Afghan refugees urged to cross Pakistan land borders

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Afghans who missed the evacuation flights are being encouraged by the West to try to leave by land borders. But authorities in neighbouring Pakistan are denying media reports of unprecedented numbers entering via Spin Boldak and Torkham borders.
Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid has more from Torkham, Pakistan.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Golden Eagle The one on the Mexican flag says:

    ……………………..Terrorist organization against territory organization
    What is the difference?
    Two type of Taliban’s or same?

  2. Avatar wajahat shafi says:

    It’s a high time for Pakistan to send afghan refugees to India across wagah border forcefully, let’s see what India does with these afghans refugees

  3. Avatar Pathan Khan says:

    Why should Pakistan pay for USA’s mess, and that too with blatant accusations and threats

    • Avatar Eunice Davenport says:

      @Musa Baloch we hav more than enough illegals. We want to stop the intruders. 😼😼😼😼

    • Avatar Usay Uwannit says:

      @Milad Ismael That was poor planning on the Afghans. They should of had a pretty good idea whether or not their people were gonna fight to keep their positions or not.

    • Avatar Abith_ Peter says:

      Enjoy pokistan😂

    • Avatar Jenny - says:

      Bcoz Taliban terrorists origin is from Paxton

    • Avatar Arindam Ghosal says:

      USA’s mess. Like Pakistan never had a hand on it!!

  4. Avatar Nobody . says:

    We trust US Dollars more than we trust God .

    • Avatar Sarim Yazi says:

      Motto of afgani army

  5. Avatar Arrie Sekhon says:

    I know some Fox News watchers blame Biden but Trump negotiated with terrorists. And he was the first US president who broke “ US never negotiate with terrorists” mantra. So don’t watch Fox. M even not American but I know your history and politics bc we are neither ignorant nor illiterate

    • Avatar Cynthia says:

      Biden did not have to keep the agreement. He also pulled the soldiers out before getting everyone who needed to leave out first.

  6. Avatar Cyrus Peace says:

    Smart Doctor ” time to make a run

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      that schizo had the gate closed on his face 😂

  7. Avatar Lucky 17 says:

    The question is why don’t Imran Khan or the Army chief of Pakistan Bajwa give them shelter in their homes. This is complete nonsense. Why they’re accepting the pressure by the so-called international community(only Europeans and the West, who despite resources are reluctant to take these Afghanis in their countries). Humanity is a part, but Pakistan is already a developing country with a population of 220 million, and 40 million refugees (with un_documente would be more than it), and the influx of more millions of homeless, and jobless people will not only create problems for it’s already faltering economy but would create security issues. Cuz, there will be no other choice with these homeless, and unemployed but to steal, and rob the people. And in the end, only the Poor people of Pakistan will suffer, as the elite has a better option of dual citizenship.

  8. Avatar Cyrus Peace says:

    no one should help the Pakistan and in fact launch a sanctions on them-

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      😂 ok were waiting🤣 still we wont accept these afghans, they can come to iran tho, i heard iran has lots of barren land ready to be settled

    • Avatar Cyrus Peace says:

      @Milad Ismael sure why not –

    • Avatar mohammad jaber says:

      Jay bharat mata ki gand ji ki…🙏🙏🙏

  9. Avatar Jacob John says:

    Now let China Qatar and Pakistan take in the refugees.

    • Avatar abdul rehman says:

      They were American helpers why should pakistan take in those refugees

    • Avatar Farhan Hyder Naqvi ꪜ says:

      The US and nato creates the mess and others are asked to take care of it! And as a result they are blamed! Shame on the west and the western media for creating a propoganda against the countries hosting millions of refugees since decades

    • Avatar talha awan says:

      And none of these countries are responsible for Afghanistans situation. Those who were have either already left or will soon be gone.

  10. Avatar Happy Mani R says:

    Oil is main source of revenue for gulf countries.
    Afghan is main source of revenue for Pakistan.
    Pakistan earned money from USA after soviet invasion of Afghan.
    Pakistan again earned money from USA for war on terror.
    Pakistan now earning money from China for making Taliban rule in Afghan.
    Afghans can never live in peace with a neighbor like Pakistan.
    Issue in Afghan is revenue for Pakistan.

