Taliban fights Afghan government forces around Herat

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Afghanistan’s western city of Herat is under intense pressure from the Taliban with heavy fighting in recent days.
The armed group took control of the road to the airport and flights into the city ceased on Wednesday.
Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis has the latest from Kabul, Afghanistan.

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  1. Avatar I. O says:

    Once, a wise man said : “to kill for yourself is murder, to kill for your country is heroic, to kill for entertainement is harmless”.

  2. Avatar M F says:

    They can’t…
    The puppets and Dogs of America…..
    Taliban will fixed up theme

  3. Avatar Joe Chance says:

    Guess those trying to excape will have no choice but to fight or die now
    Good luck 👍

  4. Avatar pilot Aman says:

    The army should join the Taliban.

  5. Avatar AFGHAN🇮🇳 says:


  6. Avatar Luke D says:

    America… We taught them everything they need to know. Stay frosty!!

    Taliban…. Looks like we got free weapons yeah!!

    Taliban…. We defeated the infidels..

    America… Enjoy killing your own population.. You can lead a donkey to water but you can’t make the donkey drink it..

    Blame America or the other forces that have done their best to improve these improvish peoples lives.

    These people clearly don’t want to live in a civilised world, all they want is to kill their own population for either not being Shia or wanting a better life than war!!

    Peace will never be the best solution for this problem, they love destruction, war and violence, not peace or harmony

  7. Avatar Elyas Noor says:

    Tell us something we don’t know.

  8. Avatar t Kay says:

    No covud deaths in Afghanistan?

  9. Avatar Chamil Kaziev says:

    Taliban will be next government in Afghanistan on doubt Most of Afghan soldiers are drug addict junkies heroin is their life.

  10. Avatar Rfdddf Fftgyyghh says:

    Give them drones and thermal cameras

    • Avatar Steve Junior says:

      this p00see has found a solution….

  11. Avatar Callandor says:

    Lol@if they surrender, will be exterminated as seen in that video.
    This is a fight to the death.

  12. Avatar blossom safi says:

    God bless afghan army

  13. Avatar Tip Toe On Nails says:

    Streets will be red. Taliban hate people in general.

  14. Avatar Sumer Singh bumb says:

    Aman ka fusman pakisthan !

  15. Avatar 3nien says:

    Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan,

  16. Avatar Disputes solutions says:

    In 57 Islamic countries no one have vito power its unjustice. When unjustice became law rebellions take revenge 😁😁😁😁.let’s wait

  17. Avatar Tomek says:

    Please > Afghan People, it is NOW the time > that every Man till 55 has to enlist in the ANA or the Mujahideen-Militias to fight theese “Monsters-of-the-middleage” ( the Taliban ) or your Country will “fall down” in “Dark Times” in the Future. Please remember your good Leader > Ahmad Shah Masud. Thank you.

  18. Avatar Rapbot's Universe says:

    My heart aches for Afghanistan’s civilians..

    • Avatar Steve Junior says:

      by civilians you mean the traitors that aligned with foreign occupiers?

    • Avatar Rapbot's Universe says:

      @Steve Junior by civilians i mean those who have US failed in order to give taliban free Afghanistan as promised by bush administration.

  19. Avatar Orange Orange says:


    • Avatar Steve Junior says:

      They must not be forgiven. They kled thousands of innocents in containers at the order of Anglo americans who used their bee holes to hide for 20years. If Taliban does not apply Qisas then it will prove their leadership has been infiltrated. They are not original leaders anymore…

  20. Avatar Orange Orange says:


  21. Avatar Giovanni Itchee says:

    When the Taliban take over again, no more volleyball.

  22. Avatar Ashish Bagade says:

    Pakistan is EVIL !!!

  23. Avatar HOOH says:

    *When The teacher Leaving Classroom :*

  24. Avatar Sahadat Hossain Suzan says:

    Taliban is the great freedom fighters in Afgansthan.🖐️❤️💚

  25. Avatar Ravi Sharma says:

    Allah is with Afghanistan people and must destroyed shaitaan Taliban and its creator Pakistan 🙏

    • Avatar Steve Junior says:

      This lingum worshiper is now pretending to be a Muslim? You will be found in Kabul soon…..Your hindu commandos ran away I heard?

