Can South Africa’s army solve Cape Town gang violence?

2020 6/25
Can South Africa’s army solve Cape Town gang violence?

Communities on the Cape Flats in the city of Cape Town say police have lost control of gang violence.
More than 900 people have been killed in turf battles since the start of the year, and the government is now preparing to deploy the army to clamp down on the unrest.

Al Jazeera’s Fahmida Miller has the story.

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  • Empress Oracle says:

    Where are all these drugs & guns coming from?

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @Yusra Daniels blah blah blah!!…those hooligans kids have corrupt minds. FINISH & KLAAR..y’all stop looking every where else to just to paint. What y’all have to say about those hooligans thugs who put other innocent people in danger??? there’s no corrupt cops here..

    • guy savanna says:

      @lwazi Morris hard livings my man. numbers gangs . born killers and the government jail bird haas drol vreters . how many jobs back in 88 today 2019 no jobs . rainbow drol nasie van diefville

    • guy savanna says:

      @Azanian Bantu koi koi own rsa point. azania was a country 2000 years ago .red sea area africa. the whole nation was genocide by bantu tribes .your thick as a plank boy. azania drol

    • Yusra Daniels says:

      @lwazi Morris I know it has alot to do with the children, their parents and their trash environment, I’m not making excuses at all. But there are corrupt cops who sometimes allow these things to happen .

    • I'm Bored says:

      Policemen provide the weapons and Powerful Druglords import the Narcotics from other countries

  • Serge Sean mison says:

    Eradicating poverty is the long term solution

    • SUNSHINE 1 says:


    • Laxon Kanyimo says:

      There’s no excuse for what’s happening here… The government is not serious about stopping crime here… in fact i am sure the top officials are getting something big out of it. It’s so easy to catch these guys,they rob people in broad daylight but the police don’t care at all!

    • Bubele Rasmeni says:

      @Inga Nodie They can’t even run Western Cape Province alone

    • Julia D says:

      You actually have to be willing to work and stop allowing MILLIONS of poor people from the rest of Africa pouring into the county for this to work.

    • Kyle Reese says:

      Black leaders keep their black people poor and the black voters never vote idealistically.

  • John Redman says:

    No !

  • John Gable Smith says:

    Subject matter notwithstanding, I’m loving all these South African videos Al Jazeera has been posting.

  • monsieur mongolfier says:

    Yes nuke the townships

    • monsieur mongolfier says:

      @LordBane I’m actually a white guy trolling

    • Zacky J says:

      Mal ya

    • Julia D says:

      Lmao I agree!

  • Imran Hussain says:

    Pay R100 to security guy in airport then u can bomb n blow whole airport that’s simple n easy it is in south Africa

  • Auttie B says:

    No jobs no hope caused by affirmative action and bad governance by the ANC. SA army not fit for the task, the government is confessing that they’ve lost control. Military personel are not equipped or trained to deal with civil issues. Army = warzone

  • shabalalamartin says:

    Eradicate poverty crime will take care of itself until then forget it.
    Crime was very high in Italy when they were poor but look at Italians now.
    You can not deprive people opportunities and expecting to just to seat there and do nothing.
    South African government it’s still the same government of the apartheid with a black face

    • L B says:


    • Laxon Kanyimo says:

      @Jodie Landon thank you so much for that… I am a Capetonian and unemployed but I am not a gangster. It’s because they get away with murder and armed robbery everyday. Shame on those who blame unemployment and poverty for that. I have lived in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi where unemployment is much more serious but the authorities there don’t tolerate such nonsense crime

    • JesusIsMyKing says:

      @Jodie Landon I agree with you…its the same with black people always complaining and wanting things handed to them on a silver plate…You need to do what you gotta do and your situation should not turn you into a thug. I know what it’s like living on both sides of the spectrum and I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to get myself and my family out of poverty

    • guy savanna says:

      but no brains

    • shabalalamartin says:

      @Osaka 122 coloreds are nothing but black people has being lied to for hundreds of years that they were blessed black to be mixed with oppressors blood that’s nonsense then and it’s nonsense now

  • Capetonian 97 says:

    Uhm, they killed 43 people (in cape Town) THE WEEKEND the army got deployed 😂 of which 25 cases were gang related, the army is useless.

    BTW, I recognized “MICHAEL’S” voice. I know exactly who he really is.

    • nthete Moalosi says:

      You must read news.hold up in paper work.means they not in the streets

    • Dawood Williams says:

      The Army is not useless, they’re just not being given full access for a successful operation.
      It’s the police which is useless.

    • guy savanna says:

      sandf aids farm in boots

    • guy savanna says:

      sandf aids in boots .

