Vigilante groups take on Mexico cartels

2020 6/20
Vigilante groups take on Mexico cartels

Criminal gangs in Mexico are still carrying out mass kidnappings despite a promise by President Enrique Peña Nieto to protect the people.

In the Western state of Michoacan, towns continue to join popular vigilante groups to defend themselves from the brutal Knights Templar cartel.

More than 60 bodies have been recovered from clandestine graves in the area.

Authorities have said they will not allow people to take justice into their own hands, but as Al Jazeera’s Rachel Levin reports from Michoacan, the self-defence groups will not give up.



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  • OVERDRIVE73 says:

    We’re not gonna take it

  • conan Smith says:

    The US government is trying to take its citizens guns also I guess they don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves either. They tell us all we have to do is call the police but by the time they get there someone will be dead and when they do show up, they may just shoot the wrong person.

  • OVERDRIVE73 says:

    if the government won’t serve justice, the people will

  • R. D. Barnhart says:

    Finally. Thank god

  • Just stop it says:

    Respeto a La Defensa

  • GiancarloFXBBTx. says:

    It’s good to see these guys fighting for there weapons to save there state. It’s crazy how they have to fight for themselves instead of the government trying to help.

  • Darren Frank says:

    They have to do this cause the mexican government is useless.

  • wang tie says:


  • Koko Lee says:

    On deck, dessert hot springs, CA

  • Koko Lee says:

    What ever you need, I got it

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth says:

    Why can’t we support these men?

  • IceCold11235 says:

    Power to them! This isn’t even vigilantism, this is survival. Completely justified. Cartels are making the lives of decent human beings impossible.

  • George Hathcoat says:

    Need more ammo

  • George Hathcoat says:

    Government is so dam corruption. Can’t trust any more

  • Dario Mendoza says:

    when they the, Mexican] citizens catch some of those Thugs they should RIP THEM apart and feed them to the Crocodiles!!

  • boxlessthinking says:

    we should be bringing truckloads of weapons to these people. And arming them. So they can free themselves from this. Bucking stupidity.

  • Dr. Evil says:

    This is why the 2nd Amendment is great!

  • maria garcia says:

    If government doesn’t defend them , the have to themselves

  • Leo Picollo says:

    At this point the government should make it legal to buy guns for the people for self defence , police cant do there job , military can,t do there job , then militias should form and defend the area period with government funding .

  • Patsy Lambert says:

    These are brave men who have had enough.

  • DJ Smith says:

    Don’t give up your arms, ever!

  • Cynthia Drockton says:

    Enough is definitely enough in this country also. Bravo to the people of Mexico.

  • Michael & Paulette says:

    Looks like those who grew up in the States, realize drug cartels don’t have to be tolerated. They are leading their fellow citizens in attacks to destroy the nation’s enemies. Good for them. We should all pray for their success and safety.

  • tardwhisperer 101 says:

    Viva Mexico!!

  • Skip Rocker says:

    You guys need to plot a raid on a cartel stronghold. You can secure arms and money for supplies and your community while you are taking care of your problem. Find the best target and get as many loyals as possible who won’t tip them off. God bless all free men in Mexico.

  • Schmuelsons Radang says:

    I support the citizens. They must wipe out all these cartel members from the land. The Mexican government is simply too weak to act and not very good at their tasks. A corrupt government is the root of all these weaknesses.

  • Sandra A says:

    Destroy all cartels and terrorists!!

  • Gary Teague says:

    democrats are trying to take our guns away here in USA , keep your weapons

    • DIYGuy says:

      Rep or dem the constitution shall be protected even with arms

  • Guava Inc. says:

    If civilians join the vigilantes they will be way bigger than the cartels

  • Peter K. says:

    I agree with the people.

  • RON SCHUELER says:

    Mexico is a pit of violence. Government has not guts or will to help their people. America is getting no better thanks to the cartel and Illegals who smuggle drugs.

  • George Rasmutin says:

    How long until they start to feel entitled to the town folks money’s because power vacuum

  • Alejandro Gonzalez says:

    That transition was horrible

  • galkanftw says:

    You can bet the state members are being paid off,trying to thwart these vigilantes from stopping the cartels.

