Floods wreak havoc in parts of China, India

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Severe flooding has caused widespread destruction across parts of Asia.
At least 12 people have been killed and 10 are missing in southwest China.
While heavy rain in India has displaced more than a million people.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Illyrian Gamer says:

    Got seems to getting tired of the colored people

  2. Avatar SORIYA'S KITCHEN says:

    Subhan’Allah, this is scary

  3. Avatar TISH KerrVille says:

    Lol – Goooooo Mother Earth 🌎

  4. Avatar hulkk says:

    Title:China is a part of india👍😂

    • Avatar Finn Hansen says:

      @MohithmanoJ Cheeroth Yeah like 1054587 indian died. See i can make up stories too 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar BossGamer Zalla says:

      Finn Hansen dude they died give them some respect

    • Avatar MohithmanoJ Cheeroth says:

      @Finn Hansen this can be fictional ,but story i wrote was based on true story 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar john corner says:


    • Avatar Suresh tripathi says:

      Straight throw shoes on your face it rotates come to your face imagine that the Impact it would be.

  5. Avatar Tarek aziz says:

    Same happening here in north & north-eastern part of Bangladesh.

    • Avatar Prash R says:

      i think its normal during this time bcoz its rain season and bangla is a delta.

  6. Avatar sameer sam says:

    everyone has to pay for their sin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Avatar CHAHIRA BENCHOHRA 13 says:


  8. Avatar Chief Apple Troll Mike says:

    Nature is telling them to think and stop the fighting

  9. Avatar C. Lincoln says:

    They are being punished for the muslim Chinese and the muslim Indians and how they are treated by those two nations.

    • Avatar C. Lincoln says:

      @O ZY So god and karma died in the 21st century?

    • Avatar Prash R says:

      Bangladesh and Pakistan are also being punished by floods for the treatment of Bengali Hindus and Pakistan Hindus. Howz the reply hotshot? Every year pakistan and bangladesh go down in floods due to rain, go check that.

      Medieval mindset.

    • Avatar C. Lincoln says:

      @Prash R They are paying for their past sins.

    • Avatar Mr. Boombastic says:

      @Prash R Pakistan Hindus , Christians are more happy than ,low cast Hindu ,Muslim , Christians in India .

    • Avatar Finn Hansen says:

      @C. Lincoln Delusional you are. There are no god(s).

  10. Avatar Amanush Azad says:

    How much did they pay you?

  11. Avatar RJ GAMER says:

    Don’t worry Karma is there

    • Avatar mark trimble says:

      Not this year China done screwed the world.. Other countries have preserve food for their own people behind the virus they gave the world Good luck China…

    • Avatar Alpha Omega says:

      mark trimble: China gets floods too, every year. Yangtze River is infamous for floods since ages. China didn’t give virus. It’s God’s gift to Earth.

  12. Avatar Alpha Omega says:

    Assam & Bihar have floods every year. We send sympathies every year to the affected people.

    • Avatar Prash R says:

      Kerala & Mumbai will also be swimming inside the ocean. Send some sympathy here too

    • Avatar Alpha Omega says:

      @Prash R It’s okay. Like every year, someone will end up monetising the floods too. Be happy someone is earning money from another’s misery. That’s the way world works. If you keep Counting your last days, you too will start to focus on monetising others miseries. See the positive – monetize & get rich. Stay happy stay rich.

  13. Avatar Yap Hong Jie says:

    wait just beginning oh dear hope things dont get worse then this

  14. Avatar cp1307 says:

    Floods, cyclones, earthquakes, pandemic, recession, locusts attack,

    Task remaining: Alien invasion

    • Avatar The Extraterrestrial says:

      Hold on, I’m coming

    • Avatar John Martin says:

      Are you sure that something is remaining?
      Do you need “aliens”? Can´t you think of anything else?

    • Avatar Meexi says:

      Oh that’s only scratching the surface, Look up Project Blue Beam, Agenda 21, Donald Marshall, What Celebrities Do At Party’s, Worlds Largest Tunnel Ceremony(ritual),
      Knowledge is wealth, the worst is yet to come

    • Avatar Minh Vuong says:

      Sign end of the world..no need to FIGHT covit19

    • Avatar Blue Mountain Edward says:

      Protests and looting in democratic cities.

