More than 10,000 waiting to be evacuated at Kabul airport: US | Al Jazeera Breakdown

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Army Major General William Taylor, with the U.S. military’s Joint Staff, told a news briefing more than 10,000 people were at Kabul airport waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon claimed it evacuated some 19,000 people in the past 24 hours. More than 70,000 people, foreigners and Afghans, have been evacuated since August 14, the day before the Taliban swept into Kabul.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis has been talking to Afghans trying to leave, outside Kabul’s International Airport.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Nam Yarasree says:

    None of them seem very nervous….!!!

  2. Avatar Urbin Scout says:

    Charlotte Belli’s, deserves a pay raise.

  3. Avatar Sweetface Lola says:

    You’re letting the Taliban send terrorists smh! Completely insane! These are economic refugees not in danger they stand next to Taliban with no fear. This is about getting to a rich country.

    • Avatar MrMervinJMinky says:

      Are you American Sweetface Lola?

  4. Avatar Farah Fauziah says:

    so they excuse is want to emigration is economic, want the good life in us and europe not because his scare of taliban such a traitor and stubborn people

    • Avatar Farah Fauziah says:

      and I think US need to leave afghan asap and leave these afghan in kabul airport and eventually they will get home themselves. And why US is still jn there if not want to extending the occupation.

  5. Avatar Cat81 mango says:

    Lol j kirby

  6. Avatar Hi Bro says:


  7. Avatar Robert best be says:

    Remaining equipment why bother they left billions of equipment to people been fighting for 20 year stupid

  8. Avatar Rafique Ahmed sadhozae says:

    Majority of them seems non Pashtuns

  9. Avatar Hemara Otimi says:

    Heading to a pharmacy near you mules and distribution on the malt trail we all know it’s cheaper there .

  10. Avatar Rafique Ahmed sadhozae says:

    Take Kirby to psychiatrist

  11. Avatar Sani Mahmud says:

    O Allah help all Afghanistan and their people waiting in Kabul airport

  12. Avatar Fleur says:

    Afghanistan seems to be COVID free whereas coronavirus is running after us & we are refugees in our own home !! How is that ??

  13. Avatar ned luda says:

    I’m just wondering, what if you have lost your passport or travel documents what happens then?

    • Avatar KnowledgeDriven says:

      The media hype is outrageous. If you’re from another country, you call your Embassy to make arrangements. The practical reason the Taliban want the Aug31 deadline is we are currently occupying HKIA and thus airport not open for commercial traffic. You can travel safely to the airport from anywhere in Afghanistan after Aug31 when commercial flights resume and temporary docs have been issued by your country’s Embassy.

  14. Avatar Mo Khalid says:

    BBC is saying that the taliban are not allowing anyone to the airport while completely ignoring the fact that US requested taliban to not alow those without papers for safety

  15. Avatar bilal siddiqui says:

    Please please world, grant the guy yelled at by his wife asylum. he should be first on every countries’ list

  16. Avatar B L says:

    How about no.

  17. Avatar Yee Tian says:

    Hopefully Qatar can take as many refugees as possible.🤣🤣🤣

  18. Avatar Daria Loechner says:

    How Taliban action goes with the Coran, why hurting , torturing people and rape goes along with a the religious guidance they follow and want everyone else to obedience.

    • Avatar Mohammed Hamdan says:

      Can’t spell Quran and you are teaching us😂🤦‍♀️

  19. Avatar Salesad Mieze says:

    American Hollywood! Put your money where your mouth is. Give up your free airplanes and let them use them to go over and get our people out.

  20. Avatar Drumlin Jay says:

    They’re all high as a kite carrying weapons

  21. Avatar Pape Dupont says:

    Dear USA, don’t you have enough of playing the British Imperial Elite’s Dumb Giant Bully in the Middle-East?  It is grand time for you to pack and leave the region for your own sanity.  Never mind the British geopolitical game, let them wage their own crazy Imperial wars by themselves.  Shame on you for spending trillions upon trillions of dollars on these never-ending senseless wars, while overdoses and tent cities are booming on your own ground.  You should rather use your military might to crush the Mexican drug cartel, which is a much bigger threat for your security and invest your energy and resources in noble project like space exploration.  Please stop this self-destructing behavior, and get back at your true American Spirit.  The World needs it.

  22. Avatar Riyaz Moolla says:

    All the main actors from America ran away.left the Afgans to Kill each other.