  • Entertainment News says:

    until SA laws jail murders for life..gangs will never end

    • MAAD TEE says:

      @Julia D and what happens when the wrong person is killed


      This solution won’t work because the SA prison system is just a feeder for the numbers gang which turns petty criminals into cold blooded killers. They come out into society only to commit more crime

    • lwazi Morris says:

      If that law can be implemented coloureds population can decrease by percentage of 70%😂.majority of them are scary. I can’t even live there and I don’t wish.

    • guy savanna says:

      bs dude. till 1989 most killers hang at Pretoria d r . that did not change a thing did it. some men are just born idiots . no one stopped them from leaving or working in maputo or cairo

    • Melvi Vanilly says:

      A life for a life, why waste room, jails are for rehabilitation, reflection and to try out schooling if you dont have it already. Not feeding and sheltering monsters.

  • Darsh says:

    Drop a nuke on cape town.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Jou ma se Poes. Vir Jou skiet ons inie gesig slimkat

  • Zwivhuya Sivhabu says:

    This is sad. I’m from Cape Town. I live about 10km from the Cape flats. It’s really sad what’s happening there. People are dying like chickens.

    I hope the army will help.

    • Akwida says:

      30 70

      Anglo-Germanic stock are the best Whites….

    • Creke says:

      @Akwida Really! Gangstrism & illegal drugs on the Cape flats, and most other places around the world was initiated & still maintained by them. Best stock in accordance to what.

    • linzy dee says:

      @Akwida oh ja because that was great right!!? Wow. Literally backward thinking

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @Zwivhuya Sivhabu well the parents of those hooligans must do enough too. why always blaming?? The problem is from those who kills, steal from innocent souls.

    • bruh momentum says:

      Akwida just about to say that

  • Lauren Sanor says:

    Lack of jobs and corruption

    • L B says:

      @JapaneseSalaryMan the ANC sure..

    • Akwida says:


      Having spent several years living in East and West Africa, I can assure the planning you described is not the way Bantus think….

      There’s a reason South Africa held First World status during the late 70s and early 80s …

      There’s also a reason why South Africa is headed to 4th World status…

      Can you name them?

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @Akwida then go away..

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Lack of brainless and race-baiter….that you🙄. every race in south Africa is affected by the situations, your question should be why those coloureds hooligans idolize gang lifestyle like its something good and motivating!!..stop finding excuses.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Lack of brain cells and race baiter…

  • OM Rams says:

    They are playing. They should go to the Central American countries, such as EL Salvador 🇸🇻, they’ll see what gangs are really are. Ms13 🙄

    • OM Rams says:

      Mark Coetzee Surely, you know nothing about the gangs in Central America

    • 30 70 says:

      All I’m saying is. I have a friend from Mexico born and raced and I am a cape coloured. We have been mistaken for being the same race by both sides. That must mean something in atleast physical appearance.

    • OM Rams says:

      30 70 Yes, that is true dear.

    • Mark Coetzee says:

      @OM Rams I know about the central American gangs they ruthless yes but when it comes to south Africa we in a league of our own we don’t worry about countries gangs and how they operate…If I would be in central and south America in sure I’ll have a hard time over there cause I’m not familiar with the gang culture over there and if they should be here it would be the same

    • L B says:

      @30 70 because south americans are mixed too. But they look nothing like us as we mixed African Asian and european and they only mixed european and native American..

  • Eight Point Star says:

    The real question is ….why is Wouter Basson’s work still active ? If apartheid really ended then who is the force behind distabalising coloured communities? Who is selling arms to them to kill each other off? Who trafficking drugs into these communities at this present day….the doctor of death started it in the apartheid years …who has taken over the reigns ?

    • Wilma Swanepoel says:

      The thing i want to know….they want us to destroy one another

  • Lion of Zion says:

    Nelson Mandela wasted his life getting jailed for 27 years! What a Shame! SMH!

    • weezySKLH says:

      Compare when Mandela went to jail and now..and tell me if there is any different?

    • Lion of Zion says:

      @weezySKLH South Africa was not the HIV/ Aids and Rape Capital of the World! Maybe you are comfortable with the situation?

    • LordBane says:

      @Lion of Zion Actually, Malmo, Sweden is now the “rape capital” of the World due to the heavy influx of “refugees” and “migrants”. Islamic . Islamic .