  11. Avatar zeeshan ali says:

    Pashtuns second home Pakistan.. Pakistan will be always there to help Afghans

    • Avatar Help me Reach 100k Sbs with only 1 Video says:

      I would love to wellcome my Afghan brathern regardless of any ethncity and religion. Nothing is higher then humanity

    • Avatar Karan Kadam says:

      @Mr Express

      Bhai Punjabis ney toh pak par kabzaa kar diya hai .
      Jobs army administration government 95% Punjabis.
       @Sadia Nadeem 

      Jitna paak Punjabio ka hai utna hee pashtuno ka bhi

      Kiaa Pakkistan sirf PUNJABIs key liye hai , Pashtuns Baloch Hazaaras ko apney hee zameen par entry key liye Visa kyun
      Pure Paakisstan , army, jobs par toh Punjabis ka hee kabzaa hai .

      Yes there should be no borders, fencing, checkpost between
      Pakistaann and Afghanistannn
      Bcoz Pak is not only for Punjabis.

      Pakistan should atleast take 30 million or 3 crore refugees otherwise it will be injustice to Pashtun brothers .
      There should be no borders for Pashtuns .
      Borders check post should not exist , free entry to Afghan Pashtun brothers bcoza as much Pakistaann belongs to Punjabis , same belong to all Pashtuns whether they from Afghanistan , free entry to all Pashtuns Afghanis in PAAKISSTAN . Remove fencing ,Start free entry

    • Avatar HEY HEY HEY says:

      @Dr SPS Hazaras are descendants of Mongols who had conquered Afghanistan?

    • Avatar Dr SPS says:

      @HEY HEY HEY yess they had a sway over afghanistan at one point of time.

    • Avatar HEY HEY HEY says:

      @Dr SPS okay.

  12. Avatar E says:

    This is like “Taliban Lights”. They used to be the regular Taliban in the 90s. Here they will be killing you softly over time.

    • Avatar Wow Mow says:

      Thats a big mistake…what u knew about them is mostly made up, they r blamed for many things they never did but at that time thr was no social media to expose these things but now its different…..and if u doubt thr is a report about it, US and allies spend about have billion to make movies and all plus a lot of what u saw was done by different tribes but it was all linked to these local Talib*ns

  13. Avatar direct response says:

    Poor pakistan suffering a lot from day first of ussr invasion on afgan


      @Revanth Kumar Pakistan f*cked first Soviets and than America and their 48 crusader allies but right now Endia is worried about it’s own fate 🤣🤣👌👌

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      @Revanth Kumar 🤣🤣🤣 Inhin talibans na tumhara 2 abuyon ko haraya ha or smjh le ye afghan talibans han na ka tumhara funded kuta TTP or isis or han ja ka apna abuyon ko sahara da idhar hmara sar na kha

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Musa Baloch You talking about india funding terrorists organizations😀😀😀
      Very funny … Go and check the list of banned terrorists organizations based in Pakistan … whole world knows where alqaeda head was taking rest before gunned down by US troops ….Only country which gives the statement Good Terrorists Bad Terrorists

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Musa Baloch Kyaaa Musaa bhai …. List mila nahi kyaa …. 😃

    • Avatar law community says:

      @TALIBAN FATHER OF AMERICA you guys are too high on drugs or something?? It’s too early to say anything just wait and watch after all its all about MONEY

  14. Avatar direct response says:

    America n nato should accommodate all these poor afgan 😔

    • Avatar Continue Education says:


      Of course yeah. Bring 20 million people to USA.
      Add to the homeless

    • Avatar Billy Jean says:

      Economic refugees

  15. Avatar MO RTM says:

    1:27 hes on coke lmao

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      i was rofl when they closed the gate on that schizo

  16. Avatar GURABAÀ says:

    I don’t know why media gives courage only one sided view of the ppl

  17. Avatar david wiles says:

    But you know that Pakistan is fully supporting the Taliban

    • Avatar Mr Beast says:

      Yes, we do. Just like you supported the murderer

  18. Avatar John Lewis says:

    Curse on america and western world destroying countries on name of democracy and also Curse on Arab countries sitting like hen on egg long live hope of Islam turkey pakistan 🇵🇰

  19. Avatar The everything Channel says:

    There is now relative peace in Afghanistan however, As the foreign aid stops, Economic hardships can once against become a catalyst for instablity

    • Avatar Parsian says:

      Peace can be only limited time before grievences and tribalism comes up again. Afghanistan isn’t a nation but a group of nations in one country. I agree to the otherpoints but more tensions will come up later

  20. Avatar just_jane says:

    Pakistan hasn’t seen nothing yet, they wanted the Taliban now they got the refugees too.

    • Avatar Mirza Hamza Baig says:

      We have been getting millions of refugees since Soviet invasion and before… We have seen it all mate.

      Pakistan holds more Afghan refugees than entire population of Afghanistan.

  21. Avatar Lone Ranger says:

    They were trending sanctions and now seek shelter in Pakistan. If the Pakistani government has any self-respect, it should not allow these unscrupulous people to remain in the country.

