Nagorno-Karabakh truce crumbling as warring sides allege attacks

A ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan is under threat following new attacks in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.
Each side is blaming the other for not respecting the truce.
Azeri officials say the city of Ganja was struck by missiles in the early hours of Sunday.
Nagorno-Karabakh’s main city Stepanakert was also under heavy fire overnight but authorities there say it has been calmer on Sunday.

Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu reports from Ganja, Azerbaijan.

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190 thoughts on “Nagorno-Karabakh truce crumbling as warring sides allege attacks

  1. najam mehmood Reply

    Armenia don’t want peace

    • Abraham Goldstein Reply

      If Azerbaijan would not attack Arzach there would be peace.

  2. Gulnar Residli Reply

    Armenia continues killing children for decades…

    • NoOne Ever Reply

      Azerbaijan is killing their own childern. You don’t need to be genius to udnerstand that country with 3M ppl, would not start War against 10M ppl + other 80M ppl in Turkey. You should hold your dictator president who is puppet to Erdogan accountable… Not others. Instead od diplomatic resolution Azerbaijan decided to resolve conflict with violence after 30 years, because they saw opportunity to do so..

    • Gulnar Residli Reply

      @NoOne Ever I dont know who is genius or not, but I do know that you are a stupid, and still do not understamd that Armenia is a tool of Russia in Caucasus

  3. KiT - KoT Reply


  4. spider tv Reply

    Armanaia doing wrong job

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      I wish others could approach to the situation as impartial as you

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      Azeris want the land without Armenians that lived there for thousands of years, Azerbjan was born about 100 years ago and has been mistreating Armenians in Kharabagh and killing them too. That’s what they did to Armenians in Naxichevan, now no traces of any Armenians there… Both Kharabagh and Naxichevan were butcher Stalin’s gift to Azeris… Who is wrong now? Are you sure you know the whole story?

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      @Vartan Tarakchyan the only point I agree with you is that Stalin really was butcher! Then, Azerbaijan was not founded 100 years ago. Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established 102 years ago, however as a nation we live in this land (current territory of Azerbaijan Republic) since IX BC. Armenians have been moved to Karabakh in accordance with Great Pyotr plan in late eighteenth century to create internal unrest for implementation of future occupation of Azerbaijan other territories. Additionally, neither Karabakh nor Nakhcivan was gift to Azerbaijan, but both these lands belonged to Azerbaijan. As example, look at Kurekcay agreement concluded in 1805 between Karabakh khanlıq (small state) and Russian empire.

  5. KiT - KoT Reply


    • Sevda Yahyayeva Reply

      Жалкие трусы…

    • Kamran Asedli Reply

      🤣🤣🤣Kit- Kot you are funny)))

  6. KiT - KoT Reply


  7. Syed menhdi Reply

    Armenians must leave occupied territory or face the wrath…

    • Twillight15 Reply

      @Alexan Masangay Even with Turkish F16 and Israeli* drones Azerbaijan still can’t win

    • Rahib Muradov Reply

      @Twillight15 i think you havent seen the “films” of Azerbaijani MoD? check it out and then you will edit your comment buddy 🙂

    • Alexan Masangay Reply

      @Twillight15 ahahaha … Are f**king kidding me. ?

    • Tevo77777 Reply

      It’s occupited to protect the people who live there.

    • Rahib Muradov Reply

      @Tevo77777 never seen such paraphrasing for occupation 🙂 there are 30K Armenians in Azerbaijan right now. How Armenian government protects them, can you clarify please? Do you know that one ethnic Armenian lady injured in Azerbaijan from Armenian rocket attack? Is it protection? Occupation is occupation buddy, there is no “good” occupation

  8. KiT - KoT Reply


    • Someone DoesSmth Reply

      And pashinian is..?

    • Sevda Yahyayeva Reply

      Пашанян жопа говно

  9. Taiyi Pan Reply

    Why does every Armenian last name end with “-yan”?

    • Twillight15 Reply

      Why does Georgian names end in “-vili”?

    • Rahib Muradov Reply

      there is saying that they were helpers of Ottomans. “yan” in turkish means side, so, theory goes like there was armenian helpers of Ottomans, and they were calling them “somethin-yan”. Lots of armenian surnames are literally in turkish, for example Nalbandyan (Nalband means manufacturer of horseshoes). Osmanyan is another example, as Osman is turkish name (Ottoman is called Osmanli in turkish),

      Another examples are:
      Tokatliyan (from Tokat in turkish, means slap), Karslyan (of the one from Kars, turkish city).
      Aslanyan (Aslan means Lion in turkish), Topalyan (Topal means Lame), Karayan (Kara means Black (big in some cases), Karabakh is also turkish name means big/black garden (bakh))
      Kazanjyan (Kazan, the one who makes pots), Demirjyan (Demirchi, means blacksmith). you can google any words and will find similar pictures 🙂 I am not quite sure how correct is this theory, just saying.

    • Taiyi Pan Reply

      @Rahib Muradov Thanks!

  10. EGO BABY Reply


  11. Alexan Masangay Reply

    Azerbaijan fault..