    • guy savanna says:

      yes muntdela pleaded guilty to 150 charges in court. amnesty international would not help him. self confessed mass murder in court. he was sentenced to hang. then it went all wrong . blessed are the bomb makers now they loot the nation of billions monthly. vote anc and starve….hahahaa

    • guy savanna says:

      polsmor he had his own home swimming pool maid etc etc. look on the net. .then came the haas island crew to rule yo 94. see now the future is clear

  • Sandie Khumlo says:

    Nope our army is broke

    • guy savanna says:

      saNdf aids in boots on wages

  • weezySKLH says:

    This wont end until inequality has been eradicate

    • Uthark Runa says:

      Actually nothing to do with inequality. A thug is a thug.

    • guy savanna says:

      wheres that in dream land . the whole world is that way. you just have gangs who are low lifes. same back in the 70s 80s etc . their were gangs selling drugs in cape town back in the 1880s

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @guy savanna in 1880’s where you there?? Y’all like shifting blames. You white apartheid beneficiaries will never face struggles of people of Color. South Africa still living in apartheid structure….where blacks were taking and ditched in dirty areas while white people living lavish lifestyle. How can previous /current government change what was working for 500 years in 30 years, tell us how.?? the economy its still in hands of apartheid beneficiaries,….so being a government for black people means nothing. cause still apartheid beneficiaries won’t share anything with other races in SA.

    • guy savanna says:

      @lwazi Morris you have no books alphabet or written history . where are your books from 500 years ago. not even the wheel or stone buildings.. we know you communist self entitled losers . its the end of the road azania is a terrorists dream . . make your own life stop stealing and being lazy thugs .struggle where to be honest workers and stop stealing and burning shops for last 6 weeks .

  • Donald McRonald says:

    2019 and they still can’t figure this out

    • Chekesh One says:

      Most countries in 2019 still have gang and drug problems.

  • Inga Nodie says:

    And where is DA

    • MissG Ndlovu says:

      @L B DA is in power ,their power is limited to the European South Africans in Cape town ,if they wanted to help they would done everything in their provincial powers to help ,same energy they give to protecting the beaches .

    • L B says:

      @MissG Ndlovu you’re an idiot. DA does NOT control the police or the army. Only the Governong party (ANC) has the power to control those departments. Hence why ANC has failed Cape town and the western Cape as far as security (and basically all SOEs) in the province/city.. go back to school and learn about governments powers smh

    • Zed On Meds says:

      DA is leading campaigns to fight the parasites in ANC who are the ones who actually have the control to do something but as usual with all areas , do worse than nothing. They feed off the collapse to fatten themselves like the greedy immoral parasites they are while complete dumbasses like yourself still worship them. SA government is one thing but the people of SA sadly demonstrate pure stupidity. At least ANCs fat frogs can boast of all the wealth they stole from its citizens. What do these dumbasss citizens have to boast about 😂. They boast about their idiotic lifestyles and fake leaders who are more than happy to continue raping them 😂

    • Inga Nodie says:

      @Zed On Meds If I had way when ANC meetings took place would blow them all with no hesitation but they are still winning elections because every time votes are near you start to see many racial incident caused by Boers and it unleashes fascist tendencies to black communities DA deserved to win the 2 past elections but when society is unrealistic stupid as Boers on those dates ANC will rule forever

    • guy savanna says:

      da they are blowing mk looters . national interest

  • Sam Loco Funny Movies says:

    I thought they say is the Nigerians that sell drugs in South Africa? Confused country.. instead of facing their problem they always point fingers on hard working Nigerians…

    • Lesego says:

      It is the Nigerians…. they ruined our country

    • Mark Coetzee says:

      Lol for hardworking nigerians

    • Sam Loco Funny Movies says:

      @Lesego that is why you continue to be a slave even to this very day.. nonsense

    • Osaka 122 says:

      @Sam Loco Funny Movies go sleep, are you even an SA citizen. Yes the Nigerians sell the drugs and traffic our women. We see this with our own eyes but wtf can we do the police doesn’t care

    • Derick Emmy says:

      @Lesego stop blaming us every country has it own problem
      If Nigerians sell drugs that doesn’t mean we gave you guns to kill yourself just sell the drugs and enjoy your money lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂 xenophobia people we all know S.A hate everybody
      You guys blame everybody for your problem but white and other African people wake up and make your country better and stop killing yourselves

  • Constantine says:

    Give the country back to the white people.

  • Egonjkp says:

    Communism doesnt work huh?

    • Zacky J says:

      Egonjkp we don’t have communism in South Africa. Wtf

    • L B says:

      @Zacky J ANC is literally born out of communism. Do you even know the ANC history?!

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @L B yes!..i know APARTHEID structure that still exist in south Africa that was never erased.

    • L B says:

      @lwazi Morris What structure?! Literally everything in SA is catered towards the black man. Every law!

