India COVID patients ‘die due to oxygen shortage’

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India’s critical shortage of life-saving oxygen continues. As many as 24 patients, including those with COVID-19, died in a hospital in Karnataka state after it ran out of oxygen.
India’s hospitals are struggling to deal with the world’s steepest surge in cases. The country reported more than 350,000 cases and 3,400 deaths on Monday.
Al Jazeera’s Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Roseyim Yim says:

    As Dr Fauci said, India should follow the example of China by initiating a war-like mode against the pandemic

    • Avatar eamylord says:

      The problem is they cant afford it. A lockdown means no money for a majority of daily workers, they dont have food they die, they dont work they die, they go out they die …. its a mess

    • Avatar Roseyim Yim says:

      @eamylord agree
      I went to India a few years ago. The historical buildings are gorgeous but the people there……. There were so many beggars n Streetsleepers. At first I didn’t know why there was heavy smog. The reason was Streetsleepers burnt rubbish to keep themselves warm! Everywhere was heaps of rubbish n excretion of both human n wandering animals

  2. Avatar Karim Shaikh says:

    What the govt is doing


    God bless india. Love from vietnam

  4. Avatar Mohamad Yasin Owadally says:

    Sadly many are dying everday by depession, stress, and uncertainties of where to go, what to do and looking for someone somewhere to come into help..India is facing very serious health upheaval…

  5. Avatar Hussain Ansari says:

    Fir ek baar,aadamkhor chaukidaar!!

  6. Avatar Euro_90 says:

    When Italy and other european nations faced the same issue, the journalists didn’t blame the leaders there. When people were dying in China, journalists blamed China with muted response. When it comes to developing nations in Asia/ Africa, suddenly all media attacks their leaders. Where were you when Modi was pleading with Indians to get vaccinated & people just ignored it? Shame on these journalists.

  7. Avatar Living Room Worship says:

    There is power in prayer, let us be united to pray for India🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Avatar Pakiss Pak says:

    وقت وقت کی بات
    کچھ عرصہ کی ھی بات ھے ہندو مسلمانوں کو ڈراتے اور مزاق اڑاتے تھے
    ” مودی” آرھا ھے اور انجوائے کرتے تھے
    وھی مودی اپنا منہ چھپا رھا ھے اور سب اس کو گالیاں نکال رھے ھیں قدرتی انصاف آگیا ۔ ۔ اللّہ کا ڈر پیدا کرو

  9. Avatar Kavya Kamal says:


  10. Avatar whatever says:

    GOD is punishing the world. Because of our disobedience… sad….

  11. Avatar son of roady says:

    please india please, your begging the world for help without first helping yourselves, show the world that with aid, you will put into practice the same preventative measures to curb the transfer of covid19, the whole worlds government’s has it’s crosses to bear, but with breakthroughs in science we at least know that if you continue to allow the gatherings, no matter how much aid is given, without good practice, nothing can be done to reverse your situation any time soon..

  12. Avatar Zubair Hussain says:

    Enjoy Kumb Maila

  13. Avatar Raja shaheer says:

    Allah pak in ki madad kra in pr reham kra… Ameen…

  14. Avatar Pr. P. says:

    Pray for Indian people.

  15. Avatar YMV says:

    20 juta banding 1.4 milliar…

  16. Avatar Rex Guzman says:

    We can’t blame others , this is people fault . Because they don’t have social distancing and they also don’t have proper health guidelines. If they have discipline to their own self maybe things not like that ..

    Just saying …

  17. Avatar The Pathfinder says:

    Jingoism, over-confidence and false reassurance by the political elite. That is what is happening now.

  18. Avatar Jiong Li says:

    india crying for help

  19. Avatar Indiancharity Overcovid19ophoarns says:

    Am having a charity,we have over 40 orphans here in India,their patients died in this pandemic,anyone who can help with anything please

  20. Avatar Fairness ForChinese says:


  21. Avatar Dre Vis says:

    This is just fear mongering. Cant trust goverment numbers nor CNN, BBC, Aljerrera nor Sky News.. India is still owned by the Crown..South Africa also, and Israel..any other country that is commsiting human rights offenses..they can stick there vaccine.. many diseases needs oxygen..