  15. Avatar Austin Turner says:

    We will strengthen infrastructure in China and India to prevent anything like this from happening again.

  16. Avatar Debabrata Sahoo says:

    Situation of India is under control

  17. Avatar MING GACHA LIFE Chang hou 2nd Countryhumans says:

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 mother nature just he did this

  18. Avatar Joyce Bahadur says:

    Jesus is coming soon repent people , accept Jesus as your lord and saviour 💖💖💖💖

    • Avatar Joseph says:

      Why Israel is particularly chosen eventhough people’s were living in the other part’s of the world

    • Avatar Joyce Bahadur says:

      @Joseph because he want to use them 🙄 I believe he had a reason for doing that and it will be revealed one or the other day

    • Avatar Joyce Bahadur says:

      @Joseph or it could be his choice . God is God we cannot question his choice can we ,the same way he did not question our choice

    • Avatar Joseph says:

      Where was Jesus between age 12 to 30? Why they didn’t mention it in bible

    • Avatar Joyce Bahadur says:

      @Joseph in that time ,a person was taken seriously when they reach there 40s or 50s or even much older . If you read Bible Jesus did his first miracle of turning water into wine in the age of 30 when mother Mary compelled him to do so ,Jesus said to her that his time is not yet come . Then he started his ministry . Before that he was with his father the earthly father Joseph ,his father taught him carpentry and his Heavenly father taught him about his ministry .

  19. Avatar Edsel Rodriguez says:

    Man made vs nature’s God bless us all

  20. Avatar Kaizz K says:

    Flood from biggest dam in china

    • Avatar Finn Hansen says:

      No because that dam is yangtze. Indias floods come from other river.

  21. Avatar Crystal Roberts says:


  22. Avatar True North Strong and Free says:

    Wait until the Three Gorges Dam collapses!

    • Avatar little peng says:

      @True North Strong and Free Fake news

    • Avatar Lw Kh says:

      If construct in India I will be worrying. Just fininised construct and fill water and collape!!!

    • Avatar D Kenneth says:

      Tap with hammer until click

    • Avatar A A says:

      It sure will be fun to watch

    • Avatar Warren Mundell says:

      Wait until yellowstone erupts, half of US buried. Matbe more.

  23. Avatar Joyce Prior says:


  24. Avatar Sekeriya Sharif says:

    This is because of climate change

  25. Avatar Maria Pia De-Rozza says:


  26. Avatar Maria Pia De-Rozza says:


  27. Avatar Trina Murray says:

    I hope all the people are safe

  28. Avatar Mario Mirshafiey says:

    God of Israele bless you and your famigliy and your country amen father son holy spirito amen

  29. Avatar Veer Savarkar, The Man Greater than Gandhi says:

    Stay tuned for a Major Earthquake in South Asia… There have been a couple dozen smaller Earthquakes since past 1 month.

    • Avatar cp1307 says:

      How can you predict earthquake

    • Avatar Republic Of MK says:

      @cp1307 I wonder how

    • Avatar Veer Savarkar, The Man Greater than Gandhi says:

      @cp1307 I’m just saying what the News Media in India reported a few days ago – About a Major Earthquake being predicted, As an aftermath of all these smaller quakes, One was due for many years.

  30. Avatar Patrick Dulfo says:

    Why do chinese have indian accent translater and indian people has british accent translater?

  31. Avatar Trang Le says:

    A Di Da Phat 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  32. Avatar Akbaer says:

    This is one of catastrophy that global warming causes

    • Avatar Abu Mansaray says:

      What? Floods are not caused by global warming or cooling, you sheep

    • Avatar Akbaer says:

      @Abu Mansaray These unusually heavy rains were tied to fluctuations in the Indian Ocean Dipole, which in turn is affected by climate change

  33. Avatar Emy Supriyanti says:

    surut nanti banjir lag lagi dan lagi, tuhan sudah murka terhadap cina yg rakus, igin menguasai wilayah negara lain,

  34. Avatar KT Ng says:

    Good for both countries.
    At least keep them busy temp, and away from fight and conflict.