  12. Alexan Masangay Reply

    DEUS VULT 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲✝️✝️

    • Telli Xelilova Reply


  13. Gaspard Kazandjian Reply

    It is sad that innocent people are being killed but Azerbaijan deserves it. They been shelling stepanakert for weeks now. This is just a taste of their own medicine in my opinion..

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      It is not Stepanakert, it is Xankendi and it is historical Azerbaijan city occupied by Armenia on 26th of December 1991.

  14. Mohamed Ashrafullah Reply

    Why did Armenia occupied Azerbaijan’s Land??

  15. KiT - KoT Reply

    They wanted the Armenian land ))

  16. babaaj Reply

    Helpless Civilians, both sides, Be Human stop Clash War for Peace ! 🙏💐

  17. Mukul Islam Reply

    Armenia is so stupid

  18. jessiey31 wayne Reply

    Very sad.. But I believe whosoever is benefiting from this is just wicked! I pray strength and peace for both sides that have lost lives!!

  19. Infinity India Reply

    Armenia must be taught lesson so they stop occupying others land and causing needless war..

  20. Infinity India Reply

    Shame on armenia

  21. Syed Nasran Shamil Syed Din Reply

    If palestine hamas is terrorist to israel, then nagorno is terrorist to azebaijan.

    • asterixis Reply

      Karabakh people are not terrorist.

  22. 張暁菲 Reply

    Turkey massacred over 1.5 millon Armenians

    • Bosnjak Reply

      That’s lie

  23. Yod Inog Reply

    Just leave your illegal occupied land that is the true solution to stablish peace in karnabak…🇦🇿 Is Fighting for truth and justice # supprt from🇵🇭

  24. CodedGaming Reply

    reading the comments i see there is a lot of misinformation.
    Without going into who is right or wrong in this conflict here’s some clarity from the Armenian side:
    – Armenia had no reason to attack, they did not start this they were very busy with the covid pandemic but besides that they have no interest in a war, it makes no seance for them to attack first. Also a full blown war like this has to be prepared on the attackers side this is not a counter attack by Azerbaijan in any meaning of the word.
    – Azerbaijan has been bombing civilian cities from day 2 of the conflict and has been using forbidden cluster bombs, I have seen claims that Armenia also used these but in actuality Armenia does not have these bombs.
    – No one is actually “winning” this war, there are massive casualties on both sides (mostly young men 18-20 years old) there is much grief on both sides but outside that nothing major has changed in the area.
    – There are many reports that hired Syrian rebels are fighting on the Azerbaijani side, this has been confirmed by several countries including France, Russia, UK
    – Armenian side is very reluctant to bomb Azerbaijani targets, Armenia does not have the pinpoint drones Azerbaijan has but in some cases Armenia is forced to respond because of constant attacks on their cities.
    – Despite what may seem, most Armenians don’t hate Azerbaijanis yes they do want their native land but outside of that most Armenians do not which to see Azerbaijani people suffer.

    • Rahib Muradov Reply

      buddy, Since Pashinian came to the power, he used extreme nationalist slogans, and Armenians still have lands claim from Azerbaijan. There were lots of complains about Covid and economy of Armenia and starting the war can be one solution to take off the eyes from the real problem and focus on border. as you mentioned, Azerbaijan side is bombing the cities heavily, day and night, but there are only <20 civilians died in Armenian side, while in one rocket hit from Armenia, 9 civilians died and 40+ injured. and former Armenian MoD confessed that they bomb civilians to cause panic (which is government politics). There is no evidence that there are Syrian rebels in Azerbaijani side, while Armenian president confirmed that "Ethnic Armenians" came to Armenia to fight (doubtful??). first, Azerbaijan is Shia (enemy of Syrian jihadists) and Azerbaijan has very close relations with Israel (also enemy of Syrian jihadists). Second, as you claim, we do not need to give 1000-1300$ to any jihadists, as there are lots of volunteers (including me) and reserve personnel to fight with great pleasure without a single penny. third, Azerbaijan is using Israeli and Turkish made modern advanced drones, and hitting military equipment/personnel of Armenia without even they reach to the frontline, meaning that not many manpower is needed. Fourth, Azerbaijan invested heavily and cleverly to its army, and has very systematic personnel, managed by generals studied in China, US, Turkey and NATO. If you have military knowledge, you would know that nobody would bring Syrian rebels to this kind of army and make chaos. Who needs Syrian rebels that can use only AK47 and drive pick-up in this kind of army? And as long as the lands were under occupation, this war was unavoidable and Pashinian put the last drop to Azerbaijan's patience pot. As you said, most of the casualties are 18-20 years old, and most of them are from Armenia (NKR and Armenia is not same). Obviously, they may refuse to defend NKR just because of Arayik's political interests, and I saw really disturbing videos that they chain the soldiers to the battle post. Armenia's economy and population is being wasted for Karabakh buddy. it is not hard to see this