  22. Avatar 2 Timothy 2:3 says:

    John 11:25-26
    [25]Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

    [26]And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

    • Avatar Ching The I says:

      Feeling all senses continuously in your body, then you’ll control each breath, each body moving. I hope that the methodology of variability in Yi-Jing could help you pass covid-19 desease. To explain some phenomenon, all substances around us have negative and positive effects, called a consequent of yin-yang. When a body is infected by a strange virus, the system of whole body would be upside down, especially hard to control breath under the condition of normal air. This is a phenomenon of exchanges between yin and yang in the body, leading to shutdown some functions of senses. So, the methodology of variability in Yi-Jing repositions the state of this exchange to exploit an equilibrium of body..

  23. Avatar Abang Hensem says:

    modi variant covid

  24. Avatar Asian Matters says:

    America we care about the world that we trew brand new ventilators in trash landfill .what a world we live in

  25. Avatar King Maker says:

    situation is horrible in the country.
    ruling party’s paid media are hiding the fact.

  26. Avatar Oliver Cooker says:

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    • Avatar Charls Anderson says:

      @Cupid Star +1,,,,,2,,,,,4,,,,,0,,,,2,,,,,8,,,,5,,,,9,,,,,7,,,,,9,,,,,,,3
      His available on – w,,,,a””’s,,,,s””’a,,,,,,p ⏫

    • Avatar Smith MacDonald says:

      @Charls Anderson I have never heard or seen any of his client complain of lost.. I think he’s just too perfect

    • Avatar James Lyle says:

      @Smith MacDonald I just got recommended to him on Twitter please how good is he?

    • Avatar BBC. News. says:

      @James Lyle Hey your not far from making profit, he has taken care of my account for months..I have 25 wins so far

    • Avatar Boiii Cops says:

      Bots bruh

  27. Avatar the divergent says:

    My condolences from France, stay strong India

  28. Avatar fernandoblazin says:

    Who expected anything better from india, i see how the people go about conducting themselves

  29. Avatar OLEGA ZUBEIR DRANGU says:

    Every citizen must observe sops in their country•

  30. Avatar Proud Wumao says:

    India pandemic crisis is a tragedy. Overwhelming responsility lies with Modi. Complacent, imcompetent, arrogant. Country totally unprepared. Modi’s record worse than Trump and Bolsonaro. Long term conseqences huge. India’s hopes of becoming superpower like China are ZERO.

  31. Avatar Clarance Artist says:

    Yar thaan olunga mask porranga????

  32. Avatar nidhin sha says:

    Modi magic….vote bjp🤣🙏🙏 make temples not hospitals…

  33. Avatar G N says:

    India superpower by 2020. Can’t even supply enough oxygen to their hospitals. 😄

  34. Avatar Fuck U says:


  35. Avatar Ayushman Ghosh says:

    We should not tell that it’s the government’s fault we are also equally responsible for the situation the government is trying it’s best but manufacturing process is vast and cannot happen in seconds  we have to understand that. No one was expecting that the second wave will be so dangerous.

  36. Avatar HYDRA ZENO says:

    I STAND WITH OUR PM and not by any political affiliation. I don’t support any political party. However as a proud Indian I support my head of the country during this hour of crisis. Let’s stop criticising his vaccination policy / his oxygen distribution policy so on so forth. It’s a state of health emergency and let’s stand by him and not make it difficult to deal and tackle this unprecedented crisis. I would rather pray and have been praying everyday for the safety of our countrymen and do whatever it takes to come out from this period of crisis.

    Our PM Narendra Modi is dealing with an exceptional crisis. *No PM has had to face such a situation that has impacted every part of India and every aspect of our lives*. If a family member is seriously ill we get shaken. Here, 130 crore people are at risk. Some say lockdown should’ve been earlier. Some say Army should’ve been called. Some are saying intelligence failure while still others say that he is trying to appease by announcing certain measures.

    *Everyone has respective opinions in our plural society but NONE are ready to bear the responsibility of 130 cr people. Only he has to*.

    If the lockdown doesn’t succeed then he gets targeted. If it does, still he gets targeted because the economy is hit.

    *He has always been at the receiving end by the opposition and it’s cronies & followers who have their own axes to grind*. These people keep saying that he has called for a nation of 130 cr to stop work; for the poor to risk going without food. The rich are crying that their earnings have stopped and their lifestyles thwarted. While the middle-class criticise by saying: ‘you’re not doing enough to help us financially.’

    *A 70-year old man is bearing the weight of 130 cr people and their expectations without flinching, without digressing, and without giving excuses to the Nation*.

    And here, some people who sit at home and try to become obstacles in his endeavours his position demands!!

