India tops 20m COVID cases, ‘horrible’ weeks ahead

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The number of coronavirus cases reported in India since the start of the pandemic has exceeded 20 million.
It came as the health ministry announced more than 300,000 infections for the 13th straight day.
And with nearly 3,500 deaths in the last 24 hours, the number of fatalities has topped 220,000.
But experts say the true figure is likely much higher.
The surge in cases has brought hospitals close to collapse.
On Monday, 24 patients died after yet another health facility ran out of oxygen.

Al Jazeera’s Elizabeth Puranam joins us live from New Delhi, India for the latest updates.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Colm Corbec says:

    More likely they ran out of testing material.

  2. Avatar shyam geeth says:

    Indians voted in the name of religion last time looks like God didn’t show any mercy.

  3. Avatar luvsilly60 says:

    China’s war on India.

  4. Avatar missing God says:

    India has different God they worship .We only have have one God from the Holly scripture .

  5. Avatar xerxeso says:

    LIES….I Bet That ALL Death Got the JAB Last Month…..

  6. Avatar x玉凤! says:


  7. Avatar xerxeso says:

    MORE LIES…..I Bet That ALL Dead Got The Jab Last Month….

  8. Avatar xerxeso says:

    More People Dying From Drinking Polluted Water Of the Ganges…

  9. Avatar Russo R says:

    And idiot Biden is allowing thousands of illegals to cross from the south of the border?

  10. Avatar Fegalin Colegne says:

    how many indians die of covid not enough

  11. Avatar UMESH MANI M says:

    I regret for being an Indian and elected these worthless beings to power.

    • Avatar History and Culture says:

      A major reason is the lack of cleanliness … India is probably the dirtiest country in the world. Being poor is not an excuse … there are other countries in the world that are poor but they are not as dirty as India. Why are holy rivers so dirty, why are people defecating in the streets?

  12. Avatar Mehar Ali says:

    India should apologize kashmir

  13. Avatar biju baby says:

    Why not India government bring their medical professionals from all over the world to help our people during this time of this pandemic?

  14. Avatar Cesar Fuentes says:

    May God Bless India

  15. Avatar Stupid Trump says:

    US, British priority policy ,how can the United States help India? The United States can only save India with lies

  16. Avatar 南愚文科刺度恵守 says:

    The virus is spreading because of filthy habits…….peeing on walls, pooping on roads, wiping snot on handrails…..etc etc.

  17. Avatar Ganesh Super says:

    Please Immediately Implement Mandal Commission Recamandation in World Olimpic Counsil ❤️ Honourable President of India ❤️

  18. Avatar the majestic says:

    There’s time when indians laughed on USA’s condition on internet and as we know karma hits back …hope they get over this …

  19. Avatar abhijit tripathi says:

    Must be nice being a Islamic dictator ship like Qatar. no one can question you because you can easily lie about everything

  20. Avatar michael grobshteyn says:

    Mammoth failure on the part of Federal government to provide basic necessities to the citizens of India. Corrupt, venal, inefficient ruling elite hiding in exclusive neighborhoods or abroad. Terrible blow to the reputation of the largest democracy . Emboldened communist China and Pakistan.

  21. Avatar DataX PK says:

    Get well soon 🇮🇳, thoughts and prayers from 🇵🇰. Hope you get up and running soon!

  22. Avatar Dukelasing says:

    100 million of Indian were bathing together in the “holy” gange river. What do you expect?

  23. Avatar Awhoo Thunder says:

    Khung-flu pao attacks! 😃

    China:India 1:0 😅

  24. Avatar Parker Hilton says:

    These passings are necessary. There are way too many people living in India. That country is WAY too densely populated! It’s good to cull the herd

  25. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    no child policy for those below poverty and one child policy for everyone else. thorium reactors.

  26. Avatar Reza Karim says:

    Majority of the Indians are sensible and rational, I have no idea idea how something so senseless could happen in India.

