Al Jazeera exclusive on Taliban control of Kabul airport

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Taliban forces have sealed off Kabul’s airport to most Afghans hoping for evacuation, as the United States and its allies wound down a chaotic airlift that will end their troops’ two decades in Afghanistan.
Western leaders acknowledged that their withdrawal would mean leaving behind some of their citizens and many locals who helped them over the years, and they promised to try to continue working with the Taliban to allow local allies to leave after President Joe Biden’s Tuesday’s deadline to withdraw from the country.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis has this exclusive report on the situation at the Kabul airport.

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  1. Avatar Shawkat Ali says:

    Taleban wins kabul without (any gunfire minimum needs) so how they will be blamed??

  2. Avatar Steve Banda says:

    Is victory4 the Taliban

  3. Avatar Muditha Pilapitiya says:


  4. Avatar snuffeldjuret says:

    “Al Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari government.”
    Is a good thing right? That means it is not fake news pushed to make money?

  5. Avatar Mxolisi Makhunga says:

    To think is the very news channel that demonized Mohammad Gaddafi.

  6. Avatar pandos bandos says:

    And Ukrainian commandos came to Afghanistan and save Canadians. Respect!

  7. Avatar B M says:

    Good luck Joe ☺️

  8. Avatar Arthur Temu says:

    Terrible Terrible terror and terrorists who terror against fellow women in their minds 😢

  9. Avatar Muhammad Junaid says:


  10. Avatar Arthur Temu says:

    Terrorist attacks everywhere and everyone including their own women’s and children’s. These thugs should have eliminated from the face of earth.

  11. Avatar Tahirhi Khan says:

    Ye hamare hero Hai. 👉♥️♥️♥️

  12. Avatar Amir Afridi says:

    The reasons afghanis are crying all over the world is because when the world accepts taliban their asylum visas will come to an end and they will be told to go back to their beautiful Afghanistan 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Avatar Tahirhi Khan says:

    Masha Allah Alhamdulillah. ♥️♥️♥️

  14. Avatar Giovanni H says:

    In this city even frogs are armed.🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Avatar Hot Rockin' says:

    The Big Man..with a gun in his hand.

  16. Avatar Samiullah Saidkarim says:


  17. Avatar tigerman mccool says:

    Since when does the Taliban talk to women without their face being covered ? I call this video LIE

  18. Avatar Darlene Moke says:

    Why not that’s there country leave them alone give back what belongs to them US stop trying to take what’s not yours leave them people alone. Worry about your state.

  19. Avatar Rosemarie Nikkels says:

    This whole thing is a nightmare.

  20. Avatar JJT TV says:

    Mga mukhang tao na mga loko ah..

  21. Avatar Win Panalo says:

    Arms of Taliban made in USA.

  22. Avatar Zahra Haghbin says:

    Seriously it was a mess we are trapped inside the kabul still

  23. Avatar Liaqat Ali says:

    Taliban force are so active, its really very brave.

  24. Avatar Liaqat Ali says:

    Any force should be like this, these are really very brave force and have courage.

  25. Avatar Dexter Rodriguez says:


  26. Avatar You Tube says:

    How it funny the one gun mujahedeen beat world super power countries. Russia and America….. this is the power of islam

  27. Avatar Reynaldo Demavibas says:

    Qatar Taliban

  28. Avatar Mfanafuthi Mkhwanazi says:

    20years of slavery, you free now it’s time to fix what is broken.

  29. Avatar Ely Dallas says:

    Stupid foreign policy
    20yrs spending taxpayer money instead of helping homeless in your own home

  30. Avatar Hello my name is name says:

    seeing a taliban flag on a hum-v makes me feel like ive woken up in a different world.

  31. Avatar lolz says:

    for 20 years fought war for the person who they killed in pakistan 😂😂😂😂😂 US didn’t killed osama but his economy.

  32. Avatar Sagir Ahmad says:

    I am an afgan US and allies leave me alone i worked for them they only helped corrupt afgan politicians and officials and their family.Please for Godsake atleast fund me so i can feed my family here in Kandhar🙏

  33. Avatar Stephen W says:

    I can’t wait to go kill Taliban

  34. Avatar Abdul Basit says:


  35. Avatar Agyat Thule says:

    US tax payers hope this was not happening real ! The US made war equipment that cost millions and billions of dollars out tax payers money now Baini used by terrorists.