  26. Avatar Def says:

    Taliban is dog

    • Avatar Steve Junior says:

      aww…so you dont like Afghans anymore?….

    • Avatar Def says:

      @Steve Junior I like mujahidin not taliban

  27. Avatar Best viral Reloaded says:

    its better to surrender then get killed if us and 26 nato members cant defet taliban afg gov should just surrender and do new elections

  28. Avatar Jared Dixon says:

    Sorry but two decades of occupation only to come out of the woodwork when your enemy leaves on their own terms. That’s not winning, that’s called surviving.

  29. Avatar akbar ali says:

    People often wonder why NATO failed? Corruption. Corruption led the failure of NATO forces. AEvery Afghan can blame talibans for whatever reason they want but on one thing they agree that talibans are not corrupt and deliver justice quickly.

  30. Avatar Agent Trailblazer says:

    I can only say one thing toyota be makin money in Afghanistan now haha.

  31. Avatar alana falana says:

    Like afgan forces dislike taliban

  32. Avatar khalid rezayee says:

    For those who don’t know the fact:
    They government(Authorities at high levels), Taliban, USA, all are one side and Afghan people are alone.
    I mean all are against the people. The government itself give and submit the districts and support the Taliban by leaving the Police stations full of military equipment and on the other hand don’t attack on Taliban and make nonsense excuses.

  33. Avatar Abd 784 says:

    We should put pakistan in FATF BLACK list urgently as soon as possible

  34. Avatar Abd 784 says:

    It’s pakistan afghanistan war not with TTA

  35. Avatar #TruthTellingVandalsT4 #MHintoSDG3 #BryanWalker says:

    NATO = National Aggression Towards Others

  36. Avatar izzat ali says:

    Allah! Save Afghanistan from the terrorists.

  37. Avatar Joe Lowe says:

    Next gta games gunma be set in the middle east 👀

  38. Avatar Virendra Shekhawat says:

    Why not deploy un forces

  39. Avatar quang tien bui says:

    All of Afghanistan must be fighting back Taliban. For example south vietnam, after American army withdrawn out of south vietnam. Việt Nam republic had fallen. Fighting back them

  40. Avatar Xiaoyao Aben says:

    The question is: who most Afghans support

    • Avatar Psych Out says:

      Is that even a question? The Talibans of course.

    • Avatar Aryan Nair says:

      @Psych Out no not at all that’s a very ill informed perspective many women are taking up the fight against Taliban many ppl are volunteering the military in fighting as well

    • Avatar Mohammed Najeeb Ahmad says:

      @Aryan Nair you are an Indian! So shut up and think about Kashmir 🙂

    • Avatar Psych Out says:

      ​@Aryan Nair Funny enough those women only appears in specific Western and Western backed media (to justify the presence of the imperialistic West in the region and their war crimes) while at the same time they show footage of the people cheering as soon as the Talibans take over their district. People wouldn’t let someone they do not like take over their city so easily, nor the Afghan army soldiers wouldn’t join the Talibans so quickly. So please, spare us with your Western propaganda.

  41. Avatar k2 tv says:

    Usa and other country rain away they couldn’t fight with Taliban how afghan security will fight with Taliban. USA Indian is rail and other countries lost the war this is Afghanistan Taliban how India will fight with Pakistan and china

  42. Avatar jami sai says:

    Brave Afghanistan army

  43. Avatar Md Monnaf says:

    Full support taleaban ke my from Bangladesh

    • Avatar LEGO Man says:

      Shutup, afgan people are suffering.

  44. Avatar Utkarsh Gupta says:

    Your captions says it all you are on whose side.

  45. Avatar j j says:

    We don’t push forward because we don’t want civilian to be injured. 😂🤣😂🤣😂that’s new one..it means we scared 😯😟😨😱😬

  46. Avatar Sh Shadib says:

    No one can do anything to Taliban’s. also they are gonna do something more interesting Inshallah.