    • Avatar D Kenneth says:

      Wait for army to get in path of flood then have dam break, karma , swimming free

  35. Avatar Kurian Mathew says:

    Why are these fellows not wearing the masks?

  36. Avatar cool light says:

    Tyrant nation like China and India who massacre minorities to loot their land and spread persecution are punished by God as a warning again and again so that they may take heed before its too late.
    Boycott genocidal China and India. Boycott their products and movies.

  37. Avatar cool light says:

    Boycott Chinese and Indian products. Both govt are committing ethnic cleansing of minorities.

  38. Avatar Thomas Anthony says:

    Heaven sending a message to China and India, stop playing wargame at the border and start look after your citizen well-being.

    • Avatar Mas Salleh says:

      Oh Please. Floods has been happening since forever. Even in my country we would have at least one or two floods which displaced thousands of people

    • Avatar CHNW says:

      Thomas Anthony
      And you should stop watching POxn movies , pervert.

  39. Avatar Muthukumar Subramaniam says:

    Mother nature punishes CCP

  40. Avatar Linda Zainal Abidin says:

    And the ministers bz fighting each other 🤦‍♀ ..

  41. Avatar ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    they are billions

  42. Avatar COFFEE says:

    China gets their own war…..

  43. Avatar Алексей Юров says:

    This is present from USA Govement

  44. Avatar Robert Bourgeois says:

    And when Wuhan is washed away the new pandemic propaganda will begin.

    • Avatar thekeyboard warrior says:


  45. Avatar Aksaldar 000 says:

    Hey 2020 can you please stop? we already suffer enough PLEASE!! just STOP

    • Avatar D Kenneth says:

      Give my share to China

  46. Avatar Anime watch says:

    2020: Pandemic, War, Locust, Flood
    Only 180 more days to go.

    • Avatar Neil Zulita says:

      Dont forget volcanoes and earthquicke

  47. Avatar Robert Ivers says:

    China leaders using Geoengineering WEATHER MODIFICATION on its own people.

    • Avatar D Kenneth says:

      Pump up the voiume

    • Avatar Nabie Miss says:

      Is it China, really? Or the US of A?

  48. Avatar v f says:

    Most people are idiots . In China, the flood was caused by the release of too much water in the dam.

    • Avatar D Kenneth says:

      Can’t fix stupid , remember that China brags they’re smart people, no assistance. , let them figure it out them selves no aid they have trillions of dollars the ccp said

  49. Avatar Kalpajyoti Boruah says:


  50. Avatar Grow Up says:

    I believe later China will be so beautiful again as it was before. This is God cleaning their house.

  51. Avatar ontheedge33371 says:

    Goodluck to all affected 🙏☘️🙏

  52. Avatar Khoo Siew Im says:

    Its for china to take care of the chinese instead of being a trouble maker outsude china.

  53. Avatar Chris Zealotes says:

    Get the CCP to focus there instead of messing around with India and the South China Sea.

  54. Avatar Anthony Ciferri says:

    You can’t Believe a Dam word that china is saying ,there Government Lie’s to the World and to it’s People.Why ? it’s all Played out for the Government to stay in Power. The People can’t get a holed on the Government because they won’t let them. There are so many Camera’s up everywhere 320,000 000 of them all over the place. I guess you can say that the People are free , That is to look at them .

  55. Avatar Ahmad Faris says:

    If you’re surprised by 2020, just wait and see what’s 2021 has to offer.

  56. Avatar Satish Kumar says:

    When you eat all the animals and birds and reptiles species…this will happen..I wish it rains even more…and more and more…

    • Avatar SN Joy says:

      lol.. Wat abt uttarakhand disaster few yrs back? Wo kon sa karma tha india ko? Kya khate the india wale? And wat abt massive flooding in Japan rit now? Wo kya khane ke wajah se hua hai jara ye bhi batao? Chutia sala kuch bhi bak ra hai gawar jaisa

  57. Avatar Syed Kermani says:

    Covid-19, then new spread of G4 H1N1 + 1918 Spanish Flu in China and now flood. I doubt if even half of the world’s population could survive to see 2021!