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @L B oky

  • Rivaldo Ebner says:

    Yu know it’s real when gangsters complain about police not doing their jobs

    • Nokwanda xhoba says:

      Lucas Siyabonga Mphela the truth in this thou.😭😂😂😂

    • Uthark Runa says:


    • 30 70 says:

      This is a funny statement but it happens because of how poor civilians are also boxed in with the gangsters. Quite litterally

    • Thapelo Daniel Mohotsi says:


    • guy savanna says:

      @30 70 the cops are the gangsters and the mk jailbirds are their boss . will south africa one day have a non jail bird non terrorist affiliated government.. Canada only took the anc off the terrorist list about 8 years ago or less..Even president j b vorster from 1966 to 76 n p party he was a jail bird did 6 years in jail 1940 s..makes you think,

  • Karama gold Ghana says:

    Shoot at site this bastards

  • Karama gold Ghana says:

    Love ❤️ Philippine President Duttertte… Same do in South Africa

    • Dream Chaser says:

      Karama gold Ghana Philippines is fuckt

    • Ray Pagdanganan says:

      @Dream Chaser Not really. The only ones dying here are the druggies and the streets are safer for ordinary folks, the economy’s doing good too, altogether pretty nice time.

    • Spear Jackhamer says:

      Karama gold Ghana l wish he was the president of South Africa

    • coolrunnings says:

      Yeah they need Dueterte to fix that place up!! He’s done such an amazing job with the Philippines 😍😍😍😍

  • Zunaid Kajee says:

    Guys does not want to be identified, but you show his sling, back and clothes. They can easily be identified like that. Maybe Al Jazeera costed that man his life already.

    • Abdi Rahman Kullsn says:

      Zunaid Kajee 9

    • Gee says:

      Then he should not have done the interview, cos he probably knew what was gonna happen?

  • George Daiton says:

    Impound all armunition in this community gangs busy relocating as we speak please do door to door searches and roadblocks

  • Bernard says:

    The first part is getting rid of the communist government.

    • 楼晓凡 says:

      @Julia D What you have described
      and what ANC done are nationist not communist.

    • Pelo MK says:

      South Africa isn’t a communist country.. You sound dumb

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Shifting blame?? I see what you did here. Countries with huge economy do have notorious gangs like USA. so STOP finding excuses and go help those hooligans with toxic minds on cape flats.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      You white person. I wouldn’t be surprised. Y’all are shifting blames while the apartheid structures still affecting people of colour. Blacks/ coloureds living in shacks while white apartheid beneficiaries living in green world.

    • KB B says:

      Bernard, you are a political idiot.

  • TheJusticeChannel says:

    Apartheid still rules in South Africa, American style.

    • Ross Harris says:


    • Menziwa The Servant says:

      What do you mean?

    • Ross Harris says:

      @Menziwa The Servant this oak is dizzy xD

    • Anthony Salgado says:

      Please explain , come on we are waiting.

    • L B says:

      Only now it has a black face

  • Pula Kekana says:

    Al Jazeera…please please please dig deeper. Check AP sources for 80s violence during the 1985/86/87 state emergency period on the flats and across South Africa. This is much more than a gang war. Listen to the complaints of the public then and compare with now. Cut and paste. Eldorado Park(Johannesburg), Northern Areas(Port Elizabeth) are all going through this. Not just the cape. Its all targeted at one racial group.

    Ask yourself what happend to the Wit Doeks and other armed groups that turned the Cape into a civil war. These actions smell of a resurgence of that very same violence. The social problems won’t be fixed as long as no one is willing to recognise the effect forced removals had on our people. Spatial planning and segregated races were designed to keep races at each other for generations and as a spin off halt any progress at a solution in the future. The drugs come from Eastern Europe. The weapons flooded on the streets are European and Asian. This is a calculated move. Question is BY WHO

    • Arshad Tape says:

      I might not agree with the last part of your comment, but you hit the nail on the head – the effect of segregation will affect generations to come.

    • Laverne Jacobs says:


    • Diva Desle says:


    • SAUS says:

      When Pieter Du Toit released the book- The Stellenbosch Mafia-inside the billionaires club
      all I could think of are the real monsters behind the Cape Flats mess and their tactics to blame it on black government. Until we free ourselves from the idea that we are better than blacks, we deserve better than blacks, we are preferred more than blacks, we are Khoi and they are foreign to this land, in reality WE will never taste freedom because black communities have proven to be far better than us mentally and spiritually. All we ever did was to criticize and racially slander them even though we know who is our real enemy.