    • CodedGaming Reply

      @Rahib Muradov I’ll try to answer each point you make (quite a few so bare with me)
      – That there are Syrian fighters on the Azerbaijani side is confirmed by Russia, UK and France (other countries maybe too? I don’t know) We can only use this information we are not on the battlefield so its hard to know 100% that;s why is said “there are claims that..” I do agree with you that having the Syrian rebels there is bad for everyone and will not result in anything good.
      – I disagree with the statement that Pashinyan needed the war to disrupt his failures from the public, while I do agree that he has failed in many aspects, his popularity was still very healthy, besides that, it would be very hard for him to convince the NKR government to attack, not mentioning how stupid of an idea that would be to begin with.
      – With that said, I myself and many Armenians strongly disagree with Pashinyan on his views regarding NKR, most Armenians want them to be independent and have peace with Azerbaijan, our generation should walk a path of peace and cooperation not make the mistakes of the past.
      – regarding your points on the casualties, there is constant bombing of civilian cities on the Armenian side, most people are in bunkers I think the number of civilian casualties is much higher than you mentioned. As of this moment, Armenia reported 400+ soldiers dead on Armenia side and 5000+ on Azerbaijanis side, the latter is hard to confirm because Azerbaijan does not release any information and does not allow independent journalist into the area. But to dress your point on that there aren’t many Azerbaijani soldiers on the battlefield, I strongly recommend watching the released footage of the Armenian side.
      – I have no information on violations of soldiers bodies or unnecessary violence of the Armenian side, I strongly stand against any kind of violence we are human beings it does not matter where you live what country you represent and what religion you believe in, we all have families, children and dreams why would it be any different for Azerbaijani or Armenians?

      hope this answers some of your points, its not perfect information but it should give you a perspective

    • Rahib Muradov Reply

      @CodedGaming And another thing, Azerbaijani MoD gave a list of liberated lands, and Armenian side refused it and said that Azerbaijan MoD lies. Lately, they had to confess and said “we did tactical retreat and will attack again”. Can you tell me, who on Earth does tactical retreat and posts of Facebook? Does it not sound stupid to you, honestly? And also, US Generals and other international media says that how the future war will look like, and they say tanks are useless anymore

    • CodedGaming Reply

      @Rahib Muradov I’m not sure I understand the last sentence, what do you mean? regarding the liberated lands, Armenian side provided videos and pictures of the Armenian officials in Hadrut moment after the announcement that it was taken by Azerbaijan. I personally don’t think this means anything, this is not about grabbing lands land showing off its about a wide conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijani people based on misinformation and political games. Do you agree that they should live in peace as brothers as they have in the past? and if you do agree, why not give the Armenians their native land and remove the military conflict in the region? this land has no value in oil or any other resource Armenians fight for it because its where they have lived for 10k+ years. Why not let them be independent, remove the hate between Armenians and Azeri and start living together as before. I think our countries have rooted themselves in endless hate, it has to end or we will be used by other countries as we have been in the last 100 years. Let me also say that me and many Armenians I know, share the pain of loss by the people of Azerbaijan. War only breeds hate and hate breeds war. Its an endless cycle from which others benefit.

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      You sound false and ridiculous when it is a fact as clear as water that Armenia it only started attack on 27th September 2020, but also attacked with missile Azerbaijan civilians, while Azerbaijan only fight to get its occupied territories back.

  25. Himanshu Rawat Reply

    Full support to armenia
    From India
    Love from India

    • Telli Xelilova Reply


  26. Virmana Reply

    “omg our kids are dead cus of war” .. “ok we need more war”

  27. Vahan Gorgi Reply

    Nazibaijan got some Turkish F16 they thought they can massacre Armenians and take their land as the Ottomans did, well miss calculate this time,

  28. Nash D Reply

    the dream of pan turkeysm will remain a dream, today turkey is surrendering Iran, by sending warships to the Persian Gulf and attempting to connect Azerbaijan to nakjavan and turkey, that’s another dream.

    • John Smith Reply

      @ Nash D.
      Hey where do you get the stuff you are smoking ?

  29. John Smith Reply

    Armenia must stop this war, and leave the occupied territories: according to International Law and UN resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884.

    • Ishak Netanyahu Reply

      @Maruf Looks like you indeed agreed that all of the Middle East belongs to Assyrians..Thank you very much. Oh by the way, America is indeed Red Indians land and they have all the rights and priviledges to their land. That is why, They are special. They don’t pay taxes in USA. And furthermore, America turn ing into the most powerful country in this world. Thanks to them.

    • Rycroft Philostrate oni Reply

      @Ishak Netanyahu clearly you don’t get the meaning of the term “conquered”.

    • Ishak Netanyahu Reply

      @Rycroft Philostrate oni who’s ‘conquered’ who? You know?

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Thank you John for your solidarity 🙏

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Ishak Netanyahu how half of Turkey goes to Armenia, even if history cannot define where the Armenians took their root from?

  30. BTN Pashto Pedia Reply

    Aman Pakkaar day tola dunya ki

  31. Amalia Vardanyan Reply

    Let my Homeland Karabakh in Peace!

    • Rahib Muradov Reply

      there will never be a peace until armenian army is there (not civilians, army)

    • Elnur Aliyev Reply

      Your homeland? Your homeland is India. So go back to own your hole!!

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Karabakh will be in peace as soon as it will be returned by Azerbaijan army to its true residents to whom it belong.

