept dying in addition to a higher unemployment rate!! It doesn’t add up really.

  15. Avatar jason volta says:


  16. Avatar ams 15292 says:

    Just sell British passports for 1 million each. 100 billions easy.

    • Avatar 卐DARTH R2D2 says:

      actually they do…go and check out investor visa

  17. Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

    Their substandard ‘coffee’ is a euphemism for their whole economy.
    A economy that manufactures and produce’s little of value apart from armies of ‘recruitment consultants’ and ‘research analysts’.
    UK is a laughing stock.

    • Avatar 111Econ says:

      Where are you from? And lets see what you got. Only talkin because you got told to do some walkin in immigration

    • Avatar Mama SATAN says:

      @111Econ that’s the Ethiopian flag in profile picture.

  18. Avatar Dividend Passive Journey says:

    why is this news? When you tell the entire world to stay home and do nothing, of course, it will have record declines in GDP.

    • Avatar Sam Hartford says:

      Because the markets need to understand where the risks for their investments come from. The initial prediction was for a ‘V’ shaped come back (i.e. a quick drop, quick come back to normal). The trends are indicating either a ‘U’ shaped come back (i.e. a quick drop, a lull and then a quick come back) or a ‘L’ shaped future (i.e. a quick drop and no quick comeback.

  19. Avatar Thomas L says:

    No one cares anymore

  20. Avatar No Money says:

    Don’t worry, Rodney. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!

  21. Avatar MR X says:


  22. Avatar KHRN Star says:

    We need more Boris.

    • Avatar ajmetz82 says:

      Well, BorisFX have released Optics. So you can have some Boris Yamnitsky in Photoshop as well as video editing apps now, if that takes your fancy, ^_^. And yes, I know you mean Boris Johnson, but that makes no sense in this context.

    • Avatar KHRN Star says:

      🤣 Well said.👏👏👏

  23. Avatar lincolnteh1963 says:

    US will bail you out with trillions of xerox money.

  24. Avatar Langa Yeptho says:

    It’ll be worst than UK after WWI& WW 2. UK won’t get a wake up call as long as it joins trade war with US against china.pray UK 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  25. Avatar Adrian Smith says:

    London London London, its always about London eh

    • Avatar helsinki says:

      Well….it is one of the major financial centre of the world.

    • Avatar NoName says:

      @helsinki one of ONE OF ONE OF ONE OF ONE OF MANY!!!!

  26. Avatar CrudeAwakening says:

    A second wave isn’t going to happen. The first time we were caught with our trousers down . This time we’ve got masks, sanitiser and 2m gaps. You’ll get local outbreaks that will be quickly shut down. However, I do think it’ll be with us for years to come in one way or another. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a vaccine to wipe it off the planet. Only 40% of people respond to a vaccine anyway.

  27. Avatar Kron Hertz says:

    All thanks to everyone’s overreaction to scamdemic19.
    BoJo single handedly destroyed the UK with his flip flop policies and total lockdown.

  28. Avatar meowmeow says:

    Good job china
    And all the other behind the scene demons who hide in the shadows that made this happen.
    Just another job of pure evil done well

  29. Avatar Scratchy Ballzack says:

    You can thank the overzealous lockdown done by hysterical doomsayers not covid.

  30. Avatar mohammed moosaji says:

    All punishment from god. What goes around comes around super powers of the world go and destroy other nations putting them in poverty starvation and stealing there resources. This virus which u cannot even see with u eyes is a sign from god power. Putting even the super power countries to there knees. A true eye opener and lesson to humanity at large. Respect humanity and love and let live like how u would like to live

  31. Avatar Robrecht saski says:

    get ready to arrest the rotten anti-America demorats, who are planning a coup against our president Trump !!!!……

  32. Avatar any says:

    Thrump warn biggest v shape recvoery!

  33. Avatar Kaddy Lakk says:

    Its all OVER!

  34. Avatar Muneeb Hussain says:

    The poor Britain,who extracted everything from united India, is shrinking economically. May they dip down badly until they regret for what they had done with our Ancestors .

    • Avatar Ultimate Gamer says:

      @Mr K Have u any kind of proper knowledge on economics? IMF predicted that our gdp growth rate will be slow. Do you know the difference between slow gdp growth rate and negative gdp ?Look at world gdp live streaming.

    • Avatar Ultimate Gamer says:

      @Mr K Don’t believe any kind of propaganda news ok. IMF clearly said India’s gdp growth rate will be bounce back in 2021 . Do u need proof?

    • Avatar Chrono-Glitch WaterLily says:

      @Mr K I thought Vietnam’s economy isn’t suffering as much

    • Avatar Ultimate Gamer says:

      @Chrono-Glitch WaterLily No no developing countries economy will not suffer that much like developed countries. And Vietnam has a very bright future because Vietnam signed free trade deal with EU. It will help to boost Vietnam’s economy.

