Turkey holds first talks with the Taliban in Kabul

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Turkey says it is considering a request by the Taliban to help operate Kabul airport after Western forces withdraw.
The airport’s future after August 31 is uncertain, with aviation experts warning the armed group does not have the expertise to run it.
Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid reports from near the Afghan border in Pakistan.

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  1. Avatar Sahil Abdullah says:

    If Turkey wasn’t a Nato member then Erdogan would had have the same fate as Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi….

  2. Avatar Blue Bayou says:

    John Kirby looks so weakened and unsure.

  3. Avatar Shayan Sachin Basu says:

    Ceo of quack airlines

  4. Avatar Ezekiel God is strength says:

    In order for turkey to be able and willing to help run the airport the Taliban must get rid of any terror tread because international community will be afraid of having terrorist board there commercial flight and pose a tread to the country of the worlds Taliban should be very aware of this

  5. Avatar Syed Akhib says:

    Who run the kabul airport? They are victories😊💪

  6. Avatar Norris Laitinen says:

    Any NATO member that holds talks with the Taliban, other than warning them of the nuke on its way should be kicked out of the organization.

  7. Avatar give away says:

    Ofcurse taliban can manage the Kabul airport cus they are all well educated people 😂

  8. Avatar Lena Lorres says:

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    • Avatar Mehmet Emir KARAASLAN says:


  9. Avatar S C says:

    Turkish Airlines , they know

  10. Avatar Johnny Norton says:

    @0:07 burnt left hanging

  11. Avatar Gopal a says:

    Why not turkey sending troops to suppress millitancy?
    Why should they do talks to millitant?
    Those who oppose US withdrawal not questioning Turkey and Saudi for not sending troops to bring law and order?

    • Avatar Hamid El Batboot says:

      Turkey was already there since 2001 because they are apart of NATO Alliance so you can’t say that Turkey didn’t intervened with its military.

    • Avatar Hamid El Batboot says:

      And I don’t think Saudi Arabia would waste its troops into Afghanistan.

    • Avatar Gopal a says:

      @Hamid El Batboot So then Turkey should be blamed not US.

  12. Avatar FlowersForMe?! says:

    We do not negotiate with terrorists.

  13. Avatar Tania South says:

    It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of the 31st in Afghanistan. It’s really taking a toll on me, all those human beings who will be neglected to Taliban 😭 makes me sick

    • Avatar Advance Kashmir says:

      Happy birthday from Kashmir.
      There’s always been suffering in the world. To care is human, but personal celebration isn’t any bad either. 🙂

    • Avatar Kelvin Mwango says:

      It’s their own problem, people got problems to handle, sick terrorists can go ahead and do their things

    • Avatar Broski Wassup says:

      @Kelvin Mwango Nah, Americans & nato made and supports Taliban and its their fault , we Swedes hate U.S government and weak old Biden lol

    • Avatar John Pilgrim says:

      @Broski Wassup I think most Americans hate Biden including the dopes that actually voted for that idiot now. They may not admit it publicly but even they see what an incompetent joke he is.

  14. Avatar Shaeed Dr. Najibullah says:

    Propaganda, Taliban never asked Turkey to help manage Kabul airport.

  15. Avatar Shaeed Dr. Najibullah says:

    Taliban: We will only let you help us secure Kabul airport if you gift us young Turkish brides for marriage

    Erdogan: Done!

    • Avatar Shaeed Dr. Najibullah says:

      @Ahmad خان mujhadeen were bad people and taliban are going to peoples houses asking for young women.

  16. Avatar Ian Thompson says:

    Of course turkey holds talks with Taliban the turkey’s leader is a brother hood terrorist

  17. Avatar Earla Weese says:


    • Avatar Oh yes Mr dabs says:

      You’re laughing at them but they conquered entire country of American trained people and seized weapons yes I would argue that the Taliban are mentally impaired severely even when you have to consider violence in crudities the only thing they know So of course they can’t do this by themselves

    • Avatar John Pilgrim says:

      @Oh yes Mr dabs they hid in holes while the US was stationed in their country for 20 years and came piling out like rats after they left. They didn’t defeat anything. They do what most terrorist do and hide behind woman and children like cowards. It’s almost like people are pulling for these terrorists.