  58. Avatar qjtvaddict says:

    And these idiots are in conflict with each other

  59. Avatar A A says:

    Can’t wait for the three gorges dam to collapse, karma

    • Avatar Bern Koh says:

      You have a bad heart..Karma will fall upon you.

  60. Avatar Arn Watters says:

    Now God has sent locust to China. Pooh Bear better stop hurting Christians before his country is washes to sea.

  61. Avatar Stephen S says:

    It is always the people who have to suffer the most. Repent now to please God. Fools say there is no God.

  62. Avatar bongbong says:

    What is happening with the dragon and the oliphant? few weeks ago they are dancing together high in the mountains are they go swimming together this time?

  63. Avatar Shay Perry says:


  64. Avatar Jeff Devries says:

    We pray for GOD , Father of Abraham, to help the PEOPLE of India and China through these terrible times.

  65. Avatar Lion Judah says:

    2 countries with the most largest population trying to cut down by some unknown force.

  66. Avatar Ronnie Roo says:

    Even Mother nature hates China.

  67. Avatar Người Gieo Giống says:

    – Please have a fast prayer “Lord Jesus forgive all my sin, come to my heart and save my soul. Amen
    – Because God promised in
    Romans 10:13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
    – Be blessed or see you in heaven with Jesus


    • Avatar Ray Ban says:

      In Quran Surah Al Qaf Verse 38

      And Certainly we Created the Heavens and the Earth

      And what is between them in six Day’s

      And we were not ( even ) Touched with fatigue.

      So be Patient of what they say,

      And Glorify the Praises of your Lord,

      Before Sunrise and Glorify the Praises of your Lord,

      Before Sunrise and Before the Sunset.

      And Glorify Him in the night and After the Prayers.

      And Listen! One the Day when the Caller will call From a, Near Place,

      The Day when they shall hear the Blast in Truth.

      That is the Day of Going Out ( of the Graves )

      It is Certainly we who give Life and Cause Death.

      And to Us is the Final Return. On the Day when the Earth will be Torn apart,

      Letting them rush Out that Gathering will be easy for Us.

      We are well aware of what they say;

      And you are not Required to force things on them.

      And you are not Required to force things on them.

      But Remind by the Qur’an whoever fears My Warning.

  68. Avatar Arthur Rogers says:

    Yea great planning

  69. Avatar กล้วย สวย says:


  70. Avatar bhoomi deva says:

    China gord vely angly

  71. Avatar Adam Fernandez says:

    Allahu Akbar its Diarrhoea time in china India  😂

    • Avatar G.A vatanim says:

      🕋🤲subhanAllah Allahu ekber😊👍

  72. Avatar John Martin says:

    In the past, India and China have committed crimes against other nations. Now, some of them are retaliating! Patience.

  73. Avatar maganojr says:

    That’s only the start there are more coming.

  74. Avatar The Truth says:

    thank God and praise Jesus just too bad it was too late to stop the dog torture festival!!!!!!!
    hopefully put a huge dent in the number of wet markets!!!!!!!

  75. Avatar JJ Che says:

    how is that flood “victim” dressed so well

  76. Avatar john wkl says:

    This is warning from God – China and India must make war against each other. Make peace and love.

  77. Avatar Liam Alexander says:

    Wake up live for the earth, deforestation is killlin us

  78. Avatar Hillside Hermit says:

    😢 END times, REPENT and turn to the SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for redemption everyone everywhere

    • Avatar Ray Ban says:

      In Qur’an Surah Al-Mu’minun Verse: 49: chapter: 56

      And we gave Moses the Book so that People might be Guided by it.

      And we Made the Son of Mary and his Mother a Sign,

      And we gave them Shelter on a peaceful hillside with flowing water.

      [ Allah Said ] ” O Messengers, eat good things and do good deeds:

      Indeed I fully know what you do

      And indeed this your Religion is One Religion,

      And I am Your Lord, so fear me [ Alone ]

      But the People divided their Religion into Different Sects,

      Each Group Rejoicing in its belief.

      So leave them in their Error for a Time.

      Do they think that because we gave them wealth and Children

      ( Means ) that we race to give them good things?

