Afghan refugee group arrives in Mexico after fleeing Taliban rule

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Mexico has accepted yet another group of refugees from Afghanistan which include 124 journalists and their families.
They landed in Mexico City’s international airport on Wednesday morning where Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard welcomed them in person.
Their arrival follows the successful evacuation of an Afghan girls’ robotics team to the country on Tuesday.
Mexico has taken in migrants and refugees from Central America but some experts have voiced concern about its ability to give them proper care.

Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports Mexico City, Mexico.

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  1. Avatar Keitel Gaston says:

    I hope these afghan refugees are not hired by cartels as ‘consultants’, for merging opium and cocaine expertise…

  2. Avatar Diego Flores says:

    Lol mexico cant even provide for its owj people and its taking in others?

  3. Avatar md amin says:

    Economic immigrants

  4. Avatar Mopar_ Street_King says:

    Yall About to see what this people about to do y’all gonna regret it

  5. Avatar Alex says:

    Wow they take 1k and dump 100k on usa a month and they want a pat in the back..idiots

  6. Avatar Muhanned Idriss says:

    Qué Viva Mexico

  7. Avatar J Sosa says:

    Mexico is every countries friend 👏🏽🇲🇽

  8. Avatar sphere mechanical D Martini says:

    Next thing they want is …!
    A mosque ..then few years down the line you se them differently…

  9. Avatar Nawaaz Lallmahomed says:

    Long live the mexicain nations May the almighty bless them and brings prosperity

    • Avatar Cobra 1984 says:

      That’s right, may Almighty Jesus Christ bless us

  10. Avatar 7 years and says:

    If Mexico is capable to absorb people then why is people from Mexico are leaving to US?

  11. Avatar Le Merchelant says:

    Thank you Mexico. A great country, amazing people and you even have your own issues to deal with but still want to help others. You are really stepping up and showing the world there is hope! I am from Ireland and many Irish people fled here to make their home in Mexico during the Great Famine and while being at war with Britain over the centuries.

    P.S.. you got the best food, so I know the reason everyone wants to go there 😉

    • Avatar pc says:

      let’s not forget that you are truly helping & giving, when it hurts your own situation, otherwise is just pretentious pity and choosing where to throw your scraps.

  12. Avatar Ahmed Sanjar official (The greatest seljukes) says:

    Now they will also take part in Mexican drugs mafia congratulations 🎉

  13. Avatar mohammad aman says:

    Good luck for Afghans, but sorry to say there is not much difference in socioeconomic situation between Afghanistan and Mexico.

    • Avatar Revelacion 32 says:

      is a lot diferenc here in mexico the girls going to be free to do wheterver they want have a boyfriend go to school go anywhere is a lot diference

  14. Avatar Anuar Abdullah says:

    Bodoh puak ni rakyat Mexico pun ramai yg imgran ke amerika

  15. Avatar Kristine Rodrigues says:

    I’m sorry but these Afghans did not not the jackpot. Nothing against Mexicans as people, but the country is not in good shape. Mexico is kind and generous to accept refugees. I hope they find peace and prosperity.

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      afghan did not hit the jackpot?? they did, its anywhere but afghanistan. which country is not in good shape??? everyone economically and potically is struggling

  16. Avatar Ger Xiong says:

    Very kind of Mexico to help

  17. Avatar Ted C says:

    The Ummahs agree to receive not a single refugee but chose to send the Afghans to other homelands.

  18. Avatar Sub×Zero says:

    Mexicans wants to Escape To USA whilst Afghanistan wants To Escape To Mexico. And USA wants to Escape to Europe whilst Europeans wants to Escape to Dubai,UAE whilst The UAE wants to Escape Ti Canada & The List goes on & on…Moral of The Story:Everybody wants to Escape To anywhere They Deemed Comfortable Living with Their Choice of Lifestyle 😁

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      mexicans are not escaping to USA>

  19. Avatar Biz A.D says:

    these people ran away from one group of people famous for shooting and beheading to another country famous for doing same things, only this time it’s not taliban, it’s cartel.

  20. Avatar Grace Antonio says:

    Viva Mexico 😃😇😍 GOD BLESS U🙂

  21. Avatar VICE OF TRUTH says:

    These people work with CIA

  22. Avatar VICE OF TRUTH says:

    Who destroy 20 years Afghanistan ???

  23. Avatar Zubair Ahmed says:

    Fun fact : Mexico wants cheap labours for minimal jobs.

    • Avatar Said Nasereddin says:

      Sad fact: Many Mexicans cross their northern border illegally to the USA to work in the fields at jobs with pay no one else would take.

      (Would you kindly delete this comment, and come up with something more compassionate, brother)

  24. Avatar Nick Gurr says:

    They look Hispanic themselves. They can blend in

    • Avatar Javier Aguirre says:

      @Nick Gurr well you can always learn the language, I mean English is not my native language and I have to make use of it because of my position

    • Avatar Ayan Ali says:

      Lol how do you look hispanic? Mexicans can be white or brown

    • Avatar Ayan Ali says:

      @Javier Aguirre In Mexico, you’re either white or brown, some are black too

    • Avatar Javier Aguirre says:

      @Ayan Ali yes, because of the Spaniards back in the colony days and there are a lot of people from Guadalajara and Sonora that are Whitexicans if you see my dad you will think he is a gringo because of his appearance

    • Avatar Ayan Ali says:

      @Javier Aguirre yeah I know, plenty of Mexicans are white.