  18. Avatar dj s550 says:

    Pakistan helping their little evil brother taliban

  19. Avatar logiczchance101 says:

    wow, see no covid on them planes leaving from afghanistan. impressive. not sure how they did it but they defeated covid as well so it seems in that land.

    • Avatar Anupam Tiwari says:

      No they didn’t. A batch of Afghans who arrived in India, many of them tested positive for Covid on testing. It is just that it is better to have a chance of living after having covid instead of being dead certainly by staying in Afghanistan, especially if you are not a Taliban sympathizer.

  20. Avatar Winnipeg Chick says:

    Wtf???? Talks with a terrorist cult that took over a country like Hitler and essentially burying women and girls alive!?!?!??? Noooooo

  21. Avatar Sainul Machilakath says:

    There was no such request from Taliban. Al Jazeera is misguiding viewers. It was Erdogan who was hasty to take over airport.

  22. Avatar love Love says:

    May Allah provides security and prosperity to Afghanistan, they suffered enough.

    • Avatar T-1 says:

      @Oh yes Mr dabs those people don’t follow religion just like isis when they attacked a town and burned the church and mosque they want to ruin Islam image

    • Avatar Mister B says:

      Instead of praying to nonexisting things, people should solve real problems with realistic decisions. There is no invisible thing helping those poor afghans.

    • Avatar The Black Falcon says:

      Amin InshaAllah from now on they will prosper all signs pointed towards that, It’s true the Allah the God of all mankind including some of the stern disbelievers is great and that had always remain true and will always be.
      Allah Akbar God is the Greatest! ☝

    • Avatar hamza akbari says:

      @Silverian Jannvs it is a religion of peace.

    • Avatar hamza akbari says:

      @KodeKraft RC it’s not the fault of islam or hinduism

  23. Avatar KAPAMILYA says:

    That right for Muslim Ummah Unity is the best

  24. Avatar true justice says:

    Taliban taking to another taliban… What a coincidence…

  25. Avatar Nilufar Begum says:

    They can hire engineers from Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries.

    • Avatar Star Wars III says:

      Unfortunately now-a-days hiring someone from Bangladesh might results in hiring an covert India agent.

    • Avatar Rockers Stone says:

      As If they r willing to come

  26. Avatar nihar Ahamed says:

    Turkey have to help brotherly Afghanistan with out blood shed allah Kareem for both country

  27. Avatar M tahiri says:

    Glad to see turkey accepting them, other countries must accept the Taliban as the new government if they ever want peace and develop into a stable country

  28. Avatar Prophetic Perspective says:

    For lighting will flash from the farthest point east to the farthest point west. Every eye shall see Him, even those whom pierced His side. And on that day, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess the name of God.

    • Avatar hash tag says:

      Thank you my servant well done

  29. Avatar Nicky C says:

    Turkey must stand up for Nato allies

  30. Avatar md shakil ansari says:

    Congratulations on turkey

  31. Avatar Jim Bo says:

    Turkey supported isis, they’ll support taliban too. No surprise

  32. Avatar Sohail Iqbal says:

    A possibility of death by Turkish president in Afghanistan. So isn’t there a possibility of death in Turkey. Flood, fire and fighting with kurds PKK. Besides normal daily deaths in hospitals, road accidents etc.

  33. Avatar Farhan Ahmad says:

    The planned suicide attack did the job pretty well & achieves many goals all at once ,creating panic & chaos among civilians so that they can blame Taliban & start the civil war /// 2 Now no one will operate the airport coz of security reasons ////3 Push the balme on isisk so that they can start a new chapter in destabilizing the Taliban .