  27. Avatar Wj Pruitt says:

    Habere inter se rationem, o caelum. Ex Europa et America, Asia sunt ex Africa. Et invenietis illos qui sciebant quod dixerunt. Reperio quod illi sciebant, qui nihil fecerunt. Find prodest eis, qui quaerebant de morte, angustia et dolores tenuerunt ut aliorum exempla eorum. Ipsasque occidunt. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare scindendi, auditum exsculpere et manus amputauit. Hoc exemplum Magistri ante mundi vanas eorum Deus. Terra autem in aeternum auferret. Possint ostendere matris abscondi. Et non abscondam a magister est. , Et nocere non possunt esse actiones et cogitationes suas deserant circumda modo se. Sic fiat.

  28. Avatar loneranger 5 says:

    This is so shocking so many more people will die…India needs military lockdown.Its the only way to stop the spread of covid now…

  29. Avatar Gishan J says:

    Red Onions

  30. Avatar Nabeel Ahmed Khan says:

    This is depressing! Indian govt & local administration should’ve done more, people are dying like insects, and worst thing is that Indian Media is still trying to cover this up and save Modi’s political career.

  31. Avatar Leland Hawkins says:

    To many of them anyway

  32. Avatar jimb7447 says:

    If the Indian govt air dropped massive supplies of IVMCTN in the worst hit places there would be a MASSIVE decrease in this disease.

  33. Avatar The OG Naptser says:

    Next time respect the virus and dont protest lockdown measures that are meant to save your lives

  34. Avatar Tomato Ahmed says:

    South Asian people sometimes are over confident. Kuch nehi hone wala, Corona or kya karega, Marna toe hoga ekdin but when the trouble comes than they panic.

  35. Avatar Syed Hassan Abbass Rizvi says:

    Modi Pakistan ka khiar khwa hai,aur India ka dushman.Wo Pakistan ke madad laine sae inkar kar kae hamara oxygen aur equipment bacha raha hai aur apne Indians ko marne dae raha hai.May Indian be delivered from their plight soon despite such poor leadership.

  36. Avatar Vector Hold says:

    I was crunching some numbers last night with what data I could collect. I took into account averages of what’s not being reported based on population. They’re in for the long haul. With this rapid rate of infection it’s going to take 3-4 years to get it contained and that’s being extremely optimistic. I wish this was some Sci-Fi pathogen movie thriller but its not, its reality and its absolutely terrifying.

  37. Avatar AutoAnubis says:

    celebrations now, corona later.
    “Oops… nehi..nehi

  38. Avatar Hasan Choudhury says:

    Most countries are likely unprepared just like India has been exposed to be. Corrupt politicians and thugs rule many of the countries who are anti science superstitious and unprepared.
    The world has not seen gruesome scenes like that in India for many years.
    Very desperate and very unnerving. Management of logistics and prepositioning of supplies were widely neglected. Superpower? Forget it?
    India may be reduced to a chaotic devastated country much more dangerous to her own people. Very sad. Regards.

  39. Avatar fabulo50s1 says:


  40. Avatar ZULFI ZULFIQAR says:

    Shame for Modi and his government .

  41. Avatar saeed k says:

    stay strong IN from Somalia

  42. Avatar chris patirot says:

    Gas leak ❓

  43. Avatar Ruby Latoo says:


  44. Avatar khan Store says:

    Opressed occupied Kashmir bad prayers

  45. Avatar Azman Hamid says:

    Another huge project costing US 2 billion and insisting to land on the moon while at the same time there isn’t any available beds in the hospital 😭

  46. Avatar sky map says:

    Covid non-believer: Its a gas leak.
    What kind of gas leak that covered the whole country?

  47. Avatar Otis X-WATCHMAN says:

    My Minister said that this is a Pestilence from Heaven. My 72 year old father died from this in June in the US. Prayers to India.

  48. Avatar C Chathuranga says:

    There is a religion with a philosophy in the world and it is time for everyone to follow it

  49. Avatar Mr K says:

    India need nationwide Lockdown ASAP

  50. Avatar jed abdul wahab says:

    Fron what i see on media..the people not really obey the rules.. no mask, breaking lockdown… They just don’t care

  51. Avatar jed abdul wahab says:

    Thw gov is fight against convid,but the people dont ..