  • Gordon Thomas BAILEY says:

    Show no mercy ! Eliminate all Cartels.

  • Z says:

    See Mexican army is trying to take their guns so the cartels can continue to operate. This is why America love its guns. We the United Sates salute you. We American are proud of you well done.

  • Iam Invisable says:

    I support their fight for their country. Maybe America can do something to aide the vigilantes and train the young immigrants to rage against cartels

  • Iam Invisable says:

    Was it Obama’s fast and furious that armed ms13

  • George Hathcoat says:


  • SCIENCE says:

    now just build a parallel pure democratic government
    every family selects a representative from the family, this representative can be grouped with ten nearby representatives to select another higher representative, these higher rank representatives can still be grouped with ten nearby high rank representatives to select an higher one and so on, these can be done with a notebook putting names and signatures there, and these representatives can be replaced by anytime with updated signatures in case they aren’t doing their job, now after having this pure democracy you can collect taxes for greater investments/purposes, you can even unanimously agree to vote a political member selected by as you will get all the votes for that
    every decision can be proposed and made by vote by representatives in real time

  • yoboy_jp says:

    0:14 that’s a saiga 12

  • james berry says:

    Never give up your guns

  • Leeni Curneal says:


  • donkeydog 7 says:

    Government forces are often in the pay of the cartels so good job on the uprising.

  • Monica Lopez says:

    Mexican police/government…HA!..big joke!..they’re all bought and bribed!..
    They only help themselves..

  • Jarod Farrant says:

    Don’t give up your guns that’s how governments can control you better and criminal take advantage.

  • prebet lapok says:

    Vigilantes vs crooked cops & drug dealing murderers

  • Sophia Ramos Martinez says:


  • Bill Rhoasts says:

    On the surface, this may seem like a good thing, but these armed citizens are up against a group of killers who have the funding to out number and out gun them. I wish them well. Still, there’s something about vigilante justice that bothers me. No formal chargers, no witnesses, no evidence needed. All that’s needed is an accusation and boom! You’re executed.

  • Observer Observer says:

    A failed government

  • don't worry bout it says:

    You just have no hope in any states in Mexico just to many

  • 7033Joe says:

    Drive out the cartels! Make Mexico Great Again!

  • Jerry Mitchell says:

    The US government needs to give free greyhound tickets to any US citizen who wants to join their ranks.

  • Jack Frost says:

    The Mexican Government are corrupted to the Hilt!!!
    I also support the “real people” of Mexico.

  • gaza icush freedom says:

    We in Jamaica need to do this too to take back our country from criminals both in high and low places the government’s only interesting in politics

  • Joey Huggins says:

    Obama and Eric Holder gave the cartels the the arms and ammunition operation “fast and furious” Pray these vigilante men succeed 🙏

  • bur'qln dalla says:

    Be safe.

  • Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 2020 says:

    Listen up DEMOCRATIC pigs

  • Ultimagtr650 says:

    For years the Mexican government has been taking money from the cartels, so good for the people protecting themselves…it is clear the government wont.

  • Jack Mcmiillin says:

    Thank God for these people. They Gov. Fails to do its’ job & protect them from vicious criminals. U. S. should take note.

  • ss uu says:

    we all now the guns are american we all now the mexican goverment works for the cartel we all now this men lol

  • Nelson Rodriguez says:

    Trump is right they’re are not drug dealers no more they’re Terrorists

  • Carlos Trujillo says:

    And they say you cant get guns in mx bs…I saw a Kalashnikov and a spas 12….il take you to my hood of the nogalera in Monterrey or the independencia i know somebody that know somebody it ain’t hard as finding a gun hear in tx a pistol can go from a bill to 2 riffles a little more…the gun control issue is just a myth that needs to blow in the wind gun violence will never end and blame it on the gun….I’m a law abiding citizen in the states and own multiple firearms because that’s what we do in texas …I love my city of Monterrey mx that is home for me and the marina is cleaning house on the z cartel drove them back to tamaulipas…but the small poor towns suffer they dont have the support as the big cities sad that it’s like this but glad the people are willing to come together and fight for what’s right

  • bghank Hernandez says:

    Don’t like this one even tho 5 years ago .. Canada got crime to they next .!