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Elnur Aliyev good reminder 👍

  32. A True Story Reply

    Armenia has significantly proved that it committed zenocide in the 1990 s
    Armenia should be punished

    • Vasak Reply

      Okay and Turkey committed genocide you hypocrite. It’s been a 105 years and we’ve gotten no where, don’t expect you’ll go anywhere with your so called “ genocide” ( Air quotations )

  33. Mariam H. Reply

    Nagorno-karabakh is Armenian territory .Azerbaijan started the war and now want to kill all the people who live in Nagorno-Karabakh. This is genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh. people don’t be blind.

    • Someone DoesSmth Reply

      Support your claim that “it’s Armenian territory”

    • Telli Xelilova Reply


    • Elnur Aliyev Reply

      armenia is india. go back to india.

  34. Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell Reply

    Armenians in USA, Russia, Arzentin, Germany all call for other country to attack while Armenians In the other country are violating human rights. They are the worst kind of robbers.

  35. asterixis Reply

    This truce is a complete joke, Russia try harder or stop pretending you want to mediate!

  36. Shawn Tv Reply

    Bald n bankrupt was at ganja 😭

  37. Иван Иванов Reply

    Terrible damages from both sides, stop the war!!!

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Aggressor should stop the war, should stop attacking, and should obey by the rules of ceasefire

  38. Mariana Belean Reply


  39. Firangiz Hasanzade Reply

    Karabakh is an ancient and internationally recognized land of Azerbaijan and the territorial claims, hostilities, violations of Armenian forces have emerged after the transportation of Armenians to these territory in 19th century…. And it has almost 30 years that Azerbaijani people still suffer from their terroristic actions and occupation… So Armenian armed forces shelled the Azerbaijani city of Ganja where is far away from war zone and as a result many innoccent people, kids were injured, killed in the middle of the night…. Targeting civilians are threat to human rights, justice that should be considered seriously by all international communities….. Their anti- humanist, disrespectful, dishonest attitude towards Azerbaijani civilians should be stopped…..

  40. Dimas Yulianto Reply

    Armenia have to stop its attacks..

  41. felixzeybeatbox Reply

    You kill innocents dont wait us to be saints , as you drove out so many ethnic Armenian when you came to settle in Artsakh that was not yours , war broke out we got our lands back because we spilled more blood than you will ever do in 1000 years. Keep playing the victim , the world knows your dirty propaganda.

  42. Aqib Ali Reply

    Armenian legacy is mostly about bom bing civilian homes and killing childrn?

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      It is their state policy as we see up to now

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      Just the opposite my friend. your government is not telling you the truth. They even froze all your internet because Aliev is afraid to disclose how many azeris died, all because of him, new Hitler

    • Murat Adas Reply

      and still they say Turks are the bad ones????? WTF!

    • Aqib Ali Reply

      @Vartan Tarakchyan I’m not from Azerbaijan or turkey. I understand there might be collateral damage in every war but this is in the middle of city i.e. civilian population. And Muslim countries don’t have the balls to shell civilians because they’re governed by the Islamic laws of military engagement. There might be a few exceptions in that due to human stupidity but on a major scale, this doesn’t sound practical. But despite having lesser strength, Armenia is probably trying to deter Azerbaijan by shelling civilians. The latter has no reason for that because they’re economically, politically and militarily stronger.

  43. felixzeybeatbox Reply

    If Azerbejan really wanted “their lands” back they wouldnt use jihadists and they wouldnt use BANNED weapons and dont come and say you dont use terrorists , Russia , the Pentagon , France , Italy confirmedd it.

    • felixzeybeatbox Reply

      @Someone DoesSmth No? Russia is not supporting either Armenia or Azerbaijan , they are all allies together they cant go biased to one country. Theres a lot of evidiences if you just search for it you will see.

    • felixzeybeatbox Reply

      @Someone DoesSmth And tbh , If a country is using terrorists i would support the other country that is deffending against them , its common sense , and todays terrorist have a new face. Turkey.

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Up to now not Azerbaijan, but Armenia have used missile to attack Azerbaijan civilians. Azerbaijan army is fighting within our territory for our occupied lands. But Armenia is fighting not in Armenia but within Azerbaijan territory. What are you doing in our land? Do you have a legally justified answer?

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      felixzeybeatbox Armenia would never afford to buy S300 if Russia did not supported it. S300 cost 500,000,000 USD and Armenia gets it free of charge from Russia

    • felixzeybeatbox Reply

      @Yegana Javadova You are using cluster bombs that are banned. Enough said.

  44. Təbrizə Cəbizadə Reply

    1. Nagorno-Karabakh is not a disputed territory. This is the territory of Azerbaijan. Both historically and officially recognized by the whole world, including Armenia.

    2. Armenia has occupied not only Nagorno-Karabakh, to which the claimant is Yerevan, but also 7 Azerbaijan regions around it, which Armenia was not going to give up all these years peacefully.

    3. The war is not on the territory of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army is not trying to seize the territory of Armenia or any part of it. The war that began with the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan more than 30 years ago and as a result of which up to 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan was occupied, is the liberating one to get the lands back to Azerbaijan.