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      If the Pakistani give had any self-respect it never should have involved in the Afghanistan…. But it did

    • Avatar Lone Ranger says:

      @Revanth Kumar “Before 1975, ISI did not conduct any operations in Afghanistan; it was only after decades of Republic of Afghanistan’s proxy war against Pakistan, support to militants and armed incursion, particularly in the early 1970s, that Pakistan was forced to retaliate”- Peter Tomsen (Former diplomat to Afghanistan).Afghanistan today is suffering because of foolish actions of it leaders.We did what any nation would do: we defended our homeland.

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Lone Ranger What is that Pakistan is doing with banned terrorist organizations with head quarters in Pakistan ?? Taking care of them or taking action on them ??
      Please don’t say that pakisthan don’t have any of them or supporters

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Lone Ranger issue with the Afghanistan is about the Durand Line … where Pashtuns are fighting to get their land…. Now most of the talibans are Pashtuns .. You succeeded to divert the issue from Durand line to Afghan throne … I don’t think that Talibans will leave the Durand line…. Let’s see how it goes..

      Once you made a mistake by creating and supporting taliban to take over the Afghanistan…. That resulted in the rise of AlQaieda … You know what happened all over the world

  22. Avatar Rico Cool says:

    So Pakistan is corrupt also how u let the Taliban cross the border with no Visa but Afghanistan people who scared for they lives can’t cross with out Visa card are documents the Pakistan definitely work with Talibans!!!!!

  23. Avatar Abdul Hameed says:

    Pak government and establishment should make strong role and regulations about border to secure our country. From economic problems and terrorism.

  24. Avatar Abdul Hameed says:

    Please our afghan brothers go to indai rather pakistan. Which is your best friend as well indai. Let them give a hospitality taste. As like you give us from pas 40 years.

    • Avatar Afghanistan 🇦🇫 says:

      @Akash Khan yeah pakistan the home of taliban Darul Uloom Haqqania

    • Avatar Scam Call centres says:

      @Afghanistan 🇦🇫 well go, who’s stopping you ???

    • Avatar Afghanistan 🇦🇫 says:

      @Scam Call centres no one is stopping me

    • Avatar Karan Kadam says:

      Why bcoz 98% of Pak army administration government jobs r controlled by Punjabis .
       @Sadia Nadeem 

      Jitna paak Punjabio ka hai utna hee pashtuno ka bhi

      Kiaa Pakkistan sirf PUNJABIs key liye hai , Pashtuns Baloch Hazaaras ko apney hee zameen par entry key liye Visa kyun
      Pure Paakisstan , army, jobs par toh Punjabis ka hee kabzaa hai .

      Yes there should be no borders, fencing, checkpost between
      Pakistaann and Afghanistannn
      Bcoz Pak is not only for Punjabis.

      Pakistan should atleast take 30 million or 3 crore refugees otherwise it will be injustice to Pashtun brothers .
      There should be no borders for Pashtuns .
      Borders check post should not exist , free entry to Afghan Pashtun brothers bcoza as much Pakistaann belongs to Punjabis , same belong to all Pashtuns whether they from Afghanistan , free entry to all Pashtuns Afghanis in PAAKISSTAN . Remove fencing ,Start free entry

    • Avatar Abdul Hameed says:

      @Karan Kadam shut your mouth. Pak papulation is 22 Crore and only Punjabi papulation is 13. So it’s means more than half is Punjab. So they must deserve more job and anything than others. And alkhamdullilah pushtoon and Baloch’s and sindhi and Gilgiti and kashmiri is also every where in government job. Just u open your eyes from racism. We are all Same. Me too a proud pashtoon. From kohat. Afridi tribe. Kpk

  25. Avatar Faisal Khan says:

    Hopefully they don’t trash talk Pakistan again.

    • Avatar jubnaa says:

      How about bomb blasting ?

    • Avatar Mayan says:

      @jubnaa 😂😂😂😂

  26. Avatar Ambotsa Imo says:

    You’re all blood Brothers why can’t you all live in harmony in that border?

    • Avatar jubnaa says:

      Blood brothers ? How?

    • Avatar Aamir Mehmood says:

      donot tell us history what you have done in world war 1,2 and colonize time.

    • Avatar Arindam Ghosal says:

      Muslim unity

    • Avatar Ambotsa Imo says:

      @Aamir Mehmood
      U live during the dawn of civilization. It’s the 21st century now.