  52. Avatar Amjad Sultan says:

    Indian people should say to own prime minister …ao na zara theel laga kar awaam mei!!! Phir dhek maza

  53. Avatar Our Family says:

    願菩薩保佑印度人民早日康復, 身心健康, 快乐圆满🙏🙏🙏
    願印度人民 無明盡除 疫情消除, 祈求世界各國能夠伸出援手,派遣醫療團隊,運送醫療物資,幫助他們早日結束這場浩劫🙏 替印度祈禱。

    Thank you very much for making the effort to place all of these video online
    法布施,財布施,無畏布施,功德無量,福報豐厚,積累功德!菩薩畏因 眾生畏果🙏積善之家必有餘慶,人生一世中最重要就是行善修德, 積口德, 所為之事.無愧於心. 內心和善慈心.光明磊落! 以後都過著謹慎防疫的日子就對了。心存善念,正念,守道德行仁義,不吃眾生肉。

    請大家多多分享親友,轉傳LINE跟WHAT’S APP 或 WECHAT ,讓更多人了解,趨吉避凶,分享種福田。希望更多人可以看見,福報是修來的,今生不修待何時。
    有好报, 好因定有好果种瓜得瓜”、”善有善报”、”积极进取”、相信人的命运非由天注定,人们可以掌握自己的未来,改造自己的命运。
    請常念南無阿彌陀佛,一切重罪悉解脫!南无阿弥陀佛, 南无阿弥陀佛, 南无阿弥陀佛.

  54. Avatar Leonard Hall says:

    We are going to be that way soon

  55. Avatar My own little world says:

    More than Covid… India needs to be saved from Modi

  56. Avatar Lin Vilia says:

    Jesus is the solution to India. Repent to Jesus Christ and he will healed the people.

  57. Avatar Fronttech Prasetyo says:

    Covid not work for JAVA people 😁

  58. Avatar mia lee says:


  59. Avatar Jack Ryder says:

    India has been exposed on how these politicians lie, how bad health system and curropt it is.

  60. Avatar Ehsanulhaq Ehsan says:

    Be safe be strong Indian people …pr Godi Gorment to kah rahe SB chnga c…Kch nhe Sub mil rha hai logo ko

  61. Avatar surena louden5 says:

    Stay strong. Sending prayers to you and your family.
    The way this virus keeps mutating im afraid we as a whole ..meaning every country is at risk.
    After so many mutations the vaccine will be rendered useless.
    May God help us all

    • Avatar illumillukilluallukalluto says:

      Rescue and Adopt me. That’s the least help u can provide me with.

  62. Avatar Noranita rosnan says:


  63. Avatar itsJKtv says:

    Plz in dino me ganga ke pani me jane se parhez kren.itni sari corona deadbodies ki rakh ko us pani me bahaya ja raha he.

  64. Avatar vagabond dkartyee says:

    Disgusting pigs their government they should be in prison

  65. Avatar Crystal Z says:

    May ALLAH ALMIGHTY merci on India and whole world. Ameen. What about Modi s Beared is it growing now or not.

  66. Avatar Brandon Jordan says:

    the smartest doctors come from india

  67. Avatar Slave Master says:

    *wheres the hindu god when we need em hahhahhahahaa*

  68. Avatar Frank Toledo says:

    India take vitamins D and Zinc.

  69. Avatar Kevin Rana-85 says:

    20,40,60,80,100=WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???

  70. Avatar Joe banana says:

    2.10 fake news.
    Fact check yourself-Oxygen cylinders cannot be carried in planes
    -India doesnt have oxygen shortage,it has problem in logistics given oxygen is produced in 3 states like Odisha and have to go to Delhi,UP via truck which take 2 days.
    News channels accuracy is becoming lesser and lesser

  71. Avatar P M says:

    who the fucq gonna vacation in Indian now doggy b

  72. Avatar ahmad afridii says:

    Indians please use disprin for covid patients we are praying for yu🇵🇰🇮🇳

  73. Avatar Q Q says:

    Good they deserve it.

  74. Avatar KH Learning says:

    God bless india. Indians stay strong brothers and sisters. Don’t let fear overtake you. Pray and trust the One and only Almighty God and take precaution measures. Jesus died for you for he love you. Trust him now. Tomorrow might be too late.

  75. Avatar Pravin Kumaran says:

    Pattern of this news -> start with covid and end up in govt negligence.