    4. Azerbaijan could liberate its territories 30 years ago. Could also do that during 30 recent years. Our country has a numerical superiority of the army, a numerical and qualitative superiority of equipment and military weapons. And if you ask why this has not been done before the answer is that as a result of the ceasefire in May 1994, the parties pledged to resolve the conflict peacefully and to do it with the help of mediators – the OSCE Minsk Group. Unfortunately, over all these years, official Yerevan has not shown the political will for the peaceful liberation of at least 1 cm2 of the occupied land.

    5. Azerbaijan has repeatedly said that we are adherents of a peaceful solution to the conflict. However, with Nikol Pashinyan, the negotiation process has frozen completely, his statements contradicted the peaceful settlement of the conflict, and the increasing shelling of civilians living on the front line only transferred the conflict from partially frozen to unfrozen. The last straw in the cup of patience of official Baku was the shelling of civilians in Azerbaijan in the front-line zone morning on 27.09.2020

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      It’s butcher Stalin’s gift to you without asking Armenians who lived there for thousands of years. Azerbajan was born about 100 years ago

    • Təbrizə Cəbizadə Reply

      @Vartan Tarakchyan hahaha. Think logically. Answer my questions. Can you show Armenian architecture (building) other than the church that belongs to Armenia?
      Can you name an Armenian poet and writer before the 17th century? Is there any Armenian tsar (ruler) in the history of the world who took part in historical battles?
      If you have been Armenians and your state is called Armenia since ancient times, why do you call yourself hay and your country Hayastan?
      Armenians say we have a 9,000-year history of statehood.
      If a tsar changes every 30 years, it becomes 3 tsars in 100, 30 tsars in 1000, 270 tsars in 9000 (years). Where are these (270) tsars?
      Why are Armenian surnames Turkish, Arabic, Egyptian or Jewish?
      Why don’t the Armenian people who consider themselves geniuses, have a prosperous state?
      Why does Russia protect “herrro” Armenians borders?

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      @Təbrizə Cəbizadə I really feel sorry you don’t know much about armenian history. I don’t have time to expand. I must agree that Armenia is not a rich country like yours because we don’t have oil. Also, because we had very corrupt leaders that we got rid of. I suggest you do the same. We have very strong diaspora leaving other countries and supporting us. I have no reasons to dislike you, moreover. I feel bad for every young life and mothers tears my side or yours. Be well!

  45. utoh maliit Reply

    Armenia must be accountable for Ganja, this is obvious aggression and crime!

  46. Telli Xelilova Reply


  47. Telli Xelilova Reply


  48. Telli Xelilova Reply


  49. Telli Xelilova Reply


  50. Telli Xelilova Reply


  51. Abdirahman Abdullahi Harun Reply

    Let the Armenia government vacate the Nagorno-Karabakh region to avoid more losses. Armenia is responsible for whatever happening in the region.

    • Tevo77777 Reply

      They don’t control the region, the people who live there controlled the region and asked Armenia to protect them.

      Azer isn’t a democracy, not even half a democracy. Look it up.

  52. Nurane Huseynova Reply

    Armenian soldiers are fighting for other country’s territories!!! Azerbaijan soldiers are fighting for LIBERATING their historical homelands from the OCCUPATION of armenians!! !

    • Nurane Huseynova Reply

      @Armine Jarahyan i will not waste my time to explain our history to uneducated people!!! U are so peasant like ur P.M!!! I recommend you don’t open ur mouth like ur p.m is doing!!!!

    • Armine Jarahyan Reply

      @Nurane Huseynova and first of all you should HAVE HISTORY to educate which you don’t have and i feel pity for you.

    • Nurane Huseynova Reply

      @Armine Jarahyan it’s a pity for u, ur government and P.M!!!

    • Nurane Huseynova Reply

      @Armine Jarahyan when u wake up it’ll too late…

    • Nurane Huseynova Reply

      @Armine Jarahyan if ur government informs u about ur dead soldiers all armenians will understand that Pashinyan is ur soldiers’ murder!!!!

  53. Nurane Huseynova Reply

    Karabakh is Azerbaijan!!! Karabakh means (“kara”- big and “bakh”- garden) “Biggarden ” in old Turkish!!!

    • Lyusya Manvelyan Reply


  54. No Name Reply

    Armenia is fighting for its survival and against islamic terrorism. Qatar and Turkey have sent thousands of its ISIS fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan. The ISIS supporters support erdogan and Azerbaijan, the free world support Armenia.

    • Murat Adas Reply

      Azeris outnumber Armenis 5 to 1 , that maybe 9 to 1 with the lattest. losses, you think they need more? if only they asked, they would recive it , unlike Armenias crazzy dictatorship, ofcourse you have greece and france willing to send them fresh replacements. ..

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Armenia killed women and children since 1991, and keeps killing

    • Bosnjak Reply

      Bomb 💣 Yerevan.

  55. Prophet Muhamed Reply

    There is no winner in war, only survivor

  56. DLK T Reply

    Armenia broke the ceasefire and attacked Ganja city, targeted civilians.