  25. Avatar do more says:

    Mexico is finished!

  26. Avatar elvis daod says:

    Mexicans are fleeing mexico them self 😆🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      mexicans are not fleeing from mexico, vast majority mexicans stay in mexico, ppl go to USA for money, and come back home double their currency value. thats not same with afghanistan is rule by taliban, not the same thing

  27. Avatar Deepanshu Pathania says:

    I am surprised why not any Muslim country taking refugees?? Where is OIC??

  28. Avatar Vinyl MASSacre says:

    Viva 🇲🇽 truly kind hearted people

  29. Avatar Ad Astra says:

    Days later they will run away from cartels. Should have chose their destination carefully pathetic cowards Afghans

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      cartels are not going to chase down afghans, they are not that important

  30. Avatar D Diver says:

    Welcome to Mexico,,,let us introduce you to a coyote to help you to America.

  31. Avatar Joy Hopkins says:


  32. Avatar John Edon says:

    【Questions for USA】: ①How much money does USA spend on military build-up annually? ②How many overseas military bases does USA have on this planet? ③How many wars have been waged by USA on legitimate sovereign countries? ④How many people including USA people have been killed by USA soldiers? ⑤How many millions of refugees have been created by USA? ⑥How many allies have been betrayed by USA? ⑦How many USA homeless citizens and poor families? ⑧How much money has been spent by USA on improving the life of USA people? ⑨How much money has been spent to purchase USA MIC weapons for killing humans? ⑩How dare USA has the legitimacy to talk about the leadership of the world, freedom, democracy, justice and human rights?

  33. Avatar Edgurkhas says:

    Bravo Mexico!!

  34. Avatar Hyder Marakkar says:


  35. Avatar Leisi Tak says:

    Wondering, america is next door, and why america who created all this mess is not taking them.from Tokyo

  36. Avatar C. Phan says:

    Now they will face the Cartel.

  37. Avatar Said Nasereddin says:

    Saludando a la gente de Mexico 🇲🇽
    – de Palestinina 🇵🇸

    • Avatar Pomponivs Archibald says:

      Saludos desde México!
      Palestina libre! 🇵🇸

    • Avatar Sergio Lopez says:

      Saludos desde México, from river to sea Palestine will be free inshallah 🇲🇽🕊️🇵🇸

  38. Avatar Ray Pringle says:

    They’ll fit in well there ?

  39. Avatar G patl says:

    God Bless Mexican people 👏🏻

  40. Avatar Diana Cazadora says:

    Colombia, Peru and Argentina are also helping 😌

  41. Avatar El Turko says:

    Many parts of Mexico are more dangerous than Afghanistan :)).

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      nooo, sinaloa is far more safer than afghanistan. i dont think u know whats going on in middle east. same with syrians who went to mexico

    • Avatar Sergio Lopez says:

      Seguramente has estado en Afganistan para hacer ese comentario, de lo contrario deja de hablar de una realidad que desconoces.

  42. Avatar Cathi Lehman-Buschmeier says:

  43. Avatar Melo says:

    Love Mexico’s feeling for humanity.

    • Avatar Trump University class of 2008 grajewit says:

      Yea? These are communists hosting the refugees…… would that change your mind?

  44. Avatar JBL. LR says:

    Human dumping land

  45. Avatar H SINGH says:

    Mucho grasia maxico……

  46. Avatar Yo boy Khalid says:

    God bless Mexico 🇲🇽❤️🇦🇫

  47. Avatar Stranger says:

    Mexico always does this. They can’t help their own people, but yet they are quick to welcome refugees. They are trying to hide the drug wars, Mexico’s xenophobia and islamphobia

  48. Avatar khurram munir says:

    Mexico is full of corruption ,gang rape ,poverty ,😄😄😄😄

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      they rather go to mexico than deal with taliban rule. thats deep the issue is in that country… i think u would do the same

  49. Avatar Sakka Suflé says:

    no mames! 👎

  50. Avatar burning spear says:

    Wonderful gesture👏👏👏👏

  51. Avatar Dima says:

    Soon they will be fighting for their rights to practice their extreme religion. They can even try to enforce it on the citizens 😅

  52. Avatar Donald Wilson says:

    They have plenty of room now that all of them came to America.

  53. Avatar JTF204 says:

    Kudos to Mexico for helping out the Afghan refugees. 🇦🇫🇲🇽🙌

  54. Avatar Cobra 1984 says:

    How come I only see muslim refugees and not christian refugees 😐

    • Avatar Pls Come To My Channel 100 says:

      the country is literally 99.7% Muslim 🤨

    • Avatar F.G.H. says:

      Are you SpEd?

  55. Avatar Arturo Lozano Rodriguez says:

    Of course our southern states would welcome even more refugees from other parts of the world even though we can barely take care of our own citizens yaaaay. Well I speak for everyone in the northern states when I say this, “Stay down there”.