    • Avatar Ultimate Gamer says:

      @Chrono-Glitch WaterLily Vietnam has great economic potential. It will be member of g20 major economies very soon.

  35. Avatar Steven Jones says:

    They need to go back to living like they used to before they looted the world especially the Indian subcontinent.
    The Queen is such a pathetic person that she actually wears on her head something that has been looted from another country.

  36. Avatar Nikakis Kainourgios says:

    Cut the heads of the reptilians who call themselves ”british royals” and share their money to the poor.

  37. Avatar imantisocial says:

    china’s fault its this bad. make em pay

  38. Avatar CHAHIRA BENCHOHRA 13 says:


  39. Avatar Masterr Laster says:

    Chinese bioweapon!

  40. Avatar marvelv212 says:

    US GDP dropped 30+ %… CHina grew 3.2 %. US is big LOSER. If you want to be a loser be like USA!

    • Avatar marvelv212 says:

      @JollyOldCanuck Wrong. US dropped 30+% last quarter. People are still unemployed and getting food stamps.

    • Avatar JollyOldCanuck says:

      @marvelv212 It’s pointless to argue with someone that has no idea what 30% annual means or even the difference between an annual versus quarterly GDP growth figure.

    • Avatar marvelv212 says:

      @JollyOldCanuck I was talking about quarterly but then again China grew 3.2% while your country sank. 😂😂😂

    • Avatar JollyOldCanuck says:

      @marvelv212 I’m not from the States.

    • Avatar marvelv212 says:

      @JollyOldCanuck Canada is US lapdog

  41. Avatar lola brini says:

    so let me get this straight: banks get TRILLION DOLLAR bailouts, rich large businesses stay opened and get richer like walmart, but small businesses are DYING WITH NO HELP WHATSOVER.

    WTF IS THIS????

    basically 99% of people will be poor with massive debt and taxes (paying for bank and plane companies payouts)

    while the rich get richer

  42. Avatar Āris Plūģis says:

    we have lived only 20 years in this century.

  43. Avatar Mr K says:

    India economy is -9%

  44. Avatar Order_Truth_Involvement says:

    yes more immigrants, please all of you in UK stay, we don’t want your kind anywhere else. Your mistakes stay with you, don’t spread them.

  45. Avatar Pirate91 says:

    Biggest decline in 100 years…so what….the stocks will go UP UP UP!!!!

  46. Avatar Ivan Grozny says:

    Yeah if it was in the EU now that surplus you were paying would turn to money injections to your economy, not counting the government cost to esablish equal EU institutions in GB…I know what is like when country has little or no friends in the world. Go brexit go :).

  47. Avatar thegreendestiny says:

    England has stolen so much from half the world in the past centuries, it’s only fitting that this century will bring about its demise and ruin.

  48. Avatar I. Cruz says:

    So let’s reopen there economy and let people go back to work.

    • Avatar Sam Hartford says:

      Yeah? Have you checked out what resulted from the policy in the US?

    • Avatar I. Cruz says:

      @Sam Hartford what resulted?

  49. Avatar promit banerjee says:

    And at the end the stock market will rally by 200%.

  50. Avatar A x says:

    Well well…. No more stealing from other countries. Karma is serving it’s Justice.

  51. Avatar Nigel Nevin FREE SNOWDEN AND ASSANGE says:


  52. Avatar Adam Bekali says:

    Hello! It is all over the world 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Avatar Hans Weissman says:

    Fake news, don’t believe the banks!

  54. Avatar momo says:


  55. Avatar FssR says:

    Now it’s middle East or western european & African countries need to be on alert…As it is in their agenda of US and UK to hit upon another country to loot it’s wealth whenever they hit with a bad economic trail back in home…Like in the 2000 they looted iraq and then Libya , Djibouti, Somalia were some countries to mention….

  56. Avatar Devon Alexander says:

    aww noone wants his coffee. Even in economically stable times, buying coffee is the biggest waste of money. It should be made at home.

  57. Avatar Karlos Khaos says:

    They gambled they lost
    Oh well nothing like getting rid of the competition

  58. Avatar who cares says:

    Well deserved.

  59. Avatar KL Ong says:

    Just keep dancing to Trump’s tunes….. Serves you right lol

  60. Avatar Manos Seferidis says:

    Isn’t this exactly what people in the 70s thought future would look like? People working remotely.

  61. Avatar UTKRISHT SINGH says:

    Looted all the money from India . Serves them right

  62. Avatar Baba Agalaga says:

    Wow my ex is back baba Lecus help me get my ex back am so happy my ex is back if you need get in touch with him on Whatsapp +2349056213619

  63. Avatar mh r says:

    England should blame China 5G network for their country’s economy down.

  64. Avatar Abdul Sattar says:

    Maashallah good report. Please investigate interview biswaroop Roy chowdry who has cured thousands from corona virus

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