  23. Avatar Riyaz Moolla says:

    America must pay for the nonsense they did in Afghanistan

  24. Avatar Kamran Mahboob says:

    Be aware that Taliban are coming to USA, UK, India and other countries under cover Afghanis bring evacuated now. It will create great havoc. West enraged fire to Afghanistan and now West will feel the heat also when these folks reach there.

  25. Avatar Jan ski says:

    to be remain in afganistan are the same people like taliban brain

  26. Avatar LiiSom Official says:

    Most of these people are not evacuating from Taliban but they are seeking an opportunity to go North America and Europe. It’s shame on every Afghans who are suffering without fear or insecurity.

  27. Avatar Shariya Shajid says:

    The fact that he is risking his life to be saved from his wife’s harassment is hilarious.

  28. Avatar ANMOL Raj says:

    Taliban spread terrorism with financial help of China and Pakistan is also helping china with armed weapons because most of the talibanis is from pak and worked in pak army isis pak is factory of terrorism terrorist

  29. Avatar Anthony Vest says:

    Taliban expects the USA to keep it’s word. That’s funny throughout history. The U.S. has continued to break it’s word. Thank you Scarecrow Joe. You have put the national security in danger.

  30. Avatar Kewal Bawa says:

    Wow! What an excellent news coverage in disturbed kabul without fear.. I really like this channel.. Love from India🇮🇳

  31. Avatar Dovana says:

    Great chance to settle in Europe ..It should not be missed.

  32. Avatar Tom Prestegard says:

    American officials keep using the words “any Americans who WANT to leave by August 31st can do so” So there must be many Americans who just want to hang out and party for a bit? The word WANT will be part of the spin.

  33. Avatar Steve Junior says:

    If you had provided Anglo-European cncubines to Dostum and other wr cr1m1nals especially from English, French latino, Danish, Swedish, Dutch
    etc…rces, they might still be fighting off Tally ban instead of running away like Anglo-Americans and European rces fled Afghanistan.

  34. Avatar Steve Junior says:

    These proztitutes of this Qatari stooge channel of prince hindu bin hindu of Anglo America should have been offered to Dostum so that he fight the tally ban instead of running away like their Angl0-European thgs masters…

  35. Avatar TruthSeeker says:

    He is more scared of his wife than Taliban, life in Afghanistan is just like in any other place !!😂😂😂😂😁😁😁

  36. Avatar d t says:

    im kinda worried for this journalist. i mean a western woman outthere…that could make a huge ransom

  37. Avatar Peter McKay says:

    The wealthiest people when this is all over will be the folks who forged documents and Visa’s.

  38. Avatar Alymkan Kalykova says:

    Dear Al Jazeera journalists staff I am sure you must be educated enough to know all the Central Asian countries and distinguish which countries you call the Central Asian countries and which you don’t. I recommend you to learn this to avoid such awful mistakes in the future. Thanks for understanding

  39. Avatar Mahadzir Abd karim says:

    If you afraid with your wife
    Leave Afghanistan

  40. Avatar lindegirl 333 says:

    This reporter better get out of there ASAP…🇺🇸

  41. Avatar Hello Sunshine says:

    When you use terror to capture a land rather than using democratic means then the assets of your country who believe in freedom and free will as they are well educated will not stay no matter what because in modern times nobody is interested in medieval ideologies and will not agree to live in such circumstances

  42. Avatar Mister Big says:

    They want women with “delicate skillful hands” to stay

  43. Avatar Nilufar Begum says:

    The Afghans don’t need to leave the country. The Afghan Council will be a multidimensional one. The council will consist of 12 members. As of now, we got 7 names. Four of them are non-Taliban.