    • Avatar Fox says:

      No wey, creo que no hablas por todos

  56. Avatar The Great One says:

    How is Mexico any better than Afghanistan? 😂. Mexicans are running to cross the US boarders 😂

    • Avatar F.G.H. says:

      If youre genuinely asking that question you’re living in a bubble

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      sorry but vast majority are not running to USA, mexicans coming to the USA has declined since 2000, in 2015.. more americans come to mexico than mexicans coming to the USA.

      difference is mexicans coming to the USA for money, these people are fleeing from taliban period. u cannot compare situtation of mexico to afghanistan. i assume u are american

  57. Avatar AC says:

    They wants European American Nationality name of Afghanistan

  58. Avatar pandaland1 says:

    Va a estar cañón con la comida porque no comen puerco

    • Avatar Sergio Lopez says:

      Hay muchos lugares donde pueden conseguir comida halal y kosher, la gastronomía es tan extensa que no van a tener problemas con eso.

  59. Avatar Binh TC Nguyen says:

    But Mexico is full of cartels and corruption.

    • Avatar F.G.H. says:


    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      they rather live among them than taliban. thats telling

  60. Avatar s3nz3i millyun says:

    This right here is what is called doing the right thing, Mexico had no invested interests in Afghanistan and they are providing safety for hundreds.

  61. Avatar Meli Matanatoto says:

    Then they will cross the US Mexico border to conduct suicide attacks on USA soil in American cities.

    • Avatar F.G.H. says:

      The terrorists are not the refugees

    • Avatar F.G.H. says:

      If you’re racist just say it

  62. Avatar Mastter Oviedo says:

    Officially México is El Valedor of the world

  63. Avatar Jeff John's says:

    Yeah but be safe Mexico. Hope this good manners never coz havoc in your country.

  64. Avatar JF H says:

    Welcome to Mexico. We wish them well.

  65. Avatar ChromeMan04 says:

    Mexico??!! What is wrong with my people? 🤦‍♂️

  66. Avatar S. Kumar says:

    Why the wealthy Arab nations are not accepting them ? Talk about same faith, brotherhood etc? where is the brotherhood?

  67. Avatar Noor Muhammad Barakzai says:

    For a peaceful world 🌎 India must use nuclear weapons before its too late hay India never let paxitan to destroy your country Afghanistan was empty hands

  68. Avatar Jones Tasha says:

    Way to go Mexico. Now fix your government so that they your citizens have a chance in life

    • Avatar KEM 123 says:

      government of mexico is run by their overlords, the USA

  69. Avatar #SlapSoil says:

    Shame to the superpower next door who started everything

  70. Avatar Cameron Renwick says:

    I wish them a life of peace and comfort.

  71. Avatar Patrick Hill says:

    Hmm seems Mexico might become taliban

  72. Avatar Don Tundra says:

    A long long time ago Mexico took in refugees from Lebanon. Some of the children of these refugees went on to do big big things i.e. Carlos slim, salma hayek, Jaime camil, we can go on and on, good job Mexico,

  73. Avatar A B says:

    Very soon….welcome to America

  74. Avatar C V says:

    Convert them to Christianity

  75. Avatar Juan hernandez says:

    Ummm maybe if your a journalist don’t go to Mexico, pretty bad place for journalists

  76. Avatar oldschooldogy316 says:

    They are gonna wish they would have stayed in Afghanistan when they run into the drug cartels who are beheading, torturing, and killing them just like the Taliban. They are not gonna want to be in Mexico. The citizens of Mexico don’t even want to be there.

  77. Avatar Kashif Wattoo says:

    From one Afghanistan to another.

  78. Avatar ram gurung says:

    Wat are these people going to do in mex

  79. Avatar Ahmad Cheema says:

    Traitors always traitors

  80. Avatar Rex Luminus says:

    Migrations of the decades again.The world is in turmoils.The greatest melting pot is stirred again.

  81. Avatar Limatenzuk says:

    It’s so great that the Mexican govt. showed their kindness to the Afghan refugees, India need to learn so much more, l think india will never welcome Muslim refugees

  82. Avatar Mortaza Sadat says:

    I am from Afghanistan and I have Mexican friend they are very good people and friendly.

  83. Avatar Pamela Homeyer says:

    Thank you Mexico City

  84. Avatar F.A Corner says:

    Very good

  85. Avatar Ambar purohit says:

    God bless Mexico
    i request all refugee not to create problem later like other Islamic country refugees did in European country

  86. Avatar Happiness97 says:

    They won’t be there for long. They’ll be headed up north across the border soon

  87. Avatar science bites says:

    mexico is not safe even afghanistan is safer then it.

  88. Avatar xAlpaca Zeu says:

    Nice! I am arab-mexican and this is welcoming

  89. Avatar Cherian Mathai says:

    Tell the Mexicans not to worry. These Afghanis will find their way to the border to come to the US. Disaster joe will help them.

  90. Avatar Salman Siddique says:

    Future showdown: Afghan Refugee gangs vs Mexican Drug gangs

  91. Avatar orca says:

    Thank you Mexico

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