    But then, *he too is human and the pressure is enormous*. Despite all the criticisms leveled against him he is doing his job with single-minded devotion & focus. *

    The Covid -19 is the toughest of all problems Narendra Modi has been faced with.

    *His strong will and efforts to overcome this unique, daunting problem will also succeed*.

    As law abiding citizens of Bharat let us all send him positive vibes, instead of complaining and criticising him. *Let us all pray for our PM’s Good Health and wish him all success in his fight against Covid-19.*

    *I stand with my country and my Prime Minister….*

  37. Avatar sunshine S says:

    Govt and private hospital not having enough supply of life Saving things means real apathy and callousness from the concern ed people .

  38. Avatar Beverly Folsom says:

    Omg prayers for India!! How can we help?

  39. Avatar Mina K says:

    My prayers goes to India 🙏🙏🙏 peoples of India 🙏🙏🙏 God help 🙏🙏🙏

  40. Avatar Jaleel Nadeem says:

    Tuhmara bagvan kidar gia bara gobar khata tae allah kae azab a gae hae kafiro per

  41. Avatar Ali Mahmudi says:

    Where is all biljooners actors and actresses of boliwood that became rich because of indan support people where are they

  42. Avatar Yogi says:

    UK strain
    Brazil strain
    India strain
    This non sense must be stopped
    It must be called
    Wuhan virus 1.0 (origin)
    All it’s strains must be
    Wuhan virus 1.1
    Wuhan virus 1.2
    Wuhan virus 1.3

  43. Avatar The OG Naptser says:

    Not the hospitals fault you morons it’s yours for not heeding the warnings of the virus

  44. Avatar PAKISTANI NINJA GAMER says:

    Allah ki lathi be awaz

  45. Avatar Bipin Moon says:

    The Indian government failed

  46. Avatar goncalo paulino says:

    ala god nao existe!!

  47. Avatar goncalo paulino says:

    huMAN EXISTE!!!

  48. Avatar लौड़ा की सरकार says:

    Foreign aid going to black hole

  49. Avatar jack daniel says:

    ask your self face mask sosial distance how great your mentality

  50. Avatar subair tk says:

    Vote to whom that u need

  51. Avatar stardust42311 says:

    For the past several years it was fashionable to talk about India as the “emerging super power”. This pandemic has firmly placed India in the place where it rightly belongs, back in the ranks of a primitive, backward-looking, third-world nation populated by millions and millions of ignorant, ill-informed people, governed by similarly ill-informed, religious-fanatic leaders. I just can not get over the sights of the political leaders announcing how proud they are seeing millions gathered, crowded together in their political rallies. And. many millions more, again crowded together to get a dip in some dirty river waters that would wash over their sins and guarantee them a place in some imaginary heaven. Nowhere else in the world one would come across a sight like this, seeing hundreds of dead bodies burning, in a non-stop fashion, in a make-shift cremation site in parking lot or a sports stadium. Only in India.

  52. Avatar irfan khan says:

    Bad experience with this pandemic

  53. Avatar Alex Mattie says:

    Has anyone thoight about turning off 5g frequencies…are your ears ringing and headaches all the symptoms of 5g frequency poisoning

  54. Avatar huck finn says:

    reason of massive spreading is because the patients are surounded with their family members. people are not wearing mask properly and no physical distancing.

  55. Avatar Betty Boos' Sister says:


  56. Avatar cotton 8888 says:

    They are still not wearing the mask .
    How can they control the situation when PEOPLE do not follow rules religiously.?

  57. Avatar keke says:

    many of them still don’t wear masks correctly…

  58. Avatar realpqleur says:

    Take a bow Sundar, Femdemics have consequences.

  59. Avatar Crazy Fool says:

    how come there’s no oxygen?

  60. Avatar Monir Salmi says:

    This is very 😥. Mody your are responsible for this tragedy and you should be in jail.

  61. Avatar Noobita kami says:

    How this virus spread? Watch Indians how handling their relatives that has coronavirus 🤦🤦🤦

  62. Avatar A Lyn says:

    All the oxygen coming from foreign are allocated to all BJP politicians n family..That’s why common man is facing oxygen scarcity..

  63. Avatar cnemike patriot says:

    I would be angry too. Give these people chlorine dioxide and they won’t be sick. Here’s a big hint you idiots, the vaccine is the problem. My God will somebody tell these people what is going on?

  64. Avatar Srihari Thiparthi says:

    Modi His failure…

  65. Avatar Thara Abdul kader says:

    I would like to thank all the leaders of the world who is helping India with oxygen and other necessities. God bless you.

