WHO says rush to hospitals worsens India COVID crisis

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The World Health Organization says three new COVID-19 variants that are present in India may have contributed to its latest surge.
It also says large public gatherings may be to blame for the crisis.
A devastating second wave is overwhelming India’s hospitals and crematoriums, with more than 300,000 cases reported for the sixth consecutive day.
Al Jazeera’s Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar NIUN-CHHUK JAOKRES says:

    India is one of the land of multi-religions in the world. Most are Hindus. But to be physically safe, the Hindus and other religious believers should stay at home refraining from any religious rite, eat healthy food, and keep sanitation and hygiene to escape from the COVID-19. Every God will help us at the second or third or last stage, but we ourselves must help ourselves at first. The Gods who we are taught about and we cannot talk to directly or cannot see directly for sure from our eyes, are not able to control, prevent and cure the infected people. So, we must save every life on this earth by not gathering together unnecessarily during this uncertain lingering pandemic.

  2. Avatar TJ Marx says:

    Listen, if they’re still going to engage in these kinds of super spreader events despite seeing the consequences of them, then we shouldn’t be providing aid.

    The sending of resources should be on the provision that India enters into a national hard lockdown until their cases are down to zero and a complete ban on these kinds of religious events until the pandemic is completely over.

  3. Avatar Альтаф 🙋ЯΦПΦ🙌 says:

    Indian need educated government under modi indian suffering too much😢😢😢

  4. Avatar Little Wings Silent Weapon says:

    Sometimes all I need is the air that I breath, Alhamdulillah

  5. Avatar Ashok Kumar V K says:

    Sab ka saat hamaara PM.

  6. Avatar M L says:

    US got rid of trump just in time, no such luck for India on Modi

  7. Avatar Itsy Bitsy says:


  8. Avatar Mohammad Ali says:

    A tea boy as well fundamental Hindu cannot run the country 👎👎👎👎👎

  9. Avatar Mohammad Ali says:

    In this situation Indian kashmiri still under curfew shame modi 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  10. Avatar jinjin chen says:

    US House Speaker Pelosi: a beautiful scenery

  11. Avatar Syed Galib says:

    Say sorry to innocent kashmiris

  12. Avatar Abdul Qadir says:

    This government cannot compromise on the risk of loosing Hindu votes doesn’t matter if Hindus are dying on the street. Shameless

  13. Avatar jhunski bananas says:

    revenge on the coming elections, let your vote counts! get rid of the incompetent politicians in your country, MODI SUCKS!

  14. Avatar Being Indian says:

    And aur pm and homeminster busy in doing ellection campaign
    Government is responsible for second covid19 wave

  15. Avatar wendy dasha says:

    the only saver is jesus. it is sad to see so many people dying.

  16. Avatar TWINKLE LITTLE says:

    people still gathered outside hospital along with their covid patients. omg! after they will be infected also. do the government warned them? sorry for india.. pray for you

  17. Avatar ItsMuhdHaiqal says:

    Please vote for bjp before you dying 🤣

  18. Avatar Norddin Bin says:

    If they rush to WHO it will be 10 folds

  19. Avatar Anupam Soni says:

    Thank all to the RAM MANDIR, SARDAR STATUE, where thousand crores are spent and these monuments are actually savings lives of people very effectively. People will die if the citizens of India do not wake up from the sleep and will not break silence about this impotent government modi. India will suffer alot in future also till there is religion and caste system, politicians will use these tools also fool people as always.

  20. Avatar Crypto Warrior says:

    jab road pe gathering hoke namaj padhoge mask nahi pahnoge ,mandir main puja karoge to esa hi hoga marooo sab sala

  21. Avatar DS says:

    All this suitation is die to modi government

  22. Avatar Zia Uddin says:

    Modi hai to mumkin hai

  23. Avatar Ebraaz Khan says:

    Come on, People who are speaking about this failure of the Government. They are the people who have chosen them. Be ashamed of yourself.

  24. Avatar Flower Nel says:

    Wear mask
    Keep 6 feet distances
    Don’t attend party and so on
    Take virus serious for your love ones and yourself
    Stay home safe life of others

  25. Avatar lalit joshi says:

    we will only show BJP rallies and Hindu festival gathering cause at the end of the day we are al Jazeera

  26. Avatar Flower Nel says:

    This is a mutual responsibility of civilians and government policies makers in that critical pandemic to strictly stopping hug gatherings ( political, Wedding, mourning and so on)
    It’s time to help each other to safe lives than criticize
    From Afghanistan

  27. Avatar RPSC UPDATES says:

    Modi ..The disaster… responsible for this.

  28. Avatar Thesanathani says:

    Is there any need for this visual? Is it authentic? why not WHO ask the statistics from China?