  34. Avatar Shahzaib Aslam says:

    Pakistan on front…airliners on front❤️

  35. Avatar Aerohk says:

    russian and chinese are happy to take over the airport

    • Avatar Slo Mo says:

      ISIS will terrorize the airport. It’s not worth for the Chinese to be killed.

  36. Avatar Bull D says:

    Turkey wants all trh military equipment including the aircraft that the taliban can’t fly. The Chinese wants to get all the resources so that’s how they’ll fund their attacks.

    • Avatar Marian Catholic says:

      China needs lithium in its ambition to dominate the global market in the future production of electric cars.

  37. Avatar Hameed Khan says:

    Well perform god bless you

  38. Avatar Silverian Jannvs says:

    Wet dreams comes true for erdogan….

  39. Avatar Onekewlbraddah says:

    taliban clueless as to how air operations work ya dont say lol. taliban ehhhh turkey we no how to operate this thing you help now.

  40. Avatar Mo Lukluk says:

    The taliban beat the super power of the world buh nw they will struggle to run an airport… lolzz makes no sense

  41. Avatar Bhoot Fm Official says:

    Pentagon is most terror organization than any other organization

  42. Avatar kenter Shackle says:

    It good, that the Taliban acknowledges their incapacity to manage the Afganistan Airspace.
    U need experienced n well trained people to manage the control towers.

    This shows the Taliban does not intend to close H.Karzai airport..

    The WAR IS OVER!!. They hv won. If ya all symptize foe Afghanistan people, ask yr goverment to sit down and establish relationship with the New government, its foe the best of the people of Afganistan

  43. Avatar Shiva Kumar says:

    This news channel first preparation terrorism…….

  44. Avatar Nitin N says:

    Remove Turkey from NATO!

  45. Avatar Lotte says:

    High-level political consultations with terrorists….
    YEP….its the era of satan.

  46. Avatar Imran Ndal says:

    May Allah bless Taliban

  47. Avatar eco cyclist says:

    Why would you deal with the terrorist?

  48. Avatar Walter S. says:

    Turkey is considered part of the west. Just saying….

  49. Avatar Aminoor islam says:

    That’s very good 👍

  50. Avatar Dr M says:

    Haha Pakistan taliban are the same people

  51. Avatar Alfie Moon says:

    Sell outs, let them run to be treated like 10th class citizens in the west

  52. Avatar Nihat Kiratli says:

    Didn’t the Taliban fly planes into a building ? And started this war 20 years ago? I’m sure they can run a airport lol you make them sound like idiots.

    • Avatar KABKA3KIy_KAPATEJI_05[D03OP] says:

      Nope, it was CIA, and the terrorist that crashed with plane, was arabs, none of them were afghanis!

    • Avatar Parsian says:

      @KABKA3KIy_KAPATEJI_05[D03OP] Nope it was Saudi Arabs under Al Qaeda that were hiding under the protection from the Taliban.

  53. Avatar Calot says:

    Smart psrtnership

  54. Avatar ποίησις says:

    Pak international airlines is
    not State owned ?

  55. Avatar Dan Hartigan says:

    Next minute the Taliban will be in the Poppy trade

  56. Avatar Skoll says:

    Taliban don’t have the technical staff to run the airport.Turkey is best placed to help them run the airport.

  57. Avatar RIP Arthur Morgan says:

    Erdogan = Taliban

  58. Avatar Nasir Persaud says:

    Not picking sides people but at the end of the day some really big countries have went to war with Afghanistan bottom line is every one of these countries were defeated Afghanistan has never lost a war

    • Avatar John Pilgrim says:

      If someone comes and posts up in your house for 20 years while you hide in the cupboard you don’t get to say you won when he finally decides to move out. That’s some ridiculously delusional logic right there.

  59. Avatar Persian Zorro says:

    The state of Qatar and Aljazeera have been funding and promoting the political Islam for 20 years now!