  57. Chiro Alliance Reply

    This is a bias news presentation. All of you commenting here are very subjective to the matter.
    We haven’t seen yet the other side story..
    Islamic owned news organisation siding with Islamic country Azerbaijan

  58. NoOne Ever Reply

    Azerbaijan is killing their own childern. You don’t need to be genius to udnerstand that country with 3M ppl, would not start War against 10M ppl + other 80M ppl in Turkey. You should hold your dictator president who is puppet to Erdogan accountable… Not others. Instead of diplomatic resolution Azerbaijan decided to resolve conflict with violence after 30 years, because they saw opportunity to do so..

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      That is why Armenia is mobilizing ISIS and other paid terrorists to Karabakh to fight against Azerbaijan.

  59. Murat Adas Reply

    ethnic who ? , if you going to keep spreading lies how do you expect peace ?

  60. Nur Rasidah Reply

    0:16 why mam? Just why? I shouldn’t laugh for this 😳

  61. BATSOUP. 2020 Reply

    Hey aserbaijanis this is war..both will loss innocents n soldiers,,aserbaijan wanted war with armenia, thts now happening,why blaming ?go and fight.

    • Anıl Erdoğan Reply

      You are such a idiot! One side shooting for civilians and the other side only soldiers. That’s the difference !

    • Anıl Erdoğan Reply

      Armenia is just powerlessness and poor country.They don’t dare to fight the azerbaijan army :/

    • BATSOUP. 2020 Reply

      @Anıl Erdoğan stupid..aserbaijan didnt killed civilians?only armenians?

    • BATSOUP. 2020 Reply

      @Anıl Erdoğan you know tht country is poor . Then why killing them?..they didnt asked for war….in war first secure ur borders .thts everyone do dont cry , countries having brain will evacuate people as far as possible from their possible attacoing regions,. .u guys threatening to kill everyone in karabakh by war and want peace to civilians at the same time,then whats the meaning of war kid?


    Armenia should evacuate it’s troops ceasefire and diplomatic process will not end this war.

  63. 12121ashmit Reply


  64. Action Series Reply

    Azerbaijan winner winner chicken dinner

  65. Zero 9 Reply

    So nobody wants to talk about the ethic cleansing that the arminias did to the kurds in the region? 🤔

    • Muhammad Kafir Reply

      How about Turks on the native Greek , Armenian, syric and Kurdish peoples

  66. Twillight15 Reply

    Lol, Azerbaijan wanted and started this war to take territory where ethnic Armenians have been living; so Azerbaijan should stop crying about targeting civilians. There is no fair war or any war with rules; the only goal of war is to crush the enemy, regardless of collateral damage

    • Infinity India Reply

      Time for occupation is long over..
      Armenia should be taught this hard way

  67. Javed Khan Reply

    Armenian forces must be fully crush by all the world powers . Armenia a terrorist state must be vanished as soon as possible.

  68. Sevda Yahyayeva Reply

    Azerbaijani lands have been under occupation for 30 years. Let everyone know how aggressive and terrorist Armenia is. It’s time to tell Armenia to stop!
    Do not remain silent in the tears of mothers, fatherless children and innocent people of Azerbaijan!
    Today, the Azerbaijani army protects the territorial integrity of its lands.
    Karabakh is Azerbaijan!
    This is a history, no one can take our lands by force. We are on the side of victory in the way of truth!

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      Who told you it’s your land?

    • Sevda Yahyayeva Reply

      @Vartan Tarakchyan talentless people go read history.

  69. KiT - KoT Reply

    Armenia does not want war, wake up Azerbaijanis, if your shells continue to bomb peaceful Armenians, then know that Baku will be at gunpoint, and will be attacked by powerful missiles, then do not say that you were not warned

  70. Helga Sharp Reply

    Azerbaijan has never demanded Armenians to leave these lands. Azerbaijan demands the Armenian armed occupational forces to

    leave these lands.Civilians can live there like they peacefully lived under the rule of Azerbaijan during XX century and before that. You see, when there was Azeri rule – armenians didn`t have problems with that. But when there came armenian forces of occupation (supervised from Armenia and Russia), then the huge part of population were expelled. And these were Azeri population. And they deserve to return to their homes.

    • Elnur Aliyev Reply

      All of them should leave. We don’t want to live with traitors together.

  71. YoungTurkCA Reply

    And Armenian propaganda machine still deny this attack and call it a lie. My hearth goes with innocent civilians, on both side. Let’s face it, this war takes place in Azerbaijani territories, Azerbaijanis are trying to liberate their land according to article 51 of UN charter.

  72. Nurane Fermanova Reply

    Armenia targets kids. Terrorism is a part of Armenia’s state policy. 9 killed, 33 wounded after Armenian missile attack over Azerbaijan’s 2nd largest city Ganja. All during announced humanitarian ceasefire.

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      just the opposite. You should get rid of him

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      That was a response to what Aliev does to armenian civilians in Stepanakert

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      That was a response to Aliev did to armenian civilians in Stipanakert. You should get rid of him

  73. 晚夫京理 Reply

    In every war, civilians die, and the rich and powerful prosper. In this video of both sides I just see poor people with they homes destroyed, I did not see an pentahouse with an pool destroyed and I believe on both sides there are rich people. Its sad that both sides think that revenge will make it better. Please someone comment here if you find some rich villa or luxury street being destroyed. Thanks, war is for poor people, trade during war is the tool to make them rich.