  27. Avatar DOGAN TURK says:

    whu dont afghans goes to iran , why so many afghans go to pakistan

    • Avatar jubnaa says:

      Because only Pakistan opens its legs to let anyone in. Other countries have self respect

    • Avatar DOGAN TURK says:

      @jubnaa get some help dude, dont cry , you got some family issues

    • Avatar jubnaa says:

      @DOGAN TURK lame comeback

  28. Avatar Jarid Gaming says:

    Pakistan and Iran should just Annex Afghanistan

    • Avatar TMB says:

      Honestly, the Pashtun majority should go to Pakistan. The Persian majority to Iran. Problem solved.

    • Avatar Daisy Days says:

      Hey why did you stop uploading

    • Avatar Mr Chips says:

      @TMB what about our own pashtons?
      We should make a safe zone in Afghanistan.
      Like turkey did in Syria.

  29. Avatar Smooth says:

    The cause of all wars in the world is USA. They stick their big nose in every country’s internal affair.

  30. Avatar Farhan Hyder Naqvi ꪜ says:

    Pakistan should not allow namakharams!!
    US and NATO should accommodate the refugees that they created! And also take the 4 million refugees that Pakistan is already hosting!

  31. Avatar Dave Bull says:

    Why do they need the international community to man the border, its Pakistan’s border… man it yourself

    • Avatar jubnaa says:

      He probably means provide aid to deal with refugees.

    • Avatar Muhammad N. Cheema says:

      he meant on the afghan side where your incompetent troops spent their time playing cards in air-conditioned rooms

  32. Avatar Louie Charles says:

    Pakistan games in Afghanistan . been giving any support to the Taliban ?? fact and consistency that there has been some level of support.

    • Avatar BATMAN says:

      CIA created Taliban, period.

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      the only “support” pakistan gives taliban is they dont attack them. and why should pakistan attack taliiban if they are not attacking us, leave us out of USAs war, we already suffered enough from it

  33. Avatar ashraf sokwalla says:

    But why Afghans running away?

    • Avatar Parsian says:

      Because they don’t trust the Talibs

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      @Parsian 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are a child you don’t know anything about these Afghanis

  34. Avatar Le Thanh says:

    Who breaks it, who buys it. Which country makes up refugees, and that country have to has received the refugees

  35. Avatar BATMAN says:

    Afghan: Pakistan is enemy.
    Also Afghan; PLZ HELP US PAKISTAN.

    India: We are your brothers, Afghanistan.

    [Refugee Crises occurs]

    India: Only Sikhs, hindus from Afghan are welcome.

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      @Adithya Chauhan phr Pakistan ko bhi kuch na kaho smjha Pakistan ki mrzi ana da ya nii ab moo bnd kar or side pa ho

    • Avatar FLOKI v says:

      @BORNtoRun there is 5m+ afg refugee in Pakistan and still coming.

    • Avatar Adithya Chauhan says:

      @Musa Baloch mene kab jo naw pakdi ki me side me aaou😂😂
      Vaise bhi pakistan ki jo marzi h vo sab dekh chuke,or pakistan ko koi kuchh bhi nhi bol raha, comment hi aisa h

    • Avatar Billy Jean says:


    • Avatar BORNtoRun says:

      @Sanjeev Chauhan Afghans in India have been there for almost 20 years.
      They left Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the first time, and the United States
      came in.
      Many of their children, young Afghanistanis are BORN IN INDIA!

  36. Avatar moin raja says:

    And when these same people settled in Pakistan, they started protesting with anti-Pakistan organizations and they said we are Pakistani Baloch or Pashtun and we need freedom from Pakistan. I don’t think Pakistan should make this mistake again. Which was done in the past.

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      @shmooprint xo i think it is hurting u more than me

    • Avatar Polish Republic says:

      @Musa Baloch afghans

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      @Polish Republic cam u please elaborate what u want to say?

    • Avatar shmooprint xo says:

      @Musa Baloch you look one from the family of those wealthy exploitative leaders thats why you dont know what hunger and hoplessness of balochis feels like. The state sponsered forced disappearances that happen in Pakistan of Balochis. Newly wed wives of those disappeared men sit on hunger strike and ask for justice in front of press club. You can never feel what is the pain of loss.

    • Avatar moin raja says:

      @shmooprint xo And another thing is that the people who are portrayed by the Godi media as Baloch are all Afghans that,s why I opposed them. Later these same people became Indian paid puppet and said that we are Baloch & fight against PAK🇵🇰💪 army…

  37. Avatar TruthSeeker says:

    Pakistan is hosting 4 million Afghan Refugees from many decades without any gratefulness from world, and few hundred Afghan refugees have gone to USA and NATO and they are acting like BIGGEST HEROS of HUMANITY!😏😏

  38. Avatar VICE OF TRUTH says:

    All AFGHANI get out from pakistan

  39. Avatar TMB says:

    Iran and Pakistan should just annex Afghanistan and take control of the Persian and Pashtun majority districts respectively.