  • Eagle Eyes says:


  • Jose Santos says:

    Mostly everyone is on the money’s side.The rest is on the scare side, so they just go along with the ride.

  • Kuya Nins says:

    i think the mexican government need our great president rodrigo duterte

  • Michael Sullivan says:

    Trump 2020 he will wage war with you!!!

  • Trumpcard says:

    This should happen in the United States. Kill the FBI aka “the Gestapo” and the IRS (MOTHER)……… is Ted Kaczynski available?

  • Tony Reyes says:

    Way to fight back God bless them and may our Lord protect them

    • ace trainer_zack says:

      Tony Reyes nah . God ain’t real

  • jose Guerrero says:

    Shall not be infringed.. let’s bring that to Mexico

  • Jose Cerrano says:

    El mundo necesita el punisher.

  • just in case says:

    “I would rather die than give up my weapon” spoken like a true American.

  • I watch in 144P says:

    It reminds me of GR.Wildlands
    Santa blanca vs rebels/ unidad

  • Dr. Evil says:

    33 gun grabbers disliked this

  • JMoney Entertainment says:

    Damm an everyday shootout !!! That’s crazy

  • Rev Lite says:

    this is why america should never give up there guns, ever

  • JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    Power to the people! The cartels are in bed with the govt.

  • Diego Holley says:

    Cant wait till the Americans act out the same way vs our police

  • Ellis Destroyer666 says:

    If this keeps up the Defense Group will overthrow the corrupt government and replace with a government that truly protects the people this is the people at its finest

  • Lizard Squad says:

    How do I donate ?

  • The Lone Deranger says:

    well done lads

  • don't worry bout it says:

    There just going to end up getting involved in drugs and being a cartel themselves

    • ace trainer_zack says:

      don’t worry bout it yeap

  • Marco Escobar says:

    About time to rise from ignorance my people…

  • Miguel Valentin says:

    To me those are the true Mexicans

    • ace trainer_zack says:

      Miguel Valentin nah

  • Lloyd QC says:

    all you need is DUTERTE

  • nirvana896 says:

    How about the fact that this is a direct result of Trump and his hard line on boarder security! No more running from their country’s problems, they are now working to make their own country better! They need their own 2nd amendment! Trump 2020!

  • William Stryker says:

    God job guys. Don’t give up you’re guns. Kill the cartel everytime no matter how many times


    f*+k the corrupt government and police of Mexico!!

    • ace trainer_zack says:

      JOHN SZAPPANOS and you to

  • Resonant Engineering says:

    Right on!

  • Szabi B says:

    The guy at the end with the magazine pouches on to hold his ak47 magazines, had a sweet looking knife. Also I would trust them over the police or government of Mexico. Because they are not in it for the money they are in it to make it safe for people and kids to be out and for businesses not to get extorted.

  • phil ceballos says:

    The people who are fleeing are the families of the cartel members 😎.

  • jacob me says:

    I don’t know who’s worse government or cartel when the government won’t allow citizens there natural right to defend themselves

  • Jenny Low says:

    Everywhere is the same, it always has to do with gov

  • A-DrewG says:

    Bless these men for stepping up for themselves, but they do need to watch out. This isn’t a new thing as many cartels and gangs form from these vigilante groups. If you want to ask why it is simple. Once a group starts to actively removing a cartel they need funding for weapon, gear, and ammo. What is one of the best ways to get money in their situation….. selling narcotics.

  • Yamete Sempai! says:

    In this century we have a right mind these governments should know that they are not helping their citizens but instead they are making it worst.

  • Fermin Valdivia says:

    Sometimes you need to pickup guns this is why the second amendment is very important

  • ecbenny J says:

    This is why the leftist, and bought and controlled Obrador, need to legalize guns ASAP! The Mexican government should begin distributing at least two free guns per family (one pistol and one rifle with 1000 rounds per firearm) to give them a head start since liberal politics destroyed the people of Mexico. The people need to start defending themselves. Allow them to arm themselves to the teeth and we’ll be seeing a different Mexico.

  • John Doe says:

    Allah will put these cartels in jehannem.