  74. Rem Tejano Reply

    Stop the war… Think of your innocents people..

  75. Flavio Chavez Reply

    This is very biased reporting by Al Jazeera supporting I wonder who…

  76. Elnur Aliyev Reply

    Well, it is so easy to kill civilians. But if you call yourself brave then come to the battlefield and show yourself there. Let’s see who is brave. But don’t beg your daddy Russia! And don’t hide under the pants of your women!!!!

  77. Nahid Tagiyev Reply

    🇦🇿Ermənistanın 24 saat vaxtı qaldı!
    Humanitar atəşkəsin 72 saatı sabah saat 12:00-da başa çatır. Ermənistanın terrorçulardan ibarət hərbi qoşunları 24 saat ərzində Dağlıq Qarabağı və digər ətraf rayonları tərk etməsələr, o zaman Azərbaycan ordusu onları çıxaracaq. Əgər erməni əsgərləri ölmək istəmirlərsə, əraziləri 24 saat ərzində tərk etsinlər. Biz son şansı onlara vermişdik. Amma görünən odur ki, dəyərləndirə bilmədilər. Onlar humanitar atəşkəsi pozmaqla eyni zamanda Rusiya dövlətinin də adına xələl gətirdilər.
    24 saat qaldı. Vaxt getdi!

    🇺🇲Armenia has 24 hours left!
    The 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire ends tomorrow at 12:00. If the Armenian military forces do not leave Nagorno-Karabakh and other surrounding regions within 24 hours, then the Azerbaijani army will withdraw them. If Armenian soldiers do not want to die, they must leave their territories within 24 hours. We gave them one last chance. But apparently they could not evaluate. They violated the humanitarian ceasefire and damaged the name of the Russian state.
    24 hours left. Time is up!

    🇷🇺В Армении осталось 24 часа! 72-часовое прекращение огня в гуманитарных целях заканчивается завтра в 12:00. Если армянские вооруженные силы не покинут Нагорный Карабах и другие прилегающие районы в течение 24 часов, то азербайджанская армия их выведет. Если армянские солдаты не хотят умирать, они должны покинуть свои территории в течение 24 часов. Мы дали им последний шанс. Но, видимо, они не могли оценить. Они нарушили режим прекращения огня по гуманитарным соображениям и нанесли ущерб имени Российского государства. Осталось 24 часа. Время идет!

    🇦🇲Հայաստանին մնաց 24 ժամ: 72-ժամյա մարդասիրական հրադադարը ավարտվում է վաղը ՝ ժամը 12: 00-ին: Եթե ​​24 ժամվա ընթացքում հայկական ռազմական ուժերը չհեռանան Լեռնային արաբաղից և հարակից այլ շրջաններից, ապա ադրբեջանական բանակը նրանց դուրս կբերի: Եթե ​​հայ զինվորները չեն ցանկանում մահանալ, նրանք պետք է 24 ժամվա ընթացքում լքեն իրենց տարածքները: Մենք նրանց վերջին հնարավորությունը տվեցինք: Բայց, ըստ երեւույթին, նրանք չէին կարող գնահատել: Նրանք խախտել են մարդասիրական հրադադարի ռեժիմը և վնասել ռուսական պետության անունը: Մնացել է 24 ժամ: Ժամանակն անցնում է!

  78. arbaaz khan Reply

    Armenian muradabad

  79. Wazzup Reply

    _ Russia has a military base in Armenia and counts Yerevan as an ally in the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). In addition to Russia, Armenia also has a security agreement with Iran, which has warm relations with Armenia and is wary of Baku’s military cooperation with Israel and has expressed alarm recently because Iran has a very large Azeri population of about 30 million, which Iran has been trying very hard to assimilate over the last century. This population still speaks Turkish at home and is still far from having been assimilated. Naturally, the Azeris of northern Iran want to break away from Iran and join with their northern brothers in Azerbaijan. CSTO and NATO are two opposing military alliances. Turkey is a NATO country and has American military bases. Historically, Russians and Turks have been arch rivals and they probably fought more wars with each other than with anyone else. In this rivalry, Iran has always been on the Russian side. – What I have written so far are just facts. Does anyone disagree ? And if you disagree, could you describe why ? .

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      What you describe is the interests of big states. What is truth is that crimes such as genocide, crime against humanity, other war crimes have been committed against Azerbaijan people since 1991 by Armenia, and justice should be served!

  80. Iftekhar Hossain Chowdhury Reply

    Azeries won’t stop this time. They will take back what is theirs. What UN could not do in 30 year, Azeries will do it in 30 days this time.

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Thank you for your compassion and solidarity 🙏🙏🙏

  81. nico4132 Reply

    Azerbaijan president wants trouble

    • Yegana Javadova Reply

      Azerbaijan president wants peace for both countries and justice for the injustice , crimes committed to Azerbaijan and its people since 1991 by Armenia.