      Rather, they do not Understand

    • Avatar Ray Ban says:

      This Definition of almighty God

      Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One

      Allah, the Eternal Refuge

      He neither begets nor is born

      Nor is there to Him any equivalent

    • Avatar Ray Ban says:

      Jesus Christ is not God

    • Avatar Ray Ban says:

      Jesus is Mesenger of God of Allah almighty

    • Avatar Ray Ban says:

      Search for the Truth before your Death

  79. Avatar خالد المحمد غلام says:

    سبحان الله

  80. Avatar GREEN GOLD BLACK says:

    I feel sorry for india 😔😔 hope to recover soon

  81. Avatar Sonu Kumar says:

    I heard there are some bombing in Middle East.. 🤣🤣🤣

  82. Avatar canyoncreekster says:

    I declare that XIjing ping is not wearing any clothes.

  83. Avatar babiumno1 says:

    You hear a lot about floods in China. Hardly report about the floods in India. I wonder WHY???

  84. Avatar B Dinabandhu Sharma says:


  85. Avatar Francis Lim says:

    Now,nobody can blame those dams as flooding occurred too in Japan,India,Russia and many Asian countries may be hit altogether.It’s time we humans must redesign our drainage systems and have giant pits and pumps ready in hand.

  86. Avatar Michael Todd Murray says:

    You ever get the idea, that dear heavenly father is not pleased about China and India fighting with one another?

  87. Avatar cat says:

    Turn to Allah (God) because not a single leaf falls from a tree without his permission

  88. Avatar MrJx4000 says:

    “The rainy season is just beginning,” she said. You got to be kidding.

  89. Avatar Brooks Anderson says:

    Its climate change and we are out of time! The scientific community has predicted this for decades. (See Guy McPherson here on YouTube.) No more TALK! Take action or go extinct. old geologist

  90. Avatar mack mack says:

    Bbc..jazeera..and Pakistani channal they have no news without taking inadian name.

  91. Avatar lO Ol says:

    A signal for them to join forces, instead of creating useless rivalries …🙄🤔🌧️

  92. Avatar Manngam Chohwanglim says:

    It’s just a beginning. It will happen around the world not only in China. It’s chastisement.

  93. Avatar Ari C says:

    Man does not see everything but from heaven sees everything and saw that the Chinese did something against the world so they were punished by the Creator of the world

    • Avatar vinct choon says:

      Corona death toll in. America also gift from. The world creator. Lol

  94. Avatar alex cespedes says:

    The flood season will turn all of China into a wet market 🤣

  95. Avatar Susan Belfast says:

    Change your ways China!!

  96. Avatar Suthan Sattaklang says:


  97. Avatar Ray Ban says:

    In Quran
    07. Surah Al-Araf / Ayat No. 133
    And We Sent upon them the Floods and Locusts and lic and Frog’s and Blood as Distinct Sings but they were Arrogant and we a Criminal People. Said from Allah in Quran ) Repent to the Creator of
    Heavans and the Earth Allah (almighty)

  98. Avatar Rusda Yati says:

    both build n buy arsenals to kill each other. both have millions of the impoverished neediest. God punishes them.

  99. Avatar Kirsten roberts says:

    Finally Karma!!! Just look at China. The biggest dam builder in history and even across continents. But mother nature will find a way. The Chinese are in love with putting dams over rivers they shouldn’t. Sheer avarice, Just look at how they destroyed the Mekong delta. With not one but 7 dams and counting!! Beginning back in 2011, China began “lending” 4.8 billion to Ethiopia for NiLe dam project and when they default on the loan China gets to take over. Not happy about it, Egypt can take on both Sudan and Ethiopia without batting an eyelash. Pro Ethiopia countries are obviously fooling themselves. I love how Egyptian hackers are invoking Horus, SKyGod, with Pharaonic curses toward Ethiopia. “If the river’s level drops, let all the Pharaoh’s soldiers hurry and return only after the liberation of the Nile, restricting its flow.” So How do you spell Xi Jinping? thats winnie fukeupthe world poo

  100. Avatar Holendro Wahengbam says:

    In this cases china want war lol
    First fixed your damge

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