    No more Pashtun division
    No more illegals crossing into Iran.

    Win for everybody

    • Avatar shmooprint xo says:

      Pashtuns are here since 5000 years Islam came 1400 years ago Pakistan 74 years ago.
      You do that math and tell me which is going to diminish first?

    • Avatar TMB says:

      @shmooprint xo your inability to differentiate ethnicity, from religion from nation state is absolutely hilarious.

    • Avatar shmooprint xo says:

      @TMB Ask a Pashtun to pick from ethnicity, religion and country and he will tell you the difference. Pashtuns dont even recognise the modern concept of nation state like durand line.
      I challenge Pakistan to celebrate its 100th independence day in one part.

  40. Avatar thangam thangathurai says:


  41. Avatar Bruce Yeager says:

    no borders

  42. Avatar Bruce Yeager says:

    religion of peace

  43. Avatar Asher Paul Tan says:

    Try china

  44. Avatar Hamsar utap says:

    These are the munafiqe and mushrekeen

  45. Avatar no body says:

    Pakistan helped make this crisis happen they should not be complaining

  46. Avatar OOO OOO says:

    English colonists stole most of the lands by killing the native populations and populating their own population. Look around the world it’s filled with English colonies. The Afghans and ever migrate on earth should be sent to the English colony of their choice.

    • Avatar David Salt says:

      Islam were colonizers too. Also slave masters. Study history.

    • Avatar OOO OOO says:

      David Salt that’s right but we didn’t kill people and in order to take their land. For example Australia belongs to the aborigines. It was their land from the start and colonists committed crimes and killed them in order to take their land. So it’s only right to ask aborigines if it’s ok to settle Afghan migrants there.

    • Avatar OOO OOO says:

      David Salt The same thing goes with America and Canada. You have to ask native Americans if it’s ok to settle on their land not the white man.

  47. Avatar crystal harris says:


  48. Avatar BORNtoRun says:

    IF the Taliban doesn’t stop the exit, they won’t have
    any quality citizens left in Afghanistan!
    They’re all leaving@!

    • Avatar Abdul says:

      Soon it will be hard to leave it is just matter of time…

    • Avatar BORNtoRun says:

      @Abdul They’re surrounded by FIVE OTHER COUNTRIES that they can potentially escape to.

  49. Avatar Mohammad Ali says:

    Pakistan should help the Afghan people

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      More than 4 million afghan refugees are in Pakistan or kitni help karein btao.pakistan na inn ki help or ye namak haram anti pakistan movements ko support kar rhe Ptm etc ye America ko bola inn ko apna sath la jaye.

  50. Avatar Mohammad Ali says:

    Pakistan promised to give Afghan who born in Pakistan citizenship

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:


    • Avatar A BC says:

      Nobody wants Pakistani citizenship, these Pashtuns have family across the border the British Durand line does not exist for Pashtuns, some minority Afghans waiting to get visa from Pakistan to Europe and America

    • Avatar Mohammad Ali says:

      @A BC who are you say like this you are nobody so mind your own business we are no water Afghan people are doing in Pakistan and what they want they are crying for Pakistani nationality next time keep your mouth shut

    • Avatar A BC says:

      @Mohammad Ali you Pakistani are like Indians good storytellers and spreading fairytale stories fake information

    • Avatar Red Phoenix says:

      @A BC just like your west propaganda stories and people are the type who gets fooled

  51. Avatar Jack Marrock says:

    For the sack of humanity, Pakistan should open it’s border for all Afghan people. Humanity first, I think awesome Pakistani people believe that.

    • Avatar Jack Marrock says:

      @Musa Baloch Pakistan aren’t taking the refugee permanently. It’s just for temporarily. After stability they will return to their country. I think 4 million is not a big number. Pakistan have the capability to accept 40 million refugee. Besides the Pakistan will be the fav country of Taliban govt, not USA or India

    • Avatar Musa Baloch says:

      @Jack Marrock ohh really you should do a research first how much we have lost because of US war in pakistan before 2000s pakistan is the fastest growing economy go and check the stats then we have made a mistake by joining US war in Afghanistan.We have lost thousand of lives and billions of dollars and check the condition of our economy now.We have lost thousands of lives because of US.And About which aid you guys are talking about we have lost much more Dollars as compared to what you have provided to us.we can’t bear any more burden take them with u in the US

    • Avatar Jack Marrock says:

      @Musa Baloch I think your economy is far better then India or other countries in south east Asia. PM Imran leading Pakistan in a good direction. He always talk about different islamic issues even in UN. You should take more refugee.