  • Romy YT says:

    Gangsters can always sound so sad and blame it on everybody else but not themselves. He is one of the reasons cape town is fcked..
    There are soooo many poor countries where people dont turn in to gangsters because of no jobs. Its all excuses excuses.

    • Trini3 Designs says:

      You dont have to become a gangster just because you cant find a job. I grew up in the exact same situation, seen alot of things. Lost so many loved ones. They always use not getting a job as an excuse to become a gangster. Theres lots of opportunities out there but most of them just stroll early mornings, sitting at home, smoking and drinking or lookng for people to rob.

    • Kyle Reese says:

      Getting rich quick is what these thugs want

    • Fernando Cunha says:

      @Romy YT I am half Portuguese and half South African. When I was 5years I moved to Portugal. But I still have a lot of relatives in South Africa, and I get mad when I see them at home setting on the couch, praying for money, but they don’t make any effort for a job. They try once, and if they get rejected, they give up, they don’t try different ways and they don’t insist. In Portugal when I try to get job sometimes I get rejected many times, but after I insist so much there is always somebody that hires me.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @CPT 911 you one of those gangsters. RUBBISH.

    • guy savanna says:

      take the c out cape town you got the invasion from north by force still to come.

  • Zacky J says:

    Unemployment and unequal is the cause of this. If you want to visit a 3-in-1 country, visit South Africa.

  • cobyveron says:

    I’ve always wanted to live In south Africa..I don’t know now

    • Andrea 454 says:

      Sherwin Dlamini tell me what you know then

    • Uthark Runa says:

      Used to be ok pre 94. Now its on a steady decline. Welcome to banana republic. And its the same all over, not just cape town.

    • Uthark Runa says:

      @zerpashmal if you believe that then you’re a fool. This happens everywhere.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @Graham T shut up…y’all are still apartheid beneficiaries and SA, still live in apartheid structure implemented by white supremacists.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      @zerpashmal exactly!!…sooo true. South Africa still living under apartheid structure that was implemented by white supremacists. we will never be free as people of colour, TRUST ME.

  • sfx 3000 says:

    This solution will only suppress the problem, not eliminate it immediately. This strategy was implemented by Mexico, Brazil and central America in recent years.

  • zerpashmal says:

    Both DA white racist and ANC black nationalist dont care about the death and ipoverishment of South Africans who are not white or black ie the Coloured majority of the western Cape. The ANC only look after the black looters in government and DA are only worried abt the White minority Colouredss need to wake up and root out disrespect and gangsterism among themselves ,dont wait for a non existing govenment ANC are too apathetic but in all fairness they dont rule in WC but the white DA .

  • zerpashmal says:

    Aljazeerah should make more reports on the treatment of Coloured minority in South Africa .They are being economically marginalised by the current ANC blacks and the white DA just use them for their voting fodder .

    • natasha rules says:

      Under the constitution colored and indian people are classified as black, so the same opportunities provided to black people are provided to colored and Indian people. Indians take advantage of this system that’s why they don’t struggle like black and colored people do. Stop with the conspiracies, people must work.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Yeah….blames all black people but living those hooligans kids who idolize gang lifestyles. why only coloureds are deadasses in education only?? If government responsible?? Whites/Indians/blacks doing well in schools where are Coloureds??? Blaming ANC?? Licking dicks of apartheid beneficiaries?? I guess.

  • Ladif Mefire Abdou says:

    how many poor countries have become gangsters? poverty pushes a man to become wise not gangster. evil people are evil people .

  • Joseph Kabange says:

    It takes bravery to abolish this disgusting act.


    The black ANC government want us to kill each other


      @Inga Nodie True. I prefer my country pre-1994.
      When there was order.

    • JapaneseSalaryMan says:

      DARIAN MIGUEL SAMUEL KOOPMAN you’re either trolling or an ignorant racist

    • guy savanna says:

      yep thats the plan . all minorities must die or leave rsa . the anc terrorist want that

    • guy savanna says:

      @JapaneseSalaryMan thats what the anc are. they invented the necklace . they have stolen your future. can not even be fixed in 50 years.

    • guy savanna says:

      we left the country with our money and all investments . now living with civilized humans. earning real money not muntty notes

  • Suri Benji says:

    Eradicting poverty on the Cape Flats is the answer. Colored and black people are being dumped in hunting grounds for Gangsters. RDP homes where gangs are just moved from one eara to the next makes the situation even more wide spread. I’ve not seen any raids in Ottery , Hanover Park , Laverderhill Hill, Bontehewel at all! This is such a farce…argh! People of color do not matter in this Country.

  • Pawe Mhlana says:

    its not just cape town all over South Africa since the Nigerians arrived drugs have become a source of income for these gangsters and the police are also involved. the laws in SA when it comes to murder and drugs is a joke.