  47. Avatar RAKESH BABU says:

    Now no Islamic countries cares for afgan people…… When conflicts between Islam vs Islam people.
    But when it’s about Israel vs Pelestine all shows their sympathy Shame on those countries like pakistan, turkey 🖕

  48. Avatar islam zinadabad says:

    Taliban now control 90%

  49. Avatar Tanjung Miring says:

    The civilians warfare is going on in all the afghanistan state .

  50. Avatar Daljitjaya Jack says:

    Fight to the end Respect u soldiers of the Afgan Army

  51. Avatar True way says:

    Taliban is the real freedom fighters of Afghanistan

  52. Avatar noshi khanum says:

    Live long Talibaan.

  53. Avatar Jon Doe says:

    These poor bastards are fighting for feminism, if only they knew how bad its gotten in the west. Lay down your guns and surrender your fighting a fight you don’t want to win.

  54. Avatar Vinay varghese says:

    The whole world is with Afghanistan 🇦🇫 government

  55. Avatar Steve Junior says:

    Soon Al-zeebra would start writing “Herat City liberated”

  56. Avatar mujahideen Muslimin says:

    Just bunch of mortar, RPG,old heavy machine gun and AK47 can penetrate through many of well armed Afghan/American..

  57. Avatar Rob Tmz says:

    Looks like Michoacán

  58. Avatar Rohan patel says:

    Long live Afghan Taliban. Love you Afghan Taliban.

  59. Avatar Devendra Panchal says:

    Allah is with Afghan defence force

  60. Avatar HR ASIF says:

    US lost the 20-year war with Afghan Taliban . Taliban is a great soldier and fighter in the world.
    US you are a very loser.. loser.. soldier🖕.

  61. Avatar Janan Wazir says:

    *After strategic dialogue, India is sending its 200 thousand troops to afghanistan to bring all US leftovers Toilets from Afghanistan to India*
    (Blinken & Modi)

  62. Avatar A B says:

    Slug it out guys

  63. Avatar black c says:

    why pakistan sympathizes with taliban?

  64. Avatar Vidcon Funn says:

    Al-Jazeera Can’t Call Taliban As Terrorist.. But Taliban Fighters.. 😂😂😂.. Al Jazeera Supports Terrorist..

  65. Avatar Steve Soltysiak says:

    The civilians will never have a chance of freedom again. They had better Fight for it to keep!!

  66. Avatar max haokip says:

    Ghost be a ghost…

  67. Avatar FAISAL CIRCLE says:

    Sensible people are admired by taliban and start reading Quran to find out the ultimate success of taliban. Japanese and korean are converting to Islam in very fast speed. They start beleiving who will follow Quran will get success in reward by our creator who is taking our tough test.

  68. Avatar Adam Harris says:

    After Ashraf Ghani makes a fast exit from Afghanistan, India can kiss goodbye to occupied Kashmir.

  69. Avatar Jamal Rashid says:

    After unconditional surrender to Afghan Taliban back in February 2020, America once again trying their best to proof Taliban as terrorist groups and running media trial against Afghan Taliban around the world, America is thinking they can sell the same lollipop they used to gather world support in 2001, by hook or by crook.
    America needs to understand, when they were burning their wealth and collecting bodies from Afghan land, China was building their infrastructures and empowering their financial, economical, political, technical and army.
    America is again committing the same mistake. Instead of dividing Afghan forces, Afghan Taliban and people of Afghanistan, America should be a part of peace process in Afghanistan. America already accepted Afghan Taliban as a strong political group by surrendering to them, no point to do media trial against Afghan Taliban. Half of world already know this reality now.
    If America don’t take lead in peace process, China Russia and few more countries already gave hint that they will accept Afghan Taliban government.
    America otherwise have only one option left, jump into another proxy or cold war in Afghanistan. If this happen America will loose once again.
    India is just bunch of idiot liers or headless chicken in this whole game, or may be America this time trying to use India to destabilise the region. Let’s wait and see.