    • Avatar Aamir Mehmood says:

      @Jack Marrock we have provided supply to nato forces by land sea and air, we have provided bread and butter to these 40 millions afghanis and give them opportunity to do buisness here, we lost thousands of people and property in this american fake war. in return we got negligible aid from america.

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Aamir Mehmood Why Afghans hate Pakistan?? Any reason for it??

  52. Avatar SULIMAN says:

    The United States of America is the cause of the ruin of the world and it is the one who created ISIS, and it is the Great Satan and the first financier of Iran in order to kill innocent people, not related to war.. Greetings and longings to Afghanistan from the State of Russia

  53. Avatar Mumin ibn Aadm says:

    Pakistan don’t Allow at any case.. There are definitely some people trying to destabilize peace in Pak..
    By the way these people are not loyal to islam.. So how can they be loyal to you..

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      Not loyal to Islam … how can you judge them ?? They are afraid of taliban and came to pakisthan …. Who created and supported Taliban ?? It’s Pakistan… bcoz of you they are migrating and you are blaming them

    • Avatar Mumin ibn Aadm says:

      @Revanth Kumar bandar kya jane adrak ka sawad.. Man Anyone who doesn’t accept GOD’s law (shariah) is not a muslim…
      They are afraid because they know how thr services for USA Has killed 1000’s of Talibani fighters.. And now they are expecting the same.. But taliban has announced amnesty.. Still they are running away. That means
      Money is driving them

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Mumin ibn Aadm 😀😀😀… Afghans are the one who suffered under taliban … … it’s not you …. They know the pain ..That’s the reason they are escaping from taliban …

    • Avatar Mumin ibn Aadm says:

      @Revanth Kumar dude how many suffered.. Don’t fall under propaganda..
      Just like British colonised india , baghat singh, raj guru etc were part of freedom struggle many participated in that freedom struggle.. Like mahatma ghandhi… With only one motive to drive out foreigners from thr homeland..
      But there were some indians who worked with british government and never participated in any freedom struggle.. Like RSS…
      These running people are those who worked for USA in thr autocratic rule…
      But now when truth has won they know that they betrayed thr own homeland.. And due to this they are homeless…

  54. Avatar a v says:

    The peace book is on job since 1400 years

  55. Avatar Dunirah Khan says:

    I think taleban should think about these refugees and make join government with others parties. If other parties watching afghani people suffering then they should join taleban in government. Now stop the war and rebuild Afghanistan. International community also help Afghanistan without any fears from taleban. Because if they didn’t support hunger will be spread in the world and it is not good for rich people there will be more crime and nobody will safe.

  56. Avatar David Salt says:

    Thank you Pakistan for taking in these people.

    • Avatar FLOKI v says:

      Are u American?

    • Avatar David Salt says:

      @FLOKI v Yes.

    • Avatar Punjab ko palne do says:

      @David Salt only allowing people with legal documents to get in

    • Avatar Billy Jean says:

      Thank you ! A positive message from an American to Pakistan! I’ve seen everything now! 🤗

  57. Avatar vinod varghese says:

    This is price paid by Pakistan for supporting Taliban.

    • Avatar TMB says:

      What price paid? Pakistan welcomes the Afghan Pashtuns with open arms.

    • Avatar Harry says:

      @TMB so why Pakistani minister is crying to create border blockade

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @TMBYou want Afghans to leave their country and migrate to Pakistan ?? That’s the reason you supported taliban 😀😀

    • Avatar Master Shifu says:

      No want to leave INDIA , USA form Afghanistan and it’s done 🤣🤭

    • Avatar Arindam Ghosal says:

      @TMB yup, great job. Welcome them. No issue for you. Even if you want we can shout Pak is a great humanitarian worker.

  58. Avatar Aariv Kumar says:


  59. Avatar BuzzBummer says:

    PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 need to be careful We’ve been hosting them over 20 years,and getting blame & getting ourselves into trouble

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      Pakistan is the one who supported Taliban to occupy Afghanistan … what option do Afghan have other than leaving Afghanistan and enter Pakistan

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      Pakistan’s njoy democracy and you want Afghans to rot under taliban

    • Avatar BuzzBummer says:

      @Revanth Kumar well we don’t need atankwadi County Opinions

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @BuzzBummer atankwadi country 😂😂😂…very funny … list out the banned terrorist orgs head quarters based out of pakisthan …you want me to send the list ?? Not required you have good knowledge in searching I believe …:😂

  60. Avatar Pawan Patel says:

    Free Balochistan

    • Avatar Global Warming says:

      Im from balochistan what’s your problem


      Free Nagaland ! Free IOK Kashmir !