  66. Avatar Dream Dream says:

    Still short? Very sorry to see this 😰

  67. Avatar Prince Omares says:

    So sad 😞 love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  68. Avatar Gurmeet singh Jassal says:

    Prime Minister of India, Modi is illiterate.Modi deliberately held rallies of millions.And the result of all this is that millions of people are dying in India.

  69. Avatar PooperMoodie IsGay says:

    In the meantime, Modi is busy choosing expensive furnitures and decorations for his luxurious official home built at a cost of USD 2.7 billion. Imagine if some of the extravagant spendings had been diverted to healthcare.

  70. Avatar Muhammad Bilal Khan says:

    I am from Mumbai… My sister and brother in law is died 1 week ago… May almighty Allah bless India…the situation is out of control…

  71. Avatar SK says:

    Why not angry at Modi and his cabinet and all his enablers?

  72. Avatar Rohit Sebastian says:

    There is no oxygen shortage in India. All of this is just mass propoganda made by the opposition parties with the help of foreign enemies. Things are absolutely fine here!!!!

  73. Avatar Jasmine Amore says:

    I feel like it’s not the hospitals fault at all. I think it’s an avoidable situation since you have giant farming factories and such but we have an immediate need for oxygen and just now making bigger plants??

  74. Avatar Muhammad Arshad says:

    Shockingly, you’d still see most of Indian public without masks 🎭. That’s a developing country problem.

  75. Avatar Aswin Oktavian says:

    Good kumbh mela 2021 for covid 19 at india.

  76. Avatar wendy dasha says:

    may my savior Jesus Christ have mercy on those who survived. my country got vaccine from india and it break my heart to even watch so many dying. i pray for healing of your land.

  77. Avatar Prasanna Narayanan says:

    For Anything careless attitude in India is the problem

  78. Avatar irfan ullah says:

    Indian Modi Government is sole responsible for the supply of proper quantity of oxygen cilinders to the all hospitals of india,if they failed to do so then they (Modi Government) is responsible for this big death toll by covid-19.

  79. Avatar Music74 says:

    Knowing that neither Central nor State Govts are going to do anything to stop the suffering and death of India’s citizens, shouldn’t large Corporates step in to do whatever may be possible to help? Where are Ambani, Adani, Premji, Narayana Murthy, Tata, Bajaj, Birla, Mittal and many of the other billionaires and multi-millionaires of India? Why is there a silence? The people of India have been working diligently and faithfully; whether they worked directly for you or not, does not matter. Your products are purchased by almost the whole of the Indian population at some point in time in some form or the other. The millions and billions you have today is because of the people of India. Can you not do something to help them?

  80. Avatar Muhammed Fazil says:

    Instead of blaming why can’t we do a investigation it all sound not good all aspect of this.
    1. Old variant
    2. New varient
    3. Vaccine
    4. Mask effects
    5. Elections etc

  81. Avatar Morning Star says:


  82. Avatar Sonu Sharma says:

    People are not dying of corona. They are dying because of shortage of oxygen. And still govt. has not made adequate health infrastructure on second wave of corona. So, who is to blame? Younger ones can be easily saved if there were adequate medical facilities.

    • Avatar Official Nyi Yan Moe Htet Channel says:

      COVID-19 causes oxygen deficiency.

  83. Avatar rht12525 says:

    Daily you show this mulla as thumbnail.

  84. Avatar Minimoy Meymuy says:

    2020 supa dupa pooper
    2021 supa dupa barbeque
    Congratz shiteehole endia

  85. Avatar shahnawaz shaikh says:

    Modi resign

  86. Avatar Four Dot Skills says:

    These scenes are heart breaking, our prayers and wishes are with our Indian neighbours. Hold strong India! This is heart breaking

    Many wishes from Pakistan

  87. Avatar Thoth's Geospatial Dynamics says:

    Oxygen shortage in a Country that spends massively on Defense Weapons is laughable, like Americans stockpiling guns but don’t own a fire extinguisher

  88. Avatar AK47 says:


  89. Avatar jai prakash says:

    Modi use people money on stupid things like making 350 crore on statue, ….

  90. Avatar Tanjim Akther says:

    modi musolmanke nidon korte besto se oxygen songrokkon kore rakheni🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🤨🤨🤨

  91. Avatar Harish Kotecha says:

    Can I use this clip for a donation drive?

  92. Avatar Shamz KSA شمس السعودية says:


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