Thailand protests: Demands for political change continue

Anti-government protests in Thailand continue to draw tens of thousands of people onto the streets.
They are demanding reform both within the palace and parliament.
But after months of demonstrations, a political solution remains uncertain.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok.

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51 thoughts on “Thailand protests: Demands for political change continue

  1. Min Ah Reply

    Thak you thank you you are tecilla artists similar new jizx

  2. Diaz Virdani Reply

    *Need “Republic” of Thailand??*

    • Frozenology Elemental Reply

      No, Protesters did not need to change to Republic.
      3 Demands are
      1. Resignation of Prayuth, Coup.
      2. Rewrite The constitutional by People not Military.
      3. Reform Monarchy under The New Constitutional to not allow approval for any coup.

    • sun2435 Reply

      @Frozenology Elemental kick monarchy once and for all, why keep revolution for ur children and bring instability again and again. we had king in our country too, we dont have them anymore. yayy.. no need to add sentimental value to them, yes you have been brainwashed to think they are the symbol of sovereignty of your country but that is not the truth. but maybe its too fast for you guys.

    • Frozenology Elemental Reply

      @sun2435 We just can’t kick The monarchy yet, Thailand has long history about The monarchy since established the kingdom.
      Rama 10 is not popular even royalists
      I think this is maybe the last Rama King.

    • Mirza MS Reply

      @sun2435 lol let them be, it’s their choice, they’re still loyal to the royals

  3. T H Reply

    Love Thailand MILK TEA

  4. Chap Ati Reply

    Make Asia Great Again.
    Say No To Atrocious European Colonialism Please.
    Thank You.

    • louyht7 Reply

      Asia always great. It just sleeping at the moment when it wake up the world will tremble

  5. sanjuansteve Reply

    Royalty is a textbook example of extreme bigotry. Better than all others by birth, by blood. Death to all oppressors!

  6. Test McRow Reply

    Monarchy very bad free Thailand. These crazy old people are mad with power.

  7. Hey Man Reply

    Is the media covering political unrest or do they seem to create it everywhere they go

  8. The millitary news Reply

    *Exciting videos and chronicles of protests around the world only on my channel, subscribe*

  9. Joey Burt Reply

    0:40 pretty sure that cool statue behind him is a Garuda bird, from Indian mythology, if anyone was curious

    • Bright Hansen Reply

      What is that?

    • Joey Burt Reply

      @Bright Hansen i really don’t know that much. i’ve just seen it in artworks before. i think it was the bird Vishnu would ride. i guess it’s a symbol of Thai royalty according to wikipedia, and it’s on the Indonesia national emblem. Wikipedia probably has a lot more info.

    • Mirza MS Reply

      garuda bird are also part of southeast asia mythology creature, and it is Indonesia national animal

  10. rom tn Reply

    Old video file.

  11. Spring と 秋 Reply

    latest info?

  12. Cloudy09 Reply

    Philippine’s support the thai people for there freedom

  13. Frozenology Elemental Reply

    3 Demands are
    1. Resignation of Prayuth, Coup and Military from Politics
    2. Rewrite The constitutional by People, not Military.
    3. Reform Monarchy under The New Constitutional to not allow approval for any coup.

    • S B Reply

      Fair and straightforward. Can be done easily if there’s a will from the government and monarchy.

  14. Teresa Virina Reply

    Thailand always put military as head of states for it to PROTECT the Royal family period!

    • Frozenology Elemental Reply

      Yeah. They was forcing to coup while King Rama 9 was dying and transition to Rama 10

  15. Phúc Cát Hồ Reply

    no more monarchy from vn.

  16. What goes around comes around Reply

    Make Thailand 🇹🇭 great again. Reform monarchy

  17. Chuck Knox Reply

    Why was the pro-monarchy marches not covered by Al-Jazeera? Answer: Biased reporting!

  18. Chuck Knox Reply

    Thailand is one of the best countries to live in the world. Everyone wants to have what Thailand has. Why change it. Rest of world is miserable places. Land of smiles soon land of tears.

    • Coffee Saint Reply

      thai people are protesting because of their shameless leader Maha Vajiralongkorn, he neglects his responsibilty and lived in germany, enjoying the power and money that thailand owns.

  19. Phantom Fade Reply

    Take the power back!!!!

  20. Muhammad Syamim Reply

    From malaysia with love

  21. Teo Teo Reply

    Nobody respect this new useless clown king and the puppet Ocha as pm

  22. Thavy Sib Reply

    Thai king is sexy than Khmer…

  23. W.M. W Reply

    Love Thai students.

  24. Chill ren Reply

    Fight for free…….

  25. Y K Reply

    Democratism is undermine by monarchism. Immoral monarchy is challenging democracy by drafting laws to holding on to power and wealth forever. Demolish monarchy for goodness sake. It is an asepain to illegitimate democracy to the people that shedblood for you having a choice of vote to elect the day government in throwing out the monarchy.

  26. Diễm Ngọc Reply

    They might need some communist revolution

    • John Kevin Reply

      I think they would prefer millions of their citizens not to be killed like in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, etc.

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    • Emily poppy Reply

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  28. What goes around comes around Reply

    Humans without intelligence or talent end up in position of power due to bloodline or connections. In human world, it is a common phenomenon. This could only be the work of imbeciles.

  29. Y K Reply

    Dictatorship be destroyed, democracy shall prosper,”👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Antonio Luna Reply

    Mean while the king in of thailand is renting the whole hotel with the tax’s payers

  31. Y K Reply

    Royalists’ supporters, you are blind followers to belief that king is choosen one by heaven and without a king, Thailand cannot be united and patriotism. It is wrong concept to thinking in this way in year 2020. In btw, that was history when democratic was not mature yet and also to the credit that previous King saved Thailand from invasion. That was the past before wifi aged.
    The truth is Thailand in division with monarchy, btw elites and average/poor. You may reasoning that all of of them have the freedom but that is not equal to democratism. The judgement in laws, case verdicts are made in favor to cronies and connected. And neither all of royalists’ supporters are rich people. Believed that most of royalist’s supporters could also from poor peasants to worshipping king as divine.
    *However, when you are in 100% democratic without monarchy, you are in control to elected day government to curb corruptions and moving Thailand forwards into democratism to advancing Thailand into next century.* It is not late for the king to step down to be commoner with his property intact and make way for 100% democratic to enjoy his freedom as he wish. Nobody could be bother about him.

  32. Anaya Braham Reply

    If you want to protect everyone from corona then you have to control life of (sansad minister )sudhir gupta uncle and (vidhayak minister) yashpal Singh sisodiya uncle … both are from mandsaur (m.p.) india

    Rajmal s/o panna lal kumawat (vathra/bathra) family and their entire family brothers and all brothers and uncles… mandsaur is city of mastermind… this is the city like underworld don…

  33. SleepyDog Reply

    This is communism, not democracy.

  34. Maty in Thailand Reply

    Love Thailand and Love the king of Thailand, people have to understand how hard is to control the country

  35. Arrest Les Wexner Reply

    The protesters need to wear crop tops

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