  36. Avatar I. says:

    West: Afghan women are not free.
    Rest of the world: Western women sleep with you after a meal at McDonald’s , sometimes even after a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

    • Avatar John Raymond says:

      Believe me you’d rather live like a Western woman than six year old Ayesha. Don’t forget the ISIS brides begged to come back to the West they betrayed.

  37. Avatar Mhyer Jabir says:


  38. Avatar Ravi says:

    Terrorist supporting channel… the people are running for their life when american troops left afghanistan

  39. Avatar kamal azura Ali says:

    Peaceful pull out Americans not Saigon. Says Thanks to Taliban and Taliban says thanks to generous American to supply weapons since Rambo era with Stinger that Mi17 ran out from Afghanistan. When, Osama of Mossad AlQaeda intervened in that region, the games changed from Mujahideen to Terrorism ideology and wahabis control the country with Burqa, stricter punishment to woman with no education, driving car and so on.Islamic Barbarian Label in implementation of Sharia law became people scared to death to live under Taliban.Hopefully,Taliban learns from the past and live in better spirits of peace and calm..

  40. Avatar Doua Yang says:

    Hahahaha, US lose war in south Eadt Asia Laos in 1975,

  41. Avatar Doua Yang says:

    2021 Us lose war in Afghanistan too what happening so weak.

  42. Avatar Brooks-E says:

    While American was negotiating with the Taliban, they were perfectly fine with America occupying the entire city while Biden orchestrated the cut and run but for some reason the stupidity level was not quite high enough, I imagine the nigotiation went something like this:

    Taliban: “You can hav all de KaBul for tree daze more”
    American puppet: “Nah, we are good cuz, we just need that one landing strip with a couple of dangerous transition spots on the ground so targets are easy to find.”
    Taliban “uhh okaee bot you know we still have to shout death do Amerika?”
    American puppet: “Ah Muhammad, you crack me up!! Hey, those hummers are nice ahe?!?!? now you see why your IED’s didn’t always destroy us, that’s American steel cuz!”
    (Fist bumps all around,,,,
    American puppet “Oh hey Muhammad, you forgot a box of night vision goggles and a case of body armor, size,,,, uhhhhhh ummm oh here it is,, size Medium! These are the ones with that good Velcro too!” “So when you are acting like an illiterate sheep herder shooting that gun into the air, you can lessen the chances of that lead coming back down on you”
    Another fist bump
    American puppet “G’nite Mo”
    Taliban “Det do Amedka” (smiles all around)

  43. Avatar The Guy says:


  44. Avatar Account 009 says:

    USA should be thankfully to Taliban for giving them a safe way to run out

    • Avatar Khan Khan says:


  45. Avatar m g says:

    dont worry as the next war will be amongst themselves the equippment will be used to destroy themselves thats what evil forces does remember my comment

  46. Avatar Thomas Tran says:

    at the bare minimum, these taliban folks seem much nicer than the other ones ive been hearing

  47. Avatar yakman1620 says:

    they’ll go broke trying to buy parts. better sell poppy

  48. Avatar Cesar Del Castillo says:

    And why are they securing an empty dirty airport. What they need to do is work, start by cleaning up the scrap metals sell them and they may have some money to do some repairs to the airport that probably no one will be going to i a few years to come, who want to travel there

  49. Avatar jeff carr says:

    Behead all the TALIBAN

  50. Avatar Gilbert Thyrniang says:

    American soldiers were not good enought.

  51. Avatar Arash Sadegh says:

    The USA itself has created talibans then like al-qaida, ISIS, jibh-al nosrah and now can not handle them or be piloted that they can not!

  52. Avatar jeffrey merit says:

    That’s impossible!!! According to retards at the pentagon everything was made so they couldn’t use them 😂😂😂😂

  53. Avatar Derick Lee says:

    They accomplished nothing in 20yrs WOW!

  54. Avatar John VW says:

    In a couple months Taliban be dropping merch that celebrates their liberation from white oppressors..

  55. Avatar Anisha Shahi says:

    Jill, by looking at my watch it’s depends change time. |

  56. Avatar bambinoboyz1 says:

    Fck US

  57. Avatar 7 years and says:

    Now nothing can stop Afganistan from becoming islamic super power and paradise like Pakistan .