  29. Avatar Thesanathani says:

    The truth is the situation is not so bad. It is wishful thinking .Dont worry India has the capacity to beat anything least of all Corona. But it cant do anything about the local scum who peddle fake news for some money

  30. Avatar Black Crow says:

    Where are all these Indians now who always brag India, who always says India is better then the weather, where are all these Indians now

  31. Avatar Deep Sarkar says:

    Aur karo mosques, aur karo temples.

  32. Avatar MR Pissa says:

    World did not fail India. Rest of the world also struggling with the same Pandemic. Indian politicians failed India. My prayers to India 🇮🇳 🙏🏽

  33. Avatar AZI THE MLG PRO says:

    Just geo hospital maxx bro

  34. Avatar Shah Talha says:

    As a Muslim I am praying for all Indians at this difficult time wether you are Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or Christian.
    May Allah Tala bring peace sooner for all in both worlds

  35. Avatar Anurag Singh says:

    Don’t worry we will still become Vishwaguru, superpower, 5 trillion economy. have the tallest statue, and grandest mandir. Our priorities are sorted, haters can go and f*ck themselves.

  36. Avatar HAROON RASHID says:

    Allah show they who hate and go against Muslim will b against them

  37. Avatar Ringo Lhungdim says:

    What’s WHO doing all these time?!

  38. Avatar Chitra K says:

    God has to save our India

  39. Avatar Ashish Sakharkar says:

    God bless my Country🇮🇳🇮🇳

  40. Avatar Bazm-e-BaniHashim بزمِ بنی ہاشمؑ says:

    Allah o akber , 29-04-21, 16 Ramazan 1442, 12:38 pm thrusday

  41. Avatar Yvonne Tillman says:

    Sad 😢 praying 🌎🙏🏾

  42. Avatar shaik karim says:

    Indian government no discipline and public no discipline in our country

  43. Avatar Sofyan Qbro says:

    إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ

  44. Avatar Rehan K says:

    Despite the surge some manic who are attending the kumbh mela and political rallies have no symphaty for people who are dying and blantantly flaunts with rules. Shame on them. These people shouldnt be treated.

  45. Avatar Z128 Z128 says:


  46. Avatar gracey mostajo says:

    Money cannot save you,with out 🙏 praying,god is the most medicine in this world,don’t forget to pray,bcoz just you hve 💰

  47. Avatar Bob Snzb says:

    The government is busy with 28 % tax with gst and campaigning with hatred dialogues with opposition while the disaster erupted due to their negligence

  48. Avatar Romi Romi says:

    Why don’t Al-Jazeera call Mr Modi, the Prime Minister of India, to have a realistic debate on what was going through his mind and why was all this infrastructure gap overlooked. Plz plz plz debate hard on this with all PMs and CMs and health ministers at national or state level. They MUST answer to the public and MUST accept and admit their apologies and resignations all at once.

  49. Avatar Lottie Pug says:

    Why blame the government… You all went to gatherings!!! You did not have to go but you chose to… You did NOT social distance… If anyone is to blame it is you idiots and you have got what you deserve… LIVE WITH IT.. Or as most have done DIE WITH IT… NO SYMPATHY…

  50. Avatar Big Boy says:

    अबकि बार अंतिम संस्कार

  51. Avatar Andy Christian says:

    Nature has his own solution for polution causes by Human.
    This is natural selection at his best.

  52. Avatar charlie KC says:

    0:36. You chosen the wrong leaders and we call democratic elected govt. Good luck india

  53. Avatar Poongkodi Veerappan says:

    WHO… worthless hopeless Organisation

  54. Avatar dante Assasin says:

    who the fck is WHO???

  55. Avatar Eric Eisma says:

    China should take responsibility and help India whatever they need.

  56. Avatar N Baalbaki says:

    Selber schuld

  57. Avatar Bad Maru Maru Chang says:

    covid vaccine side effect

  58. Avatar umar ali says:

    I don’t understand the mass gatherings

  59. Avatar STARS CHANGER says:

    Total reporting was rong. Kindly show the truth

  60. Avatar Victoria shiko says:

    😭 he say I have money but money can’t help my sister 🦠🦠🦠😭😭😭

  61. Avatar Philip Enos says:

    The Chinese Government lied and millions around the world died.

  62. Avatar itsmedeka says:

    I have family in Delhi and what the media is pushing in America is an absolute lie, it is nothing like what you see on the main stream media outlets. Western media is pushing this fake fear narrative because the large amount of people who are not getting the vaccine after the j&j blood clotting reports, has caused a massive uptick in people refusing vaccinations. They are hoping the fear of what they claim is happening in India will make people want to get vaccinated.