  44. Avatar Lieutenant Pepper says:

    This countdown is more tense than the cell tournament

  45. Avatar aman says:

    I am from herat province of afghanistan problem is only at Kabul airport and thats the only place controlled by US right now. Quite Frankly. US should have never announced that everyone will be taken they should know that in east especially in afghanistan everyone means “everyone” not those who have documents or who helped your forces. Here even those who never were related to US were planning because they wanted cushy life of west. They would have always left like this doesn’t matter taliban or no Taliban.
    One more thing school have opened in a lot of places khost kunduz and herat(i go there). Both male and female student are attending schools. As of now there is no restriction on female students and as they said there won’t be any i hope that happens cause my sister also goes to school.
    Co education was not that prominent in afghanistan at all there were different boys and girl school even during all these years (credit goes to our conservative society), however they have abolished co education where it existed i know only 2 schools in afghanistan where co education used to exist and both of them were in kabul.
    Syllabus is still the same and female teacher are still teaching they are not replaced as of yet.
    Markets are returning back to normal life street vendors mosques all are open. However important institution like banks(shortage of cash) electricity departments cooperate offices are closed. Hospitals remain open.
    A lot of check points are created on the out skirts of every city and almost every weapon with or without license is seized no resistance accepted at all.
    One more thing a lot of absurd laws are not enforced as of yet like no shave etc etc. Women are not forced to wear burkha at all. They do wear hijab which they had been wearing for enternity. Media is reporting freely.
    The opinion of people is somewhat mixed but almost everyone agrees that there is change in Taliban. They are somewhat moderate compared to what their previous image was.( i never witnessed old taliban as i was born in 2004).
    People who are very religious (most of them are) support them and don’t even utter a single word against them they even deny that they were even unjust. Some people who are not that religious have very mixed opinions on them, they praise them for honesty (they are not involved in Corruption at all) and curbing drug usage (that’s the most important issue taliban will face,almost every third Teenager has some kind of addiction and thats why people even in coeducation schools never used to send their daughters there as drug abuse is right now at its peak, it will be biggest challenge for taliban bigger than economy gdp and human rights) but there are also who curse them for enforcing strict laws like death penalty for rape and corruption sometimes for stealing i mean, come on stealing even i used to steal chips from local shopkeepers in childhood, a lot of them criticize them for their previous evils, younger generation is somewhat confused too some fanbois root for them day and night some hate them to death. But overall there is healthy Majority that supports them(i personally want to see them in action before opposing or supporting), one more thing almost no one loves US by heart at all of course they would love to settle their but that’s because afghanistan is quite backward (a lot of development didn’t happened even during last 20 years).
    Inshallah i will study hard and never ever leave afghanistan i am optimistic i am hopeful i never will loose hope i aim to become a teacher and teach students for free. I will work hard for this nation and i will make it rise to its previous glory and no one will stop me not even Taliban.❤️🌤️🌅

  46. Avatar Paul says:

    All refugees from Afghanistan should go to America and not be distributed in nearby countries and in Europe, everyone should go to America, let the United States take care of them 😒

  47. Avatar Pavan Kumar says:

    Panchshir ⚔ 🇦🇫

  48. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    where is khorasan and who comes out of there so you can be allies with them or the believers you pick do not be misled by their bargains of pleasure be aware you being used by apostasy the army of the believers will fight them do not give them earth and water these are scythians turn away their envoy’s

  49. Avatar Patel Yousuf says:

    Hope they’ll make it safely, to the west. And hope they’ll find the women of their choice.
    Good bye n Good riddance.

  50. Avatar Old Timer says:

    Once the coalition forces leave,watch the bloodshed start.This evil Taliban,will stop @ nothing.

  51. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    they feigned retreat first off all the taliban put themselves out in the open not in the mountains and we know their means of logistics and they seem to think they have victory these guys are going to be understand what attrition means

  52. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    civil war will also destroy them there is no peace to their fury no praise to their ploys no hand to lend lest they cut it off and you have hands to do what another person tells you but you cannot act on your own see mere words will defeat the scythian

  53. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    the taliban willingly agree to defeat they just have no idea how to grasp the logistics of warfare and they put their commanders out in the open in a building and maybe the army was expecting this maybe they feigned a retreat and i for one am opposed to the scythian

  54. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    do these scythians have any idea the assets of Rome they do not they are just for plunder and they are not thinking charging at the worldly vice what life what shame

  55. Avatar peter johnson says:

    Why wouldn’t they simply just have ordered evacuation of all foreign persons and nationals wanting to leave,Then when that mission is accomplished,the soldiers withdraw.
    Instead of this backward mess !!!

  56. Avatar Tavuzzi Pust says:

    Afghan refugees should be resettled in culturally compatible countries, not in the West

  57. Avatar Roy Brenes says:

    The Aljazeera journalists are quite brave 💪

  58. Avatar Nejmudin Workicho says:

    We absolutely know who Talibans they are trusted for their Religion, people and country They didn’t fight for money or power They are just fight for truth and freedom and justices yes media open war on Taliban by terrifying Afghan peoples but the reality what is that peoples are not evacuated for fearing of Taliban but almost 99% of them is evacuate for better life.what Asheref Gahani doing he robbed his people full of helicopter money but media didn’t wont to talk about that why the reality is behind that b/c he is not real Afghan people leader he is just pupate of western , USA their Aliens.