    • nico4132 Reply

      @Yegana Javadova nope

  82. Elsun Bendeliyev Reply

    Policy of vandalism and barbarism of Armenia against Azerbaijani civilian population

  83. Ramil Abbaszadeh Reply

    That is Armenia’s true trait. After begging of 11 days Ceasefire by Armenia, during ceasefire after midnight Armenia attacked by ballistic rocket to second biggest city of Azerbaijan Ganja and other cities and that caused totally more than killing 10 civil people and more than 50 people were wounded. It is violation of all international laws. In 1992, Armenia commited Khogaly Genocide against Azerbaijan and whole world did not do anything. That left unpanished terrorist country proceeded terror actions again civil people now. World Community is still keeping silence.

    • Richard Slater Reply

      They were begging for a ceasefire to bomb Ganja?? Armenia was already bombing Ganja before the ceasefire.

    • Ramil Abbaszadeh Reply

      @Richard Slater they were bombing before and during fhe ceasefire

  84. Sana Bougossa Reply

    Terrible situation both sides suffers and no one really wins

  85. blueskyrider008 Reply

    lol his mouth is open he must be thirsty… guess not

  86. Wazzup Reply

    Isn’t using ballistic missiles on civilian targets (as in the case of Armenians targeting Gence city in Azerbaijan) a war crime ?

    • Yusif Alizadeh Reply

      Yes it is. Armenia has always been a terrorist nation.

    • Armine Jarahyan Reply

      only azerbaijan could start a war during pandemic. Artsakh is a historic Armenian land, we have churches dating back to 4th century, azerbaijan was created in 1918 by soviet union, Artsakh (or karabagh ) is not azeri land. and azeris were the first to start the war and bombed not only Stepanakert, which is the capital, but also cultural heritage and church. they with turkey want to make ethnic cleansing of Armenians to create their dream one islamic country.

    • Yusif Alizadeh Reply

      @Armine Jarahyan you’ve got your info wrong honey. The fact that there is a 4th century church does not mean that Karabakh belongs to you. We have churches in Baku as well, so Baku is also armenian? Look at yourself, you are ridiculous. Karabakh belongs to us historically and on international law. We will get our lands back either by you handing it over or dying. You are trying to bring religions into this as well, this has nothing to do with Islam-Christianity. We do not want armenian lands or anything to do with armenians. We just want to live peacefully in our lands.

  87. Frida Reply

    Shame on u, Armenia.
    U break ceasfire! These people re innocent!

    • Vartan Tarakchyan Reply

      Ceasefire was going to happen at 1200, At 1205 your soldiers attacked Hadrut and killed Armenian civilians, a mother and disabled son among them, Aliev is not telling you the truth, including how many people died, he even froze your internet media because he doesn’t want you to the truth

  88. Frida Reply

    You sleep in your own house with family.Suddenly you are killed by armenian. Famous people and most powerful country do you want still support armenian with legal and illegal ways ?

  89. i,m a baumsi Reply

    Azerbaijan is fooling the whole world. Why are you not attacking the Armenia civilians? The whole world is selling its weapons to Armenia and speaks to you. You do not fight means Russia and France are making arrangements to kill you!

  90. Bryant Bailey Reply

    Deus vult!

  91. Jerry LA Reply

    Good job… We r coming baku

  92. Bosnjak Reply

    Why Azeris are not bombing Yerevan ?

    • Kamran Asedli Reply

      Because we are not Terorists, we are Human. We don’t kill Children, and Civilians

    • Bosnjak Reply

      Kamran Asedli I wouldn’t be silent like that .

  93. এলোমেলো ডডকম Reply

    Every country should stand by the legal country.
    These the real peace would be established.
    Here , Azerbaijan is in honest/legal way trying to get their own right.

  94. Hanna Mckenzie Reply

    0:59 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  95. Manpreet Singh Reply

    WAR always ask blood.

  96. Abraham Goldstein Reply

    Azerbaijan wanted this war and now as always civilians have to pay the price.

  97. watu ireng Reply

    The Pasyinyan government used the conflict to divert the issue of the economic failure of its government and is now trying to trap the international community with the issue of Turkey so that the world can help it. International law cannot justify if Mongolia aggresses Kyrgyzstan on the grounds of Mongoloid racial equality or Mexico Aggressive New Mexico on the grounds of Hispanic racial equality, as well as Armenia aggressing Nagorno Karabakh. could screw up the rule of law if so.

  98. Ruslan Abramovic Reply

    this is the fate of the occupying power
    There are no men left in Armenia, Armenian women go to war with Azerbaijani soldiers …
    dishonest Hay tribes were expelled from the Iraqi mountains to the Caucasus and the Ottomans invaded Tsarist Russia
    Daşnaksütyun TERÖRİST

  99. Art Zargaryan Reply

    I’m armenian but it is sad to see both sides loosing innocent people no Azeri or Armenian deserves that they should both keep the fight militarily even though I’m against that to we are neighbors and just can’t seem to get along it’s sad to see these mothers cry on both sides

  100. Anjali Ray Reply

    It’s sad to see 😑

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