    • MAAD TEE says:

      @Julia D comeon guys we not Americans let’s not sound like them

    • Kyle Reese says:

      Yeah, build the Trump wall

    • guy savanna says:

      yes anc protect them from the rope ..brotherhood of evil . must be free to kill again.

  • Khanya Maweni says:

    It’s easy to identify a guy who has a cast on his arm

  • kazkasa inca says:

    Well make the laws more harsh that will be a start

    • Anthony Salgado says:

      It wont help making harsher laws if you cant enforce the existing ones.

  • Anthony Salgado says:

    When PAGAD wanted to sort out yhe gangs the govt ANC stopped them . The army wont make a dent. The gangs will go underground then when the army leaves they will surface again.

    • brendon solomons says:

      And start the next ISIS here in cape town? No thank you

    • N O M F U N D O says:

      They are not the law!

    • WES says:

      It’s Time for PAGAD to make a real comeback

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Always blaming the ANC!! Typically white tendency. SA is still like this cause of apartheid structure that was never erased. whites in green side of the world and people of colour on the bushes.

    • Anthony Salgado says:

      @lwazi Morris So how long before the govt comes right. They are running out of time and other peoples money.

      And let me tell you I have seen plenty blacks ridding cars I can only dream of and staying in very fancy houses with all the trimmings.

      Pray tell what apartheid structures there still are, because from where I am looking all I see is BEE and AA is that not discriminatory.

  • Jay Something says:

    What a joke. As a South African we know the reality of living on the Cape Flats.

    • Olga Madihlaba says:

      And is the reality sir?

  • Kariema Ferris says:

    Unfortunately there are too many internal issues that delays productivity.

    • BigDick Jamari says:

      Stuug dagh Fùjj opp staùpod ahdy mùslim

  • Election Sake TV says:

    What if all their customers had to slowly go on rehab..?

  • jan viljoen says:

    drugs is big big money . so no change

  • Matteo Beatz says:

    nah breh cape town gotta get better

  • Charles Hitchcock says:



    police get their cut from the drug sails we the public see how the gangs pay large sums of money to the police in broad daylight in front of the public then they just drive off you don’t know who to trust so we say nothing to survive

  • Uthark Runa says:

    Ha ha ha . Have you seen the army ? Useless. And lets not forget the two times they got deployed outside S.A..

    • Uthark Runa says:

      @N O M F U N D O please give us 1 shining example of them been not useless. Its better we put them to use instead of paying, clothing and feeding them to sit around and do nothing.

    • Akwida says:

      The Real South African Army fought in Angola.

      Whites build the best armies in the world.

    • Luvuyo Abraham says:

      @Akwida wow same army destroyed by flip flop wearing Angolan soldiers supported by Cubans who peed there pants in Angola and Namibia only thing they were good at is killing civilians

    • Akwida says:

      Luvuyo Abraham


      Stop lying, Racist…..

    • Uthark Runa says:

      So i just watched a carte blanch thing about the army going to the cape. Guess what, nothing changed. And… it cost them 2r million to be there. 😂😂😂 So they get paid to do nothing but all of a sudden they need more money to do something. 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Wyatt says:

    How is fatty on the task force

  • Zed On Meds says:

    SA law enforcement is a bunch of fat cowards who harrass innocent people more than the real criminals out there. Its the general state of SA despotism everywhere

  • Lukas de Waal says:

    Bringing the army in shows how pathetic and corrupt and useless the police are in South Africa

  • Earl M William says:

    The death penalty must come back

  • Cindy Barnard says:

    Army can at least bring some stability. If they need to stay in order for the kids to be safe then 100% yes stay

  • Dream Chaser says:

    Education + social rehabilitation= Problem solved

  • Thabang Mashika says:

    These gangs has been operating in South Africa for more than 39 yes. It is not the first time the army tries to atop them. They have been falling to fight them and they are even afraid to enter their main territory . These gangs run a multi billion drug industry and they have the most money. They even do their operation from prison. They are just too advanced and it will take forever to eliminate them

    • Thabang Mashika says:

      guy savanna you know you just said something I never thought of. The Mk’s . Now I have pieces to put together

    • guy savanna says:

      @Thabang Mashika thats why they use to hang them mk killers pre 89 . n p were the big gangsters back then . brotherhood of dictatorship handed down to the mk jail birds who brought control and fear now its 2019 .even the sap many have become worse than jailed rats , zim style voting still to come for 20 years . glad we left .. the vultures have landed. and just yesterday old chief in terrorist hippo eyes told the nation on tv south africa is bankrupt its all bucjked up.. we stole all da money . ..better start hanging rubbish again it will bring order and wealth like good muti .