  59. Avatar Afandi Nano says:

    So many days, so many people, is anybody interested in providing foods and drinks ? Afghans are begging for…

  60. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    you can see out of bactria is the scythian but birds remove their dead

  61. Avatar afron says:

    yes thingking angle what is reason of death khaddafi and arafat from the gumbling to fred roach pacquio neither arafat from 1999 hi is personnel security of don king

  62. Avatar åke blom says:

    BRING THEM TO US THERE MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Avatar D W says:

    biden administration effectively debunks the virus! Thousands of people gathered together including military with only 2 people wearing mask. The virus isn’t an issue in Afghanistan where people are being killed by everything but the virus. How can it be such an issue in the USA?

  64. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    they might even be creating opposition
    for the sake of opposing people

  65. Avatar shazzthedon says:

    I didn’t know there were hundred of Afghanistans!

  66. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    the scythian comes from a gorgon you cannot have them as any ally of your society

  67. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    you have allies with north Africa and the Phoenician of Midian the scythian would not beat that army

  68. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    the Numidian cavalry was some of the best people to have in an army
    were talking the Moors these are the Midian people it just what that land is called

  69. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    ALLAH has Sovereignty over man these kings of the earth rule dust rule sand but the soul’s of people are ruled by ALLAH

  70. Avatar acnt gogle says:


  71. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    that is scythian language the scythian must beg for culture they do not have anything they have not already imitated from other cultures
    Musa(as) he gave them iron he learned that from ALLAH and it got around

  72. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    the scythian language is funny but the Kufic language is the mother of every language Ibrahim(as) and Melchizedek(as) they once were teachers of scattered men and kush does them wrong but they also going to know that recompense its not from a man or a policy its from ALLAH and the thunder only praises ALLAH

  73. Avatar joe fro says:


  74. Avatar Jay Girson says:

    Pakistan must stop this afghani refugees under any condition.

  75. Avatar True North Strong and Free says:

    Has anyone noticed that China is not taking in any of the refugees from Afghanistan while the rest of the planet has stepped up to the plate to do so.

  76. Avatar dell cargill says:

    Did we drain their oil supply already?

  77. Avatar Cold Beer says:

    That’s just the 10,000 that made it to the airport…..

  78. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    see what if their agents are among those immigrants now you have an issue

  79. Avatar Eimi Eirene says:

    they let them into other countries to further their own agenda of policy and apostasy

  80. Avatar Bruce Bickford says:

    Biden is lost – He has the deaths of the young men, women that have died on his hands, its a fact that NATO Nations wanted to leave forces in Afghanistan as support to their current forces, limited numbers, US 2500 Troops to support this, no lives had been lost for over 18 months, along comes Biden and he rushes a full retreat, leaving High Tech Hardware, Billions of Dollars worth behind, and caused a rushed evacuation where millions fled to the airport to get out, causing additional deaths, the blood is on Biden’s hands, and his administration, this goes way beyond anything Trump did and he was impeached twice, with all the Covid Infected Illegal Immigrants spread all over the US by the Biden crew, and the deaths in Afghan, Biden’s Impeachment is coming soon….

  81. Avatar Bible Bot says:

    “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”
    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:8

  82. Avatar Rebekah B says:

    Save the women and children first!

  83. Avatar S ku says:

    i think the US military should have trained the women of Afghanistan instead of men and they would have done a better job protecting their country.

  84. Avatar deecem says:

    what a shame… so sad… if only the US could only ever ‘finish’ a war…

  85. Avatar sadaf mehmood says:

    India should take in more Afghans. After all, India had been lauding the same rant of its friendship with Afghans for over two decades.

  86. Avatar Addis Sheger says:

    USA=Global Crisis Entrepreneur

  87. Avatar Saokaew Kanlaeb says:


  88. Avatar DomZzy says:

    its the wife harassment for me😂😂😂😂

  89. Avatar michel post says:

    If Taliban & Islam was so peaceful, why people try to escape the Country??!?!!
    Islam is a problem…. No?

  90. Avatar DEXTER MATRIX says:

    The Afghans just saw the opportunity to settle in the West, a dream come true – Taliban or no Taliban!
    Given the chance, if the similar US planes land in India, half of the country will flock to the airport looking to flee. 😁

  91. Avatar thug life says:

    Somebody , someone to save that poor guy from his terrorist wife!

  92. Avatar M K says:

    The men should seriously stand up for themselves and their families!! Why won’t they fight back??????? I also wonder how many terrorist got on the planes already!!

  93. Avatar T0KIGH02T says:

    The first evacuation date was in May. So basically Biden had months to get everyone out of Afghanistan. Why did he wait until the last 2 weeks to do all of this?

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