  70. Avatar Jan T. Carlsson says:

    China has dealt straight with Pakistan and the Talibans and pushed the US backed and Indian friendly Afghan government aside. So meanwhile the US is pressing China in the Chinese Sea, they are sneaking out through the backdoor. The deal with Pakistan will give the Chinese access to the Pakistani ports and that way their sea route doesn’t have to pass India. In case of a war between China and India, that will make China less vulnerable. At the same time they reach Central Asia through Afghanistan. If West and India don’t do more to support the Afghan government and its army, the Chinese/Pakistan strategy will work out as planned. It must be seen as another example of a flawed western strategic thinking. The fruits of the Iraqi war was harvested by Iran, Russia and Syria won the war on terror and now China is about to fill the power vacuum when the US leaves Afghanistan after 20 years of battling the Talibans. It’s time for India and the US to make a pact and stop what’s about to happen in Afghanistan. I hope that New Delhi and Washington are aware of the strategic risk the new situation will pose, especially for India. Wake up!🇸🇪❤️🇮🇳


    You coward your enemy is israel nato un al Aqsa nearly invade them you stupid fighting each each other Muslim what happen to you that’s the work of saud to destroy the unity of muslim because of their coward to us nato israel

  72. Avatar John ham says:

    God Bless TOYOTA.

  73. Avatar Max Graydo says:

    Toyota best car ever besides their using russian and American weapons dahh…😛
    Please stop killing one another 😢😢😢
    Watching from africa

  74. Avatar Moby Whale says:

    Very peaceful culture….

  75. Avatar Sherwin Tandingan says:

    Ak – 47 vs. Armalite

  76. Avatar tim tom says:

    Soon , talibans will drag out ashraf Ghani from his Palace , the puppet of USA has no place to hide .

  77. Avatar DANIEL BIN OMAR - says:

    The Mujahadeen are fighting the Taliban , now the pansy boys are fighting the real vets XD

  78. Avatar The Analyst says:

    Achraf Gani should make efforts to fasten the peace talks and any settlement via any possible means, he should resign as the Taliban said Gani should resign before any meaningful talks between us and the Afgan govt. Because it’s clear the Taliban will capture Afganistan sooner or later so why he’s allowing the destruction of his Army, civilians and infrastructure. The Taliban will swoop over more fastly after the complete eviction of Int’l forces. Achraf Gani is in delusion that he will defeat the Taliban. If US and it’s Int’l Allies with all best technology can’t did it in 20 years then the assumption of Gani is madness. The Taliban are crazy people 🙄

  79. Avatar Dimitri Kontogiannis says:

    were is the UN when they are required?

  80. Avatar Sicario Megrella says:

    Welcome to Afghanistan
    The Graveyard of Themselves.

  81. Avatar peter miri says:

    What did the 20 years of occupation change?😔

  82. Avatar john waraich says:

    Taliban have said that if Ashraf Ghani vacates his office their can be a seize fire and peace !

  83. Avatar WARRIOR says:


  84. Avatar Lord omega 18 says:

    Aks and Toyota are reliable, even for terrorist

  85. Avatar Desi Review says:

    taliban is funded by many countries other wise it would have been impossible for talibs to even stand infront of trained afghan army. shame on these countries who support them and killing the future of common afghans sply womens

  86. Avatar Bishal Mainali says:

    Real face of Islamic redicalization

  87. Avatar Rafito Hornero says:

    0:51 m16 zebra camouflage. It give you 10+ fire rate
    40+ range
    15+ round
    5+ health

    Rare rifle

  88. Avatar Mrchesse says:

    Meanwhile Hollywood is making a movie about their military success in Afghanistan !!!?😁😁🤭😂😂

  89. Avatar your neighbor's dog says:

    I see crybabies around here, The US was there to squash Al-qaeda not taliban, fools.

  90. Avatar Imran hatim. says:

    USA won

  91. Avatar M m says:

    Bet some of those ANA guys we shared a cop with in AFG wished they had smoked less hash and trained more with their weapons instead.

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