    Not even a single drop of positivity here. Mostly Indians will feel fear on seeing this.
    what is the intend of this news:
    1. SHow awareness and stop that’s going to happen.
    2. Show how worst India is

  76. Avatar Nandu Parado says:

    While in India:::::
    Rs 13450 crores ( $1.8 Billion)for Central Vista project, but NOT, for fully vaccinating 45 crore ( half a billion) Indians with above money
    NOT for 1 crore ( 10 Million ) oxygen cylinders.
    But, Indian Prime Minister’s ego is bigger than people’s lives and While the people are gasping for life, “the Sultan is busy building his castle”.
    Priorities doesn’t matter at all or the ruling BJP party and it’s ministers

    “Those who will not reason are bigots, those who cannot  are fools, and those who dare not are slaves.”
    Wake up India to the  ground reality, make them accountable for their mis management and miss handing of this covid crisis even after having more than 10 months to prepare for this second wave.
    “when you don’t elect leaders and go for a clown expect a circus not miracles .

  77. Avatar yayat says:

    All people’s fault. Both the goverment and people are fault. The goverment isn’t strict and the people are reckless.

  78. Avatar Chi Sa says:

    All news reports of under-reporting of deaths are always based in Delhi. Just check all the news reports from the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, DW news, Sky News, ABC News etc. Delhi is the problem! The MLAs of the party ruling Delhi (the AAP) are asking for Presidents rule!… Because, the Chief Minister is an incompetent buffoon who has completely mishandled the situation! It was the Delhi governments responsibility to call a lockdown in time. Every time the national government used to suggest something they used to blow it away as politics. Now they’re suffering because they didn’t listen to the health minister.

  79. Avatar Gurvinder Dhaliwal says:

    Modi is doing a GOOD JOB

  80. Avatar Kim Jae Min says:

    the useless government

  81. Avatar navid s says:

    What getting reported is just tip of iceburg, but nothing will changem tomorrow these very people will back same political party just because they hate Muslim.

  82. Avatar अष्टकम ॐ ॠ 卐 says:

    Those converted people ☺shame on u all.its a Karma .aur ye kabhi khatam nhi hone dunga bhugto sab log.murkh log .☺hazaro janwaroka ye shr@p hain tum logoko.specially those converted Christi@ns who put leg on lord Shivas shiv ling.karma kiya hain mafi mango sab abhi ke abhi.murkh log.🙂

  83. Avatar LAZY DOG says:

    They are not close to collapse they have collapsed.

  84. Avatar homeschooling journey says:

    No worries, similarly they killed kashmiries. They forgot humanity so Allah showed them Allah can do everything

  85. Avatar Maty Westham says:

    The BJP and Modi destroyed India

  86. Avatar Jane Mack says:

    Donated to Doctors Without Borders. Not sure what else I can do. So sad.

  87. Avatar fathima shahjahan says:

    We are at mercy of God ,don’t have any faith in government either state or centre.

  88. Avatar Ross Smith says:

    Modi is hindi trump

  89. Avatar Reedam Magar says:

    Crisis is 10 times worse than they are telling here

  90. Avatar Baljeet Setia says:

    This is the international respect of India
    All credit goes to our respected PM

  91. Avatar H. K. says:

    Govt is lying

  92. Avatar Shared Joy says:

    Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, and Borris Johnson are all clowns.
    They are fvck!n right wing populists.
    They all believe that coronavirus are conspiracy theory.
    I don’t know why these people get erected to become their leader.
    OH WELL…, I’m running out of words to describe.

  93. Avatar Schwaben Württemberg says:

    Germany, Today we send 2 Airplanes with Oxygen to India, next Days another 2.

  94. Avatar jeime luk says:

    The Indian political leadership is responsible for this crisis.

  95. Avatar Yellow Ember says:

    20 million!!! Some countries doesn’t have that kind of population…i know why government is taking lightly

  96. Avatar Void says:

    Very good NEWS WHOLE India will die INSHALLAH

  97. Avatar Ferenc Zsiga says:


  98. Avatar Truth Seeker says:

    COVID related death rate in India as of today 05-05-21 is 30000+ and growing. Just alone in capital Delhi is 1500 average. Modi government itself doesn’t know true figures because they decline to collect data so they won’t be held accountable! Wake up India!

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