  58. Avatar ETG says:

    How could it happen, Taliban with American’s armored car?

  59. Avatar agus suherman says:

    afganistan already destroyed, then which other Muslim country will be destroyed by america, we wait for further news !

  60. Avatar Walking to the Truth says:

    If you ever feel useless, remember the US spent 2T$, 20 years and thousands of lives to replace Taliban with Ultra Pro Max Taliban.

  61. Avatar Alahayowarligeygukiiisraacauuahaado Sy says:


  62. Avatar JH INDIAN 27 says:

    Katar ko salam, 💐🌹.
    Plz help Afghanistans people.
    Katar 💐🌹

  63. Avatar IHM Tv says:

    Taliban jindabad bad 🇦🇫🇵🇰🇦🇫

  64. Avatar wilkinson lee says:

    Taliban is an outdated animals from the 14th century. you can’t tell the women to wear that stupid niqab. fxxk off

  65. Avatar Manuel Garci sanz says:

    Muerte al taliban cerdos

  66. Avatar hotimo LEO says:

    Us military leave their vehicle for collect information…

  67. Avatar jhon w d TRUMP says:

    give open funded visa to all women

  68. Avatar AB -THRILLA says:

    The fact that taliban can stand infront of us soldiers using us weapons and equipment and still be left alive and standing is absolutely insane.

  69. Avatar info only says:

    Guy with the helmet 😂

  70. Avatar Kay Cee says:

    Taliban, the only force to defeat the Russians and Americans. Quite impressive

    • Avatar Danny Gherzgiher says:

      Taliban were created after the end of Soviet occupation. Their founders were Mujahadeen veterans against the Russian invasion but the Taliban did NOT exist as an organization during the 1979-1989 war against USSR and their DPRA puppets. The only people who say otherwise are retarded progressive liberals.

  71. Avatar Joe Vasquez says:

    After 20 years and still can’t protect yourself . Long time coming to pull out of there.

  72. Avatar Alberto Dubrocq says:

    Yet they hate the west but they love are clothes and technology

  73. Avatar Shawn Donovan says:

    What a horrible country we now live in.the taliban have all our weapons equip.gear night vision googles and rifles helicopter airplane.the taliban will sell our weapons gear equipment to communist countries .this is the end fu Biden I hate you

  74. Avatar Shawn Donovan says:

    Oh yeah don’t watch cnn it’s fake news

  75. Avatar MUSSA BHAI says:

    Allah o Akbar 👌❤️

  76. Avatar Maattam Media says:

    Maattam Media Kerala india

  77. Avatar Dekock RS says:

    B+313 looking smart

  78. Avatar computermech says:

    People. Have you noticed none of the brotherly Muslim countries came to help the Afghan people in need? Just like none of the Muslim countries took refugees from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and others. That’s what’s called brotherhood.

  79. Avatar FREE FIRE TANVIR says:

    Taleban Zindabad 🇧🇩

  80. Avatar Sava VR says:

    and thats why you never end a war till it’s won

  81. Avatar horse gear says:

    Atlast all people will run away the taliban will rule each other 😂

  82. Avatar Zareen Khan says:

    God bless

  83. Avatar ariens rinjanix says:

    الله اكبر

  84. Avatar DMZ37E says:

    Terrifying Taliban regime
    Terrorism, drug kidnapping, assassination of important people, fraud

  85. Avatar Abraham TN says:

    Islamic God Allah is a small God, which is unable to protect itself. Hence Islam insist its followers to do Jihad in the name of Islamic God Allah for protecting it.

  86. Avatar Abraham TN says:

    Taliban is showing that they are great. Every fools are thinking like that. It is not that difficult to wipe out Taliban from the surface of earth.

  87. Avatar Jess Federangga says:

    Shame to Biden

  88. Avatar Mehedi Hasan says:

    Taliban is a great fighter. Muslim ummah fill proud for them. Naraye takbir allahu Akbar✊

  89. Avatar Farmer2492 says:

    wont be much left when they bomb the place lol this video is a total lie when in the last hundred years has a Taliban ever told the truth they wouldn’t know how too

  90. Avatar Ahsan Mansoor says:

    A slap on the face of falling imperial empire..🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧🇮🇳 Now Keep licking your defeated wounds for coming centuries 🤣😂😁😎 Glory to Allah !!!!!

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