    • Avatar Hasnain khan says:

      India is rubbish 🖕

    • Avatar Sidharth Gk says:

      @Hasnain khan no Pakistan is 🐷🐷

  61. Avatar Pawan Patel says:


    • Avatar Adithya Chauhan says:

      @Bilal Ahmad yaar ab tum comment na hi karo😂😂
      Tumhari bhasa sun ke hasi aa rahi h

    • Avatar Adithya Chauhan says:

      @Bilal Ahmad me Assamese hu

    • Avatar TMB says:

      Free Khalistan, Dravida Nadu and Kashmir.



    • Avatar Mohammad Anwar says:

      Get out of kashmir.

  62. Avatar Pawan Patel says:

    Free pakhtunisthan

  63. Avatar Karan Raheja says:


    • Avatar TMB says:

      Free Khalistan



    • Avatar Fahad Malik says:

      Free Balochistan!

  64. Avatar Sweetface Lola says:

    These are economic refugees! Send them back to fight! US is full enough! We don’t owe you anything! We have our own problems!

    • Avatar Fahad Malik says:

      Do you know which countries accept the most foreign refuges? Pakistan is a top one of the list.

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      usa should clean its mess, we pakistani already have 5 MILLION afghan refugees and ur saying USA is full?!

  65. Avatar Jamil Hussain says:

    This is 100% fault of Pakistan military & it’s intelligence agency ISI, they help create Arm, Train & Financed the Taliban now live with consequences!

    • Avatar Mohd Jailani Ab Salam says:

      You have to start blaming Soviet Occupation and CIA arming Taliban too, to fight Soviet years back. All are related, not just Pakistan.

    • Avatar shmooprint xo says:

      @Mohd Jailani Ab Salam Who asked pakistan to go with a begging bowl in fights between two super powers

  66. Avatar mohan kartik says:

    Pakistan will face music 😂

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      india will need to accept afghan refugees

    • Avatar Arindam Ghosal says:

      @Milad Ismael india has done its part.

  67. Avatar Seema Khan says:

    Pakistan occupied Afghanistan land but now Pakistan put Afghan refugees in a cage wah what a humanity.🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Zinda bad Afghanistan and my Afghani brothers and sister!!! I love my country Afghanistan 💕🌹💞🌹❤🌹💚🌹💓🌹

    • Avatar SP S says:

      Where are you?

    • Avatar Gohar Afghan says:

      And where THEY put Afghans in cages I want to visit that areas to inform the human rights organization

    • Avatar SP S says:

      @Gohar Afghan They are not in cages just a border and check post. If they are coming massively with loads of stuffs, they have to check and verify before let them enter.. Even USA have those..

    • Avatar SP S says:

      @Gohar Afghan Torkham border between Pakistan and Afghanistan

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      @Gohar Afghan just visit peshawar central jail lol

  68. Avatar vicente teofilo parmisano says:

    pakistan is the training ground of the taliban.

  69. Avatar double-you says:

    man your own border..

    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      The borders manned but all countries will pressure pakistan to open the gates to everyone as already 1000s are lined up without documents. in a few ddays it will be much worse than the airport

  70. Avatar snyrting66 says:


  71. Avatar M Cheema says:

    یہ ریفیوجی نہیں معآش کے لئے آتے ہیں۔ 40 لاکھ جو پہلے آئے تھے وہ واپس نہیں گئے ان کے دس دس بچے پیدا ہوئے اور 100. . 100 پوتے پوتیاں بھی ادھر ہی پیدا یوئے ۔ اور جعلی شنالتی کرڈ بنوا کر پاکستانی بن گئے اور ان میں ںسے کچھ دھماکوں میں ملوث رہے۔ اور اب اور آ رہے ہیں۔ بیوروکریسی کو اقوام متحدہ سے ڈالر ملیں گے ۔ اور اس کی قیمت پاکستان کے غریب عوام چکائیں گے۔

  72. Avatar M3Acedmy says:

    They are those people whom love dollar then money stop these namak haram

  73. Avatar GOLI says:

    This person are terrorist usa agent

  74. Avatar Naveen G.V. Venkatesh says:

    Pakistan please help Afghanistan refugees



    • Avatar Milad Ismael says:

      pls india send flight to kabul airport we want to go to india

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @Milad Ismael Pakisthan creates the issue and India has to bare the consequences ?

    • Avatar Arindam Ghosal says:

      @MAADERCHOD INDIA SUAR THAYLLAY SAY BAHER AGAYA ! yeah, it is. Hope you are happy.