  63. Avatar Syeda Bukhari says:

    My prayers for all indians plz mere piyare Allah almighty help the vulnerable people ameen 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  64. Avatar Golam Aref says:

    Meanwhile India news outlet praising Modi, and denying high death tolls.

  65. Avatar non culus says:

    India cant complain that the world isnt doing anything to help them while theyre allowing mass gatherings

  66. Avatar Shasmeen Aaisha says:

    think you

  67. Avatar Raag Bhullar says:

    Indian Media is corrupt showing nothing, just praising Modi. Thx Aljazeera.

  68. Avatar Vijendra V says:

    Merchant of Death Modi government Not Given vaccination to Indian exported to foreign country

  69. Avatar Vinod Rakkenchath says:

    Why alla not helping them…..
    Alla who…..

  70. Avatar Queen Kibweja says:

    May God help u, from Tanzania 🇹🇿

  71. Avatar KAMA WJ says:

    Aayega toh Modi hi 😐

  72. Avatar Mohammed Pk says:

    I Appreciate the global media for showing the state my country is in when the media houses of my own country seems to be ignoring

  73. Avatar AtlanteanAngel says:

    The tragedy of this tragedy is : Covid deaths are largely preventable, even without access to drugs & equipment. Google this medical study : “Efficacy of broccoli and glucoraphanin in COVID-19: From hypothesis to proof-of-concept with three experimental clinical cases” and search “Avmacol” on Amazon.

  74. Avatar freaker126 says:

    in a way, I understand the people’s haplessness. Before my dad died, he had a breathing problem. I called the male nurse but he did nothing. I was feeling hapless and didn’t know what to do. Then a group of nurses came and one of them saw my dad and called the doctor for help. It’s then they realized he needs to manually pump oxygen. Later on, he died.

  75. Avatar khan Store says:

    This is ocupaied opressed Kashmir result

  76. Avatar khan Store says:

    Occupied Kashmir bad prayer for India and the world

  77. Avatar Priority Circle says:

    In case the CM of Delhi gets affected by Covid he should be made to run like a common person from Hospital to Hospital. Let this be a curse on him. My feelings for him & behalf of every Indian Citizen’s are dead…..He will understand the meaning of Covid……This comment in support of Indian People.

  78. Avatar Animal Lover says:

    In India,Large number of people don’t understand value of Oxygen. They take it lightly .they cut numbers of trees per day. Now there is lake of Oxygen ,many people have lost their family members.I request to everyone please plant and protect more and more 🌳🌴🌲trees 🙏😔

  79. Avatar Rajiv Busgeeth says:


  80. Avatar Lenin Longxam says:

    Reason for unlike in this video? Weird creature still exist.

  81. Avatar Hassan Andy says:

    what you sow so shall you reap.
    u put cerfew on kashmir u let them die alone in their houses with no medici e no hospital. u let them burry their dead alone in isolation. now the same is happening to u

  82. Avatar D0NALD J TRUMP says:

    TV (all programs, films, TV series, all but really all), the news and now the web are brainwashing you. Turn everything off and take your life back. media your time is up, Whoever is in charge of the media will be punished.

  83. Avatar Terry Valmonte says:

    Activities cuvid-19 community guidelines required. Government restrictions

  84. Avatar BEÉRUS says:

    Aljaazera must be happy, always hunt for negative news in india

  85. Avatar Mohsin Ehsan says:

    It is result of what they did in occupied Kashmir…

  86. Avatar Mohsin Ehsan says:

    Same messacre was done in occupied Kashmir…

  87. Avatar Ishak S says:

    Can somebody expell tedros who.

  88. Avatar William Takyi says:

    The world is sick .pretending to be helper

  89. Avatar Thousif nisar says:

    BJP government worst and uneducated government

  90. Avatar WE ARE THE WORLD MASTERS says:

    It is because of vaccine

  91. Avatar diana stricker says:

    Stay at home and isolate. Be careful

  92. Avatar Raymond Man says:

    Ask china, china made the virus.

    Imagine if india open investigation of the origins of Covid-19.
    Even the mask so so lose.

  93. Avatar মোঃ আব্দুল্লাহ says:


  94. Avatar Raymond Man says:

    India downplaying the Covid-19 virus as india is heavily influenced by china

  95. Avatar Raymond Man says:

    India total population is how many?

  96. Avatar Ravi Gupta says:

    Aljazeera is very happy about indias condition

  97. Avatar NSSINGH says:

    We shifted to see the truth from our national media to the social media and international news. We pray to God “save people from this disastrous wave of COVID death”

  98. Avatar Shamz KSA شمس السعودية says:

    So sad. ..💔💔

  99. Avatar manish bolbanda says:

    Why Highcourt staffs are given 5start hotels. Why can’t everyone be treated same in this nation.

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