  60. Avatar Farah Mo says:

    Long live Turkey 🇹🇷, long live Pakistan 🇵🇰 Free Palestine 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🌹 🌹

  61. Avatar Persian Zorro says:

    It seems nearly all governments are guilty in the Afghanistan tragedy including Turkey!

    • Avatar Maro Da says:

      Nope. It’s mainly the fault of Pakistan and the USA. Turkey, Germany, Netherland and all the other governments didn’t have anything to do with the Afghanistan tragedy

    • Avatar hamza akbari says:

      @Maro Da lol usa was the main reason

    • Avatar Yusuf says:

      Ne we are not. We are there for being NATO only. We cannot refuse nato mission.

  62. Avatar Takara Ito says:

    I bet many isis and Taliban terrorists have already reached west and other countries as refugees….if america gets into war with china Iran or north Korea under Biden….they will definitely lose…

  63. Avatar Lucian Mihai says:

    “professional way” this arrogant savage…he is a joke

  64. Avatar Mugdho Sutradhar says:


  65. Avatar Naga Saki says:

    I see taliban and turkey spitting pakistan in 2 soon. Pashtunistan.

  66. Avatar Ehsan Helmand says:

    Taliban or Afghans have run the country for more than 5000 years en defeated almost the whole world for being their slaves. So running Airports around the country is not a big challenge for us.

  67. Avatar Rahul Dev says:

    Warning: This herd is infected with a mental disease. The zombie apocalypse is not like what you have seen in the movies. These Zombies/NPCs with certain “skybook” programming come after you to enforce their way of living.

  68. Avatar Ted C says:

    Talibans Turkey BhaiBhai.

  69. Avatar GRAVITAS- Is-Fake-News says:

    Why can’t Pakistan airlines operate the airport too

  70. Avatar Luis Islas says:

    Turkey needs to stop attacking minority groups in Syria and Iraq. It’s like they are asking for more genocide. They keep targeting Kurds, Christians, and Yazidis. Sounds like ISIS target list to me.

  71. Avatar Lawrence Colgan says:

    Erdogan been in power to long move on

  72. Avatar Fahim Lodhi says:

    Turkey is also building a wall along its borders to restrict refugees.

  73. Avatar davide porcu says:

    joe pinocchio biden and his imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars’ is making jihadist groups celebrating, afghan women and men suffer, usa untrustes ally..

  74. Avatar C Mann says:


  75. Avatar raineman says:

    Boy I bet that burns Turkey up. As it should. Leave the Taliban in charge? Idiots.

  76. Avatar sim4cs says:

    Why did Taliban NOT ask Pakistan, India or Iran for help … why Turkey?

    • Avatar Dynamomin / Vince Leone says:

      If Talib conduct business with Turkey, Taliban will have window talk with the west in the future. After completely withdraw from Afghanistan, Taliban will be completely isolated from western worlds. Afghanistan does not produce enough food for themselves. So most food as donated by the US and Canada last 20 years. China, India and Russia cannot feed 40 million Afghans for free. They dont have enough food for themselves.

    • Avatar sim4cs says:

      @Dynamomin / Vince Leone wrong answer … try again.
      China 🇨🇳 has enough to colonise both Afghanistan n Pakistan 🇵🇰

  77. Avatar Sur Potel says:

    CEO of Pakistan International Airlines speaking is a joke.
    Emirates or Qatar should run Kabul airport

  78. Avatar ayyaz sheikh says:

    Turkey is clearly an opportunist.

  79. Avatar Mohamud Hilowle says:

    I proud Turkey will take over and control the Kabul International Airport because it capable to do so. Turkey is honest and friendly country.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Avatar Naga Saki says:

      Turjey has regional defense and trade ties with israel but not palestine.

    • Avatar Naga Saki says:

      Israelis have visa free approval in Turkey while muslim nations DONT.