  75. Avatar Fred bayato says:

    The doctor is right.

  76. Avatar Nayankumar says:

    NSA talking to media 😂😂😂 Banana Republic of paxtan 🇵🇰😂✌️✌️

  77. Avatar Harry says:

    They should allow their brothers in faith..

    • Avatar urooj nafees says:

      Pakistan accepted highest number of refugees in world from Afghanistan

    • Avatar urooj nafees says:

      How about stop poking your nose in other countries affairs

    • Avatar Billy Jean says:

      They are two separate countries you know! You wouldn’t let half of Lithuania into the UK would you? Just because they are Christians! The UK left the EU to get rid of eastern European

    • Avatar Harry says:

      @Billy Jean you don’t know about Asian sub continent .. Also you don’t know about brainwashed religious people around us.

  78. Avatar Robina Shaheen says:

    There’s always India

  79. Avatar Abdul Rahim says:


  80. Avatar justaman says:

    They hate Pakistan but run to Pakistan whenever they need help. The same for the western countries, they wanted to ban Pakistan international airlines and now they’re begging the same pakistani airline to repatriate their staff stuck in Afghanistan. So much double standards and in the end they will blame Pakistan for everything.

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      Pakisthani talking about the double standards …. Pakistan created and supported Taliban in 1980s

      Pakisthan supported US to fight with Taliban after 9/11

      Pakistan supporting taliban to take over Afghan … Heights of hypocrisy😀

    • Avatar ED Merch says:

      @Revanth Kumar yeh as if we don’t know. We will fund them, soo?? What are you gonna do?? America couldn’t do anything and your smelly assxxx will do something? Lol.

    • Avatar Revanth Kumar says:

      @ED Merch After supporting the Taliban, Afghan became heaven for terrorist orgs you know who … your fav laden …. Raising poisonous snakes will affect the person one day … keep on watching 😀

  81. Avatar MA Lagecy LLC worldwide says:

    Welcome to pakistan we have huge country.. let’s live together

  82. Avatar king afg A.A says:

    Terrorist Taliban and Terrorist Pakistan destroyed Afghanistan further

  83. Avatar Noor Ahmad says:

    Sad to see people suffer 😢. May Allah bring peace in Afghanistan

  84. Avatar Nova snow says:

    Time cross border iliigally

  85. Avatar Nova snow says:


  86. Avatar patrick banning says:

    That’s why the British left Maharajah Ranjit Singh up there lol.

    • Avatar shmooprint xo says:

      Can you pls elaborate?

  87. Avatar Trueno Ae86 says:

    Lolz taliban u lose the war ur people leaving you how can you manage to run country, especially all ur expert are leaving

  88. Avatar Wait What? says:

    Taliban rule has proven to be a golden opportunity for Afghans to leave their country for free and live off of taxpayers’ money in Europe and the US.

    • Avatar Afghanistan 🇦🇫 says:

      More like support taxpayers

  89. Avatar Asif Nawaz says:

    Pakistan has already taken 3 million refugees in the past. Pakistan has played the biggest role for humanity during afghan war.

    • Avatar Raffel greener says:

      It is fine bcos they are the same ethnicity and same faith

    • Avatar Asif Nawaz says:

      @Raffel greener Pakistan just did that for three sake of humanity The religion is not any binding. Their are many other countries having same religion and same faith, but none other countries took their refugees.

    • Avatar Raffel greener says:

      @Asif Nawaz anyway. Pakistan supported taliban it is only right to bear the consequencw

  90. Avatar OddPlayz says:

    Pmln was strict against afghan. Imran Khan is being soft and not taking action. CLOSE THE LAND BORDERS. we can’t take in more refugees People are making fake documents to get in. And blind government is still talking about inclusive government in afg. First close the border

  91. Avatar Aakash Pradhan says:

    It is ironic to see that they didn’t run from outsiders (Americans). Now there running from their own.

    • Avatar Billy Jean says:

      They are taking advantage in order to move to better rich countries. No one will dey them entry. Played well!

  92. Avatar Saurabh Srivastav says:

    welcome to pakistan. please bring relatives too. pakistan is so big and our hearts is so deep as well. we will feed you. long live pak-afg friendship. long live the muslim brotherhood.

  93. Avatar john bingham says:

    We can now look forward to an increasing number of both Pakistanis and Afgans seeking asylum.

  94. Avatar Billy Jean says:

    Don’t they hate Pakistani people?

  95. Avatar Billy Jean says:

    Also how will Pakistan pay for all these people?

  96. Avatar Mikey Lejan says:

    I thought Afghans love the Taliban? So much has left after their takeover lolZ

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