    • Thabang Mashika says:

      guy savanna I hear you. Thanks for sharing the information. It makes sense now.

  • Jaundre Odendal says:

    Seker apartheid se skuld

    • Al Kay says:

      Ja niks is Apartheid se skuld nie.

  • james mccann says:

    I bet you all wish that you had a white government. Just like the old days

    • james mccann says:

      @Sibongiseni Dlamini hey i guess that julius malema has it all worked out. What’s the economic strategy. Is it mass African migration to Europe. Or is it live of foreign aid.

    • Sibongiseni Dlamini says:

      Listen, it’s pretty futile debating you. Your initial comment was racially motivated, yet you think you sound really smart. Ok bro.

    • james mccann says:

      @Sibongiseni Dlamini so is KILL THE BOER. And seizing white south African farmers land without any form of compensation. You are absolutely right. There is clearly no point debating the subject

    • Unknown Frvr676 says:

      james mccann yes because killing them is what is needed

    • Unknown Frvr676 says:

      james mccann we need them off our land

  • Willy Wonkowski says:

    I’m just curious if there is more violence and corruption now or during the Apartheid era in South Africa? I bet it is now!

    • ATLANTIC STAR says:

      Far far worse during apartheid why did the white man came to AFRICA.

    • Willy Wonkowski says:

      @ATLANTIC STAR dumbest question ever….is Africa exclusive only for blacks? So Europe should be only exclusively for white population? The violence in South Africa is mostly black on black crime, whites are leaving SA soon it will be Zimbabwe 2.0

    • Uthark Runa says:

      Seems obvious. All these people need lun h money. So bribes continue

    • lwazi Morris says:

      You mean the worse corruption in history, huh?? I wish also I was born white, I parents would have been apartheid beneficiaries.

    • Uthark Runa says:

      @lwazi Morris well you’re in luck now. You’re black and you can plunder away and your kids can reap the rewards.

  • CPT 911 says:

    I had no idea 43 murders are a lot. I live next to lavender Hill and one weekend 21 people got killed in that area. So 43 for the entire city doesn’t look to bad.

    That just shows how normal this has become to us in the Cape Flats that we think like that.

    Running from your house to the taxi rank, then hoping your taxi don’t get shot up at by a rival gang until you get by the train station only to spend the next 40 plus minutes next to passengers who are clear targets is really worrisome… Then to get to work where your boss (whose not from the Cape flats) screams at you that you late and you should wake up earlier and could possibly loose your job. Wake up EARLIER? JAS!!

    We can’t live normal lives here.

    • Dawood Williams says:

      43 for any city is a lot, but They’ll never reveal the full statistics to the international media, because if it were the death rate would climb astronomically.

  • Adonis starlink says:

    🔄this is a cycle that will never stop,the police to the politician and judges they all belong to a gang they all connecting

  • TJ JVR says:

    No they cannot. Just this past weekend 27-28 July 46 people were killed. The weekend before 25 people were killed.

  • Tsidzo Hove says:

    This needs to be fixed!

  • Taurus Izayah says:

    Lol if only i could move to Constantia

    • Letlotlo Motebang says:

      Taurus Izayah bro💯

  • Narczo says:

    No no, there’s plenty of officers, just not enough ones that ACTUALLY know the law and aren’t corrupt 😂

  • Julia D says:

    Coming to a European country near you thanks to all the leftist pro immigration politicians!!! 😀👍🏻

    • Unknown Frvr676 says:

      You gonna cry ?

  • Julia D says:

    The future of the USA if immigration is not stopped NOW

    • EspadaMT says:

      You’re an idiot if you think those gangs are not south African

  • Julia D says:

    Maybe if the communist ANC government didn’t have an open borders policy where the rest of the entire continent of Africa is free to pour in unchecked, we wouldn’t have such high rates of drug smuggling, crime, racial and cultural tensions and lack of jobs. Not to mention all the public services they use such as housing, medical care, electricity, education and more which are paid for and meant for SOUTH AFRICANS. Plus they are willing to work for extremely low wages, undercutting local wages and increasing South African unemployment. Close the borders.

  • SmartMampara 01 says:

    Where are the boers that always stand with the “Khoisan”?🤔

    • MAAD TEE says:

      Lol those guys aren’t khoisan they are coloured mixed with black, white and Asian people

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Soo accurate question 👍…wait until black people committee crimes. they will all flood social medias with them pink faces cursing BLACK this and that. bullshit. Already some coloureds /whites are saying the “black” government is responsible for those violences happening there.. BULLSHIT. they like shifting blames when bad things done by them.