  80. Avatar Mr You says:

    Pakistan is the world no 1 terrorists supporter and trainer

  81. Avatar Ca'd says:

    hahaahaha. first Erdogan wanted desperately to take the airport but now they are reluctant because they are afraid of ISIS-K. hahaha

  82. Avatar Akupara says:

    Pakistan …Taliban’s masters lol

  83. Avatar Akupara says:

    The one “reporter” they could find and <> his is name is Osama Bin….something lol. You can’t make this shyte up.

    • Avatar MG says:

      Well Osama is a common Muslim name… even in other parts of the world common names are still used even if infamous people held the name.

  84. Avatar Istanbul Beauty says:

    A great decision, building a bilateral relationship on a solid basis of common interests and neutralizing America 🇺🇸 will benefit all parties Afghanistan Taliban, Turkey 🇹🇷 and the region

    • Avatar hash tag says:

      Oh really?

    • Avatar Naga Saki says:

      Neutralizing america??? Turkeys NATO boss??

      Actually turkey will be working US policies for US.

      Ad long as turkey is in NATO crusader alliance, they will crusade for the cross.

  85. Avatar Shidzrameen Misah says:


  86. Avatar zenzele lucky mtshali says:

    yes kabul kezan question..iran pertrol testing car drives limits..explain meaning

  87. Avatar zenzele lucky mtshali says:

    are we in south africa tariff as in transport…where in euro zone

  88. Avatar zenzele lucky mtshali says:

    distance questions in boarding..why no distance if your wifre was standing on that footage..yes not the arrest

  89. Avatar M R says:

    Turkey and Qatar, no problem,because Turkey has one of the largest airport (Istanbul)in the world,and Qatar has one of the largest fleet of airlines operating under IAG (International Airlines Group ) Spain . This two country have vast experience of running aviation sector in home and abroad. Afghanistan working in corporation with them can only be beneficial in the long term. President Erdogan and Emir of Qatar are two good honest guys. Taliban the students will have the opportunity to learn how to run their own country. All the best guys, wish you good luck. Peace ✌️

  90. Avatar Abdul Aziz says:

    Please..Please do not turn to the West..they have their own agenda and they think their culture and civilisation is superior to others …U will be trapped inside the slave and slave master game…Do it your way brothers…U don’t have to buy Western values and Western style of democracy with got no rooms for sharing and caring society, no empathy and no spiritual values..

  91. Avatar ansary5001 says:

    Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah,alhamdulilah,our brother homeland afghanistan is free again.But their citizen is suffering,we as nation of islam must help them sincerly.we dont become on looker only waiting western country that had pledge aid with string attach.Let turkey,qatar organise their NGO through all muslim nation to help our brother and sister there.We have 1.8 b muslim around the world.If each one person donate $1 in ownself country,we can gather $1B-2BILLION IN ONE GO.They need our help now.Dont wait for western donor or rich arab country as they are still dreaming on their own cloud.Let the Ngo plan to save our bro/ sis there ,we here are ready to donote even small amount will save yhem from hunger and thirst.MAY ALLAH BLESS WE ALL.AMIIN

  92. Avatar Makorani B says:

    Turkey andvQatar are the known sputter of terrorist all over the world with Pakistani army is their errand boy . Shame on You.

  93. Avatar Dissident Wolverine says:

    The leadership in Turkey must change where religion does not mix with politics.
    Religion is man made and god does not exist.

  94. Avatar Sophy Nyesin says:

    Nice 👍

  95. Avatar venny says:

    turkey is not a bird it is a nato snake.

  96. Avatar hash tag says:

    Do not join them in their destruction…….leave her flee from her the times soon will be like that of Sodom if the taliban does not hear the Words of the Lord

    • Avatar hash tag says:

      He seeks to save them too but the door is closing they have 40 days to decide to serve the one true God

  97. Avatar Easy Peasy says:

    They all read quran.
    They very knowledgeable 😂😂😂

  98. Avatar THE DASOBEN says:

    We pakistani are fed up with millions of Afghan refugees since soviet invasion 😒. The same thing will be faced by those countries who helped them

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