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Mxm those hooligans ain’t khoisans. are those hooligans on that video looks like khoisans?? I Highly doubt. If you want to know khoisans go search them or go look them cause they live in Namibia /Zambia..not these Afrikaaners puppets.

    • guy savanna says:

      @lwazi Morris pap for usa dollars next year boy . like zim

  • Pacific Philippi says:

    The Army is now witnessing the senseless killing. Gangs are not afraid of the army it is business as usual. Gangs moving into more affluent areas bcuz they have the blood money to take any area. It’s not only in the Cape Flats they are like cockroaches they everywhere. Gangs are already selling drugs in all affluent areas. Loop Street is an example of how they taking the City of Cape Town.

  • Coach Joachim Roomaney says:

    When are they going to deploy the army and the police to parliament!!!
    You really know how to spin the real truth.

    • SAUS says:

      Are they killing each other in Parliament?

  • Kaylene Jantjes says:

    Ek kanie. 🤦🏻‍♀️💔
    It sucks so badly to see the coloured community in this predicament and it seems like there’s no solution or no hope for change.

    • guy savanna says:

      the mk plan since 60 years is all minorites must leave or die as they rob you . we left we knew this 30 years ago.

  • moodsawa says:

    The untold Mandela legacy…

  • De Waal Van Der Colff says:

    What Army???

  • Thapelo Daniel Mohotsi says:

    Take all gang leaders help them start legit business;they are the pillar of gangs without them the gangs will be very weak or will just follow them in doing legit business

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix says:

    They can’t because immediately when the army gets sent then It’s the start of a civil war between the army and the rebel forces

  • Paul Hogan says:


  • Chekesh One says:

    Don’t worry, drugs and gang violence is a menace in every country in the world

  • Marissa Bones says:

    The army won’t solve much

  • Shuayb Gallo says:

    Does the International News Community know the true situation of the Gang Ravaged Communities. They should go back and research “Verwoerd’s” policy of Social Engineering to understand the dynamics of the violence…….. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee……..

  • Sheffield Wakefield says:

    Well it’s been a month since this video was published and the question to that answer is a resounding no. Taken from on the ground accounts of persons I know who live in the area and immediate surrounds.

  • Alex says:

    I hope oneday that my coloured people can come together unite and help each other I have faith that oneday we can stand together all coloured people please unite educate and help one another our coloured people are still enslaved by the white system but if we unite and stand together we can fight our way to freedom together

    • guy savanna says:

      freedom hhaha under marxist terrorists. they want you gone thats the plan. get a head start leave . we did .

  • Paul Bro says:

    Is this Nigeria crime now? Shame to South Africa you guys are so corrupt

  • Steven Wang says:

    South Africa is not adressing the actual problem. Unemployment is the basis of the problem but obviously sending the army in is the easier way out for politicians.

  • WES says:

    No the army won’t solve it because it’s the police who are part of the gang violence selling firearms to the gangs. Over 1400 firearms were sold to the Western Cape gangs by the police. Over 2400 people were shot with these firearms .
    It’s time for PAGAD to return because the government is not going to help. The people must help themselves if they want change

    • guy savanna says:

      happy hunting .

    • lwazi Morris says:

      Government also giving them drugs, huh!!…😏😏😏. government want these people to die. government is motivating these people to leave schools and idolize gang lifestyle. wow….WHAT A government.

  • Phumla Thelma Rozana says:

    This army must also go in Wynberg and Cape town at parate .coz Nigerians selling drugs there day light plz

  • Fawaaz Van Der schyff says:


  • Kim T says:

    The problem is corruption

  • Endless Travel Mania says:

    At least during apartheid cape town was safe , somebody needs to step up

  • Gary B says:

    Sad thing is these gang members are to stupid to see how stupid they are…

  • DJ Papzin says:

    This is the result of lack of opportunities. No matter how much security is deployed, nothing will bring effective change till opportunities are made available for people who don’t want to be in gangs

  • lee follentine says:

    The amount of resources needed to reduce these issues the government won’t commit. This government cannot effectively manage South Africa that’s just my opinion though. It can get better we just need to have the right people and NGO’s in place to make transformative change.

  • Wan Muhammad Faiz bin Wan Zaidi says:

    South Africa needs their own Rodrigo Duterte.

  • KB B says:


  • Stephan Gildenhuys says:


  • AgainstAll Odds says:

    Just put them all in 1 place and let em kill themselves, we can have em do it in waves so at least we can bet on it and make some money,at least that way for once in their lives they can contribute something to society and we erradicate the pest problem, win/win